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Author Topic: Narya's New & Improved Request Thread  (Read 507 times)

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Narya's New & Improved Request Thread
« on: June 22, 2011, 02:22:26 PM »
About me: First off, you can call me Narya. I've been gaming for a good many years, and so long as my partner can keep an upkeep of desire in the game on his or her end, I will do the same.

Some facts about my style:
*I always play a female, but the random occurrences happen where I will also throw in a male for sake of the game. 
*Forum rps only please, and please note that I do NOT do Im's. You may PM me here, but I will not give out yahoo info. Sorry.
*I do not always do long posts. You may see the random long response once I am comfortable in the world we have created, but for the most part you will see small paragraphs from me. I know people are into heavy detail, and believe me, I try, but god I just feel like I am babbling and in turn feel like I am ruining everything.
*I am for the most part quick to respond with the exceptions of:A: Having only my cellphone to use (skype is a bitch when trying to rp like this)B: I am busy spending the day with my family. (Usually random days that my husband manages to get off work) Still, you will see  a  good amount of responses throughout the week from me as long as I can manage. If I take too long, check my A&A's which you will find in my siggy.
*I do not mind when a muse is lost for a while, or if you have to do something that keeps you away from the pc for a good amount of time. HOWEVER! I would like it if I am informed of this. If a month passes between responses, I will consider the game dead.
*I am rather lenient of things, most things I am willing to at least try once unless its in my off list.
*I do BOTH Fan Fiction Rps as well as RL Scenarios, but with the FF's I prefer to actually know about whatever it is first. I do not enjoy blindly jumping into something. It makes me feel like a moron.

Now that that is taken care of, we move on to some of my requests and what I am a fan of. As the list is modified, I will put the newer requests into another message box. You will find my on/offs(the smaller typed out, not E list version) here. Feel free to look over it. Beneath that post you will also find my main characters list. Not necessarily important bc I enjoy making one of a kinds for special games, but there if you are interested. If you like what you see here or there, or just think that I would be a great partner for something, then send me a private message and we will collaborate!

Fan Fictions/Fan Of

-Black Butler
-Full Metal Alchemist
- Fruits Basket
-Spice and Wolf
-Ouran High School Host Club

-Harry Potter
-Phantom of the Opera
-Phantom: Love Never Dies

-The Tudors

- Anything Mermaid Themed (does not have to be the Little Mermaid)
-Fairy Tales(not the anime, haven't seen the anime yet)
-Faes, Elves etc
-Basically anything fantasy, just run by me and I'll let you know

Gangster (1920's and such)

Others/Real Life Worlds:
housewife scenarios
office/work scenarios
school scenarios
fantasy of any sort
also willing to try some forms of incest as well as f/f

~Idea's from the Fae's grab bag~

Anything dealing with the Harry Potter world~
I'm a big fan of Snape, any tall, dark and cynical man can get me going so of course like so many I was instantly drawn to him the moment I was introduced to him. I'd like to do some things along the lines of SnapeXLily, perhaps starting around where she should die, but Snape be there to get her before she can put herself in harms way, or even a school romance thing. I'm also for doing a SnapeXoriginal character (just remember I play girls mostly, if I have to throw in guys lines, its not for a main chara) Keep in mind however, that I AM willing to do more than Snape themed things be it Draco, Harry's trio, the order, original characters so on so forth. Have any ideas? Let me know! And yes I have read the books. (Finally!) Took me long enough, but I finally polished off book seven back in Feb.

Would like:
Snape/Student (I've actually got a Gryffindor Chara for this, see below for a plot idea I want to do)
Anything with the Marauders
Original Characters

Roman Holiday~

Also an Audrey Hepburn movie. Bored with her life, a young princess runs away in the middle of the night to find out what the real world is like. The taste of freedom is of course more than she could ever imagine, and inevitably has her passing out in the middle of the night on a street bench. Enter your character. He can be however you like, any profession w/e, it does not have to be cannon to the movie (doesn't even have to take place in Rome for that matter) Waiting for a cab or something, your chara finds mine sleeping on the bench then possibly wakes her up and takes her home with him. Somehow she is familiar to you, and upon reading a newspaper you find out why. She lies about who she is, but you know the truth even if she does not realize it. So now there is only one thought on your mind, you have a beautiful princess right at your finger tips. So, what to do with her?
Now this one can go any way, light, NC, your choice. If interested, message me!   

 Love Never Dies~
It's 10 years since the great fire that destroyed the famous Opera house in Paris, 10 years since the plague of the Phantom, and 10yrs since the young beauty of sixteen named Christine Daae took over the worlds heart with the sound of her voice. Having left Paris all together, Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, travels to the new atmosphere of Coney Island with Madame Giry and her daughter Meg. Of course, he did not leave until he had seen his angel of music one last time. In the dark of the night right before her wedding to Raoul, Christine finds the Phantom and lets the Darkness inside her take over. During the courses of the night, she finds that it is not Raoul but Erik that she truly loves and cannot live without, but when she wakes to confess her love, she finds herself alone, never to hear from her beloved Phantom again. Or so she thinks. Those 10yrs after that fateful night, Christine is practically destitute, looking for any source of work so that she may help Raoul pay off his gambling debts. Her marriage is hardly what she ever imagined it. Raoul is a drunk, nothing like the boy she thought she had loved in the past. They have nothing, and what was worse due to her fame, the entire world knew it. But, unexpectedly, one Mr. Y sends her a letter from America, requesting that she comes and sings for his show in Coney Island. Little does she know that this Mr. Y is her Phantom, desperate to hear her sing once more. Needing the money, and he does offer much more than anyone would imagine to be reasonable, Christine agrees and heads to America on the next boat thanks to the small advance sent with the letter. She arrives to the country with Raoul at her side, and much to the Phantom's surprise, a small boy. Of course not wanting to give himself away, the Phantom remains hidden for some time until Christine is alone in her room. It is only then that she finds out the truth. 


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Re: Narya's New & Improved Request Thread
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2011, 10:39:02 PM »
*****NEW PLOT*****
Severus Snape. Everyone knows him, and hardly anyone that is around him(student wise) likes him. Only the Slytherins seem to gain favor with the man and even then its pretty minor. However, during her fifth year at Hogwarts (my chara) Lorelai Barton is one of few that makes an O on Snape's OWLS, and above all others takes to potions as easily as a fish to water. Lorelai is a student of Gryffindor house, 4 years above Harry Potter, Draco, Ron, Hermione etc, and like Snape is kind of a loner and a half blood. Her looks peg her as someone popular, and she even has a boyfriend along the way, but she is much more interested in her studies than anything and because of it, has trouble keeping close to anyone. Think an older Hermione but less of a know it all behavior and quite a bit more attractive. She's quiet, and will not say anything unless she is asked to. But she also has her fiery streak as well. Because of her being the top of her class for five years in a row, Snape secretly takes an interest in the Barton girl, and upon her arrival and coming back to potions for her sixth year, decides to take her on as an apprentice. At first Lorelai is reluctant. After all, who wants to spend their evenings locked in the dungeons with someone like Professor Snape? But considering the fact that she is more favorable to potions than any other class there, she finally agrees to it. This will be a girl that Snape practically has watched grow up while at the school, and will slowly realize just how much but being a teacher he will be reluctant to any of his urges around the girl. I see the two fighting because they are both stubborn headed, and more than likely getting on each others nerves at some points but at the same time they will grow to be rather comfortable around each other to the point where Lorelai will talk freely (but only when they are alone) when she has the desire to, and Snape can even do his usual griping about things like Potter for instance. I want someone to play Snape obviously, and I also want them to take on the task of playing Lorelai's boyfriend for a while. The boyfriend will be there (pick any house, upbringing whatever he's your oc) but with Snape constantly demanding Lorelai's time, the relationship will become strained. So much that it will fall apart in one of the worst ways. Think like Lily going to James and destroying Snape type of thing. As this will be Lor's 6th year, the story will start around Harry's 2nd year(Chamber of Secrets) So any of that story can be added in. Message me for more collaboration! 

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