Good old Werewolf story (F looking for M werewolf, NC)

Started by dvalen, June 19, 2011, 01:56:55 PM

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Another idea I have is my female human charrie is a summer camp counselor who slips out of her cabin late at night to go swimming in the lake.  Little does she know there's a big bad wolfie prowling the woods and catches her scent.  He takes her after she comes out of the water.  Looking for that one good Male writer who knows how to play a horny werewolf to the hilt.  NC at least.


Okay, here it goes.  I was never a fan of the werewolf genre, maybe because it became too big, too popular, too chic.  When I joined Elliquiy, I read some of the more well-written werewolf posts and I became intrigued.  Maybe I might try it, but the impetus wasn’t all there.

Then I saw this werewolf dildo (the link below).  I was mesmerized.  I salivated…I wanted one and ordered one to fit (lol) my needs.

Please keep in mind you can’t appreciate the size and girth of it until you consider what it looks like at 8.5 inches.

Now I want to write a werewolf story.  Here’s my idea; Norah Jamison is a tall young beauty who inherited a rough bar/dive up in the wilds of Alaska.  A small logging and oil roughneck town, the bar has a rough clientele but she has learned quickly to handle herself and the men who frequent the bar.  It’s last call on a night with a full moon.  A loner sits at the bar (a drifter?) battling the rise of the wolf in him.  Norah is frustrated at her enforced loneliness and the loner senses she is in heat.  It is almost to much, he has an overwhelming desire to take her as a mate yet manages to leave the bar in fear of losing control.  He waits until she closed up shop and leaves in her Jeep.  What they don’t know is there is another werewolf, a young male who has been watching Norah and is waiting for her at her cabin in the woods.  She gets out the Jeep, sees him and runs away with the young one in pursuit.  The loner reaches the house right after and gives chase as well.  What happens is a fight for dominance and the right to take her as his mate.  The loner wins and covered and dripping with gore, takes Norah as his prize right there.

If the writing goes great and allows for it, I’m willing to pursue this beyond a one-shot story.  Frequent posters only.

I’m looking for an experienced writer to play the male werewolf with the ability to write at least 3 paragraphs per reply, one who can spell and construct a sentence.  I’m no English major and I’m no grammer Nazi as I make mistakes here and there but please make the effort.

If interested, please…PMs only.