The Elliquian Herald and Post announces its 20th Issue, released in June 2011

Started by Elliquian Herald and Post, June 27, 2011, 04:18:48 AM

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Elliquian Herald and Post

The Elliquian Herald and Post is Elliquiy's community newspaper. Written by Elliquiy members, for Elliquiy members, this newspaper strives to bring to everyone the small pieces of Elliquiy: the serious pieces, the fun pieces, the social pieces, and everything in between. Elliquiy is composed of many members from all over the world, from many different walks of life, from many different age groups. This newspaper is yet another outlet for creativity, and a chance for members to have a voice.

The full text of current and past issues are only available to approved members. They can be found in the Elliquian Herald and Post forum, with the most recent issue stickied at the top.

In A Word From The Editor, Caeli recalls a quote about cherishing the present moment. "Remember that THIS is the only moment you have to be happy- NOW."

In an article inspired from a casual remark, Beguile's Mistress draws a connection between reading and writing in RP Tips and Tricks, noting the influence that books have had in her personal experiences.

Caeli offers tips for the roleplayer searching for new roleplays in this month's edition of Wheres & Hows of Elliquiy. She explores several elements of the request thread, including titles and summaries, and briefly touches on the importance of one's Ons and Offs.

Michi no Sora helps us celebrate anniversaries all over the community in Elliquiy Anniversaries. This month features interviews with Pixilicious, DudelRok, and Aviva, as well as memorials for Sugarman (hal) and Cjac.

Kevben Battleheart and Michi wax eloquent about two recent picks in June's Book Reviews.

Josietta, olive, and Oreo offer advice in answer to a question about relationships and maturity in this month's edition of Sex and Relationships.

Alxnjsh introduces us to tea and another yoga pose in Namaste, an article about health, wellness, and yoga.

Marguerite talks pirates and comedy in Movie Reviews this month, giving us a brief glimpse of what we can see in theaters this summer.

The Next Best Thing brings us the rich culture of China and the Dragon Boat Festival. Oreo, Michi no Sora, and Kevben Battleheart tell us everything we could want to know about rice, tea, and Chinese food (not the kind you find at Panda Express, mind).

Laslty, the Current Events have a run-down on recent happenings. "Official" fare includes new BBCode tags; elsewhere, we have an influx of new nations into the virtual world and an easy-to-use table of links to the winning one-shots of April's staff auction.