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June 26, 2022, 10:34:13 pm

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Author Topic: Aliens VS Strippers (NC-Exotic, Mecha, Action)  (Read 993 times)

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Aliens VS Strippers (NC-Exotic, Mecha, Action)
« on: June 17, 2011, 06:38:44 pm »

Ignore the silly title, I couldn't think of a good one that fit the concept.  Though it does more or less sum up the basic idea for the game. 

Unknown to the bulk of humanity, a group of aliens calling themselves the Red Sun Consortium have been raiding the Earth for decades to acquire slaves, resources, and biological components.  In an attempt to stop this, the Dancers were created.  An elite group of soldiers, the Dancers have volunteered to serve on the front line of a secret war.

4 Play was a strip club built in the city of Seattle to serve as a base for the Dancers' Blue Team.  At once a business, a cover, and a source of income.  The building itself hides a hangar, armory, laboratory, and other facilities required to properly combat the alien threat.  Every member of Blue Team is also a stripper, though the exact reason for this policy is unclear.

The Dancers are provided with the best technology the government has access to.  This includes vehicles capable of transforming into small, bipedal, combat vehicles.  The smallest, motorcycles, serve as powered armor.  Larger varieties, built from cars and trucks, serve as walking tanks.  They also have access to a near silent VTOL aircraft.  Their weaponry includes a range of conventional units such as assault rifles and rocket launchers, to experimental units including railguns and combat lasers. 

The primary focus of this game is over the top action, intrigue, and so on.  Though sex will obviously factor in.  It will have a plot focused on the team's battle with the aliens.  The game will be rated Non-consensual, Exotic, and will have content suitable to this rating.  Characters will be involved in a number of activities.  Not just battles in walking tanks, but battles with normal equipment, infiltrating a location, and so on. 

This game will obviously be rather silly in some ways, but I do intend to include serious content and scenes.  Some portions may even border on horror. 

The main characters must be female.  However, we can probably find a reason to include a man if that is what someone really wants to play. 

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character Sheet

Call Sign:
Stage Name:
Role: (a short description of their purpose on the team such as: Sniper, Heavy Weapons, Demolitions, Scout, etc)


Vehicle Name:
Vehicle Type: (Defensive: can take punishment, Fast: can move quickly, Powerful: can deal a great deal of damage, Balanced: a mix)
Vehicle Description: (What the vehicle looks like in both forms, vehicles and mecha.  Conservation of mass does apply)
Vehicle Weapons: (Each vehicle could have several attached and carried weapons.  Powerful type vehicles should have something to reflect their type)
Vehicle Special: (The vehicle's special ability.  A set of jump jets to allow limited flight, a cloaking unit, etc.  Only one is allowed.)

Player Limits:
(Anything you don't want to happen to your character)
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