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Author Topic: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]  (Read 4097 times)

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
« Reply #25 on: June 23, 2011, 01:35:06 AM »
Mira was surprised Tala brought back a sheep. She was sitting with knees to her chest like she did against the wall. She also found spices for cooking that was still good. She laid out some spices on the meat and smacked the meat a bit to tenderize it. She also had a grill set up for it too she found. “What you think of this. If you don't want to use it thats fine but it would be easier to grill it right? *she smiles happily. Thinking she did something good. Her hands were a bit blistered as she went through all the work she did and has some splinters from the wood as she pouts whincing when she uses that hand. She sighs and she sits back. She looks up at Tala, “Where did you find that sheep? Did you steal it from the farmers or did you really find sheep in the woods?” She asked naively. She smiled some as she took the meat and spiced them up just enough for it to taste really good. She doesn't want to use a lot of spice. She sat back holding her hand, She also burnt it a bit too. It doesn't seem to be bad but its annoying her. She looks up at Tala. “Umm Did you have fun?” She smiles seeing how dirty she is.

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
« Reply #26 on: June 23, 2011, 01:51:12 AM »

Watching her little mate set out some spices and metal grill, shrugging it off she quickly sniffs the spices and sneezes! Wow that’s some powerful stuff! Tala had no idea where Mira had found but, maybe it tasted better then it smelled... powerful. She almost felt like her eyes were going to burn out of her head! Mira asked her quickly where she found the sheep... hmmm. Mira took over the cooking while she thought about her answer and quickly said, “I found it all alone on a hill!” she said with a bright smile, that's the ticket!

“I didn't steal it!” she retorted... “I found it, nope didn't take it from farmers!” she said defensively, besides they were hill tribesmen she thought to herself. “That there is 100 percent wild hill sheep!” she exclaimed, not in the mood to be made out to be a poor hunter whom just stole herself an easy meal.

“Yeah I had fun, I was about to bring us back this 'Massive'... elk, but I got into a wrestling match with these wild wolves over it instead!” She rambled and thought to herself a moment before continuing, “I would have gotten them all too but I decided it was better to leave it go and let the dogs have it! Found this little guy all alone on a hill and nabbed him up!” Tala said with a smile...

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
« Reply #27 on: June 23, 2011, 06:59:24 PM »
Mira laughed after hearing what Tala had to say. She took a few moments to sit back and take it all in. She had no idea there were wild hill sheep. She shook her head as that just sounds silly. She nodded to Tala. She eeped as the spice seems to be a bit too strong for the cat girl. She decides to put less spices on Tala's food so it won't bother her senses. She sniffs at the fire and mmms from the scent. It smells really good while the food cooks. She flips the food so it doesn't burn. “Here are yours.” She says pointing to the pieces of the food set aside with less spices.

She sat there by the camp fire and cooks the food which takes some time. “Well thats a shame you didn't get that nice elk. Are you ok? Your not bruised up are you?” She asks as she looks up at Tala to make sure she is all ok. She knows she couldn't handle a wolf or two let alone a group of wolves. She isn't sure if she believes a lot of this but she is too naive to really know. She flipped the food on the grill to make sure the food won't burn.

After some time that passed the food is all done and she found dishes and things to put the food on. She dishes out the food and hands out a plate with some of the food on it for Tala. “Here you go. All done!” She smiles brightly. “I Hope you like it!” She is pretty new to cooking but this isn't hard to make really. Its not the best but its far from bad. She seems proud of it.

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
« Reply #28 on: June 23, 2011, 08:26:30 PM »
Tala nodded as she talked and sat on her knees, easier to spring up in case they were attacked and allowed her tail to swish about freely... Thinking about her 'tail' she shifted so it was behind her and away from Mira, afraid of it getting tugged on again. She humphed at the thought and smiled as Mira bought her story! She cheered in her mind as Mira gave her the offering food.

She listened to Mira as she started tearing off bits with her clawed hands and eating the tiny bits slowly. Her little mate asked if she was ok, “Yeah I'm OK, I heal really fast!” she said quickly so she could keep on munching on her food. “Sometimes you win some, some times you loose some... I guess or the saying goes something like that.” She stated as she ate and enjoyed the strange spiced food. Tala had to admit it was better then just normally gulping it all down. She was enjoying the taste and savored every last piece or Mira's cooking.

“Soon bath time...” she mentioned as they ate feeling dirty suddenly and wanting to clean all the grim from not bathing for a week, and from her hunting accident. The stress release of a warm hot spring was appealing. Tala was almost bouncing with anticipation! However they were enjoying a good meal so she figured she make some more small talk before letting her muscles relax in the warm waters inside that amazing structure.

“So whats you story Mira? Don't seem the type to be out here all alone... nothing personal but you seem out of place...” Tala spoke while enjoying the strangely spiced meat.

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
« Reply #29 on: June 23, 2011, 08:57:15 PM »
Mira smiled so brightly watching Tala devour the food she prepared. She was so happy someone liked her cooking. She started to eat herself and was pleasantly surprised it was better than she expected. She mmmed softly and smiled so brightly. “Wow, It is really good! I never had wild hill sheep before.” She smiled and enjoyed the food and really enjoyed watching Tala's expression while she ate too. She just liked seeing Tala happy. She sat back and relaxed taking her time on the food. She hasn't eaten in a few days.... She paused when Tala asked her about her story. Mira looked down and thought in silence for a time.

Mira sighed deeply and looked down at the campfire. Her cute happy expression faded instantly. It was apparent that her story was not a good one. She continued to stare and eventually spoke up. “My Story hmm? Well... Where do I begin?” She said in a soft tone that sounded very deeply hurt. “I was born from a small goddess a few days away from here and I was instantly sold into slavery. I was sold to the priesthood of a temple. I was born in the lands of Tyr and sent off to this area. I also had a sister that I thought loved me as I loved her.” She shook her head as tears started to fall from her eyes. “She decided to back stab me and turned me into the local lord and he tried to assassinate me.” She sighed so heavily. “The lord hated me because I spoke out and said slavery was bad and pillaging was no good. He didn't like it so as I said my sister turned me in and the two plotted together to take me out.. All I know is that I was assigned to candidate to head priestess when the head retired and My sister back stabbed me.. I am not sure why she did this.. It hurts me to think my own sister that I loved sent me to my death.. Well anyway Malik, Lord Karth's henchmen was the one that hung me up to be hanged. He wanted to out right kill me but his men said no and hung me.. Well that is the day I became a demon thing that people say I am but... You said I am not and I do not feel like I lost my soul..” She shakes a little bit but stops her tears and her emotions. “I want justice to be given to them! They Slave people and pillage the villagers are in danger... I can't let that happen.. I am not sure what I can do though... Anyway.. I had no idea where I was and I wondered till I found this place. I felt drawn to it..” She trailed herself off and ended her story as to why she was here.

She sat back and waited for Tala to reply to all she said. She returned to eating her food. Her eyes are burning with emotions even if she is not showing them now. She won't say she wants vengeance but her eyes sorta say it. Her phrase of Justice could be replaced with vengeance but if one truly knows her then she only does want justice. She finished eating shortly after and just looked at Tala.

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
« Reply #30 on: June 23, 2011, 09:56:32 PM »
Tala listened as she awaited her answers to her question, looking at her occasionally not wanting to put her little mate on the spot. It was strange someone like her was out here... Mira reminded her of a person that did little for themselves like most large, rich city folk did. Tala stayed silent and only nodded to Mira as she told her the story of how it was she came to be here at this temple of the ancients. Tala was starting to wonder if these people Mira was describing to her, were in fact the same thieves, rapist's and murderous bastards that she too wanted to end!

“I wonder if those people, this supposed Malik and Lord Karth, are the same ones responsible for attacking my people, and other clans of the forest hill people? Hmm? I wonder now if those riders are the same?” Tala pondered as she finished the meal of spicy meat and cleaned up the site a bit as they spoke... “I need a bath,” Tala said while still wondering if their enemy was one and the same. “is the guild involved in all of this as well?” She asked Mira as she put out the fire and collected up their belongings so they could move this inside. “perhaps we can talk this over in the hot that fancy water place inside?!” She smirked and hinted.

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
« Reply #31 on: June 23, 2011, 10:27:57 PM »
Mira got up nodding to Tala, “Yes the guild is involved.” She said after what Tala had to say. She started to clean up and put the dishes in the kitchen area to be cleaned up easier. “Yes I can sit outside the bath if you wish me to. Or I could sit by the pool and let you get your bath so we can talk that way.” She said blushing a bit. She did sigh then thinking the same thing Tala was about the people that attacked her villages. She thought about it and it had to be. “I am sure they were. It only makes sense. Some of the people that came to my temple were wanting to pray for help to stop the slaving. Thats when I spoke out that it was wrong and Lord Karth got me.” She nodded to herself reassuring her words.

She got everything together with the dishes and put out the campfire. She waited for Tala to get ready to head to the bath. She will follow Tala closely and can't help to keep her eyes on that swaying tail. She blushed wanting to pet it but doesn't want to tug and hurt it and really really hates the idea of upsetting Tala again. She just goes where Tala wants her to go while she goes and gets a bath.

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
« Reply #32 on: June 23, 2011, 10:52:53 PM »
Tala helped Mira clean up the campsite and the two started towards the bath area. “Well my little Mira you had your bath, its time for mine,” Tala stated with a smirk on her lips. She would love to see Mira's body again without all the fancy cloths. She liked her little petite companion with her sexy get-up on but... Tala licked her lips as she noticed her mate blushing. “If you'd rather stay to the side that's perfectly fine as well.. heh heh!” She giggled a bit as her friend and mate was so easily embarrassed. She let the subject drop in order to get to the bath faster.

Arriving at the baths after they put everything away, Tala smiled brightly as she got to see the warm waters and she felt like it had TALA written all over it! Setting her weapon to the side she quickly undressed, she'd have to wash those before she got dressed but she was fine with being totally nude. Her people didn't view such things as obscene though she knew some people were not like hers. She wasn't ignorant of those people views, she just refused to care if she lived up to their standards.

Grabbing up her weapon, Tala got into the warm waters and relaxed as the waters took away her stress and allowed her tight muscles to loosen. “Ahhh that hits the spot!” she groaned as she relaxed a bit, moving to the opposite side of the pool and allowing her weapon to reside near her on the opposite side as the door. Tala wasn't in the mood of a repeat of their first meeting, her being the one defenseless this time.   

“So now... let me get this straight... this Lord guy and his men are working with the guild to enslave my people to sell to the guild?” Tala stated as she leaned back and relaxed now that they were at the bath and she could let the stress of the day fade away.

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
« Reply #33 on: June 23, 2011, 11:25:54 PM »
Mira followed Tala into the bath area.  The room was steamy and so relaxing. It was the perfect hot spring and just the best place to take a bath and relax worn muscles. She looked around Mira started blushing so deeply and so innocently when Tala decided to strip down and take her bath. Mira shied away from looking at Tala but now she could now see the tail and ears better than earlier before Tala got into the pool of water. She looked so cute to Mira and just wanted to cuddle Tala up. The thought just made her blush even more and looked away quickly. Tala noticed the quick little looks Mira gave her. She just looked so adorable like that. She is trying to hide the fact that she kept giving little looks to Tala.

She kneeled by the pool like a servant would but that is how she was raised to kneel. She folded her hands in her lap and relaxed closing her eyes some. She listened to Tala's words and nodded some. She spoke in a soft tone, it was apparent that Mira was saddened by talking about these things but knew it was very important to talk about it. “Yes... That is exactly what is happening. Lord Karth is the head of this area. He is a dragon blood, He is a Fire one. Everything goes through him. He sits in his castle and sends Malik, which is most favored warrior to do his dirty work. Malik does have a group of men that work with him. So I guess you could call him a thug..” She shrugs a bit. “His men do not like messing with Gods or priests so that we could use against them.. If we go towards that.” She finishes saying and stays kneeling and giving glances every now and then.

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
« Reply #34 on: June 23, 2011, 11:54:36 PM »
The water was amazing, she knew she was going to look like a prune by the time she was done. She didn't care! The warm waters felt so good, almost magical in fact. Tala smiled as she leaned back along the sides spreading her arms wide along the lip of the pool. Inhaling deeply and letting the long breath go, Tala sighed heavily. She noticed the quick short glances as she peeked slightly and couldn't help the ear to ear smirk that formed on her lips, letting her body sit a manner that allowed her mate a clear view of herself. She enjoyed knowing that Mira was interested in her body, she was certainly interested in Mira's. That wasn't enough however. She didn't want a plaything, she had more then a healthy pick of potential screwing partners. She wanted her solar mate to like her and to work with her. She knew of the old Lunar elders words, that her solar mate was her's to work rebuild the world with if she so chose that path. She would honor Luna's debt... But that did not mean she would simply lie with someone she didn't know or learn to respect! She wasn't a whore!

No she wanted a life mate, someone she could cherish and love... respect with mutual interests... most importantly she wasn't in any hurry to find that special person. She did enjoy a heated night with someone held close. Tala licked her lips again, she had many such lust filled nights. She wasn't feeling that with her Solar mate at the moment. She had no such itch to scratch and refused to give in to her raw desires so easily. This Solar was her's to work with... that didn't mean she had to give her body to her nor act as if they were a joined couple. Tala smiled to herself as Mira continued her words...

“These men should have added the Chosen to their lists of those whom they should fear... for now I know the name of my enemy... and this Lord Karth shall soon taste my 'Justice'!” she spat her answer filled with her anger and fury. She knew the name now... Karth, she hated the sound of his name and would reap her bloody justice with so much horror his people would fear to use that name till the end of time!

“So what plans have you made so far? Oh and wear am I sleeping tonight, I could just curl up anywhere as some animal.... but I would enjoy a soft bed...” she smirked brightly as she changed the subject, “we could always share yours you know...” She jested and watched Mira's reaction with her shitty grin.

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
« Reply #35 on: June 24, 2011, 12:34:19 AM »
Mira blinked as she got caught by Tala when she was peeking. She let out a really cute eeep! And looked away very quickly and flushed so red that her whole face neck and some of her back turned redish, Her cheeks were as red as a lobster. She never felt so embarrassed in her life. This seems like its happening more often to her as she was caught taking a bath by someone she never met before, and now this. She fidgeted and played with part of her robe innocently and embarrassedly.. She coughed and hummed softly.

“Yes.. Umm.. yes.. Ummm sleep.. right umm sleep.. Well umm.. There is a bed in the big bedroom I found. The bed is really nice and big! Its the softest thing I ever felt before!” She wasn't thinking anything perverted when she mentioned the bed. She wasn't thinking of sharing it either but doesn't say anything about it. She really spurted that out to change the subject quickly. She was so utterly embarrassed now it was messing with her thoughts for a bit. “Oh... Plans.. Plans.. Not really.. I just wanted to save as many people as I could. I have no real plans... I am not sure what I could really do.. Or if people will really listen to me..” She knew if she talked enough she should be able to convince people of what she wants, She did not want to reveal that to her only friend in the world. She was afraid that she would scare her off if she thought that she was trying to persuade her mind into thinking something. She really did not want that at all...

“So where do you want to sleep?” She asked as she did give her a choice with her words and the way she said them. She doesn't know she gave a choice however. She is trying to keep herself acting like she wasn't doing anything and it backfired on her.

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
« Reply #36 on: June 24, 2011, 02:10:34 AM »
Tala bathed  smiling brightly as the water was magic! The dirt and grim dissolving away as if the bath was self cleaning... she could only imagine how the strange waters worked. A moment later the thought had drifted from her mind. Such things were for others to understand, not her. Her thoughts were torn from her thoughts of magic water upon hearing Mira talking about a large soft bed! “Largest softest bed you've ever seen huh!” Tala said happily, “Well then I wonder now... is it big enough for the two of us?” She said loudly as she flashed Mira a perverted grin. “Hmm just wondered about your plans, I plan on finding this Karth guy... and ending him for all the stuff he has done to the many tribes of forest hill people...”

“Where do I want to sleep? Thought that was obvious... with you in your big fancy bed of course!” She stated with smirk that showed off her sharp teeth. She just couldn't resist jabbing Meri with her perverted teasing... it was just so fun!