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Started by Angel Fire, June 19, 2011, 10:08:05 PM

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Angel Fire

Seeing an episode of an American Spy series (Covert Affairs on the USA Network) and seeing a lot of James Bond movies, I have been intrigued by the activities of the spy business.  I would love to adapt this to where there can be action, intrigue, deception.  The twist to all of this is that my spy character is a lesbian so just like James Bond, she will be cunning, manipulative but most of all, very romantic and treat her women with respect and dignity. 

Though "Jane" will forget about her loves after her missions, there is one woman that "Jane" will stick by for all eternity in her normal life and be her one and true love. She would be (Your girl)

Our couple had been through some rocky times, especially when "Jane" has to go away on her missions...but what if while "Jane" is away to parts unknown, "Jane'"s lover gets found out by the CIA (or the British Secret Service or any other spy ring) to be the lover of "Jane" Bond? 

How could the couple hide their relationship and how could "Jane's" lover convince "Jane" to escape from the spy business if that is what her lover wishes?

Or what if "Jane's" Lover has another agenda or is a spy herself?

So many possibilities!  I would love to hear your ideas!
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