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Author Topic: Eightxinfinity - a hodgepodge of half formed plots and schemes (M LF F writers)  (Read 2983 times)

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Offline eightxinfinityTopic starter

Please feel free to shoot me a PM about any of these ideas. I'd rather not clutter this thread up when I may need more room in the future, thanks!

Also why not read my Ons/Offs? Who couldn't do with knowing more about a guy like me?

This thread contains whatever strange ideas are bouncing around in my head on any given day. I've been RPing for quite a while now, and consider myself fairly decent at it, though often times my posting rate can be slipshod and erratic.

Things I NEED and WANT in a writing partner:
  • Communication, communication, communication! - Let me know how you think the story is going, let me know if something needs to change, let me know if you're going to be absent, or if you're just really excited for me to post again. I hate writing stories in a bubble, and I hate not having a good idea where things are going after the first round of PMs
  • Help me build the world! - I love working with partners who are as invested in a story idea as I am. I understand when you're coming to someone else's idea how intimidating it can be to try and stand on an equal footing with the creator, but I feel like those are definitely the stories that end up being great.
  • Be descriptive and bring characters/settings to life! - In a back and forth story both partners thrive off what they're given from each other. Writing a nice and long post setting up an awesome scene just to get a paragraph regurgitated back will definitely sour me on any story no matter how exciting the concept is.
  • No Godmodding please! - I have no problem with minor playing of my character if it helps advance the story forward, but please don't assume to know the motives and thoughts of my character well enough to make big decisions without consulting (see point A!) and I'll definitely respect and do the same.
I am almost exclusively seeking Fem partners for these threads and I do almost exclusively forum posts or posts by google drive, though I might be talked into RPing via PM if you're especially nice to me.

Anyhow, onto the ideas!

Plot Ideas

These are fleshed out in only a very broad sense because I love input on story ideas, so if you see one that sounds good, PM me and we can further refine it!

They Say You Can Never Come Home - Modern, Romantic, CRAVING
He was a bit of a stoner burnout loser, classic kid who would never amount to anything. She was his best friend's sister, and he was hopelessly smitten with her. He hid it well, but eventually he couldn't stand being around what he knew he could never have. So he left town the only way he could, he enlisted in the Marines. Now he's finally coming home and changed man, though he has no idea what to expect when he gets there.

Streets of Fury - Modern, Action
I've been really wanting to write a street racing story for a while now. Maybe our characters are rival racers, fierce competitors who end up getting caught up in something much bigger than them that draw them together. Maybe one is a racer and the other a cop trying to bring them down. There's a lot of good scenarios here that could lead to some high octane action and tension!

Prom Night of the Living Dead - Modern, Zombies, Action
He's the nerd. She's the popular cheerleader. They're a horde of shambling undead. He would have never had a shot with her, but then they showed up and ate the rest of the class. Now they're under siege, surrounded by the rotting remains of their former cliques. Can they survive? Can he impress her? Or will they all be eaten alive?

What Really Happens Ever After? - Fantasy, Possible Non-con
This thread would revolve around the classic fairy tale story of prince charming and the young beauty he rescues. Only what happens after they ride away towards Ever After? I see this thread as being a dark non-con twist on the classic Sleeping Beauty or Snow White scenario. Prince Charming turns out to be anything but once the damsel is out of distress. A vicious brute, he keeps the young woman as a sexual slave, turning happily ever after into a living nightmare.

We're Motorcycle Enthusiasts - Modern, Action, Possible Non-con
Not a real fleshed out idea here, but interested in playing a biker, possibly a revenge thread for some wrong done against him. Would love to discuss this with an interested partner.
In the Wrong Place at the Right Time - Modern, Superheroes, Humorous
James was a normal everyday citizen, working hard to make ends meet in a city that made life hard. Your character is a superheroine, defender of the city, caped crusader, masked avenger at the likes. James seems to constantly find himself in the middle of these clashes between the heroine and her villain. As time goes by she starts to realize she's bailing the same poor unlucky fellow out of trouble time after time.
I see this as a slow building romantic comedy type thread as the masked heroine saves James time and time again from whatever peril he accidentally wanders into.

A Fresh Start - Modern, Romantic
My character has just had his life shaken up due to the death of his mother and his father's reassignment to a military base in Japan. This thread could take any number of different angles, but at its heart it is about a young man trying to start over again in a place that is completely foreign to him. New classes, new classmates, new customs, and the young man has no one upon whom he can lean with his burden.

Darkness Rising - Modern/Fantasy, Action
This is a modern fantasy thread in which my character plays the member of a dark cabal of sorcerers who has decided he can no longer walk the path of evil. Escaping from his brothers he is battered and beaten, staggering to the doorstep of your character. Whether she be magically attuned or just an ordinary person she must decide whether to help the battered young man or leave him for the darkness that is searching for him.

Artificial Love - Sci Fi, Possible Non-con
Sex bots are all the rave now that the technology has become truly life like, but what happens when one gains sentience only to realize she is an object to be fucked? This one could go dark or romantic depending.

Settings I'm craving

American West - Cowboys and Indians! Rustlers and Saloon girls!
Far East - Samurais, Ninjas, Monks, Martial Artists!
Science Fiction - Starfighters, Aliens, and zero G naughtiness!
Time Travel - Not really a setting but let's throw some people around time and see what shakes up.

Random pairings

These are things I have no concrete ideas for, but would love to flesh out with another writer.
(My character x Your Character)
Nerd x Cheerleader
Teacher x Student
Student x Teacher
Student x Student
Soldier x POW
Ronin Samurai x Geisha
Pirate x Victim

Current Stories
F%^& ALL!

Completed Stories
Haunted Love - With KaitlynKay (Light, Romantic)
A tale of two star crossed lovers in a small closed minded town.

I'd prefer writers who can hold together several paragraphs per post, though in areas where heavy interaction is needed between the characters it's perfectly acceptable for those posts to come up shorter.

Again, please PM me if any of these ideas appeal to you and we can brainstorm a way to make them be a story we can both enjoy!
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Offline Lady Kalypso

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Re: Eightxinfinity - the musings of a newbie
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2011, 06:28:41 PM »
This reminds me a lot about Game of Thrones' characters Daenerys and Drogo. Super sorry if that wasn't where you're brain was. Haha.

Either way, I'm hooked. I'm all about this kind of story. I also have a thread up, if you'd like to look at it. :)

Welcome to E! :)

Offline JadenMystic

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Re: Eightxinfinity - the musings of a newbie
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2011, 11:53:04 AM »
Darkness Rising
This is a modern fantasy thread in which my character plays the member of a dark cabal of sorcerers who has decided he can no longer walk the path of evil. Escaping from his brothers he is battered and beaten, staggering to the doorstep of your character. Whether she be magically attuned or just an ordinary person she must decide whether to help the battered young man or leave him for the darkness that is searching for him.

Very much interested in this one if you would like me as your partner. :-)

Offline arikelillusion

Re: Eightxinfinity - the musings of a newbie (LF FxM)
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2011, 09:59:32 PM »
Dark Realizations
The world was rocked by the existence of supernatural beings. Stories of creatures that went bump in the night from myth and legends were proven to be true. Mankind reacted to the existence of vamps, shifters, fey, and other stranger creatures with fear and revulsion. Containment zones were setup, little better than the ghettos of the past, where these creatures could live among their own kind, isolated from contact with humanity. Within such zones ancient blood feuds played themselves out as the paranormal creatures clashed.

This thread would play itself out as a twisted Romeo and Juliet love story, two different supernatural creatures find and fall for each other, despite the antagonism of their species and humanity as a whole.

I would likely play a shifter character myself, though I could see playing something different that would compliment my partner better.

i liked very much this one... looks like a good story... if you still have interest pm me =)

Offline Oreida Wesker

Re: Eightxinfinity - the musings of a newbie (M for F)
« Reply #4 on: June 07, 2012, 05:54:00 AM »
-Looks to Frozen Hearts with a girlish gleam, and yet.. Unredeemed has her wild west senses tingling after playing so much of Red Dead Redemption.-

Offline eightxinfinityTopic starter

Added 1 plot.