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Author Topic: The Fictionals: Hunting Monsters (Villain and SanguinePuppet)  (Read 1240 times)

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The Fictionals: Hunting Monsters

‘The smell was the first thing you had to get used to if you wanted to work with animals. Amy had learned this the hard way during her volunteer work at the local zoo. Ever since she was a little girl she had wanted to be a vet, so when she had learned of the opportunity to be able to work at a place that contained lions, tigers, bears and all sorts of wonderful animals she could hardly resist signing herself up. Not to mention it would help get her parents off her back. Her mother and father were constantly telling warning her about wasting her teenage years.
  She hadn't realised until she had gotten to the zoo how much cleaning she would be expected to do. It was not as if she minded, she liked the idea of being a help to the zoo, but there was just so many cages to do. She had already spent most of the day cleaning out the monkey exhibits and only now was she getting on to cleaning the big cats exhibitions.
  She sighed contently and pushed the heavy trolley of cleaning supplies down the path to the cat cages. By now her spervisor should have herded the lions and tigers into the indoor parts of their enclosure so that she would be able to clean the outdoor part without having to worry about being mauled to death.
  'Cleaning time everyone!' She called out cheerfully as she turned the corner and passed under the large sign that said; 'big cat enclosure'. She hummed to herself contently as she dragged the cart towards the tiger den and began to locate the keys to the cage.
  It was then that she noticed that the cage was already open. She blinked at the sight of the large metal door swinging back and fourth in the wind, unrestrained by the heavy locks and chains that would fasten it in place.
  'Milo?' She called out the name of her supervisor; a young man who had worked at the zoo for a few years. He had been a cheerful bloke who enjoyed playing the odd joke on her; like putting animal feed in the pockets of her green zookeeper uniform when she went to feed the goats. He had laughed loudly as he watched her race around the pen being chased by an army of baby goats.
  'Milo are you there?' She called again and stepped into the cage, looking around the corners of the cage suspiciously in case Milo decided to jump out and scare her.
 There was no one there. Yet despite this obvious truth Amy couldn't help but feel that she wasn't alone.
  'Hello? Anyone here?' She called out, only realising now that her voice sounded timid and afraid. Her hands were now shaking, it was so quiet, why weren't the cats roaring and hissing to tell her that everything was ok?
  It was then that Amy began to hear the sound of a gruff voice whispering. His voice low and rough, like the sound of an engine.
  'The plan will commence soon, be sure that your agents are ready.' It spoke, it seemed to be coming from further in the cage.
  'My servants are always ready. You need to hurry your efforts, you cannot keep a king waiting.' Another voice replied; a proud and strong voice that made Amy feel embarassed for intruding.
  'Wait until the signal is given and be grateful that my mother has vouched for you.'
  'She'll get her thanks when I have meat in between my jaws' It snapped.
  She turned on the spot, feeling it best to go before she was discovered eavesdropping.
  Unfortunately this had been the moment when the owner of the rough voice choose to step out of the shadows of the den.
  'WHO GOES THERE!?' The rough voice boomed and at once Amy turned on the spot to apologise for listening to their private conversation.
  'Sorry I was just-' She began, but that was all she managed to blurt out. For as she laid her curious green eyes on the figure she had fainted and fallen out of the den. What she had laid eyes on was a monster; a huge hairy figure with glowing red eyes and a mouth full of pointed teeth, like the tusks of a walrus. It had been so frightening to behold that instead of screaming she fell to the floor and passed out.
  A few minutes later she had been found by Milo. Unharmed but very shaken. He had figured that she must have been tired from all the work.
  How Amy had wished that had been the case for that would mean that what she had seen would have all been a dream. A nightmare that she could just forget about.
  Unfortunately for Amy this would not be her last encounter with monsters.


'You have a nice bone structure' Lulu spoke in a dreamy voice. Long strands of her light blonde hair fell over her face as she stared out of the window of her classroom. It was an odd thing for a person to say, but what made it odder was that there was no one about to hear what she had said.
  The classroom was empty and had been since lessons ended five minutes ago. She knew people had told her and tried to get her to move and go home, but Lulu had been too wrapped up in her own little world to care.
  She sighed to herself and watched the clouds float by slowly. She smiled at the shapes and patterns they created on the deep blue background. Looking at the sky always helped her to dream. The endless of it all made her brain dance with wonderful ideas.
  It was just a shame that no one could ever understand her when she had these ideas. Even Alistair Croft, her only friend at Woodmore Highschool,  had a hard time remaining patient when she randomly spouted bits of wisdom, like; ‘Ice cubes should stop getting so angry, then maybe they wouldn’t get hot and melt’.
  ‘You have a nice bone structure too’ she spoke as the door opened. She hadn’t turned from the window but it was quite obvious that she was referring to whoever had walked through the door.
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Re: The Fictionals: Hunting Monsters (Villain and SanguinePuppet)
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2011, 01:48:46 AM »
The sound of mechanized bell had filled the halls of the schools, as always, at exactly 3:15 P.M. and as usual, the hordes of students mobbed the doorways all desperately wanting to go home. Emily scoffed as usual with a smirk, admiring the fact that humans so desperately try to call themselves 'civilized' yet at the same time they behave exactly as that which they refuse to accept they are; animals. Emily waited for the classroom to empty, preferring to stay away from the mob of teenage angst and hormones and take her time. Her green eyes trailing the window, counting the cracks in the wooden pane until she finally heard the shuffling of feet stop. Her head turned gracefully, examining her surroundings and picking up her bag.

Emily trailed off the hallways, heading to the club meeting which she had so eagerly awaited. Her collection of Greek myths were a gift that she wished to share with others but before she could do that, she would need to find the room first. Being shy at heart, Emily refused to go to others for help but soon enough, she found the club room and took a deep breath as her hand turned the knob. It wasn't long at all before she heard the new voice trail off to her the most peculiar of compliments.

Dumbstruck, Emily stopped dead in her tracks before she spoke.
"Oh.....thank you?" She said with hesitation, caught off-guard by the girl's comment.
"Is this...the club meeting?...I'm new to the club and am not too sure where the meetings are suppose to be..." Emily finished in embarrassment, her bag hitting the floor as she continued to walk forward into the room.

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Re: The Fictionals: Hunting Monsters (Villain and SanguinePuppet)
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2011, 12:40:22 PM »
'Sorry this isn't the club, but don't worry we'll get to that soon' Lulu spoke with a cheerful voice. She slowly turned to the girl and gave her a broad smile. Her light blond hair shone in the sunlight and her eyes seemed to glow with color.
  'I take it you found the card I left you?' She asked and pointed to the strangers bag, 'Sorry to lead you to the wrong place, but I had to be sure you're one of us...if you're not don't worry, that doesn't make you a bad person.' She spoke as if she were soothing an ill patient.
  'So what did you bring to read?' She asked politely, as if what she had said had been of no importance at all.

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Re: The Fictionals: Hunting Monsters (Villain and SanguinePuppet)
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2011, 07:14:06 PM »
Emily raised her eyebrow, her expression clearly questioning the intentions of this girl who she had just met.
"Alright I suppose....Yes...I did find the card you gave me." Emily finished as her hand simultaneously reached into her bra, slipping out the card and presenting it to Lulu. Her soft eyes trailed the room while she searched for her book in her bag. Her hand reached in and pulled out quite a thick book, it seemed like one of those encyclopedias that you would find in a law library of some sort.
"I have my Anthology of Greek Mythology with me and of course, with my personal favorites." A smile cracked from Emily's face with a glow in her eyes, almost like a serpentine glint, while she opened the page to her favorite myth of all; the Demi-Goddess Britomartis

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Re: The Fictionals: Hunting Monsters (Villain and SanguinePuppet)
« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2011, 07:38:02 PM »
'Oh you like Greek mythology? How wonderful. It's rare that we get people who love ancient history. Usually we just get people who love teenage vampire books and Harry Potter' Lulu spoke happily as she looked over the large book with interest. She wasn't quite sure how she was going to figure out if the girl was like her. If it were Alistair then he would have simply deduce the girls powers and abilities by observing her clothes and would then proceed to badger the poor girl until she admitted it. It was crude, but it worked and had been how she and Alistair had managed to find Casey, their newest member.
  'So Emily...why do you keep things in your bra?' Lulu asked in a dopey voice before pausing and scratching her head 'No wait that's not what I should ask. That's a rude question to ask. Lets start over' She spoke before looking back and fourth from the book to the girl in front of her.
  'Why do you smell of gold and grass clippings? No wait that's even more rude - it's not a bad scent at all - but it's still rude of me to point that out' Lulu rambled before clicking her fingers as the right question finally entered her head.
  'I've got it! long have you been able to use a bow and arrow?' She asked before leaning forward and proping her chin on the palms of her hands as she watched the girl with interest. It was probably the worst interogation anyone had ever done, but Lulu felt as if she had just questioned Emily with the detective genius of a super sleuth.

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Re: The Fictionals: Hunting Monsters (Villain and SanguinePuppet)
« Reply #5 on: June 19, 2011, 07:58:10 PM »
Emily's eyes widened at the eccentricity of Lulu as she was brutally questioned. A gulp ran down her throat as she tried to think of a way to break the awkwardness that was been produced as a result of Lulu's unusual questioning. This is why Emily wasn't the biggest fan of people...they had a talent of confusing her. Though at least Lulu was up front with her questions so Emily decided that the least she could do was answer questions. with her fingers twirling a honey lock in her hands, Emily fired off her answers.

With her free hand, Emily made a gun with her fingers and pointed at Lulu.

"Easy access and it's private. No one reaches into my bra and I know it's there so it makes it easy to remember things. I like jewelry and gold is my favorite kind but I don't usually smell gold so good nose on your part. I like to lie on the grass when I read so I imagine that's why I smell like grass. And well, I started to enjoy watching Archery when I was younger but it really wasn't my thing until I was nine when I decided to actually pick up the bow and I was a natural at from what I was told!"

Emily said proudly, the small scars from the bowstring on her right wrist still visible.

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Re: The Fictionals: Hunting Monsters (Villain and SanguinePuppet)
« Reply #6 on: June 19, 2011, 08:06:08 PM »
Lulu had scrambled for a pen and notepad as Emily began answering her questions. She rapidly scribbled down her answers, making sure to show the seriousness of her interview by drawing as many smiley faces and stars on the page as possible.
  'So it's never crossed your mind that you were born to hold a bow and arrow for the sake of defending the world from evil?' Lulu asked, not looking up from the notepad as she continued to scribble crude drawings of cats grinning broadly.
  'You've never attempted to shoot the arrow from half a block away whilst blind folded and then tried to reload another arrow within less than half a second?' She asked before glancing towards Emily's book and smiling a little, 'Britomartis is very pretty. Do you think I would look good with hair like hers?' She asked before looking up from the notepad after finishing her drawing of a mad man running about with a top hat in one hand and a tea pot in the other. Emily's answers were now lost amongst the doodles.

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Re: The Fictionals: Hunting Monsters (Villain and SanguinePuppet)
« Reply #7 on: June 19, 2011, 08:29:45 PM »
An estranged Emily sat down in the nearest change, highly confused from Lulu's flurry of babbling questions. Emily fiddled with her finger nails while Lulu kept asking her questions. Emily wasn't sure whether or not Lulu was staring but Emily had the biggest look of confusion on her face along with amazement at the madness of Lulu.

Emily stared out the window, which is what she usually did in times of awkward moments.
"Not's not something that crosses my know....saving the word and stuff. I've tried trick shots before and I'm pretty good at them but not that one in particular.."

Emily shuffled about in her seat, fixing her dress and fiddling with her bracelets before glancing at Lulu.

"I think it'd look great on you..."

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Re: The Fictionals: Hunting Monsters (Villain and SanguinePuppet)
« Reply #8 on: June 19, 2011, 08:36:52 PM »
'Really? Thank you! I'll have to try it out.' She spoke and smiled broadly at the young woman before looking over her page of answers and doodles. She scanned the page a few times, as if double checking her work, before nodding to herself and ripping up the piece of paper before smiling at Emily again.
  'Emily I'm Lulu Carol. I want to be your friend. Is that ok?' She asked before cocking her head to one side as she stared at the blond. She was very pretty and much taller than her. Lulu had never once felt jealous of anybody, but she couldn't help but wonder how nice it would be to look like Emily.