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Diingo's Cravings - M looking for F character(s)

Started by Diingo, June 29, 2011, 05:33:12 AM

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So I figured I should post some of my RP ideas, and cravings.

Check my ON/OFF's to see what I do and do not do. If you have any questions, don't be scared to PM me. I won't bite. :) Much..

I want clear and well written posts. If you can't take the time to write more than one-liners, this is not for you.

Abused (Or other headline, not sure yet. :P )

He was just an average guy at college, with no other characteristics other than that he was gifted as a man, if you get my hint. However, one day, a(or two) succubus(es) arrive in the human world, looking for male souls to collect and to sate their burning lusts. The Succubus (They) arrive at his school, seeking out something young to set their "teeth" into and notice him and his.. bigger than average tool. They wait for him at his home, sneaking in through his balcony window. When he arrives, they seduce him and abuses him to the fully. And so it keeps on going, they dominate him and even seek him out at school in human form, falling in love with his seed.

After a while however, he notices he has power of the both of them and turn the tables on her/them.


So, this is one of my secret desires. I'm absolutely in love with demonic/succubus characters. If there are any succubus out there who wants an inexperienced man with a huge package to abuse, PM me! (If there would be two succubus, my wish would be that one was a Futanari girl.  :-[ )


Forbidden Love (TAKEN)

Lycans and Vampires have been at war and Lycan leader's son gets captured, the war is set in a standstill. However, the vampires leader's daughter, asking to torture the lycan because of her former lover's death at their hands. She starts off torturing the lycan, but quickly notice that he is not budging to pain. So, being without a lover for several months, her lusts take over and she uses him to sate it. More and more, she starts to take a liking to the lycan and wants him to be free. The question is, can they escape her father's grasp? Will he still love her on the outside, even though what she did to him? Will the Lycans accept this union?


A bit more plot heavy and more romance. Still sub/dom and something I'm craving for. :) PM if you got questions!


I hate that I love you

Haven't really thought about this but it is something I would want to do. Two people who loathe eachother, one of them craving the otherone despite that he/she hates him. The other one starts to feel the same way but both of them refuse to tell the feelings to the other.

Different settings I could consider:

Apocalypse theme - The world is about to end and they only have eachother, known eachother since childhood, they end up together, trying to survive. But it would prove to be hard as he wanted her badly as well as he hated her for what she had done to him in the past.

Naruto/Bleach - She was sent out on a mission, told that her partner will show up sooner or later. From the very moment they meet, she absolutely despised him but can't deny that he is quite handsome. He on the other hand, hate her uptight attitude and want nothing else than to make her moan and scream his name.

Got more but figure this would be enough for now. Open for suggestions!


Student / Transfer Student

This would be a either dom/dom, fighting for domination, or sub/dom ( Whatever role you would like to play. ) My character would be the quiet guy in school, not really getting along with people, hence he gets bullied. She (your character) would be a newly transferred beautiful girl, who the popular side of the school wants to get on their side. However, she takes a liking to the quiet and kind student who doesn't try to gain her attention. She knows she is a good looker and she makes it a game to seduce him.

Here it can go different ways. If you are the dominate : You invite him home, with the excuse of wanting help with something. When you get there, you continue to seduce him or, trick him, tie him up on your bed and have your way with him. This continues on and he actually starts to like what she is doing to him. Maybe you got a hold on him, like blackmail so that you can continue to abuse him.

OR : If I would be the dominate, I would follow her home then just reverse roles. I would get enough of her teasing, asking her what game she was playing and dominate her instead. N/C or C, both works.


World Of Warcraft (CRAVING)

This is basically anything goes. Preferably discuss a plot outline. Something I have in mind though, would be Alliance x Horde, different pairing across the races.

Captive x Warden (Horde/Alliance)
Ambassador x Ambassador (Horde/Alliance, Horde/Horde, Alliance/Alliance)
Warlock x Demon

One plot I got in mind, which is somewhat based on a story I'm working on is with Argent Dawn. My co-Rper would be a new recruit to the Argent Dawn, arriving in Eastern Plaguelands as winter had fallen upon the world. This would be a free standing event, not considering the Cataclysm. She/he would arrive at Light's Hope and being teamed up with a veteran of the opposite faction, tension building up between them until something breaks out, a fight or an collapse. Maybe your character holds a grudge against the Horde/Alliance and is reluctant to the idea of teaming up with them. As their mission goes on, they develop a yearning for one another, attracted to eachother in this cold winter wasteland.

This would involve both action and romance. Non-con and con, whatever my partner prefer. This is something I really crave, since I do love the lore of Warcraft. Hopefully, there is someone who shares this interest. :)

This was my cravings. :) Feel free to pm me or add me on MSN!