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Author Topic: Feeling Delusional? (f sub looking for F/M/Futa Dom  (Read 1786 times)

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Offline ofDelusionsTopic starter

Feeling Delusional? (f sub looking for F/M/Futa Dom
« on: June 27, 2011, 06:35:50 AM »
Hello, these are my ideas/cravings. Details, kinks and pretty much everything is up to discussion. Oh and I suck at writing descriptions for these ideas...

Raider's blight Low fantasy, ElfxHuman, Non-con TAKEN
Corata is the oldest, largest and by far the most overpopulated kingdom in the world. After decades of prosperity, there is now not enough land for everybody. Fortunately an explorer managed to find new land in the north beyond the Amatar ocean some thirty-fourty years ago. Hoping to find better life than the slums of Corata's bloated cities, hunreds of settlers leave their homes behind every year. There is a small problem. Namely the natives.

They are called elves, the hill people, the knife-eared devils, all depending the speaker. They are hunter-gatherers whos lodges and villages are hidden in the dark forests of this new cold land. At first Humans and elves got along well. The Elves helped the humans survive the cold forests and the humans sold and gave luxury items such as alcohol, glass and things like that. As more and more human settlers arrived, turning more and more of the wilderness into farmlands and killing more and more of the local wildlife, the relationships between the two races started growing colder. Five years a ago group of human hunters raped an elf girl, igniting an open war. A war that the human generals have often compared to hunting ghosts.

The humans outnumber the elves by a large margin, and more arrive every year making the final victory for the elves impossible, at the same time humans are used to large scale engagements on open fields, not querilla warfare in the wilderness. The elves launch raids on the human villages and forts, killing and looting what they can before fleeing back to the mists and shadows. The humans, in turn patrol what they can, their hunters doing their best to locate the elf villages.

The silver deer. Sinfar'lesha. (my character) is a fourty year old youngster about to take part in her first raid. As a daugther of the most notarious elven warlord, she has prepared for this moment ever since the war broke out. Unfortunately the raid does not go as planned and she is captured by the humans. Normally she would expect nothing more than lengthy torture followed by execution, however her captor (your character) has other ideas. (I'd like her/him to be some sort of newly arrived noble from Corata, but that is up to you). Perhaps s/he intents to start a new trend into th Corata's court by taking an elven sex slave. Perhaps s/he believes that elves can be integrated into the human society and my character is to be a proof tat elves can indeed be domesticated.

Different type of commune. Modern, Non-con/dubious-con at start, likely include gangbangs and puppy play. TAKEN
I heard about this commune from friend of a friend. Being out of money and interested in this type of living I took what seemed like a too good offer to be true. There would be no rent as long as I took care of most of the house. I wouldn't even have to pay for the food! Since I am unemployed the housework would only help with keeping me active and from being bored all day long. They even promised stimulating company. What ever that meant.

Of course my character is about to find out that the offer was actually too good to be true. They don't need another member for the commune or someone to just do the dishes, what they want is a human pet, a full-time slave to ententain in them in what ever way they wish. I would need you to play the other people living in the commune (3-10 people). Can range from outright rape and kidnapping to blackmail or whatever you want. Completely up toyou.

Literal Mindfuck D/s, F/f or Futa/f
Jenny wasn't a normal girl. Or even a normal submissive. She lived in no-limits D/s relationship with a woman she loved, but there was a catch. That woman wasn't real. Maybe. Other people couldn't see or hear Samantha, her Domme. Jenny accepted that. She was intelligent enough to not to speak to Samantha or about Samantha when others were present. Perhaps Jenny is delusional or perhaps Samantha is real, but is something else entirely than human.

If it's tasteful... TAKEN
Your character, is a photographer, or as he prefers, a photoartist. Mine is an amatour model your's regulary uses. The idea is that they are both having trouble with money. The photos/art just isn't selling. So he suggests they take shots that include nudity. Sales increase a lot. Both being more or less intriqued by the prospect of easy money and the photos start getting more and more erotic until they finally start to explore fetish photos. At this point it could go two ways. Either they are both starting to get interested in the fetish as they explore it through photography and it slowly evolves into consensual D/s relationship. Or only your character is while mine is only in it for the money and he starts taking advantage of her bound form or something similar.
At the moment I have some craving for cock.  I am still up to F/f in this one but would perhaps prefer either M/f or Futa/f.
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Offline ofDelusionsTopic starter

Re: Feeling Delusional? (f sub looking for F/M/Futa Dom
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2011, 06:42:39 AM »
Added new storyhook.

Offline Missy

Re: Feeling Delusional? (f sub looking for F/M/Futa Dom
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2011, 05:19:56 PM »
If you could tell me more about literal mindfuck I might be interested. If you don't mind a male playing a Domme that is, its actually something I've been wanting to try, lesbian Domme.