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Author Topic: USS McNair Accepting Officers - ST:TNG Themed Group Role Play  (Read 1032 times)

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Offline HockeyGodTopic starter

-=/\=-Recruitment Open-=/\=-

The USS McNair, a TNG-based ST RP has open positions on the senior staff as well as junior officer and crewman positions.

Senior Officers:
Chief Tactical Officer

Junior Officers:

For more information visit

Or contact alxnjsh
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Offline Angel Fire

Re: USS McNair Accepting Officers - ST:TNG Themed Group Role Play
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2011, 02:49:44 PM »
Hi!  As I may have mentioned in another thread, I would like to take the Counselor position.  As soon as I find the character sheet for her, I will PM that to you, alxnjsh *Smiles*

Offline 1SAZ

Re: USS McNair Accepting Officers - ST:TNG Themed Group Role Play
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2011, 06:31:18 PM »
Full Name: Issac Dorrian
Current assignment: Chief Tactical Officer on the McNair
Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 32
Gender Identity: Male
Species: Human
Marital status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Children: None

Professional Assessment: Issac has been noted to be a compliant starfleet officer since his time in the academy, with a particular skillset in zero-g combat maneuvers and security protocol. He is a prime candidate for promotion to lieutenant commander, though the reason for this is also what keeps him at the rank of lieutenant. Issac is opinionated and not afraid to question an order given by a commanding officer if he believes that it isn't the best course of action or has the chance of causing an outcome that would be more problematic than his own idea. That doesn't mean he won't follow orders however, it means that he can just be a pain in the arse to work with at times. I am recommending him for the McNair in an attempt to humble him a bit, but also to offer his skills and opinions to the commanding officer.
-Report of Captain Conrad Smith, Starfleet Command

Psychological Profile: Issac would be classified as a cheerful personality with what I would consider a decent, if sarcastic at times, sense of humor. He has a way of taking even the worst situations and finding some way of making it more bearable, which can be kind of endearing if it was always the best course of action. It seems he gained this personality trait while serving on the USS Victoria when the ship was caught off guard by a boarding party, killing almost half of the crew. He has been dealing with it for the years sense, but it will most likely take more time with a skilled counselor before he truly gets over the past in order to move fully into the future. I recommend at least weekly visits to the ships counselor, if not more when possible.
-Report by Counselor Angela Dickers, Starfleet Counseling

Medical File: Lieutenant Dorrian is a physically fit human male of his age who engages in regular exorcise and eats at least fairly well. His vision is subpar, though he has disagreed to undergo corrective surgery for it. Instead, he chooses to wear corrective lenses. I have noticed a few odd markings on his torso that look to be healed scars from a traumatic explosion which were most likely mended nearly an hour after the wounds were sustained. Other notable markings are a tattoo on his left deltoideus region of a Star Fleet starship in flight surrounded by a circle of stars. It has been noted that, while appearing equally fit to a man his age, he has been noted to run faster and lift greater weight than most. It is believed that his body turns out slightly more adrenalin during activity than the human norm, though it has yet to be proven. We ask that he be given twice monthly medical check ups if possible, though the standard one will suffice should the chief medical officer feel that would be satisfactory.
-Report by Dr. Xriston, Starfleet Medical

Notes: Issac's linage is a mystery to Star Fleet. An ancestor in the line was another species that had denser muscle mass than humans, which caused all subsequent generations to retain that trait.
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Offline Angel Fire

Re: USS McNair Accepting Officers - ST:TNG Themed Group Role Play
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2011, 07:08:37 PM »
Character Name: Jeela Lurae (true Bajoran form)
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Female
Role: Chief Counselor
Age: 28
Marital status: Single
Sexual orientation: Lesbian
Children: None

Professional Assessment: Report of Captain Conrad Smith, Starfleet Command
Lieutenant Jeela has been a very valuable asset to Starfleet Command, especially in bridging the gap between the Bajoran and Cardassian races.  She has not let her personal issues about Cardassians affect her work.  She has treated everyone with respect and listens to her patients with an open mind.  If I were on a front line ship, I would want Lt. Jeela to serve under my command at any time and any where.

Psychological Profile: Report by Counselor Angela Dickers, Starfleet Counseling
Speaking with Lt. Jeela, I find that she is a woman that is very intuitive and willing to listen and assess situations around her.  She takes her time to find the right solution and is not hesitant to offer advise when she feels that it is warranted.  With all of the good qualities that Lt. Jeela has, l feel that she still has some bad feelings about Cardassians and talking with her about them, I can sense that she wants to deflect the subject.  I have a very bad feeling that something tragic had happened to her in the past and the Cardassians could have played a very vital role in that event.  She will not talk about Cardassians, no matter how persuasive I was.  When I had tried to ask her about boyfriends, she deviated from that subject and only wanted to talk about her girlfriend back on Earth.  She told me that she wished that her girlfriend would join her and that she is trying to pull all of the strings that she could to get her to join Lt. Jeela on her next assignment.

Medical File: Report by Dr. Xriston, Starfleet Medical
Lt. Jeela Lurae, twenty eight year old Bajoran Female.  Lt. Jeela is healthy and fit.  She does have scars in her stomach and her inner thighs that tend to be very sensitive to the touch.  Looking at her medical files, those scars had come from when she was very little and came from Cardassian men who had tried to rape her.  She had broken many bones in her body in her youth, all caused by Cardassians before she was able to leave Bajor and on to Earth.  There are other scars on her body that are very minimal but otherwise, she is fit for duty.

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(OOC: You have my permission to photoshop the Bajoran nose ridges and the earring on her right ear.)
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