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Author Topic: Rockin's Cravings for some RP action (M looking for some M/F rp)  (Read 2674 times)

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I've just been in a fantasy mood lately and been wanting to play it a lot lately.

These here are either pictures that can be either one shot or have the potiential of being long term. For the moment, I don't have an idea for either of them, but they're there for interest. The player doesn't need to play the info in the picture to the wire. We can make a few adjustments to it. . Just PM Me what you want and we could discuss.The main thing is important is that I'll be playing the guy/victim of the situation

One Shot

Bubble Slime

There isn't much of a story to go onto here in terms of 'Bubble Slimes' (or a lot of slimes in general). I figured we could try doing a basic trap-like storyline, such as she makes a plea of help and the character I have in mind, goes to investigate the cause. The Bubble Slime doesn't have to be dumb. She can have some intellect to her (maybe she gets off of duping men). All up to you on this one.

Queen Slime

Queen Slime is the same as any other slime: limited ways to make a good story. That doesn't mean there can't be one. :p

The Slime Queen has a small army of monsters ready to charge into the Kingdom of Astron. Everything was set in motion till a few brave heroes charged into the fortress and began slaying any enemy that came their way. Their mission was simple: Defeat the person pulling the strings. Will they be able to accomplish that?


This can take several turns. One of them is playing the classic 'Hero saves princess from dragon' scenario, which always seems to pull off and give off good directions. There's also this one as well...

By day, the woman is the powerful and feared dragon. Soaring the skies and challenging those that's within her path. Wanna-be-heroes, villagers, and even other dragons. By night, she's the calm dragon...taking steady stroles within the moonlight. Almost every night, she pass by a Kingdrin Kingdom, just to see one male by afar. She was...curious, of this creature. Every night, he stands outside the attire so as to watch the dark horizon. Always having a smile on his face. Sometimes she watches him from afar within the day of his usual royal activities. One night, she made up her mind; she wanted to capture the prince. Not to hurt...but to learn. She wanted to know more about this man...this....prince.


Out of all the 'One Shots,' this one is the most flexible. This can be taken to a lot of directions. For example, we can say that the said characters are already a couple and we start them off x-something days/months later. We can also start the said characters from scratch as well with my warrior/villager going a bit too deep in the forest and greatly pays for it. Again, all up to you


Probably one of my favorite monsters to play with. The fact that PaleEnchantress played this in an old group game makes it even better :D. There's several story ideas I have. One of them would be a continuation of This game here. The game ended before it really started, so there's many directions that can be gone from here. Maybe Radolin and Lorelei went away from the group to go for more pressing matters. Maybe Lorelei chose Radolin as the new father. Maybe she just kills him so as to be a bitch. Who knows XD

If none are interested in that, there's also an original story route.

The Cave of Darkness was said to be one of the caves that housed several of the world's darkest monsters. The place were evil first reared it's ugly head. Many have called it a tale to tell the young and adventurous, but no one knows for sure. They say if you was to stand near it, you can smell the negative energy seeping from its mouth. Many have said to enter...never coming out. Wizards used their magic, but have said to be no monsters within the cave, but the cave is plurged with evil for sure. Even today, foolish adventurers dare walk into the Cave of Darkness. This one entering would be no different...would he find the mysteries and escape with his life?

One Shot/Long Term
Sea Bishop

This one is...very interesting. This one has a good chance of bringing up F/M/F/ or M/F. F/M/F can be either one shot or something more of a plot (say, the Sea Bishop is already with someone and her main job is to make sure others get propertly married). In either case, this can be easily played by two people or three (really all depends. Best PM me about it for more details).

Many sailor were riding with their fellow captain on the small ship. One night, a nasty storm came across their way. They did their best to evade the heavy tides, but it wasn't good the ship crashed onto a large rock. The boat began to sink, and many of the sailors soon fell victim to the waves. One sailor though was fortunate to have been saved by a Sea Bishop...when he was unconcious. He remembered just when they near the shore a beautiful mermaid held him gently in her arms. The woman said her farewell and swam back into the deep sea. He wanted to meet this mermaid again. And he'll be sure to do it. This is a tale of young sea love...

(the story would take place just when the storm hits).


Another interesting RP. This one could take several turns. One story could be about a Dullahan cursed to slay off all of the family members that has long wronged her kingdom of the old. Another would be a woman fell victim to a curse and is now wandering the lands in search of a cure. Either one would work.

Long ago...there lived a proud kingdom. A wise king that watched over his people, and gave them what they need. His most trusted knight, a woman, always stood by his side. One day, the kingdom that allied them did a surprise attack on them. They slaughtered the people...and their king. His knight, with her final breath, wished for another chance. Another chance to gain a second wind and slaughter the traitors. The gods granted her a price. Her body is now healed, and stronger then ever. But she is now a souless puppet. A Dullahan. She cannot be killed...but she can be weakened with a swat of her head. She now ventures down the road...searching for her traitors.

This one can go into a more romantic route. The Doppleganger can be a charming monster who is in search of love and affection (just as the picture describes). This could also taken to route where the doppleganger gets paid for actually duping and using men like that for her own benefits.

Red Oni

I remember playing this one with a member here and the story soon progressed with the Oni working in a bar. This could be the same concept: The Oni works in a human Bar and shares her drinks with the various men that visits there (I can play off the various guys in that case). She could also travel the world so as to find the best sake and see if she could profit. I don't have too much of a story with this one, so any inpute is appriciated.


Two scenarios can be played with this story. The first scenario is that the Elf becomes curious of the life outside of the forest and embarks on a quest to see what the wonders have in store for all of humanity. I would be playing the various humans/monsters/etc. that comes across her path.

The other scenario is that she gets infected by the sucumbus powers and gets exiled out of her room. She needed to find the cure so as to ride her of this dark magic. Frustrated, she turns to her closest alley: a human...the same types she frowns upon. Together, they brave the world so as to find a cure for the Elf.


Another great story I played (thanks to Michi).  It was left half done, but one can assume that they became a couple. Unfortunatly, this is about the only route I see in terms of this character. This doesn't mean it won't be a great RP though! If anyone is interested in continuing it, please let me know. We can set the time a month after this event.

Red Slime

Unlike the other slime girls in the one shot section, this one has more potiential of being a long term RP. The main difference is that it's a normal slime girl with more intellegence, and isn't handi-capped by some sort of ability. I really like to try one of these monster rps here. :D

Unicorn (The player can turn into a complete human during the time of intercourse/whatever other time they feel it's needed)

This one has more of the potiential to be taken the more romantic route of things. The RPer doesn't have to be a centaur all the time. They can transform into human atonomy as well.There's a few scenarios that can go on here. One of them could be the man saving the Unicorn from certain danger. Another one would be them meeting at a open wide area.


Teacher Downward Spiral (working title)

A young high school senior's grades were barely passing. Some of them were below adverage grades. A male teacher that had his eyes on her for the longest time has a way to 'motivate' her by showing off some inappropriate pictures to the school's internet and boy's lockers. He'll only co-operate if the woman is willing to do some...'favors' for him. How far would the rabbit go before she regrets it?

Bad Luck

A woman's appartment burns down, due to an accident by one of the neighbors. Homeless, she soon finds shelter with her good boyfriend and his roommate. One's the kind hearted young male who has known the homeless female for a few years. The other is a bit more rough around the edges...and tends to hang out in the streets more then in the house. How would the woman's life fair during this stay?

(this can go into a few directions. All depends on how the other player likes to play it)

Here is also a list of pairing I'm willing to do (anything that's bolded would mean I'm willing to do either role)

Warrior/Mage x Princess
Monster x Virgin Sacrifice
Knight x Princess
Monster x Warrior/Mage
Witch/Warlock x Assisstant
Prince x Princess
Werewolf x Civilian/Warrior

Specimen x Scientist
Student x Teacher
Cop x Robber
Waitor/Waitress x customer
Customer x Employee
Employee x Boss
Mom x Young Neighbor

Remember to please enquire my O/O before picking something. If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask. If you are interested in a RP, please either PM me or post here.
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