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April 11, 2021, 04:31:26 pm

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Author Topic: Yana's Requests/Ideas (M/M, M/F, Possible F/F)  (Read 666 times)

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Offline YanagrlTopic starter

Yana's Requests/Ideas (M/M, M/F, Possible F/F)
« on: June 16, 2011, 09:34:02 pm »
I should put out there that I'm mostly into doing M/M plots, but that I occasionally like doing hetero as well.  I'm open to F/F plots, but I've never had much success with them. 

At the moment, I'm actually looking to break out of Original RP and get into the Harry Potter fandom (yes, I'm a nerd).  I'm dissatisfied with the lack of fanfiction that's readable out there and so if anyone is interested in playing Severus Snape I would love to either pair him up with Harry Potter or an OC that I could create.  I've never RP'd outside of original characters so I'm a bit nervous, but if anyone is willing to give it a shot PM me! :)

I am also interested in a plot with twins. Perhaps struggling through feelings for each other.

A list of characters that I have will be coming as soon as I can get everything together in an organized fashion, as well as settings I enjoy putting them in and any other ideas I might come up with. 

Don't forget to check my on/offs thread!
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Offline YanagrlTopic starter

« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2011, 08:22:30 pm »
This is a list of some of my characters.  I intend to add more in a couple of days, but I started with three that I use often/am comfortable with.

Name: Charis Michaels
Age: 16 (sometimes 17 or 18 depending on what I want)
Sexuality: Gay
Looks:  Bowlish white-blonde hair that frames a youthful face.  He has light green eyes and round glasses.  A small build and only 5'5"; pale skin.
Personality: Charis is a socially awkward, extremely intelligent young man.  He graduated high school at the age of 16 because he spends so much of his time studying instead of talking to people.  He has a troubled home life, being raised by his aunt and uncle until he comes of age.  His aunt is the most stable thing in his life, but he's brutally mistreated by his uncle behind his aunt's back.  He's emotionally stunted and very hard to deal with because he's afraid of everything.  He also suffers from asthma attacks whenever he gets too anxious.  Despite his intelligence he remains somewhat naive.
You character:  Would have to be strong, but caring.  He does well with other intelligent characters, usually older than he is.   He does well with supernatural characters as well.

Name:  Trey DeMark
Age: 17
Sexuality:  Bi, but he usually struggles to figure this out.  He's very closeted.
Looks:  A bit of a punky/gothy/emo snot.  He's got black hair that he keeps long in the front and a little bit shorter in the back so that he can spike the back out when he feels up to partying.  He's 5'7", white american boy with dark, forest green eyes.
Personality:  Trey is kind of a punk to deal with.  He's raised by his father (who happens to be a state senator), but they don't get along well because Trey's such a snot.  His favorite thing to do is dance.  He sneaks out constantly and manages to get into clubs downtown and he'll drink and get high often.  He likes to have anonymous sex with girls and he freaks out when guys hit on him. (unless I have him at the stage where he's curious.  I tweak his character a lot here and there.)   He's snarky and strong-willed, defiant but also a little lost.  He just wants to be loved.
Your Character:  Would have to be a strong male lead.  Someone that doesn't take snarky crap from wangsty teens.  Could be forceful, could be supernatural, could be a bad guy of some sort.  Trey has a streak in him that enjoys roughness and he always seeks negative attention so anyone that can deal with that would be great.

Name: Princess Ehuraen Heartfighter
Age: 42 (freshly into the age of majority for elves in her land)
Sexuality: Straight
Looks:  5'2" delicate female.  She's thin and petite with small bones.  She has extremely long white-blue hair and deep violet eyes.  Her elfy ears sweep toward the back of her head, long and skinny.
Personality:  She's pretty naive as she's kept in the castle.  Her father is a protective king and she's often not allowed to do much of anything.  The time she lives in has very traditional ideas on how women should behave.  She's a healer and has healing/glamour magics.  She's got a very big heart but is also a tad rebelious.  She dreams of marriage, but she wants a marriage of love rather than advantage. 
Your character:  Roguish men are often good matches for her.  She likes strong, beastly men that have a dark or sensitive side.  Someone that can be dangerous and/or exciting instead of stuffy royals.  Someone that can show her what life is like.  Or possibly someone that kidnaps her.