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Author Topic: Cyllan's First Dip [F/F, M/F, Dom/Sub]  (Read 879 times)

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Cyllan's First Dip [F/F, M/F, Dom/Sub]
« on: June 20, 2011, 05:17:24 PM »
Available Story Ideas

None available at the moment.

Taken Story Ideas

To Be Brought So Low (F/M, D/S, N-C, Fantasy)

One haughty young princess of great beauty, and the arrogance to match. She is the only surviving child of the once mighty King Jarvid II of Rarcland, but he is now old and of ill health. Powerful suitors swoon at her feet, besotted by her beauty and the prospect of sitting upon the throne.

Audacious and mighty barbarian or warlord prepared to kidnap and ravish aforementioned princess of great haughtiness. Motivation for the kidnap and ravishment of aforementioned princess are yet to be determined, but should include barely controllable masculine lust for the princess and the urge to dominate a beautiful woman and have her do his bidding. Bearers of personal grudges against the princess or her father, the King, are optional, but welcome. The ruthless candidate needs to be prepared to deal firmly with a manipulative, arrogant and self-centred young woman who has lived a life of ease and luxury and is used to getting her own way. Displays of petulance and temper have always been met with subservience and apologies. The successful candidate will be man of great physical stature, unshakable self-confidence and an indomitable will. Wickedness and malice are only optional, but a strong belief that might makes right and the strong take what they want from the weak is necessary.

I think it is pretty self-explanatory what I am looking for ;-). I would love for the story to develop and there be genuine affection between the two once my character's new status is affirmed. If her father was to die perhaps a really ambitious kidnapper might decide to return to Rarcland and place her on the throne as a puppet ruler.

PM me if you are interested in taking on the role and teaching the haughty princess the pleasures of being a subservient sex-slave.

Self-Discovery (F/F, D/S, Romance, Contempory) - Female writing partner preferred

I have a story idea that requires a submissive female character opposite my novice dominant society wife. It's a simple story of two women exploring and discovering their true natures as a domme and a submissive. I hope to find a writing partner who would enjoy writing a slow moving and emotional story that challenges both characters. This is a story I am very keen to write.

To Diana Fraser's husband she was almost the perfect wife. Younger than his first wife, beautiful, intelligent, charming, an exquisite hostess who ensured the house was immaculate and that his domestic needs were met with perfection. Her only flaw was that she displayed little interest in sex, but that was more than made up with how accomodating and understanding she was regarding his long work hours and frequent out of town trips. It left him with ample time to enjoy the delights his more than willing secretary offered him. The truth was that Diana knew all about the secretary and found it a convenient distraction to ensure she could live her own life. For Diana had little interest in sating her husband's carnal needs as she had own tastes and desires that were diametrically opposite.

Diana Fraser found herself thinking constantly of the young women she tutored and mentored as part of the charity she had started. Charities was something that young wives of society got involved in, but Diana's work was becomeing more than an obligation. The charity was established to provide education and career mentoring for women at university. Successful women in all walks of life would give up their time to mentor and guide these young and impressionable women to help them get a foot on the ladder of career success. Diana had always despised and resented the chauvinism of the old boys network than dominated much of business and political life. This was her effort to help redress the balance. However, Diana found her senses overwhelmed by the beautiful young women she mentored. Everything about them excited her, particularly one young undergaduate in particular. Diana found herself wanting to possess this woman completely, to have the gorgeous creature wait on her with exquisitely trained perfection and to serve her every desire without complaint. It was dark and wicked, but it excited her to almost complete distraction.

In the evenings when her husband was 'working late' and the staff had retired Diana would dress in her Domme outfits she had purchased discretely. She loved the feel of the leather, the high boots, corsets and the whips and riding crops in her hands. Touching herself she would imagine having her protege lovingly kiss her boots with soft and tender lips. It could be perfect she thought if she could just find two things. The courage to carry through with her fantasy and the opportunity to begin with her lovely young protege.

Please PM me if you are interested.

The PA and the New Director

Tiffany arrived early to welcome the new director to the office. She suppressed her nervousness and made sure everything was in order in the Director's office and her own desk looked neat and professional. Tiffany need not have worried as she had left it that way on Friday night and given clear instructions to the cleaning staff, but she was a perfectionist and wanted to make a good impression with her new boss. She had no idea who the director would be, as the entire recruitment process was down swiftly with contractual sensitivities so no announcement had been made. This was the first time she had been the incumbent personal assistant when a new executive joined the organisation. Tiffany knew from other PA's that senior managers preferred to recruit their own staff and she didn't want to be looking for a new job in the current job market.

Satisfied everything was in order Tiffany stopped in the bathroom to check her hair and makeup. Staring back from the mirror at Tiffany was a young lady a only few years out of college. She looked beautiful, professional, demure and confident, but Tiffany knew it was a facade. She was almost overcome with anxiety as a tightness constricted her inside. Only Tiffany's professionalism and preparation saved her as she knew she had done everything she could be put on a good first impression. Taking some deep breathes to calm herself the young PA smoothed down her skirt and blouse. They were demure, but could not hide Tiffany's feminine curves. She sometimes wished she had the confidence to wear more revealing clothes and enjoy the stares of others, but it was not the done thing if you wanted to be taken seriously.

Tiffany smoothed back her dark hair and checked her make up, needing only to touch up her powder and make up. Large brown eyes stared back at her from the mirror and she wondered how her pale face remained so calm. With a final smoothing of her hair she collected herself and made her way down to the lobby to await the arrival of her new boss.

To Tiffany's surprise her new boss turns out to be a woman not much older than herself. Tiffany finds the woman and irresistible mixture of beauty, power and force of personality, but is confused and overwhelmed by the attraction. The new director also takes a fancy to her PA and isn't afraid to use her power to get her way.

I'm looking someone to play Tiffany's new boss in a F-F Dom/Submissive story. Please PM me if you are interested and we can work out the details of the story.

Tiffany Channingford

Lana and the Wizard

The villages and towns of Q'thara appear to be self-governing to outsiders, but those who live there know the truth. It is the wizards of Q'thara that hold the true power in the land, largely ignoring the people from their isolated towers as they scheme and wage magical wars between one another. Very few understand the true nature and extent of their magical wars and rarely see the effects until the demonic creatures of the victor arrive to collect levies from the territories of the loser. The levies are rarely in the form of taxes of gold and grain, but of the young. The sorcerous creatures appear and snatch off the strongest and healthiest youths, carrying them to fates unknown in the foul dungeons of the Wizards' tower. Their are only dark rumours of the fate of those taken in the levies as known return to confirm the details, but it is assumed that most are sacrificed in return for dark powers to aid their wizardly masters in their mystical wars and schemes. Other than the levy the only other interest the Wizards took in the people of Q'thara was to strike down those who became too powerful and sought to rule over more than their local settlement. Any ambitious warlord who might provide the smallest threat were swiftly sent to the deepest pits of hell.

Lana knew all this, but in her youth and arrogance she was unafraid of being taken by their wizard's minions. Everyone told her she was a great beauty and her father was one of the most powerful and wealthy men in the town and doted on his only daughter. At great expense he had given his favourite child a charm that warned her when magical creatures were nearby so she could hide from a fate worse than death. As far as Lana was concerned she had it all and she let everyone know it, flaunting her wealth, beauty and prospects. Only the wealthiest and most handsome man would be permitted to marry her. Anyone who caused her any trouble would have to answer to her father or six older brothers. Confident in her place Lana struts around the town, taunting the young men with her beauty and favours. She has broken hearts and tormented the young men with something they can never have. Lana might act the tease, but she has never let anyone unworthy impinge upon her honour and virtue.

That was all to change after she met the handsome troubadour visiting for the festival. She caught his eye and she enjoyed the attention he then lavished upon her. Lana was too clever to let the handsome charmer and chancer take her virtue and he only discovered too late she had played him. But not before she let slip about her charm and the man had his revenge. The charmer had few real morals, and respect for property was not one of them. He could not steal her heart or her virtue, but he did steal her warded charm. On the final night of the festival Lana danced in her normal carefree manner, stealing the glances and hearts of the most eligible young men and outshining the other maidens, as was her wont and pleasure. She did not even hear the screams of warning before the winged demons swooped swiftly and snatched her from the town square. The wizard's demonic collector's had come for her and she screamed as they carried her off into the night.

Lana is a bit of a spoiled brat, with some hidden depths. I'm looking for someone to play the role of Lana's new master, one of the powerful Wizards of Q'thara. One who might find her of interest if she submits to his desires and appetites. Definitely a Dominant - Submissive storyline.

Please PM me if you are interested and we can work out the details of the story.

Rescue & Revenge (F/F, Fantasy, Romance) - Female writing partner preferred

Amethyst eyes narrowed in anger concealed in the woods as the observer watched the party make their way deeper into the forest. The observer moved with care, patience and inhuman stealth as it shadowed the party, its contempt growing minute by minute. They were all frightened and all bar one ridden with guilt and it was only that single individual that interested the observer.

A sacrifice.

For that is what she was, even if her escort party were not going to wield the blade themselves. The poor girl was still a sacrifice and they all knew it. The observer was sorely tempted to slay all the spineless wretches itself and rescue the innocent, but it stayed its hand. Such an act by itself would surely condemn others to a far worse fate and the observer had seen too many innocents slaughtered by a malevolent evil to be party to that. Instead, the observer waited until the party reached its destination in a clearing deep in the heart of the woods. They chained the girl to the ancient ruins and with many a fearful look behind them, departed like wretched cowards.

Character: Skye (or s'Kythelnara)
Skye is the last of people, the only survivor of the rape and massacre of her tribe and now she hunts the perpetrator. They were the reclusive Wild Elves who lived deep in the heart of what men call the Forest of the Night. Humans thought they were myths or demons to frighten mankind from the Forest of the Night and few of the other elvish peoples had met them. Occassionally they would trade with other elves for things they neede. Otherwise, they kept their tribal lands free of outside influences, hunting intruders down without mercy if they crossed their boundaries.

The Wild Elves were a primitive race compared to other elves and the kingdoms of man, but they were exceptional hunters and gathers, fearsome warriors, believed that the land was alive and had their own magics. It was part of their culture for all elves on the cupse of adulthood to undertake a spirit quest, guided by one of the tribal eldars. This quest usually took the form of fasting and meditating for many days beneath one of the ancient and sacred trees of the tribe where the elf youth communes with the spirits of the forest and learns of their place in the world. Some are guided to other sacred areas in the Wild Elves territory and learn of a special purpose or powers. Once in an aeon when the need of the land is great a youth is chosen to walk the spirit paths of the Tan'ekala, or in human tongue, the Path of the Warrior. They are sent on a long journey to climb the sacred mountain of the Wild Elves. It is a journey of several weeks and the young elf is expected to consume no food and drink no more than one mouthful of water a day. They make the dangerous climb in a state of delirum and then meditate for many days atop the mountain high above the clouds where the air is thin.

Skye was honoured and surprised to told by the eldars that she was to seek her destiny in the test of Tan'ekala. She was already fast and strong for a male elf, let alone a woman. Her mother had been defiled and slain in an orc raid when she was an infant and her father had will himself to death in despair, neglecting his daughter and people. Skye promised herself she would not fail her tribe in the same way. She accepted the scorn of her people and rose above it, always seeking to prove she was need coward, both physically and mentally. Some objected when she was chosen for the test, but her people honoured their traditions and so she sent to climb the sacred peak. She caught the whisper of more than one that she had her father's blood and would fail.

More than once on her quest did Skye think she would die, but fear of failure drove her on. She climbed to the sacred peak and communed with the land, understanding its need was dire. In a great dream vision she saw the destruction of her people, sword and fire brought to them by orcs, black hearted humans and creatures of foul repute. Skye did not appear in any of the dreams as her entire tribe was tortured and slain. She was certain that she was to make the difference as Tan'ekala and save her people and her land. After the dream the spirits of previous Tan'ekala appeared before her and taught her the battle arts and warrior magics of her calling.

Skye did not know how long she dreamed, but she realised it was many days later when she awoke. Driven by hunger and fuelled by pride in achievement Skye descended the mountain and ate her first meal in weeks. She wasted no more time and returned to the home of her people, expecting to be hailed as their saviour. Skye was too late, her ancestral forests were ablaze in fires created by foul magics. All her people were dead and Skye was alone and still weak from her ordeal. She swallowed bitter pride as she realised she could not save her people or her land. It took all of her talent, newfound skills and power to escape the clutches of her foes.

For a long while Skye gave into despair and thought to follow her father. She had failed and her people were dead. Being Tan'ekala meant nothing now and she decided to fall upon the perpetrators and take as many of them with her. It was when awaiting the right moment to attack that she overhead the leaders speaking of the Demonfyre that was used to destroy her people's lands. Nothing would grow until the taint of demonfyre was removed the land and Skye knew her true purpose. It was to save the land to find away to remove the demonfyre taint so life could return. Since then Skye has wandered the wider world seeking to find those responsible for the death of her people and the demonfyre so she could avenge the first and remove the taint of the later.

Skye is now a brooding avenger, grim in personality and purpose. Her exotic eyes are rare even for elves, amethyst in colour and burning with cold fire. She rarely smiles and avoids other people except to discover of any information to aid her purpose or to slay the foul and evil. She is still Tan'ekala, which means she carries the warrior heart of her people. Skye cannot turn aside in the face of evil and will always aid those who are threatened by it and cannot protect themselves.

Character Image: Please click Spoiler below
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


I'm looking for a roleplay partner (female preferred) to play the role of the Sacrifice (damsel in distress) opposite Skye (see spoiler above). The innocent young woman is being sacrifced to some foul beast in the forest to save her town, in accordance with the normal fantasy story protocols :-). Skye rescues her and they face the beast (dragon, demon or something else we can determine) together. Afterwards a romance develops between the pair and the young woman joins Skye in her quest, softening her grim countenance with love.

This is meant to be an emotional story about their budding relationship between two very different personalities and outlooks with some fun magic and action scenes as well. The obstacles would be both self-inflicted and externally created. I can see Skye preparing to abandon her lover in a safe settlement to protect her from the dangers of her quest and the emotional response to that suggestion :)

Please PM me if you are interested and include a few details about the character you would like to play.
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Re: Cyllan's First Dip [F/F, M/F, Dom/Sub]
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2011, 10:29:37 PM »
Read your one/one requests, both sound lovely and I would be quite intrigued to play either of them with you.

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Re: Cyllan's First Dip [F/F, M/F, Dom/Sub]
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2011, 02:36:33 PM »
I have added a new story request:

Self-Discovery (F/F, D/S, Romance, Contempory) - Female writing partner preferred

Still looking for a writing partner for:

Rescue & Revenge (F/F, Fantasy, Romance) - Female writing partner preferred

Cyllan :-)

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Re: Cyllan's First Dip [F/F, M/F, Dom/Sub]
« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2011, 05:59:22 PM »
I have added a new story request:

To Be Brought So Low (F/M, D/S, N-C, Fantasy)

Still looking for a writing partner for:

Self-Discovery (F/F, D/S, Romance, Contempory) - Female writing partner preferred

Cyllan :-)