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Author Topic: Bang Bang Girls With Bronze:  (Read 1911 times)

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Offline JDrew SpiderTopic starter

Bang Bang Girls With Bronze:
« on: June 19, 2011, 04:52:46 PM »
Welcome! JD Spider Here and boy do I have a treat for you (male) roleplayers.

The following will be narrated additions of my girls with bronze series. A compilation of plots  surrounding a protagonist femme fatale.
What is girls with bronze? Just a very catchy title for the series I created out my own head. Before beginning I'll tell you more of what I'm looking for.

Dominant switch Males- Always a plus for several. Most atagonists in the stories will be men of power who have greatly wrong my characters. They are the goal and without them there is no story.

Machines/Toys- I thought it would be interesting to see what a woman and a machine can do together.  Machines are like toys to me and the use of both will be employed.

Eras- The stories can take place in any era. I think eras help molde the character and the setting. I don't have a favorite era but I do like ancient to futuristic settings.

Sex- Yes of course sex can be center of a plot, the goal or the end. I like to get creative with the idea of sex and  I do like rough sex, intimate, foreplay, Non=con and groups sex. Nothing filthy allowed of course.

Romance- I welcome Romance of course. No problem there.

Interracial- Let's increase our black and white relations shall we?? I can multiple backgrounds and While I don't expect my partner to do the same it's welcomed.

Inter-species- Futuristic settings will be full of this. Ever made love to an alien? Me either so let's see how it goes. Other species include furries, anthros and fantasy characters. You can even make up your own. I don't care as long as you're creative.

Beauty and Beastie- I love situations where beautiful women will have sex with or fall inlove with monsters, deformed men, beasts, psychopaths and things like. Makes for a very interesting story. Let's explore.

Pregnancy/Impregnantion- I actually don't mind it at all. It's interesting  with plot.


Series of stories where prohibited sex takes place.
I'll be posting plots  from time to time here...


He could give her anything she wanted, anything in the world. She knew that on the day of her eighteenth birthday she would be taken away from home like the others. Taking up to the mountain that her village sat at the base of. Young women didn't come back when they were taken up the mountain. She knew she wouldn't either. There was a god who lived on the top of the mountain who had asked for her, wanted her and had been watching her since the day she was born. She was this years sacrifice, but what would she be sacrificing? She didn't know but one thing that echoed in her head was...can a god die?

Desert Emperor
The world was covered in endless sand. The only civilizations that remained were nestled  near great bodies of water called Oasis.  Many tribes had died out  or became nomadic, traveling from place to place only to be robbed by a gang of sand thieves lead by the legendary Desert Emperor. A young womans tribe  had been left completely robbed and beaten, with theives dissappearing among the sands. She was the only survivor of the attack and with small supplies she trudges across the sea of sands. Death biting at her heels, but she won't stop till she finds him. The Desert Emperor.

Cosmic Nurse
In this stellar adventure there is a breed of woman distinctly for just that. To breed. Cosmic nurses are revered and well respected for their duty. What do they do? Why with the help of their always male android companion they go around collecting semen from various species of aliens around the galaxy. How does she collect them? She has sex with them.

Demon Love

One girl hated her life, she hated her family, school and her job. So what does she do? She heads to the library and check out a book on spell casting. Not knowing what she actually checked out was spell book she took it home for a read. Out of curiosity she performs a ritual in which she summons a demon and not just any demon. The High Roller himself. He's the most beautiful man she'd ever seen. He promises her that life will get better, all she has to do is open up her legs and say yes. She tells him no so he drags her to hell and keeps here there, using everything in his power to get her to say yes. Surprisingly hell isn't what she imagined at all. There are casinos and playboy mansions, but the Prince of darkness himself stays in a very beautiful manor with everything she could possibly desire.

Change Me
Women are rarity in this world ruled by machines. The male population has been reduced to 25% and the remaining consists of A.I. With the dwindling human populous the men and machine join in union, a blending of the species. One organic the other inorganic it is through this that man can live forever and machine will never be outsourced. Until a woman is found.

I'm a big fan of Luis Royo art so I will be posting some plot pics as well.

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