100 Girls I'd Like to...

Started by Richardson, June 29, 2011, 05:05:41 AM

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It's a coffee table book.

(Many of these are NSFW, especially if W stands for Wife)

Jadzia Dax
Sabrina Nichole
The gals of Crazy Ex Girlfriend
Jessica Nigri
Masuimi Max
Christine McConnell
Scarlett Johansson, especially in Maybe He's Not That Into You
Jennifer Connelly
Bree Daniels
That Busty Korean girl from my church youth group
April O'Neil
April O'Neil the nerdy pornstar
That one cute babysitter I had.
Mandy Morbid
This sleeping beauty
That crazy bitch in high school that was totally secret crushing on me when I was secret crushing on her.
This Sexy Secretary
That redhead from High School French class with the full, pouty lips.
That trio of drama student girls who all hung out together my year I studied abroad in London
Bianca Beauchamp
That black-haired girl in Freshman German with the low-cut tops and the amazing bras.
Kathy Ireland, circa 1990
That sexy customer in glasses with the tattoo on her chest that says "Haunted & Haunting"
Kim Cattrall from Mannequin
Phoebe Cates from Gremlins
That cute paramedic that once came to my house
My incredibly Southern sister in law
The entire female cast from that Eric Prydz Call on Me remix video
All the ladies from Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, Sons of Liberty, and Snake Eater
Yvette from Clue
The busty Norwegian girl in my theatre company
Her blonde and nerd-sexy roommate
The two girls from Leprechaun 4: In Space who don't show their tits.
Sarah Chalke from Scrubs
Selena Gomez
Helen Hunt, especially in Pay It Forward (Possibly my most shameful one listed)
A really dumb girl, not developmentally disabled, just comically stupid like Kelly Bundy
Most of the Ranma girls up to and including female Ranma hermself.
Emma Stone
Any of my sexy co-workers: the curvy petite blonde, the superhot geek, the stacked Chinese girl, the insanely sexual Israeli girl, the college girl who never learned to button the top button of her top, the pink-haired fire cracker with the filthy mouth, and others.
Grown up versions of Prussian Blue (before they realized that White Power was bad)
Lorelai Gilmore
Cheryl and Lana from TV's Archer
Tina Fey
Miss Sinister
A girl with a severe blowjob addiction
Madeline Kahn
Joan of Arc (Shakespeare's version)
Half the girls on my high school swim team.
Kate Upton
Camille Crimson
The Girls of Alfie
Everyone in the Call On Me video
The one eyed rogue from Oglaf
This redhead

And almost any of the ladies on my wiki

Most of the gals on this tumblr

Expect updates.  No replies, only PMs please.


Can I say that I find the fact that you know of that movie is awesome?? Ha... me and my one friend would quote 'It's... uh, a coffee table book.' at random all the time...
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Some updates for you to peruse.
Also this stormtrooper getting head...I think


Hey Cats and Kittens!  It's update time.  Don't worry, here's something sexy to look at as well.


Idris wants y'all to know about my updates.


I'm getting more active on here so I figured I'd update this and also give y'all some spider-lovin'