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Started by Narcissa, June 21, 2011, 10:11:49 PM

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So this is a new post with some old and some new ideas.

Late 1800s- southern plantation setting.  A girl around 19 is the plantation owners daughter who is mostly kept from everyone but family as they're very protective of her.  She meets a man one night at a midsummers ball who happens to be a vampire, and though he meets her to feed his hunger, she meets his hunger with her fierce passion and heart.  (feel a little corny here but doesn't every girl have a big hooped dress/southern belle/vampire fantasy:P ) Seeking a player to be the vampire yay! Though other ideas in this general idea would be welcome as well!

Property- A girl stolen from home on her eighteenth birthday is immediately sold on (not any warped crazy slave market. more like  underlying the world just as if maybe Harry potter does, things are ran there as any else normal life nothing extreme (in a sensible way)  really or crazy but their own little s/M world. maybe in the sense (not up tightness) of the sleeping beauty novels as its just a part of life though id rather have the owners much more selfish and keep their owned to themselves, though can be openminded on this and will take any suggestions ).  Things go from there..hopefully this one will take a while to end.  I like to walk down the "winding road" of a story and see where it simply takes you rather than define it fully.  Looking for a player for the Master or even perhaps Mistress. as I will happily fill the stolen girl role :) Hopefully the one who fills the Master/Mistress role will be..creative

Adventure D&D style-  One on one on a quest with a couple fictional characters at our sides.  Dice will be rolled at the appropriate times.  I could GM or the other could.  This is something I may put in a group place but just want to get the feel for it to start with.  This would have a lot more light sexual themes and more roleplaying.  I'm flexible to all my ideas and hearing others as well.  It'd preferably be set in a fantasy-medieval setting. 

I'm very flexible and interested in other ideas and takes.  It's more a matter of just jumping in.  I also don't seek heavy sexual roleplaying.  I think it has it's place but I'm here more for the fun of roleplaying- for the most part. 

Book related:  The Dresden files by Jim Butcher
      or               The hollows series by Kim Harrison (I love urban fantasy. The hollows series would be fun!)

Something set in the story lines of these two series I'd be very interested in.  It doesn't have to deal with playing the specific characters, but within their world.  Though I could really go either way on that. 

I generally will only play a female because I really don't have experience in playing a male.  I will attempt it, but know that it's not going to have me at my best.  I also tend to lean towards submissive roles.  I don't mind putting on my Domme hat but again, hello new world.  I enjoy cat and mouse sort of scenarios also.

More to be added here soon, I just wanted to get this out there :)
Narcissa, like-
I have a mirror fetish.


Updated minor details and haven't been around for the past year.  Hope this makes posting that I updated alright!
Narcissa, like-
I have a mirror fetish.