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Author Topic: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]  (Read 4202 times)

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The First Saga: One Hundred Kingdoms

Chapter One
Saffron Meets Crimson

The beginning of the epic saga of the meeting of two Chosen, Radiant Saffron's Daughter and The Daughter of Crimson. Two souls that once burned brightest together in an era long forgotten are joined together once again. These two heroins have been born into the Scavenger Lands of the Eastern most territories of an area known as The One Hundred Kingdoms. This area of Creation is filled with countless scattered nations that pay true tribute to its name.  A place of constant strife and war plague the lands, and suffering of the common people is well known.

It is also well known that vicious tyrants try to conquer and hold all of these nations under their rule. None have ever come close to succeeding, till now. A vicious nation of warmongering Princes of the Earth have combined their forces under the banner of one man, High King Tyr, in hopes this one time hero of the Realm could forge a new nation. The High King of the Land of Tyr's as it is known amongst the common people fear the ever growing war banners and the slave chains that follow in his mighty army's wake.

Our heroins destiny's are now their own... and both wish to throw down this tyrant, break the chains of all those he has wrongfully enslaved, and fill Creation with the hope that the Age of Sorrows shall not end in tragedy... A mighty task for two young woman... and so their mighty journey begins...


Character Sheet

Daughter of Crimson
Name: Tala   Concept: Tribal Champion    Caste: Full Moon 
Age: 19  Gender: Female Eyes: Grey  Hair: White 
Build: Tall, Sleek and Sexy Height: 6' 2  Weight: 125 Languages: River-speak, Forest Tongue
Spirit Shape: Tiger Tell: Feline Facial features, Tail
Motivation: To Conquer the Eastern 
Anima: Giant Tiger


Physical           Social                        Mental
Strength:__4   Charisma:_____ 3    Perception:____2
Dexterity:__4  Manipulation:__2    Intelligence:___2
Stamina:__4    Appearance:___4    Wits:_________ 3

Athletics 2, Awareness 2, Dodge 2, Integrity 3, **Martial-Arts 5, Resistance 1, War 5, Linguistics 1, Stealth 2, **Survival 2,
 SPECIALTIES: White Reaper: 3, Dodging without Armor 1


Willpower: 9  Temp. Willpower: [  ] - [  ] - [  ] - [  ] - [  ] - [  ] - [  ] - [  ] - [  ]

Virtues: Compassion: 1 Temperance: 2 Conviction: 2  Valor: 4

Essence Level 3
Personal: 22/22
Peripheral: 46/46
Limit: 0 / 10

The character becomes a fighting animal. she is dangerously quick-tempered, willing to fight anyone for any reason and unable to back down from any challenge to her dominance. While this Flaw is active, the she cannot fail Valor checks and cannot spend Willpower points to ignore them. Just as an angry bull, she attempts to fight anything that inconveniences or startles her. she doesn’t talk much, either, unless it is with her fists (or worse).
Partial Control: The she settles for bullying others into submission. Provided others answer her with abject cowardice, verbally abusing them is sufficient to satisfy his desire to fight. However, even the slightest hint of disrespect or backbone on the part of the abused party requires a physical attack.

Combat Physical

Grand Grim Scythe :  SPD 6, ACC 16, DMG+18/4, DEF 6, RATE 2, TAGS: 2, O, P, R

Punch:  SPD 5   ACC 13   DMG 4B  DEF 7   RATE 3

Kick    SPD  5   ACC 12   DMG 7B   DEF 5   RATE2

Clinch:  SPD 6   ACC 12   DMG 4B   DEF 6    RATE 1

Dodge DV: 5


Bashing: 18B []  Lethal: 14L  [] Aggravated:  []  Hardness: 8B/8L

Health Levels
0---------------------[ ]
-1----------------[ ]  [ ]
-2------------[ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]
-4----------------[ ]
Incapacitated-[ ]

Social CombatMDDV: 8       MDPV: 2
Intimacies:1.) Her tribal People 2.)Mira 3.) Rebuilding the eastern tribes 4.) Her Grim Scythe  5.)6.)

Artifact 3 [Grand GrimScyth: Spd 6, Acc +4, Dmg+14/4, Def+0, rate 2, Tags: 2, O, P, R Attune 8]
Tattoo Artifact:4 [Articulate Plate +12L/+14B Hardness 8L/8B attune 6]
Hearts Blood 2
Solar Bond 2
SHAPES: 1.)Electric Eel 2.)House Cat 3.)Raven 4.)Strix 5.)Grizzly Bear 6.) War Hound 7.) Panther 8.)Gar Fish 9.) King Cobra 10.) Giant Spider

Intolerance 3pts : Slavers and their Ilk
Barbarian 3 pts
Wanted: 2pt  Tyr and Slavers
Short Fuse 2pts

1st Stamina Excellency
1st Dexterity Excellency
1st Strength Excellency
Falling Scythe Flash
Revolving Crescent Defense
White Reaper Form
Golden Tiger Stance
Ferocious Guardian Beast Stance
Heron Sheds Rain
Ferocious Biting Tooth
Ox Body Technique(4) -2
Bruise Relief Method
Halting the Scarlet Flow

Hybrid Body Rearrangement
Deadly Beast-men Transformation
Twin Faced Hero

XP: 6 | Exp Debt 0
XP SPENDS: [ 30 ] 1st Stamina Excellency 10, Bruise Relief Method 10, Halting the Scarlet Flow 10

PERSONALITY: Tala was her people's champion warrior and her personality reeks of it. She is aggressive and believes the strong rule over the weak. She believes truth can be determined by combat, and that the world beyond her Forest People is cruel, alien and cold. She is a creature of many passions and the only exception to her ideals is her Solar Mate.

BIOGRAPHY: Tala was raised to live off the land by her tribe, and for most of her life she knew nothing but the love of her family, tribe and love for the land itself. She can barely remember the day her adopted father came to her tribe and fought with them. The age long blood debt between her people and his repaid with a vicious attack that laid the people she now only barely remembers low. Her father was the largest of warriors and a mighty War Chieftain and her mother a mighty warrior princess of her own barbarian tribe. Tala was blessed by her parents and even at a young age was far stronger, faster and tougher then any of the other girls or even boys. This trait alone saved her the fate of the rest of her people, her adopted father laying claim on her as his daughter and raised her as such.

She was trained and raised from those days to be a warrior and in time she came to love her new tribe. Tala would become the champion of her people and in time perhaps had fate not intervened, the leader of the tribe. The many Eastern Hill forest tribes had fought against one another with so many intertwined blood debts that nothing could bring these people to work together, save total annihilation.
The people that came from the west, slavers and vicious men mixed with sister and brother tribes. They pillaged, raped and destroyed tribe after tribe and by the time they had set aside their differences to finally face their foe, they were already undone.

EXALTATION: Tala Exalted on the battlefield under Luna's pale touch. She and what was left of the warriors faced down their enemy. They knew they could not win, but blood must be payed with blood, her ancestors would accept nothing. The fighting was fierce but Tala refused to die, she fought onwards even as her small force was easily overwhelmed. Their superior weapons and armor was far too hard and thick for their simple wooden and bone weapons to pierce. She was the last to be felled, standing in a circle of her fallen brave men and woman. Blood covered the ground and they gave her a chance to die a merciful and quick death if she surrendered. Tala never understood why those men would dishonor her as such a manner, but she changed, she was Chosen by Luna and with her newly acquired powers she sent the remnant forces of the enemy fleeing for their lives. She was caressed and spoke with her patron for a time... and then journeyed west to end all those that had savaged her people.

She didn't get far, destroying a small guild slave hold that was nothing more then a simple wooden fort, she was hot on the trail of the slavers that had taken her people when she was intercepted by an Elder Lunar whom demanded she follow him. Tala would never be commanded by anyone, and so she fought with him. He was impressed by her skill but found her disrespect towards her Eldars insulting and like a child, quickly beat and dragged her from the area. Day and night did they fight, and by the end of every battle she was forced to admit defeat. He spoke of wisdom and ancient things as she laid beaten and eventually they made their way to the other of her kind. He supported her though the process of her trials, but all knew she was a Full Moon well before she took her first step.

She spent little time amongst her own people the Lunars and for her bravery she was well gifted by the Eldar whom told her to seek him out when she was through acting like a child... and over the next few weeks made her way back to hill covered forests of her people. All was for not, she could not find any trace of them. She found the handy work of the vicious tyrants that still poured in from the west, and killed them where ever and whenever she found them. Tala knew she could not hold them back, and so she decided to walk west... and sever the head of the beast, ending this nightmare once and for all!

Days of travel on foot as Great Cat or by wing as bird, she knew little of the world and made her way towards those that were her enemies slowly. Tala however took a detour on her trip of vengeance as she felt something pulling her heart. She could remember the other's like her mentioning that their were others like her, Chosen of the Sun and that their hearts sometimes loved these people even though they have never met. Tala wanted vengeance, she wanted to watch her foes crushed into oblivion as they had done to her people... but the feelings she felt could not be resisted. She has been searching for them for quite some time... 

This was not like the deep forest lands she was used too, this place had an eerie but yet memorable feel to it. Tala knew not why, yet the feeling she was nearing someone special to her was grew stronger. She was upon them and she knew it wouldn't be much further now. She strode boldly with her massive weapon, a fearsome GrimScythe, slung along her shoulders, its massive Moon-Silver blade almost touching the ground. She stood easily taller then most woman and even most men of the far east. Her adopted father, the war chieftain of her adopted tribe said she held the power of the trees in her blood, for this was why she grew so tall, strong and harder then the Iron wood her people used to craft their champions most deadliest weapons. 

Now that Mother Luna had Chosen her as one of her champions, she was only growing stronger as time went on. Tala grinned as the memory of the Lunar elder whom had come for her and proved all too easily she was the weaker of the two... and the surprise on his wolfish face. The surprise when she smirked and spat her blood upon the ground and came at him again and again. She did finally fall yet she had told him she would come for him again. Tala smirked and chuckled as she remembered his rage as she smashed a large wooden branch over his stupid dog like head!

Tala laughed a bit as the memories flooded back, so many months of her time wasted, though she must admit the old dog was right. It had been worth her time in a sense. The weapon, tattoo's and gifts of Moon-Silver armor inscribed into her flesh had made her stronger.... much stronger. Their rituals and lore mattered little to her. Tala spat upon the ground, warnings of Solar Madness and she would be careful not to be fooled by them. She was no fool, here eyes closed to slits, she would show them and prove the old mutt of an elder she needed not his weak pointless words or cowardly advice!

The forest cleared suddenly and Tala stopped as the forest opened up into a massive clearing that contained ruins of a lost city. She held her position and studied the scene before her as the sun beat down on the area. A small field of wild grasses and flowers covered the landscape only to be broken by a building that long ago had fallen into useless piles of rubble save one. One massive structure stood at the center of the large clearing, encroached by trees as if the forest was trying to reclaim the last remnants of this ancient structure. The building looked much like a pyramid and Tala had seen many such structures further east and closer to the lands she called home. This was the first that she had ever seen that wasn't  mostly collapsed but... She was most impressed by the colossal size of the building. It easily stood as tall as the trees in the east. Tala figured it was at the very least, 8 stories tall... The trees only standing a bit taller then it.

She strode again towards the building a bit more wary... She didn't like leaving the safety the trees and rolling hills offered her. This place was too open, leaving her mostly exposed to attack from anyone that may be hiding, laying in wait in tall grasses or along the treeline. This was against everything she was ever taught as warrior. Never leave the safety of the strong forest her adopted father had always said, before she knew it she was running as fast as her Exalted legs could carry her. Up the steps and into the large structure... Tala sniffed the air and smelled the fine scent of a River kingdom woman... the fine scent of perfume and scented soaps. Tala crept into the structure, trying to be as silent as her spirit shape, moving cautiously through the old building, that to her surprise looked as if not a day had passed. The inside of the structures was beyond her wildest dreams!

It took her over half an hour to slowly sniff down the feminine scent. The building was so immense yet she had no time to worry about such things... as she could hear running water, and the humidity was building. Tala kept her weapon slung and only changed her posture to keep it from hitting anything. The last thing she needed was giving herself away. Whom could know what she was closing in on, though the feeling of her special someone was close. Her heart pounded and she held her breath with each step she took, drawing her nearer to the feeling of her heart...

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2011, 04:18:20 AM »
Radiant Saffron's Daughter Character Sheet

Name: Mira   Concept: Priestess   Caste: Zenith 
Age: 16  Gender: Female Eyes: Golden  Hair: Purple
Build:Petite  Height: 5'4 Weight: 100  Languages: River-speak, Old Realm
Motivation: To return the faith of the Unconquered Sun to all of creation
Anima: Massive Golden feathered wings swirling with first age runes.


Physical           Social                        Mental
Strength:__2  Charisma:____ 5    Perception:____2
Dexterity:_4  Manipulation:__1    Intelligence:___2
Stamina:__3  Appearance:___5    Wits:________ 3

**Melee 3, Awareness 2, Dodge 1, **Integrity 2, **Performance 5, **Presence 5, **Resistance 3, **Survival 0, **Bureaucracy 2, **Linguistics 1, **Socialize 4, **Investigation 3, Lore 2, Occult 2 SPECIALTIES: Gore Maul: 3, Dodging without Armor 3


Willpower: 7  Temp. Willpower: [  ] - [  ] - [  ] - [  ] - [  ] - [  ] - [  ]

Compassion: 4 Temperance: 2 Conviction: 3  Valor: 2

Essence Level 3
Personal: 16/16
Peripheral: 39/32
Committed: 7
Limit: 0 / 10

Limit break: Filled with unspeakable lusts, the character becomes incapable of divorcing her Compassion from her lust. She becomes sexually attracted to any being she would normally feel Compassion for, no matter how taboo such a desire would be. While she will not commit rape or sexual abuse to satisfy herself, she will stop at nothing to pursue and seduce those that arouse her lusts. She cannot take up any other endeavors until she has satisfied himself sexually, committing all she has to pursuing those she loves.
Partial Control: While the character is still overcome with lust, it does not force her into taboo sexual relationships–while she may still lust for them,s he can choose not to pursue family members, children, dead lovers, and similar.
Duration: Until the character experiences an orgasm.
Condition: The character goes a week without sexual intercourse.

Combat Physical

Gore Maul : SPD 5   ACC 11   DMG 18B/4   DEF 6  RATE 3   TAGS: O/P

Punch:          SPD 5   ACC 5   DMG+2B  DEF 3  RATE 3

Kick:   SPD  5   ACC +4   DMG +5B   DEF1   RATE2

Clinch:   SPD 6   ACC +4   DMG+2   DEF 2   RATE 1

Dodge DV: 6


Bashing: 6/8 [16]  Lethal: 6/11 [19] Aggravated: 5 [9]  Hardness: 0

Health Levels
0---------------------[ ]
-1----------------[ ]  [ ]
-2----------------[ ]  [ ]
-4----------------[ ]
Incapacitated-- [ ]

Social Combat:
MDDV: 7       MDPV: 7
Tala, her faith, helping her follwers, freeing slaves, punnishing slavers, bring justice to tyr
Intimacies:1.)Tala 2.)Her Faith 3.)Helping her followers 4.)Punishing Slavers 5.)Bringing Justice to Tyr 6.) Freeing and Helping slaves

Silken Armor 1                [5L/2B 1 mote attune]
Artifact 2                         [Gore Maul  Spd5 Acc2 Dmg16/4 Def2 Rate3 Attune 5]
Manse: Gem of Grace 3  [+2 Chr/Man Pools]
Hearthstone Necklace 1  [+7 motes regeneration per hour]
Code of Honor: -1Incapable of lying to anyone whom she has an Intimacy or betraying an Intimacy in any way unless she first fails a Conviction roll.

Enemy: -1 High King Tyr and his forces.
Enemy: -1 Sister
Enemy: -1 Karth
Intolerance: -3 towards Slavers
Intolerance: -3 towards Slave Owners

1st Melee Excellency
1st Performance Excellency
1st  Presence Excellency
One Weapon, Two Blows
Respect Commanding Attitude
Heart Compelling Method
Husband Seducing Demon Dance
Majestic Radiant Presence
Terrifying Apparition of Glory
Mastery of Small Manners
Shining in Every Eye
Durability of Oak Meditation
Iron Skin Concentration
Iron Kettle Body
Invincible Essence Reinforcement 

XP: 0 | Exp Debt 

PERSONALITY: She is a very cute, sweet, and kindhearted girl. She will always talk to people first and try her best to convince others to be kind and just. People whom try to cause her harm, she will pull out her hammer, and if she must, she will use it. However she really hates to fight.

BIOGRAPHY: Mira was born as a Gods-Blooded of a goddess. She was born as a Tyrian. She was sold into slavery to a priestly order and its temple. She was kept away from most anything and she was never allowed to leave the temple. She had female servants to help her throughout her life. No man was allowed to be near her. She also had a true god blooded sister of the same goddess. She was older and her sister hated Mira, for she was more favored to the goddess and was another candidate for head priestess.

Later in life, Her sister got real jealous when she found out that she really was a candidate along with a few others. Her sister waited for the right time to back-stab Mira and her sister had no idea. She was so innocent and sweet to think her own sister would harm her. This is why her mother favored her so much. Eventually Myra found out about the Tyrian's coming to small villages around hers and they raped and pillaged the villages. She went out and spoke against it and the local lord, Lord Karth despised her for it and wanted her dead. One night her sister went off and talked to the lord and came back and convinced her sister to sneak out of the temple to get her some help and only got lead into a trap. She ran directly into Malik, Lord Karth's main cohort. Who captured her and rode her off deep into the woods blind folded and bond up to be assassinated.The assassins arrived at the spot that they were going to kill her but one of the men spoke up and didn't want the wrath of a goddess to really get them for out right killing her daughter that the head priestess had plans for. So instead they bound her up and left her for dead on the tree. She was tied so she would slowly strangle to death and giving them enough time to get away.

EXALTATION: As Mira hung and was slowly choking to death while the men left her to die. Mira cried as she hung there. She prayed and prayed as she saw her life flash before her eyes as her vision blurred and she felt everything was going black. She thought it was over when she was brought back to consciousness. She looked up weak and broken tears were still falling from her eyes when she saw some  four armed man glowing like the sun walk in front of her and reached up to her and touched her forehead. He spoke in kind gentle words. “My dear child, You prayed to me, and your prayers were heard. You must go forth and fix the land by bringing back my faith. You Radiant Saffron’s Daughter, Daughter of the golden light. Will go and bring justice to those that bring harm to you and our faith.” With that her wounds were healed and she felt a burning in her forehead as a rune formed into it. The ropes broke and she fell harmlessly to the ground. The man smiled and looked down at her. “Now go my daughter.. Go and make me proud of you, my young one.” His voice was so kind and gentle and it made her melt. “Zenith of golden children, That is who you are and always been...” With that he faded into nothingness and she looked around in confusion. She got up in her tattered white robe and walked off as she felt a pulling towards something. She had no idea where she was and was completely lost.

She walked and walked till she thought she couldn't anymore. She kept walking on longer. She had no idea where this strength came from. She was also radiating saffron light. She looked like an angel walking through the forest glowing brightly. She soon found a strange looking building that she thought was a temple and went up to the sealed door and couldn't find a way to open it. When she moved to search the solid door it opened without her touching it and went inside. She was confused on how this happened and what was going on. She had an idea she was a solar due to the stories she heard of the evil anathema, She knew who the man that came to her was after she thought about it on her long walk. She explored the 'temple' She found it to be very neat inside. She found a pool of water that looked a lot like a bath house. She got herself cleaned up and got to see the reflection in the pool of water. She couldn't believe it. She was far more beautiful then she ever imagined. She was radiating such a beautiful color. She could see the caste mark on her forehead that stated that she was a zenith. She looked around more exploring different rooms till she found what looked like a bedroom where she found a gossamer looking robe thing with a ribbon on the front that was see through and got herself dressed in it. It was soft like silk but durable somewhat like steel. She found a Goremaul, a giant hammer and the many other items. She lived in this Manse for quite some time living off rats and what animals she could catch which was hard. She didn't know what to do at all. She eventually found a book that was a diary of someone she had no idea but it had the same name she did. Her new name. It explained very little and a lot of it was worn out but it did explain that she was a solar. She didn't think much on it for the time being since she just read it she was shocked and in raw denial...

Mira was a beautiful young woman, She was elegant and flawless. She had the beauty of an angel litterly. Her body was milky smooth and silky soft. She was not very tall at all and she was very delicate and petite. She was every essence of a half goddess. Her hair was long and flowing. When light shined upon her hair it glittered in the light. The purple strains were silky and soft and smelled of flowers just like the scent of her body. She was in all senses of the word the forbidden flower. She was still pristine inside and she never felt the touch of a man or even a woman but no man was ever dared near this delicate flower which was now an exalted Solar, The daughter of the sun. She looked it too.

She was undressed and sitting in the hot spring of her temple which is what she thought it was but it was a manse and not a temple. Back in the first age this temple was actually just a sanctuary that the two went to as a vacation spot. She stretched her flawless body out in the pool as she floated in it relaxed and enjoying the warmth and the beautiful flowered scent that it gave off. Flower petals were floating all around her. She looked exotic floating in this pool of water. Any man would just simple drop dead if they were to see this Heavenly Radiant Flower of a  young woman. She was still a teenager but she was developing into a beauty that was far beyond what one could ever imagine. Her body was body was now no longer glowing. She began to sing softly. Her voice danced through the air as she sang. Her voice sounded like an angel that sang a song of pure innocent and love. She sang a song about a man and a woman, the woman was like glass being cursed by an evil god because she was prettier and how much the man loved this woman but could not be touched by a man or else she would crack and shatter into glass pieces. The man journeyed out  to kill the goddess and did and took the glass woman that became normal again and lived happily ever after. Her voice was so beautiful it was just alluring to any ear. If one is not careful they could easily get lost in it.

While she was singing she was completely unaware that someone came into her temple that she believes to be hers since no one was here and she found a book that had her new name in it which was odd and confusing. She just kept singing completely unaware of anything around her. She was lost in her own little world right now. This was the only thing that semi calmed her from freaking out that she was now some anathema monster that she heard gets possessed and her soul eatten by some demon thing and she would never be her sweet innocent, caring, and loving self. She just wanted to help people not to be eatten by some demon and let it use her body to walk around and pose as her. She sighed for a brief moment at the thoughts of this and resumed singing again as tears started to flow from her eyes into the flower petaled water. Her song basically was her wishing for someone to come and take her away to happiness. She was a lost soul right now and scared uncertain of what to do.

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
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Tala sneaked through the ancient temple, hearing splashing she moved in that direction as she could only smell one scent. Whomever was bathing was most certainly the one she was stalking. The feeling in her heart told her this was the Solar her elders had spoken to her about. With her back to the wall she moved closer, her mind racing with all the possibilities that could happen in the next few minutes. Tala had been told to be careful of the Solar's for their power was impressive, regardless of their age. The old dog faced wolf man had babbled something about charms, spells or whatever mumbo-jumbo  powers of the Solars was not to be taken lightly. Perhaps she should have spent more time listening to him then wrestling with him... NAH! She thought while smirking brightly. She thought of this more along the lines of a hunt! She feared nothing... Not Lunar elder's, Demons or even Solars, only that she would be forced to pass away as an old hag, nagging at children and moaning about how her bones ached. She would much prefer her end to be in glorious combat!

She neared the doorway and peaked in, her eyes turning to slits as she hmm'd to herself in a low lusty tone. The young woman was beautiful. She could feel her heart skip a beat as she stared at the lovely lily within the pool of water. Tala's eyes feasted on the young nubile flesh and licked her lips as her childish smirk broadened in a mad feral stare. Never had she seen such a lovely thing. She could tell instantly she was not of the forest tribe's nor from the hill people. Her pale skin clashed with the dark browns and greens of the river people. Tala wasn't sure where she was from, but she was certain that she was the one she felt was most dear to her. She could feel it, pulling on her soul! The teen girl looked innocent and out of place... Swimming in a pool as if no-one could simply walk in the front door as she just had and then... pending on whom found the little one... Tala shrugged, some of the tribesmen she knew from near the eastern edges of the world would love to have a chance at one so young and ready for breeding. She shivered... the few she had ever seen captured loved their innocent meat for their cooking fires. She could remember their mad laughing even as their heads rolled upon the ground, freshly loosed from their strange thing necks.

Rage flowed through her veins like molten steel touching ice, Tala refused to release the hiss from her lips but the anger and rage made her feel alive. The thought of this young thing being taken by some slaver or cannibal tribe for eating or selling made her feel like a mother bear. She couldn't help herself but look around and took a few sniffs of the air scenting it, to make sure they were actually alone and no danger was near. Tala knew deep down inside she wanted to keep this person safe. She felt a bit of attraction for her as well... taking another quick peek brought another pleasing smile to her lips. She was so beautiful. She felt her breath quicken as her mind filled with heated thoughts that were not appropriate. No helping such thoughts... she was splendid to the eye, yet she felt so dishonorable! Peeking on the young woman without her knowing, her eyes filled with a mischievous look she hadn't had since she had been young, and stared at the girl playing in the water a bit longer...

Stepping out and around the corner she boldly walked into the bath. She moved quickly and let the young woman singing hear her as she moved, stomping all the way and allowing her presence to be known clearly before she stepped on the young woman's weapon. Her own still slung over her shoulders. Her free hand found her hip as she struck her intimidating pose and whistled loudly at the young woman before speaking. “Well well well, what do we have here? The door was wide open, I hope you don't mind I just let myself in?” Tala purred loudly with toothy cat like grin spreading widely across her lips as she stared at the naked young woman floating... still singing, completely oblivious to the dangers of the world all around her. Her tail swished wildly as her cat like ears stood straight up.

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Re: Exalted 2nd ED RP: The Kingdom of Sun and Moon[Shimeka&Aikochan]
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Mira was singing peacefully while she swam in the water and floated about enjoying the warmth when she heard noises but she wasn't sure what it was as her ears were under water for that moment. She soon heard a voice speak out to her causing her to raise her head. She took a quick look towards the person that was standing so close to the ledge of water. She eeeked loudly as she wrapped her arms around her chest to hide her body and sat straight up in the water. She so desperately wanted to grab her gore maul in defense. She had no idea who this woman was and how she found her. She shot a look at the woman and blushed deeply all of a sudden. There it was her heart skipped for a minute. Cat ears is what she saw on top of this woman's head. She couldn't believe it and her innocent mind jumped to wanting to touch them. Her eyes showed cuteness for that minute. The woman could see the want in her eyes but she bit her tongue for this. She couldn't just pounce the girl could she? She thought in her mind. She barely managed to speak in a bit of fear that was building since she had no clue what this woman wanted. “Who.. Who... Who are you?” She stammered. Her voice sang like the heavenly bells as she spoke. Her voice sounded so sweet and pure innocence....

She took a moment to quickly scan over the woman's body. Fear really hit her when she saw the grim scythe that was on her back. That definitely told her something. She never seen a person like this. Was she a beastman that people talked about? Or was she one of those fair ones. This made her really scared and didn't know what to do. She moved back in the waters to put a little distance between the two. However her towel was right by the foot of the girl. She pouted in so many emotions. Her necklace was still on her. She never took that off. She looked back to the woman to see what she had to say.

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Tala smiled brightly at the young nubile flower of a woman she had found. She had feelings for this girl and knew her mentor of only a few short weeks had told her about such feelings. This was her Solar mate, and Tala felt she needed to instill a bit of fear of the world for being so careless! That and by the cute sound she made and the sudden look in her eyes at her weapon. Tala couldn't resist rolling her foot on the heavy hammer, taunting her with her cherished item and only defense. “Just someone whom was strolling by and decided to stop in and say hi!” she grinned brightly ogling her Mate's body blatently.

“My name is Tala...” She said rather bluntly “Who are you?” Tala shot back at her with mischievous look... she felt like laughing but didn't, she maintained her hard stare, loving the view she got of her Mate.

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Mira blinked and stared at the woman and shot a look at the foot on her hammer and pouted softly. She actually felt weak for some reason. Well She felt safe when she picked up her hammer. She shot a look at the girl and shook her head. “I am Mira! Radiant Saffron's Daughter. The daughter of golden light.. and you must please.... Tell me.. um.. umm... Why are you here? What do you want from me?” She asks nervously. She whimpered a bit and stared at the woman. She pouted softly and glared a bit. “Are you a fair one?” She asks quickly as she wants to know. She doesn't have her charms with her that tell her if she is. Since they are over in her real robe which is in the bedroom looking place. She cowered a bit in raw fear. She hopes this isn't a fair one.

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“Well Mira, Radiant Saffron's Daughter, I am Tala! Daughter of Crimson.” She shot back at her in a mocking fashion, the same playful look in her eye that never strayed from the younger woman's body. She let her eyes roam a little before looking into Mira's eyes with a toothy grin. “And I must? I must do what, tell you.... why 'must' I do anything Hmm!” Tala said loudly as she slide the weapon elegantly across the floor back the way she came. Lowering herself so she was sitting on her haunches Tala examined the fearful girl... glad she removed the deadly weapon from the environment. She really didn't feel like getting hit with anything that large over her fun...

“What if I was one of those horrible things... Hmm? What would you do then?” Licking her lips and baring her sharp cat like fangs at Mira... “What if I was hungry for souls?” she teased.

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Mira glared as the weapon that got kicked away and glared at the woman and She pout softly. “You are being rude and I do no like it!” Even her shout Sounded cute and wasn't so loud. She pouted and closed her eyes as she let the strands of essence flow through her body as her body light up in a radiant light. She was now glowing brightly like the day she became exalted. She shot a look at her. “I am going to ask you one time my dear fuzzy eared one. Please back down or put your sword away.” She said as her light still glowed.

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“This is what happens my dear little Mira when one is not careful!” She shouted back at Mira. The girl glowed suddenly and her Caste mark burned brightly. Tala smiled at the girl and called her bluff. She knew not much about the Solar Exalted, but she knew about essence and the tiny bit it took one to make their caste mark to glow... “Fuzzy eared one? I have a name! Its Tala! T-A-L-A!” she spelled out her own name as she felt her anger boiling for a moment, who the hell was she to mock her? She wasn't the one whom was caught with her pants down... and everything else for that matter!

“Put my sword away? Had I wished to turn you into little more then a pile of neatly diced meat, I'd have done it already and be on my way...” Tala yelled before closing her eyes and calming herself a bit, taking a few deep breaths and grinning like a naughty kitten again. “Besides little one... its a Scythe!” she said proudly using it to gently pick up Mira's towel and held it to the side of the bathing pool. The location looked to her as the shallowest part and easy to walk of. She moved flicked the handle of her weapon as if inviting Mira out of the pool.

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Mira blinked and sighed heavily as she activated Iron Kettle body but since she is glowing anyway. She stands there waiting her turn. She looked at Tala. “Look I did  not mock you.” Pout she looks down sadly. She seemed hurt but that. She is soo sweet to harm someone like this. She sighs and shakes her head cutely. She looked up at her. “And How can I trust you?” She says simply. She said softly. She pouted a bit more. She was still in fear.

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Tala grinned stretched ear to ear and she chuckled a bit, “Trust me... Do you have a choice little one?” She sung back at Mira, the girl was a bit innocent and naive she supposed. She laughed a bit as she slowly stood and kept the towel within easy reach of the younger girl should she choose to get out of the pool and take it... “Besides the point Mira... had I wanted you dead... you would be dead... and there would be nothing you could have done to stop me...” Tala said with a smirk. “However if you wish to continue this conversation in your present.... Mmmm...” She let her eyes roam the young flawless flesh of the nubile teen in front of her before continuing, “in your current nude position... well I wont complain!” she stated with a wild feral look in her eyes.

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Mira sighed and looked down as she got up and walked over to the edge of the pool to get her towel. She blushed so brightly and wraped a towel around her body. She felt better now that her body was covered by something. She got out of the water and went to pick up her clothes but stopped. "Thank you." she says softly. She is still nervous about this new person however. She looked at her. "Can I get my clothes please?" She asked beautifully and innocent like. She waits for an answer from the girl incase she says no. She used her super kind voice to speak to this girl.

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She was beaming a smile at Mira like she had at no other, skillfully using the flat of her weapon scoop up her cloths she brought them to Mira on the flat of her scythe's blade. “Here you are.” she spoke gently as she watched the younger woman take her cloths. Laying her weapon back across her shoulders and holding the heft of the weapon with both hands Tala grinned brightly as she walked back towards the bath house door. Placing a foot on the largest hammer she had ever seen she slid the weapon to Mira's feet before walking towards the exit. “I'll be just downstairs...When your ready to talk...” Tala stated, taking one last look a Mira in her near naked state with a sly smile. She took her time leaving, as if she didn't have a care in the world. She was satisfied her new little friend was no doubt suffering from a great dose of paranoia, it was wise to always be on guard in these parts as of late.

Moving downstairs Tala made her way back to the door and looked at it, shrugging as she wasn't about to mess with it. She had no idea how the damn thing was shut, but she wasn't about to be taught the same lesson she had delivered upon her newly found mate. Sitting on her haunches she listened and hearing nothing unusual she made sure she kept one ear towards the door and the other behind her... looking back from time to time wondering if Mira's paranoia would keep her hidden upstairs forever. Guarding the open door was something that needed to be done she sighed, then clearing the entire temple to make sure nothing else had decided to make this place its home. Well anything large enough to make a decent meal of that is. She'd wait till either her little new friend came down or it got dark, at which point she be forced to sniff her out, and drag her down here if that's what it took to get her to close the damn doors! She so wanted to take a bath and not be worried of some beautiful and sexy warrior woman disturbing her... 

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Mira blinked a few times at the woman wondering why in the world was she being nice to her. She is a demon. A demon that would use herself to do things unrepairable. She shook her head and sighed. She was supposed to be a priestess that was to take over her mother's temple. However now things were different. She stood there for a few moments wondering still why this woman didn't kill her. She took the clothes after drying off and slipped the gossamer like clothes around her and tied the ribbon tight. The robe dress really did nothing to really hide her body only certain parts of her more delicate areas were hidden really. After finishing getting dressed she picked up a bottle of perfume that matched the flowers she found and the soap scents. She sprayed some of it on all over her  body and got out a brush and brushed out her long beautiful flowing long purple hair. It felt silkier and softer than it did at any point in her life. She loved the way it felt against her skin. She sighed contently before tip toeing out the door. This took her a good amount of time to get herself finished. She even put on some makeup that she found which only made her prettier and cuter.

Her walk was silent even with a giant hammer on her back. She just walked that delicately that her steps could not be heard unless one listened really close. She walked slow and delicately, she swayed her hips femininely while walking. It was not that she was trying to be stealth like at all she wasn't. She was raised to walk like this. She had to act and be a certain way for the priesthood. She nervously went up to where the woman was by the door of the temple. She walked into the room looking at the woman. She was still damp and her hair was still very wet. She looked really good now with her make up and her scent was intoxicating to this woman with its unique natural scent, and the scent of the unique flowers she had on her. She stared at the woman before saying simply. “Why are you being nice to me?” She asked before walking over to the open door and started to examine it. “I have not been able to close this door yet.. But still... Why? Why are you being kind? I am an evil anathema, I will steal your soul soon once this possessed demon takes mine. I do not know how much longer I have to live..” She had no idea that this was not true, it was all the stories she was told and what everyone else really knows as well. She was still glowing for a moment and when she got close to the door again like she did the first time the door shut and a strange air could be felt as if the air was circulating and pumping in fresh air cool air and pumping out old dirty air. This confused her and made her look around in confusion. “Umm.. What is that? And why does this door only open and close when I am glowing.”

She shrugged to herself and looked back to the woman with cat ears. She kept her view from seeing the ears on her head for now. She wants to hear what this woman has to say about the words and questions she spoke. She was really afraid now and took a few steps back incase she got attacked. Her glowing was on its way to stopping and one could see it fading quickly and now her make up was easily seen. She had lipstick, eye shadow, blush, mascara like stuff and liner that blended into her very well. Her blush, shadow and lips stood out in pinks and a blue color for the shadow... She did not know what some of the things were but she found them here and some reason knew how to put it all on. It really did make her cute. Even if she was paranoid to the deep hells of morphious and back.

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Tala waited and waited... the sun was still decently high in the sky before her, she figured it was still late afternoon. The day would soon be changing into night and Tala wanted to get this place secured and get some hunting done before nightfall. She heard the teen girls approach and looked over her shoulder as she squatted, standing slowly as the light footed girl grew near. Noticing she was carrying her hammer with her, Tala grinned brightly at her as she turned to face the younger woman. She studied the girl's cloths and noticed their unique quality of showing off just enough to get her blood running hot, yet didn't reveal the pieces of her body she would most certainty would like to see again. Listening to her questions she responded in kind.

“Why am I being nice... would you rather I wasn't?” Tala replied with her mischievous cat like toothy grin. Tala stepped aside to allow Mira room to get to the door. “We can talk about mumbo-jumbo after those damn doors are shut...” she snickered at the idea of being called a demon. Oh Tala had been called a demon plague by guild slavers and vicious men of the west. She just knew her exaltation wasn't a curse! However she grinned and sighed heavily as her little glowing Mira neared the door and it quickly shut tight. She felt less on edge knowing at least now they were some what safe from any straggler just wandering on in and catching them off guard.

“OK now that them damn doors are closed lets take a walk and talk... or are you positive this place safe? I really don't want to get comfy in the bath and have someone with a rather large weapon catching me off guard...” Tala jested and smirked brightly at Mira. “They might not be as nice as I am.” She added as she moved more towards the center of large entrance area before waiting to hear Mira's response.

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Mira looked around and hmmed softly. Her glowing body faded and returned to its normal state. She sighed a bit shaking her head. She spoke softly and to Tala. “This place is safer than any place I have ever been. These walls are thicker than a castle's and that door will not budge for anyone apparently then me.” She says softly. “I did check out to see if anything was living in here.. All I found were rats and mice at the most. I did not look  further down but this place was not opened at all.. I found these clothes and weapon here so someone would of stole the weapon and my necklace at least.” She said softly. She eeped when she noticed Tala's look at her body. She blushed and covered her chest with her arms blushing so deeply. She is not real used to clothes like these but her normal robes were not much better at all. The Head Priestess loved keeping Mira in such clothes to keep men drooling over her and wanting her. She was the envy of the priesthood. She was definitively the goddess's pride.

She looked down for a moment or two before returning her look to Tala. “Where are we going?” She asked as she started to walk delicately her hips swayed elegantly and her voice was soft and gentle. She looked around as they walked. “I would rather you be nice to me.. No one but my servants were kind to me.” She never got to see her mother much at all, and well her sister framed her. She looked down and sighed. “Why don't you think I am a demon? And what exactly are you?” She asked. She can really talk a lot for a girl. Since someone here is being kind and not trying to kill her. She seems to be a little more open towards this woman. She isn't sure why either. Its just a strange feeling she has. She does not know the true meaning behind this. She thought maybe its... its.. the cat ears and.. and... She stares at the rear of the cat eared woman and finally saw the tail since she really wouldn't look at her before. Seeing the tail and ears she couldn't help herself and tries to pounce the woman from behind and hugs her trying to reach about to grab her tail and rub her ears!

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Tala listened to her Mira and nodded, snickering as she made her cute little noise and then covered herself. Tala licked her lips and beamed her sly smile at the girl, finally noticing she was checking her out. She raised her eyebrows in approval before looking away  and turning to walk about and get a feel for the place. She wanted to explore the large temple and sniff around, she had smelled only small critters but still. She wanted to be sure the temple was safe before she set up shop to stay here. She didn't like her den being unsafe, she never slept right. Tala wasn't a morning person to began with!

“I'm nice to most... unless they give me reason otherwise. Only servants huh... Well I'm no servant nor anyone's slave!” she snapped back... starting to wonder if she was one of the filthy westerners that had come to her tribe and stole away all her friends and family. Taking what little they owned and burning the rest, the memory boiled her blood and made her angry! Tala cursed herself silently, she should be out there reaping her justice with her Scythe!

“We're not demons! We are what we are... Our Patron god and goddess chose us to be the caretakers of Creation, and to use our powers however we so please. Nothing more, nothing less.” Tala stopped after they had traveled deeper into the first level of the temple. The massive galley like kitchen looked large enough to fit her entire village. She could only wondered how much food the ancients ate! The many rooms just dedicated to the preparation and storage of food was amazing. She poked around and sniffed the air smelling nothing here to actually eat. Smiling as she chuckled to herself. Guess she was going hunting today yet after all.

“I am a Lunar and Chosen by the Moon Goddess Luna, we have our traits as your eyes tell me you've noticed. I could make them go away and look I once did, but I feel no reason to hide what I am... From anyone!” She hissed like a cat that was not amused. Tala was about to peek into a side room when she felt Mira pulling on her tail!

“Owweeee What the heck!” Tala shouted as her felt her tailed being tugged at suddenly... she jumped up onto a counter top and stared Mira with eyes flashing anger mixed with confusion as she tried to figure out why the hell she had just did that... “What was that for!”

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Mira sighed as she heard Tala getting mad over Tala saying she wasn't a slave. She sighed heavily and looked down a bit hurt from it. She didn't say anything as she never said that Tala was a slave. The girl looked really sad. “I.. I... I hate slaves... My servants were ones dedicated to the temple and were assigned to me. However.. I never knew life without.” She said honestly. She shook her head not wanting to think of the slavers and the bandits that hurt so many of the people she wanted to help.

She tugged on the tail before she was able to touch the ears she wanted to touch so badly. She could help it. She loves cats so much and never got to have one either. She huhed when Tala pulled away quickly and jumped on one of the tables. Mira just stood there in raw shock not understanding that it really did hurt Tala. She ummed softly and stood there looking down. “I am sorry.. I didn't think it would hurt!” She looked up with the cutest and most innocent face Tala has ever seen. She was so cute and childish like looking right now. She was down right adorable. So sweet and innocent looking. Mira stumbled on her words making cute like squeels and an eep. “I Umm.. umm... I just.. I just wanted to pet you!.......” She paused for a little bit before she spoke up again “You are a cat right? I mean.. is it wrong to not like being pet? I.. I don't understand!” She sniffles sadly as she suddenly looks like she is just going to cry like a little girl that just had her first kitten being taken away. She pouts so cutely it was sickening. She is just too innocent, sweet, and kind for her own good...

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“Of course it hurts! It's attached to me isn't it?! Whats wrong with you!?” She shrieked keeping her tail closely tucked close to her body so as to prevent it from being yanked or pulled on by Mira. Tala had been startled and she wasn't used to that at all... Most people she had met ran away as fast as they could at the sight of her GrimScythe. Most six foot, four inch tall tattooed warrior woman wielding a Scythe  that was easily 3 times the size of a normal one was usually enough. Her eyes were slits and her ears fall back close to her head as her irritation grew. Not letting her tail swish around free was some what annoying but having it yanked on was even worse!

The girl stared back at her and started talking about petting her like she was so kind of animal and Tala pointing her massive weapon  at Mira to put emphasis behind her words, “I am no animal nor anyone's 'Pet'!” She hissed threateningly, “Woe to the fool that ever thinks they can force me to act like one!” she spat feeling insulted as she hopped down off the counter and continued on her search. Keeping a closer eye on her tail and Mira before she had some other part of her body yanked painfully on... Looking at her from time to time to make sure she yank on her ears next!

Mira looked like she was going to cry and though she didn't want to see the young woman cry, she wasn't about to do anything about it either. Tala was the one with the aching rear appendage, “Cry if you want... I don't care...” she said flatly. She didn't, the world was too dark and grim for her to be worried about some sixteen year old girl crying because someone got mad at them for yanking on someone's tail. Tala walked out the back an found the area lead to what she could only figure was a servant quarters, the many beds still perfectly preserved in their entirety. Walking though a few more areas they finally entered a long hall that exited to an area that looked like it had once been some kind of garden though the strangest one she had ever seen.

The area was secured by a two story wall and ran around the enclosed area. A large pool of water still flowed like a stream from a miniature waterfall. The far side was overrun with large thick trees that looked like it didn't belong though it lead to a glorious door way that Tala assumed was the entrance for  the Exalted that once lived here. Walking out into the fading light she made note that there was a way into the manse, noting they needed to secure that entrance but first things first. Tala scented the air and took in the many scents before turning to Mira, assuming she had followed her, and spoke. “We'll need to secure that door before night fall. I'd rather not have any uninvited guests... lets see what we have here all...” she spoke plainly before walking towards the miniature woods that had obviously not been planned. The thick area of bushes and cherry trees might have fooled many, but she knew better. The plants and trees had grown out of the prearranged plan of the Gardner, the mixture of strange plants in the scene was almost alien to her.

Walking into the shade of the trees she boldly started searching the area to make sure nothing had decided to make this their new home. Smelling deeply of the many wilder scents Tala couldn't help but feel her frustration of a moment ago fading rabidly away. This was more her style and it was pretty to boot! “I think after we seal up the back door, this place should be secure and safe... time to start discussing dinner...” she said with a smack of her lips. She was getting hungry and wanted to eat already! Tala just couldn't resist the urge to see what this one last place ever since she viewed it from afar. The blanket of cherry blossoms that lay covering the ground had enticed her to see it more closely, and the fine scents of wild flowers mixed with the cherry blossoms was wild and untamed. “What you have to eat around this place, or am I going hunting quick to pick something up?” Tala said casually as if hunting was no harder then walking to the nearest inn and requesting a meal.

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Mira honestly did want to cry. The last thin she ever wanted to do was to possibly hurt her first real friend. She huhed when she heard the shout of 'whats the matter with you' she did start crying after that. She didn't think anything was wrong with her. “I just wanted to pet those ears and tail..” She said rather sweetly. She was confused why this woman didn't cater to her tears. She was confused. She saw people all around the temple cater to others that cried. She even catered to others. She was not allowed to cry in front of people in the temple. She had to be strong emotionally, she had to far more mature than anyone else. She was, she just has these moments where she isn't. She is still confused on the matters of being some demon monster. She is beginning to think that this Lunar person could possibly be right however. She has to take time and think on this first. She soon quickly spoke up. “If I promise never to pull again can I still touch them?” She doesn't know why she is so obsessed with the cat woman. She found her to be so beautiful even with those features. She loved them more than anything. She was so attracted to this woman but how and why she was unsure. She didn't quite understand it. She was new to these feelings. She never felt this way towards anyone. She passed it off as it has to be the cat ears and tail. She did not know what love was in the sense other than family love.. So Love to her is different.

She did follow the woman through the building. She was done crying too. The amazement of the building. She stared at the new area that saw. The forested like area was amazing to her eyes just as much it amazed Tala. She smiled and wowed softly in a soft voice. She scanned around. She felt suddenly at ease here. Something to this place felt familiar to her. She knows she never seen it before ever in her life so why does this place feel so familiar? She did not understand. She hmmed softly and looked towards the back door and walked towards it to see if there was a door that she could close here with her banner glowing. She closed her eyes and let the flow of essence flow through her and brought fourth her ability to glow to see if she could close the door to test it.

She thought to herself for a little looking towards tala as she sat by the door sitting down on the floor. “If I could have those ears and tail, I would be happy.” She said softly sliding her hands down her legs and pulls them up to her chest and leaned against the wall. She wanted a break from all this walking and exploring. This place was very relaxing for her. “Its beautiful... This place.. Its just so beautiful.. Food? Oh Umm... We have rats.” She sighed and looked down at the ground. She hated that answer and really didn't want to eat that. She liked really good food. She was sorta a spoiled thing. She stared at the ground not wanting to see the reaction of Tala's face with everything she said. She was sorta afraid of what Tala would have to say or her getting mad with how quick she gets mad. She doesn't want to push her buttons again. She wasn't afraid of the scythe, or of her but the anger does scare her a bit. She was alone in here with this being she really doesn't know. With confused feelings and emotions that are still swirling in her head. She is still adjusting to all this. “Wait... How did you find me anyway?” She said all of a sudden looking up at Tala now with curiosity.

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Tala had ignored her comment earlier as to touching her ears... she flashed a viscous smile back at Mira as the naughty thoughts floated through her head. “I'll let you pet my kitty if you let me pet yours...” She said seductively as her tongue licked her lips. Her perverted grin spanning ear to ear as they walked in the mostly cherry tree forest. Noticing her small Mate tiring, Tala leaned against a tree and smiled as she heard she liked her features... but sort of shrugged her want for ears and a tail. She wasn't really sure what to say to that.

“Yes this place is very nice I think... but food yes that concerns me much more at the moment... my eyes have had their fill of the scenery now my tummy wishes to be filled with something red and delicious. Cooked to perrrfection over a nice camp fire.” She purred softly as she spoke, Tala's mind was now on food and little else at the moment.

“RATS!” she shouted and spun around looking at the young woman, half in amazement and disapproval! “No way, not eating rats! I'll go hunt us something up... ummm you think you can start a camp fire and not burn down the entire forest in the process hmmm, please don't lie and burn everything to the ground if you cant... but if you can it be nice, so I can head out for us some dinner!”  Tala spoke with a grin.

“How I find you?” She pointed to her nose, “with this... just sniffed you out!” She lied with a smile...

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Mira looked at Tala again closely and hmmed softly. She looked excited for a minute when she heard about being able to pet her kitty untill she heard her speak and say if she could pet hers. She huhed and looked around to see if there was a cat around her and knew there was no cat there either. She looked back up to Tala in confusion. "What are you talking about? I don't have a cat." She has no understanding what Tala really meant at all.

She shrugged a bit. "I suppose I could make a fire, I did make a small one." She shrugs again and nods a bit. "Yes I am really hungry too and I really don't want to eat rats anymore." She pouts. She stood up and opened the back door again. "I will leave door open for you to get back in but only this door." That is an obvious reason to leave the back door open as its the most concealed entrance out of the two. She slowly stood up and Tala once again was able to see her body again.

She walked around and started collecting wood, twigs, and those things that are needed to make a fire. She isn't very good at it but she did find a strange little device that helps create a flame in the kitchen. Its a simple little device. She pouted as she hated lifting up the heavier pieces of wood. She really wasn't very strong compared to a lot of people out there. She also wasn't used to doing tasks like this. She worked on the camp fire while Tala got ready to go out or just went out. "Hurry Back!" she said in a cheerfully sweet voice to Tala when she goes out.

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Tala ignored her perverse talk in favor of hearing what she had to say about getting the place set up so they could themselves some dinner. Tala was practically drooling and wanted to fill her belly so she could bath and relax tonight in that wonderful bath house place inside the large temple. She had never seen anything like it before and just the idea of being able to relax in warm waters was making her jittery.

“Oh I won't be leaving that way...” Tala commented as Mira talked about the door, “I have an easier way of getting around then you do.” She said quickly. Smiling as she walked into the middle of the open area she looked over her shoulder and spoke back at Mira... “I'll be back as soon as I can...” Tala spoke back to Mira.

The essence tiny drop of essence dripped into Tala's form as she spread her arms wide... the change was quick and rapid. The shape-shifting ability inherit to all Lunars activating and answering her call. Tala felt the white feathers flow over her rippling form, the scythe and her cloths melting like ice into her form as it would into water. Her arms became great 14 foot wide wings, her feet became deadly sharp talons and her mouth shifted into a powerful beak. She flapped her wings twice before taking off and into the air. The massive owl known as a strix flew out of the garden and into the sky. Though it was day she knew it would be much easier for her to find something  for the two of them to feast on...

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Mira blinked as Tala turned into some ind of bird and flew away. She was confused by that but shrugs it off. Mira was too busy keeping the fire ready. She changed wood and managed it as much as possible. She sat down and thought about all the things that were going on in her life and wanted to some time to settle her mind down period. So this is what she is doing the whole trip.

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Tala had flown away and not long after had spotted a wonderful tasty meal! She knew it would take some fighting but thought that a large Wild boar would feed them for a few days. She winged left then right as she fell down upon her prey. Tala screeched her war cry as she was about to snatch the tasty meal from the small mud puddle it had decided to rest in. I have you now, Tala shouted in her mind!

She missed... she missed? Her high speed maneuver left her no time to pull up as she splashed down hard into the muddy waters... the large Boar oinking its laugh as it ran off back into forest. Tala pooped out of the muddy pool, covered in mud. Shaking as much of it off as she could, she needed dinner and a bath so much more now. Darn it! She thought angry at herself for missing a wonderful meal. A few moments later she was clean enough to take flight... She wasn't usually into poaching, but she had spotted a small tribe of people walking over the hills not far back... quickly as she could she took back off and winged back around. Tala didn't want to do this but she wasn't having much luck hunting.

Tala grudgingly decided that eating was better then not eating and swallowed her pride, flying off with a sheep that had strayed a bit further away. She was heading back with her catch in talon, stopping along the way to skin and clean the animal out here in the wilds. She didn't want her little Mate to freak out... Tala the strix ate up the innards that she knew would disgust her mate Mira. Tala wasn't about to leave good eating go to waste. She was off quickly as the hour was growing late, she was still hungry but stopped by a stream to wash herself off a bit... she wasn't really in the mood to explain why she was so dirty and just thinking about the embarrassing hunting incident was just making her head hurt. She didn't bath as much as she splash in the water and winged her way back.

Changing back to normal and seeing the fire ready for food, she quickly set up the sheep for roasting. Making sure to cut a few slabs of meat and slicing them thinly. She wanted the sheep to roast slowly and this way they'd still get their meal.

“Miss me?” Tala stated as she sat back and enjoyed the little campsite and the fresh smells of roasting sheep. She didn't say anything about the fact she was still... filthy.