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Author Topic: The Power - Dare Game  (Read 705 times)

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The Power - Dare Game
« on: June 18, 2011, 10:56:30 PM »
The Power: Interest Thread
The Power: OOC/Summary Thread
The Power: Character Thread
The Power: IC Thread

This game was around a while ago and ended up dying off.  I've decided to try and restart it, with a few minor rules tweaks (for those who were around last time, I'll list the changes next post).  I'll wait to actually start up the threads

The gist of the game: Someone has the Power.  Everyone else wants the Power.  The character with the power, then, can give dares to whoever wants to try for the power.  Whoever completes their dare first gets the power and can do something special, and then gets to give everyone else dares.

If you get the power, you can do one of three things.  You can change the local terrain - we can end up on a beach, inside a nightclub, in a jungle, or anywhere else you can think of.  Any sort of features can be added; hot tubs, a fully stocked bar, or even bondage furniture or toys.  The only limitation is that you can't make anything magic or impossible by changing the terrain.

The second thing you can do is change yourself.  Change your character's appearance however you want; you can even change your "race" to whatever fantasy creature you want (become an elf, orc, neko - anything).

The third thing you can do is create a special item.  You can only create one thing (although a group of similar things, like multiple articles of clothing, is fine), but it can have whatever special properties you want, so long as it doesn't copy the power itself.  Nothing can remove or destroy these items, but there is a limit.  Only five such items can be made at once; once a sixth is made, the oldest stops being magical, although it doesn't completely vanish.

If you're interested, stop on by the Character thread and come up with something.  New characters are limited to modern-day humans, although you can make yourself a little more fantastic once you get the power once or twice.  After you make a character, just post in the IC thread introducing yourself.  You don't need to wait for me to approve your character at all, just join in on the fun

Oh, and one more thing.  Even though the game is in the NC boards, I don't want to rule out people that aren't comfortable with NC play.  If you want to have something done to your character against their will, say so in your character thread, and list whatever offs you have or any special instructions.

The full rules are below, in case anyone wants a bit more detail on anything.
Full Rules
  • Everyone wants the Power. Only one character has the Power. The person that has the Power emits a faint glow, that makes him or her easier to recognize.  Such a glow may change color depending on the person, however.
  • Whoever has the Power instinctively feels the rules of the game, what he or she can use the power for, and that he or she needs to relinquish the power to anyone completing one of his or her dares.
  • Characters that do not have the Power can request the Power from the character that has the Power.
  • When the character that has the Power is requested for the Power, he or she must propose a dare for the character requesting the Power. There are no rules to the dares one can give.
  • The character requesting the Power is free to play out or deny the dare given to him or her or to deny it. If he or she plays out the dare, the character that has the Power must transfer the Power to him or her.
  • A character that denied a dare given to him or her can request for a different dare. but the character that has the Power is not required to give another dare.
  • More than one character can request the Power at the same time. The character that has the Power must give a dare to each character requesting the Power, but can decide if everyone gets identical or separate dares.
  • If two or more characters complete their dare, the Power should be given to the character that completed his or her dare the first. The Power can never be possessed by more than one character at a time.
  • Dares can include promises. If you make a promise as part of a dare, and subsequently gain the Power, the promise is enforced, and your character must try to complete the promise to the best of his or her abilities. This includes not using the Power in such a way that makes it impossible for you to complete the promise. If someone else makes it impossible for you to complete the promise, you no longer have to complete it, but if someone merely makes it harder for you to complete your promise, you still need to complete the now harder promise.
  • If you make a promise as part of a dare, but you are not the one gaining the power, or if you make a promise that is not part of a dare, only your character's own honor enforces the promise and you are free to break the promise at any time.
  • No dare, regular or blind, can ever ask someone to use the Power in any specific way. Dares can however make someone promise not to use the Power in a specific way.

  • Characters can request a blind dare to gain the power. Blind dares are mandatory, so only request a blind dare, if you are ready to follow up on it!
  • When your character request a blind dare, you must include an off section in your character sheet. You can include a link to your ons and offs, if they contain a specific list of your offs. If you have no offs, include "Offs: None." in your character sheet.
  • The character holding the power does not need to agree to a blind dare, and may decide to grant one character's request for a blind dare but deny another character.
  • When a character is granted a blind dare, all currently proposed non-blind dares are void, and nobody else can request the power, except by a blind dare of their own.
  • When you have the power and someone requests a blind dare, the dare cannot cross the offs listed on the requester's character sheet. If the character sheet includes a link to that player's ons and offs, it can also not cross the offs listed on that player's ons and offs page.
  • Blind dares cannot be more complex than regular dares. Blind dares can include more than one order, just like regular dares can, but only if all given orders are related to each other.  Additionally, blind dares may not involve promises.
  • The character that requested the dare must complete it, unable to decline the dare. When completed, the character will receive the power as normal. Since all other dares became void, requesting a blind dare will always grant you the power.
  • You cannot request a blind dare, right after transferring the power to another person. You must wait for the power to transfer at least once more before you can once more request a blind dare.
  • You cannot request a blind dare after someone else has completed his or her dare, but before he or she receives the power for completing the dare. You can request a blind dare while someone else is trying to complete his or her dare.
  • Normal dares may involve a promise to ask for a blind dare in the future.  However, blind dares cannot involve any promises, including for other blind dares.

  • Every player is allowed to make one single character. Each character should start out completely human, with no odd features whatsoever. Characters can be male or female, as chosen by the player, but not start as anything in between. Characters are allowed to have clothes, but no other objects when they enter the game.
  • Whenever you complete a dare given to you and gain the Power, you can use the Power for one of the following three effects:
    • Change your character's body. You can change your character's gender, or part thereof, change other features, change size, or turn into a completely different creature that doesn't even resemble a human. There are no limits to altering your character. Note that any alterations are permanent unless you gain the Power a second time and again use it to alter your character's body. When you use the Power to transform your body a second time, the transformations from the first time remain applied, unless you specifically mention changing them back again.
    • Receive an item. You receive one item of your choice, which can be mundane, high-tech or magical in nature. Items cannot have abilities that are identical to the Power, so they cannot alter the location, create other items or completely change someone's appearance. Items that only alter a single aspect of your appearance are permitted, however. For example, you could receive a box of chocolates where all the dark chocolates double you in size while the white chocolates halve you in size. Items cannot be used on other characters unless either they give their OOC content or such content is obvious from their IC posts. When the location changes, the created items travel with the characters.  Items created by the Power are indestructible, even by using the power.  If such an item involves something that must be consumed, it automatically replenishes itself.  However, only five such items may ever be created at once.  As soon as a sixth item is created, the oldest item loses all special properties, and simply becomes part of the environment.
    • Change the location. You can make changes to the current location, adding and removing features, or change the location entirely. When you change the location, all other characters change location with you, so from the moment you describe the new location, all other players should abide to this new location. The characters are aware of the shift in location and do retain memory of earlier locations. Someone could use the Power to change back to an earlier location.  Any objects, but not special items made by the power, that are not currently in use (i.e. not any clothing being worn, furniture someone is seated on, etc), may be removed as part of the change in location.  Any number of mundane, everyday items may be created as part of the new location, however these items can be destroyed just as easily as they were made.
  • You cannot use the Power for more than one of the above options during one possession of the power, though you can take a different option each time you gain the power.
  • You cannot use the Power for anything other than the above three options.

  • On your character sheet, include if you want your character to be a possible Non-Consensual victim or not. If you are ok with your character being a victim, you can include specific details others need to abide to. You can also specify that all Non-Consensual actions must be discussed in the Out of Character thread or PM beforehand.
  • When you agree to be a Non-Consensual victim, you must include an off section in your character sheet. You can include a link to your ons and offs, if they contain a specific list of your offs. If you have no offs, include "Offs: None." in your character sheet.
  • When you force yourself on other characters, abide by the wishes stated in their character sheet. Do not force yourself on people that stated not to be interested in being a victim. Do not force yourself on people that request OOC discussion without discussing it in the Out of Character thread or PM first, even if you saw other people doing the exact same things to that character. Do not force yourself on someone if that person is interacting with someone else, without the approval of all other people included.

  • To play, you must first post a character in the character thread. There is no approval process for characters. Once your character is complete, you can go ahead and post in the IC thread. If your character somehow breaks the rules of the game, I will PM you and ask you to fix it.
  • Please keep IC posts to the IC thread and OOC posts to the OOC thread. The only exception is when you invoke one of the Power's benefits, in which case a detailed explanation of what you did is welcome in the IC thread.
  • Try not to circumvent the rules. Do not push characters into positions where players don't want them to be. Do not try to summon special items that would bypass the requirement to use the transformation or relocation benefits. Do not create locations that contain special items available to pick up.
  • If the location is changed, all active characters are moved along to the new location. If the new location discomforts you, your character is not moved along. Do not post IC until either you overcome your earlier reluctance to the location, or the location is changed again to something more comfortable to you, at which moment your character is again moved into the new location. You might want to inform the other players in the OOC thread that your character is not available during that location, to prevent misunderstanding.
  • If something about another player/character bothers you, try to fix it with that player first, Only after that doesn't work out, PM me with your issues, and I'll see what I can do. I do not intend to play nanny.
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Offline SethalaTopic starter

Re: The Power - Dare Game
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2011, 11:07:09 PM »
For those who were here for the previous version of the game, I made two main changes to the rules.  First, blind dares aren't as exclusive anymore.  Also, they can't involve promises; a blind dare is a simple one-shot deal, but the character with the power can always decline giving a blind dare.  Finally, if someone has a blind dare, they can give up the privilege to another character if someone else asks for a blind dare.

The other change is to creating items.  There's a limit of only 5 special items at a time, from all players.  Once a sixth is made, the oldest loses all special powers.  The item itself remains, but it can be destroyed or removed as part of changing the location (for instance, if someone makes a boat, any changes to the terrain have to include that boat somehow.  Once the boat loses its special properties however, it can be changed to anything else as part of changing the terrain.)  Also, all special items are indestructible by default, and any consumable items automatically replenish themselves.

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Re: The Power - Dare Game
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2011, 01:05:14 AM »
Do you have a link to the older version of this?  I'm definitely interested, but I think I would like to get a better understanding of how exactly it runs before really deciding if I want to go for it or not.

Offline SethalaTopic starter

Re: The Power - Dare Game
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2011, 01:22:13 AM »
Sure, the IC thread for the old game is here:

It was pretty fun, though I think things went a little out of hand near the end.  I might try to keep a tighter reign on things this time around, though.

Offline Napanee

Re: The Power - Dare Game
« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2011, 06:29:14 PM »
This sounds like it could be kinda fun. Put me down as 'interested' and I'll follow developments


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Re: The Power - Dare Game
« Reply #5 on: June 23, 2011, 09:11:38 PM »
I am interested playing hopefully there will be enough interest to get the game started

Offline SethalaTopic starter

Re: The Power - Dare Game
« Reply #6 on: June 23, 2011, 09:21:45 PM »
I'll probably set up the game threads soon.  The way the game works, it's meant to be easy to drop in and out without warning, so long as you don't have the power yourself.

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Re: The Power - Dare Game
« Reply #7 on: June 24, 2011, 12:26:20 PM »
Character thread is up here:
OOC/Summary thread is here:

I'll be starting up the main game thread soon.

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Re: The Power - Dare Game
« Reply #8 on: June 27, 2011, 01:06:10 PM »
Sorry about the delay, but the IC thread for the game is up:

I'll send PMs to everyone that was interested.

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Re: The Power - Dare Game
« Reply #9 on: July 20, 2011, 09:47:21 PM »
Sorry for taking so long but I did add my character to the character sheet hopefully can get a few more characters.