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Author Topic: Wolf's RP ideas (M Seeking F)  (Read 1029 times)

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Wolf's RP ideas (M Seeking F)
« on: June 18, 2011, 02:38:04 AM »
Hunter's Bounty

Hunter kind of hated the irony of his name and occupation sometimes. Still, the pay was pretty good, and he loved the work. Keeping planets safe, one job at a time. But a bounty hunter named Hunter Arrow? Sounded like a bad name from a bad story.

The com on his ship beeped, interrupting his thoughts as the AI started speaking. "A distress call just came in from a local planet. Care to hear it, Hunter Arrow?" Hunter just knew the AI loved picking on his name, but whenever he brought it up, the bastard denied everything, quoting that he was a machine, and thus had no emotions. 'Bullshit...' He thought to himself, even as he simply said gruffly, "Patch it in."

The comm crackled across the distance of space for a moment before distinguishable words became audible. "This is Alros of Kenda Eight requesting immediate assistance. Raiders have landed planet-side. They are operating highly valuable and volatile weaponry. Please assist. Repeating..." Hunter nodded. "End message, Alpha. We're heading planet-side."


Possible Non-con, xenomorphs, etc. This is one of the few instances where I'll play the the bottom in a dom/sub relationship... but only because I adore dominant mercenary chicks.

The Pack

Alexander looked from out between the bars of his cage in solitary. Across the hall, another inmate sat in their cell, crying. The kid couldn't have been more than eight... before they'd twisted his body into it's new, feline form. Right then, he decided he would escape from the prison of a lab... but he couldn't leave alone. Sure, he was fast and strong... but he couldn't even mark the steel of his cage or run through the invisible wall that separated him from whatever scientists chose to walk by.

He sighed slightly. To think he'd been a part of this until these bastards turned on him... He growled deep in his throat, a relatively new sensation. "Well, you bastards... Maybe you should have wiped my memory clean if I "knew to much."" He mumbled as he glanced at the camera in the corner. For instance, he knew the master code to release the field to each door... though it was useless from the inside... He also knew that the next few phases of testing required moving some "subjects" to different cells, one to three at a time... Maybe then, he'd get his chance.


Anthro, Non-Con, probably a few others... This one is set in the near future, and has a very loose base in Maximum Ride's parent series, Where the wind blows. (No knowledge of the series is necessary.)

Legend of Memories

Rysmarin awoke slowly, as if coming out of a fog. Of course, as soon as he did, he regretted waking up at all as pressure began to build behind his eyes. He brought his hand to his face slowly as he sat up, then looked around. "Is this... where I went to sleep?" The walls were made of solid wood, not planks, as if it the room had been dug out of a tree, rather than built. Rysmarin paused a moment, trying to remember how he got there... Unable to accomplish that, he panicked, trying to remember anything... He felt a heat against his chest as he noticed the weight of an amulet for the first time.

He examined it for a moment, though he still couldn't remember... Memories not his own poured into his mind. The amulet's creation, previous owners... He knew everything about it... Including the place where he'd gotten it, if not why. He furrowed his brow, but had little time to think on it as he heard a sound from outside. He instinctively reached for something beside the bed and pulled back a sword, pointing it towards the door...


This one's based on legend of mana, one of my favorite games from the play station. It's pretty much sand boxed after the amulet bit, so someone who has their own ideas for the story is appreciated.

Under discussion

The world has ended. Armageddon has come and gone, and yet... humanity lives on... Albeit underground. Much has been forgotten about the time before the war, and almost all technology has been lost to the passage of time. What little technology remains requires constant maintenance, and, subsequently, parts. As such, as a right of passage when men and women come of age they are sent to the surface to scavenge for parts.

Of course, Tenet knew all of that... It's just a bit... daunting to stare down the tall ladder to the world above, thinking of all the things that were lost to human error... Of course, there was little else for him to do as he waited for the others. This was the one time people could leave the underground village and come back... Those who did come back where changed by what they saw in the world above, and sometimes left again shortly there after... Many simply never came back at all.


This one's set in a post-apocalyptic world of ruins and steam technology... Quite a few kinks open here, so feel free to ask.

Dragon bonds

Dragons bond for life. This was the biological law of dragon-kind. The theories surrounding why have been pondered since the beginning of time by humans and dragons both, but there are two points on which all agree: Bonding is not decided by any discernible force but the sight of their bond-mate... and to be apart from their bond-mate for any extended period is very bad for a dragon's health.

So what happens when Terrus, a young dragon who was hurt by humans long ago, falls for the human daughter of the leader of an anti-dragon group?


This one is fantasy, though it can be medieval, modern, or perhaps even future, if that's your cup of tea.

Magic Circle
This world is overflowing with magic. It's buildings and vehicles are constructed with with spells, it's streets are paved with mana, and there are none who are untouched by it. Of course, in a world where even children can use magic, there are the power-hungry and greedy... And magic chooses no sides. Men and woman after gold can use their spells to steal... and those after power can steal the magic from another.

One young man, a researcher and powerful arcanist even in this world, uses his abilities to scry another world and search for a willing party from another world... and pull them into his. What shall become of him and his subject?

Image Plots (NSFW. Seriously, don't click if you'll get in trouble.)

Naturally, I'll be coming back to edit this as frequently as I get ideas, so come back to see if I add something you like! ;D
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Re: Wolf's RPs (M Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2011, 11:58:23 AM »
The Pack sounds interesting. How do you want a female to fit into the story?

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Re: Wolf's RPs (M Seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2011, 12:40:47 AM »
Added Steamheart and Dragon Bonds.

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Re: Wolf's RPs (M Seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2011, 09:36:08 AM »
Added Magic Circle (and two image plots in a spoiler. :3)
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