F seeking M Dom (Victorian setting)

Started by Deadly Nightshade, June 18, 2011, 10:41:54 AM

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Deadly Nightshade

It seems I have read a few too many Victorian romances recently. At least that is where I lay the blame for this idea that's been in my mind for some time now:

Chastity St. James' mother tried to raise her from an early age to become the 'perfect bride': flirting with every possible suitor, making them forget about the other girls of the ton until her family had decided whom she should marry.

When she had been eleven her father had a meeting with a young noble, just of legal age himself at that time. This man, upon being introduced to Lady St. James and Chastity, commented on the girl's already obvious beauty and how she was sure to grow up to be a stunning young woman. Opposite to her mother the young man spoke favorable of Chastity's natural shyness and her inclination to keep her eyes lowered when talking to anyone and to keep her hands folded in front of her. Telling her father that she would be the perfect wife were she to be raised to increase the submission she was already showing signs of, Chastity's father came to an agreement with him: Once she'd turn eighteen and he'd find her as pretty as he had expected and as well raised as he hoped, he would marry her.

Chastity's father has heard of the man's beyond average preferences in the bedroom but he figures as long as his daughter is safe from any real harm – and none of the women the man has been seen with have shown up with any lasting reminders of their meetings – it's none of his business exactly what he would do to his daughter once they are married.

So Chastity is being raised to be the perfect lady. But when she vows in front of the priest among others to obey her husband she has no idea that he is taking her obeying his commands farther than most men would. And for her to simply lie unresponsive on the bed is not as desired as she had been told by her mother either. The young woman is in for quite a shock when she has to learn what her husband expects of her.

So, anybody up to play the dominating husband in my Victorian fantasy?

Chocolate Sin

I'm intrigued. I see him as a sober man in public, who only lets loose his restraint with his wife. A man of discipline but urgent cravings as well.