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Author Topic: Bird seeks RP (F seeking M or F)  (Read 757 times)

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Offline CanaryTopic starter

Bird seeks RP (F seeking M or F)
« on: June 29, 2011, 01:18:56 am »

I'm Canary.  I've been here a little while, but I haven't yet posted my own Ideas for RPs.  When it comes to another player, I'm fine with people playing the opposite gender or their own, and I'll play with both males and females, though I myself only play female characters.

Things I DON'T Do, EVER: Vore, mutilation, scat/watersports. 

Things we can discuss: Check out my RP preferences, it's all in there.

On to the stuff people are really interested in.  I prefer to play the role in bold.


Order 66 - TAKEN
(Star Wars)
(OCs or Clone Trooper OCs)

A female Jedi Healer, on a mission for the Jedi Council when Order 66 is activated.  Her quarry, a Renegade Jedi who's not Sith but isn't following the Council's orders, ends up saving her from a group of Clone Troopers.  Half the troopers have obeyed Order 66, and half the others fought with the Renegade to save her.  Taking both the clone troopers and the Jedi Healer onto the ship, the Renegade offers them a deal: Join the crew of smugglers, or he'll turn them over for a reward.  (Potential romance/relationships between the Healer and the Renegade (male or female), or the Clone Troopers(male, obviously))

Stranded Remnants
(Gears of War)
(Stranded X Baird)

**Spoilers for GoW3**

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
With the Amnesty offered to the Stranded of Vectes, the intermingling of the former Indies, and the Gears of the Coalition of Governments, tensions run high in New Jacinto.  Pvt. Damon Baird, the bitchy but talented genius responsible for almost single handedly keeping the COG navy afloat finds himself replaced by a local stranded woman who has accepted the Amnesty offered by Prescott.  Forced to work alongside someone he considers to be an ungrateful thief who's no better than the locust, Baird discovers she doesn't consider herself 'Stranded', and slowly, he starts to see her differently too.  (I would be playing the Stranded in this case, and it would be a very dominant x dominant relationship.  Not neccesarily romantic, but passionate.)

Long Road Home - TAKEN
(Gears of War)
(Gear OCs)

Two Gears left stranded by the COG army when it fled Jacinto struggle to survive, in some hopes of reaching the army once again.  Plot can be further developed between us.  Male or female Gears.

Two For Flinching
(Final Fantasy VIII)
(Quistis X Seifer)

After the Sorceress War, Seifer was sent to the D-District Prison.  Two years later, he's been paroled for 'good behavior'.  His Parole officer? Former SeeD Instructor, Quistis Trepe.  Transferred to the city of Esthar where she works for President Loire, Quistis is forced to keep a constant eye on Seifer, so she makes him her partner. (Further details can be discussed over PM)

That's all I've got for now, but I'll add more later!!  If you're interested, please let me know here, or PM me!!
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Offline CanaryTopic starter

Re: Bird seeks RP (F seeking M or F)
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2011, 08:27:30 am »
More Plots!!

DC Universe/Marvel Universe Superheroes
(OCs or Canon characters - plots can be discussed)

I have various plot ideas for comic book style superheroes, but when you get into OCs, that's something that has to be plotted between people.  If you're willing to work on a plot for one of these, PM me.  Here's a few sample characters that I've RPed in the past.

Rush - Speedster
A young speedster able to split herself into three separate bodies, each with their own personalities.  A cheerful and sunny disposition.

Brass - Heavy combat - TAKEN
Possessing a versatile and malleable biometal that she can shape and reshape at will.  She's very tall, and tends to be on the quiet side.

Bridge - Medium
Upon her death, she became the embodiment of the bridge between the realms of life and death.  Subconsciously aware of every soul passing between, she strives to help them make peace before they pass on.

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