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Author Topic: The Public Affair [M seeking F]  (Read 818 times)

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Offline DrayTopic starter

The Public Affair [M seeking F]
« on: June 26, 2011, 06:36:36 PM »
Before you go on to read my idea I am looking for partners who can write more than just a few lines per post and can be descriptive and add depth and detail.  I love character development and plot is as equally important to me as the sex scenes.  So I am hoping to find a partner that can match my style rather well so this will not necessarily be first come first serve.  When it comes to choosing a partner I look over Ons/Offs and read some of their posts to get a feel for their style and ability...I imagine I am not the only one of course and before you show interest in this idea I would hope that you would have checked me out as well.  That being said send me a PM if you are interested and we can discuss the details.

The Pairing:  The pairing will be revolved around some kind of affair, either having both of our characters be married or perhaps just the female.  I would like to have some sort of taboo element as well, as in the female character is the wife of my character's brother or something along those lines.  It is really up for discussion and whatever you would prefer.  She could be the wife of his friend, wife of his boss, co-worker or employee...or maybe even the young wife of his father aka she would be his step mother by marriage.  That detail is to be decided.  This is mainly to give them a reason on why they need to be so secretive and why a divorce just does not suddenly take place so they can be together.

Public Sex:  Normally one would be afraid of public sex in fear of getting caught, however, with this role play and our too characters it will be a great fetish for them and it is a great way for them to avoid being caught by her husband, or if my character is married as well then his wife as well.  My character would take up a more dominate role, sending her suggestive text messages, telling her what to wear, where to meet him and at what time.  There are many scenes I would like to incorporate such as a glory-hole, train/subway, bus, taxi/car, pool/beach/hot tub/sauna, hotel, restrooms, restaurants, movie theater, so on and so forth. There would be a lot of sneaking around for them to enjoy some alone time together, to satisfy each others sexual urges and fetishes but as well as to enjoy a deep passion and romance for one another.

This will involve a lot of foreplay and sexual exploration.  I would like incorporate costumes and masks, perhaps they meet up at a masked/costume party...also lingerie and outfits for the bedroom would be great or just revealing clothing in general for easy access and clothed in just pulling up her short skirt and taking her right there wherever they are.  I like exploring all three in vaginal, anal and oral though penetration is not always a must.  Grinding and rubbing is always good as well.  It would be interesting if they took pictures of each other or perhaps filmed themselves doing it...or rather my character could do it privately and send it to her so she can watch it.

Now eventually the two of them can come together in the end after all I said their will be passion and romance, not just pure rough lust and fucking so it would be only natural that they would start to develop deep feelings for one another.  They could end up getting caught at some point, maybe her husband comes home early from a business trip and walks in on them...or he could find some explicit images/video that they had taken...or she could end up pregnant...or a combination of some of those.

So that's just the basic idea of what I want.  I really want someone to discuss the details with and the pairing.  Once we get that down we can create a little background story of how these two came to have a spark in the first place and why they are getting together now and willing to risk an affair?

PM if you are interested.  Also when it comes to posting speed I will most likely post once daily, sometimes just depends.
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Offline DrayTopic starter

Re: The Public Affair [M seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2011, 07:39:58 PM »
If you are interested in this role play and you have already sent me a PM then please send me another one for I accidentally erased a lot of my private messages.  If you have not shown interest yet and you are then please do send me a PM as this idea is still open. 

So once again those who are interested that have and have not sent me a PM pertaining to this role play please send me a PM showing interest again since I lost them...or send me one for the first time.

I would be interested in doing different variations of pairings with this one...especially one involving a younger male/older female know the infamous MILF kind of thing
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Offline Passion Pants

Re: The Public Affair [M seeking F]
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2011, 08:47:15 AM »
love the public sex storyline I wouldbe very up for that