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What I want (M seeking F, Futa, TF)

Started by shengami, June 28, 2011, 04:28:37 AM

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My rules!~ - Don't fuck with these!

Writing -  Format is almost as important as quality.  This means, the best writing in the world is destroyed by a poor layout.  If even that sentence gets your artist butt up in a dander, walk away from me.  The technical and editorial aspects of writing are just as important as diction, word choice, and voice.  This is my opinion as a student of Literature, amateur writer, and philosopher of language.  Now, I also want fantastic writing from people.  Detail-sights, sounds, tastes, feels, smells-these are the ingredients of good writing, they are combined with the techniques of voice, diction, word choice, etc.

Storylines - I admit it, I like smut sometimes...  well, a lot of times.  But...  well, I never watch Porn on mute.  I love a good story.  I love RP.  I love writing a story with others.  So, I want people to come at me with stories in mind, but also be willing to work with me to change it or synthesize it with one of mine.  That is my favorite thing ever, you got a story and you think it would combine with one of mine and make a whole new one?  Bring it!  I have a list of ideas below as starting points.  I probably don't want to run any of them as is.  I thought them up, I have played scenarios out in my mind.  Modifying them will make me so much more interested in them.

Posting - Yeah, Posting.  I will always try to respond to PMs and IMs, I will not always respond positively.  I know what I want and how to get it.  I will try to be polite.  But, it won't always happen.  I will try to post every day or ever other day, but that won't always happen.  extended absences will go up in an A/A thread if I ever need one.  I expect all the same courtesies from you.  It does not take more than 10 mins to put out a notice of absence, so just do that extra iota of work to make the whole world easier to get along in, okay?  Nto posting in a topic for more than ten das = I will consider it on haitus.  Two weeks and I consider the game dead and move on=permanently!

O/Os - I will always read your O/O thread, your matrix, your Rabbithole, your whatever if you contact me.  I will put honest thought into whether we match well.  If you like we can have a conversation via YIM.  Please, do me the favor of returning the consideration.  I have been rejected man times in my life and have a thick skin.  IF you think we are not a match, just tell me.  I promise I can handle it.  I will return that favor.

Contact - Use a PM or an IM.  I have YIM solely for online RP.  I will respond, if not right away, within a day or two usually.  I might take time to do some investigations first.

Jay Naylor Fandom
     I wanted to start a game  based on the works of Jay Naylor.  It involves Furries mostly.  The comics I am most interested in are The Adventures of Huckleberry Anne, The Fall of Little Red Riding Hood, Mrs. Dorris Henderson, or the Best Wishes series.  The strong theme in all of these ideas is 'ravishment.'  Not sure if it has some quirky handle here, but essentially through being better equipped, more athletic, and pheromones...  things begin NC and end up with lust/love.  Strong themes of predators dominating herbivores and humans.  PM me for a link to the stories.

Cindy-rella Unsatisfied
     This is a game centered around the night that Cinderella came home from the ball-unsatisfied.  The ball may have gone great, she met the prince, or not so great, but either way it ended before Cindy could get some' hot loving down by the fire-side.'  When she gets home she complains about it to her fairy god-mother.  Being a nice person the godmother enchants the nearest thing (Cindy's loyal dog) into a big studly man (human or furry) and they have until the NEXT midnight to scratch Cindy's itches.  Maybe, afterward, she doesn't want the prince back and just begs her god-mother for Old Toby to be her permanent man.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - pretty much smut
     Not anything complicated here, for messing up their house, Goldy gets on her hands and knees.  Bears can be furry, anthro, or humans.

Anything that is a twizted fariytale!
     I am a big fan of twizted fairy-tales; whether Grimm, Aesop, myths, or other traditional stories all the way to Disney.  If you wanna give it a try come on by.

Centaurs Love - I want this to be romance! A good game was started and then left undone; adoption possible contact for details
     Recently read a manga about a centauress and her human husband.  It gave me a major craving.  This game can be Centaur x Human or Centaur x centaur.  I can play either side of things.  I've no real plot for it as of yet, but let me know if you are interested.

Captain Anne/Abraham's Smile - This can be F/F or TS/F...  It falls into my ravishment category.
     This idea has one of two settings and one of two setups.  It takes place on a pirate ship, sea or air is the first choice(modern contemporary or modern steampunk.)  You'd play a young lass who has made one of two fateful decisions.  But, more about the pirates and Captain Anne Bonney(F, Futa, me.)  They are docked in Jamaica and preparing for a  two week sail.  They are not known to be pirates in the port, only a respectable merchant ship-the Cheshire's Smile.  You have either met the captain in port and negotiated a berth, paying with your body, or stowed away.  You are, either way, put at the disposal of the crew (Gang rape, prostitution, NC, Oral, Anal, etc.)  The goal is, if I play it right, romance between your character and the captain (romance, D/s, potentially non-sexual.)

Garag's New Toy - Seeking F (NC, impreg, branding/marking territory, violence(nonsexual))Game was started then abandoned, adoption possible.
     In this world Orcs are a race of men, all men.  They reproduce with the females of other races of humanoids, demi-humans, animal-humans and furries.  AS long as it has got some woman in it, they'll at least try to breed with it.  Garag is an orc warrior who has recently broken from his old tribe to form his own.  He has a few choice warriors with him and is seeking equipment, money, and females.  Orcs' behavior is a cross between wolves and neanderthals.  They appear to be huge humanoids following a lupine pattern (not furry, just wolk-like appearance, unless you prefer otherwise.)

Furry Farm (small group might be nice)Taken
     Farmer Brown, a big black bull, has just inherited his grandfather's farm and the 'animals' on it.  The farm is struggling to stay afloat.  But, Farmer Brown has some ideas for making it successful again.  He has taken out a big loan from the mob to expand the operation and buy some more animals.
     I am playing Farmer Brown.  What else is on the farm?  (D/s, bondage, all sorts of sex, NC, con, force, furry, futa, and plenty more.)

Dark Carnival(this can be either Adult or Non-adult.  It WILL be weird.)TAKEN
     A strange Circus has arrived in the pleasant and sleep mountain town in 50s style America.  Soon very strange things begin to happen.  (possibilities are nearly endless with this one.  Inspired by Lovecraft, ICP, and my own twisted imagination.)

Female? Seeks Nerdy Outlet
     She(you) is popular, athletic, captain of the cheer squad.  She has a secret.  She is a (TF, Futa, Herm).  She is also frustrated, but can't chance risking her popularity by dating/'dating' one of the jocks or preps.  So, she picks one of the nerds(me).  She expects to get a release, blackmail him into silence, and maybe acquire a new play toy.  Things do not work out that way...  How do they work out?  (Only thing, I am D in this.)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith- redux  NOT based upon the Brangelina movie
     I have a SUPER craving for a married couple of the M(me)/TF(you) variety.  It can be contemporary, 50s, or older.  The TF must be pre-op but not a sissy or trap.  No real concrete story, but a deep craving.  Would love it to incorporate Bondage, Discipline, D/s,

     This is not based off either the Pixar thing or Jules Verne.  In the Latin Vulgate, Nemo means 'no man' or 'no one.'  This story is a romance idea based around my character as an amnesiac.  He wakes up in a hospital in _____ and has no idea who he is or how he got there.  The paper work for his bills and everything is filled out in neat typed block letters, it lists him as one 'Nemo Jones.'  I have a plot for this, it is a long term idea, and I need a female nurse/love interest for it.  The game is set in the ___ era.

Master and SlaveHave a couple, but want more!  IF you want to be my slave, then be my guest.
     I love light bondage games where I am in complete control.  If you have any ideas for these types of games I am more than happy to discuss them.  I range from light to medium bondage and light to heavy pain: I prefer medium bondage and light pain.  It can start with her free and being kidnapped, blackmailed, or just abducted.  It can start NC, Reluc, or rape.  It will probably end with Stockholm Syndrome, her breaking and turning into a complete cock-slut, or even, though I dislike this, her death.  I am willing to work with females and shemales, never males.  This could be full-time or part-time type bondage: She's only submissive at home or when he goes to work he leaves her tied up in the closet.

Feel free to check my Ons/Offs and throw me an idea.
Have some interest in something involving Pokemon or Potterverse.
As long as you are looking for a D, I am probably game.
Also looking for real romance stories, as well.

Incest = cousin/cousin; brother/sister; twincest; step siblings and in-laws; (foster sibling protecting each other from older siblings or parents might be fun)
Metal fan/Metal Chick/fan/artist
Any/Goth Chick (note: not emo, scene, or hipster!)
My Male(top)/your shemale/futa/herm/dickgirl(bottom)

Teens in house while parents in house
Bondage dungeons
Outside and semi-public

Will update as I think of more/negotiate these.
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I am totally into this idea: Garag's New Toy - Seeking F (NC, impreg, branding/marking territory, violence(nonsexual))

I've been wanting to RP something like that for awhile now. :) Would she be a peasant girl? A noble?


Am I on the hunt for a story? - Not especially...
My General LFGs
Canon LFGs
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