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Author Topic: Stupid Spoiled Whore. {EX, Bon slave, hardcore}  (Read 702 times)

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Offline Prefect MosTopic starter

Stupid Spoiled Whore. {EX, Bon slave, hardcore}
« on: June 16, 2011, 02:57:31 PM »

  Viewer discretion advised 

These are the Basics of my idea, I'm very happy to get into it more, and talk about switches, changes and possibilities. Hope you enjoy.  To be clear, I would be the Hotel owner, and some NPCs

She modeled her life on that of the other stupid spoiled whores, mostly Paris Hilton. She was much younger than Hilton. She was an heiress, or would be eventually, her family having billions of dollars. She had no idea about the history of the money, she had no idea what the family owned, nor did she care. All she knew was that she had money, and that made her better than everyone else. She was happiest when she was griefing other people, being a bitch, and throwing a tantrum.

It shouldn’t be too much surprise than that when she checked into the most expensive hotel in Vegas, that problems would arise. It was not her style of hotel, it was a classy joint. Fine art, including quite a few bits of original roman art was all over the place.  She had plan to cause a sceen, a plan to wind up on CNN , a plan to get the publicity that she craved.. She went to the Penturian club. It was black gowns, and ties. Yo Yo Ma was performing, people were eating, and listing to the music. She started throwing a tantrum, a loud tantrum.. about how the music sucked, and to bring on a DJ for some Ke$ha. During her tantrum she knocked over a priceless sculpture, worth several million dollars.  The bouncers grabbed her, and put her in a body bag. They drove her out to the mansion of the hotel owner, who had just taken over for his father.

He was cut from a different cord, His dad had been the one that earned the family money, and his dad rasied his son right. He worked hard, it was no guarantee that he would inherit squat, most of his siblings had middle class lives, earning their own way, having disappointed dad in some way. He knew this whores father, and knew him well. He was a frequenter in the high roller rooms. The father was on the first flight out, as the whore stayed in the body bag, in the back of the trunk. They had whiskey, and talked a little bit.

The first thing the whore saw was her Dads face, angry “Your cut off.. your cut off completely for this.. no money.. no anything.. you MIGHT earn your way into my good graces if you can earn the forginess of the man who owned the statue you broke.. you are Penniless “ and simply walked away. She could now get out of the body bag, the garage was concrete, ttwo large bouncers, and a man in his early thirties in a suit and tie awaited the whore to get out of the trunk to talk about how she might live..

Over the next year she was trained as a house slave, shown depravity she had no idea existed, stripped, and in the end, when he finally forgave her, she didn't want to go. 

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Offline Foxy DeVille

Re: Stupid Spoiled Whore. {EX, Bon slave, hardcore}
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2011, 03:13:37 PM »
To quote another heiress... that's hot. I'd be interested.

Offline Prefect MosTopic starter

Re: Stupid Spoiled Whore. {EX, Bon slave, hardcore}
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2011, 03:32:04 PM »
Hey there, edited to make a minor point more clear, also please PM me , your free to post here, but I'm much more likely to notice a PM.  I will respond to all PM's I notice asap.. so if its been a little wile, and I havn't responded, your PM got lost in the shuffle, this is me being dumb, not anything to deal with you, feel free to pm me again.