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Author Topic: Catnip (Story ideas, F for F)  (Read 832 times)

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Offline whitekittenTopic starter

Catnip (Story ideas, F for F)
« on: June 25, 2011, 08:03:20 pm »
Just a few ideas I've had kicking around, looking for someone to hopefully take me up on them. PM me if you're interested, because I'm absolutely certain I will forget to check this thread with any degree of regularity. As for the characters, just assume that I'll be playing whatever role is more submissive in any of these templates.
PS. I apologize in advance for the lame titles, I'm not exactly the queen of nomenclature.

Closing the Gate
Setting: Urban Fantasy
Plot: Dahlia West is a talented witch, alchemist, and a figure of note in the city's magical community. She's calculating, ruthless, and more than a little overconfident in her power. However, it's when a rival magician is fed up with the chokehold she has on the city's mystical underground that things go awry. A charm is placed on her apartment, what is supposed to be a minor hex, a prank, is twisted to a more devious purpose. The hex has a simple effect, that is, it reverses the effects of the first spell attempted within its boundaries. Unfortunately for Dahlia, the first spell she performs after the hex is placed is an attempt to bring a demon to earth for council and assistance. Instead, the spell sends her to the sprawling estate of a powerful succubus in another dimension. Always happy for another minion and just thinking of starting a harem, the succubus takes the opportunity to bind Dahlia to the realm, attempting to break the willful girl's spirit in the process.
Notes: This would be a BDSM heavy roleplay, the binding preferably being a long spell involving ritualized tattooing, piercing, collaring, that sort of thing.

The Handmaiden
Setting: Fantasy
Plot: Tiaryn has served the Queen of the Fey for as long as she can remember. The job ran in her family, her line had been tending to the needs of the Royal Family for as long as she can remember, and indeed, millennia longer. However, the definition of that “service” recently took a surprising turn for the girl. Tiaryn has known the queen for her entire life, she grew up alongside her and has been her constant companion. Still, it came as some surprise to her that, when the time came for the newly crowned ruler to choose the head of her harem, Tiaryn's name was the only one mentioned. Having to be tutored entirely in the arts of pleasure, the girl is about to learn a whole new definition for the term “service to the Queen.”
Notes: This one again involves BDSM, though not in as extreme a manner as the last. As for what the world and the kingdom are actually like, that's something I'd like to work with my partner to build and agree upon before we get started.

Show you the Ropes
Setting: X-Men
Plot: Growing up different is not easy. Being gay is one thing. Being a mutant is another. Both of them, however, cause a lot of headaches. So when a new girl shows up on the doorstep of Xavier's institute, completely overwhelmed and flying blind in this new, strange world, it takes an older mentor to help her get her footing. However, as they get to know one another, something much deeper than a simple friendship begins to build.
Notes: I'm really open for this one as far as characters/timeline, etc. If you'd like to play one of the established characters or a new one, that's fine. Since this is more of a romance-based roleplay, I'm open to either role, and whatever version of the universe you'd like to play this in, whether it be the iconic school, the institute from the movies, or even Utopia, like the current comics, I'm open.

Show Time
Setting: Contemporary
Plot: Kat has been scrounging for cash for some time now, University can really drain a girl. The freshman has also been fooling around with her roommate ever since they moved in together, and she's wondering if things are going to get more serious. Finally, she puts two and two together, coming up with a solution for her and her roommate's cash problem that could be fun for the both of them. The idea is simple, they set up a web-cam in their room and do a live stream to a subscription website whenever they're screwing. The idea is brilliantly simple: they collect subscription fees from the viewers, and in return, not only do the voyeurs get to watch, they participate in a live chat with the girls and send in their own suggestions. Kat has a feeling that the next semester is going to be a lot less stressful money-wise and a good bit more fun.
Notes: This one's really just a base concept and at this point is pretty much just sex-without-plot, though we can build from here and work in any sorts of fun toys or scenarios you'd like, it's pretty mutable.

There you have it, hehe. Again, please feel free to PM if interested.
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