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Started by LunarSage, June 18, 2011, 08:12:06 PM

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Caeli made an announcement that as of now, OOC thread posts in group games will not count toward the 1000 posts needed for big game status here.

Just out of curiosity... what was the reasoning behind this?  I'm not mad, though this does mean my group game will have to wait a lot longer for big game status (bummer).  Cool though, I will get over it and move on.  I'd just like to know why the change was made.  Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer.  :-)

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If I had to guess, I'd say that a group game with 1000 IC posts is more 'well-established' and likely to stick around, as opposed to a group game with lots of side chatter and few IC posts that may or may not stick around.

That's entirely speculation on my part, though.
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Actually, I think it was that way to begin with...I've been in/run two games that have gotten into the Big Group subforums, and in both cases it didn't happen until after IC posts exceeded 1000. *shrugs*


It's used to be 50% of OOC posts + all of the IC posts combined had to reach 1k posts.


Actually, it was never previously codified. This is not a change so much as a codification. Previously, whether your OOC posts were counted depended on the staffer you asked. I can't remember who did what, but I personally would only count the OOC posts if the group game was just shy of 1000 IC posts, so that they would go ahead and get their forum anyway. Another staffer always counted ALL OOC posts and would give people a group forum even if they had 200 IC posts and 800 OOC posts. And still another staffer would never count the OOC posts.

So what probably happened is that staff discussed it amongst themselves and agreed that counting only IC posts was what they would all do from now on.


Trieste hit the nail on the head exactly. :)

The policy was somewhat ambiguous and differed between staff members, so after some recent doings, we felt that it would be best to pick something that can apply across all situations and make that clear for everyone.
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