A soldiers fate

Started by LittleKitten, June 14, 2011, 09:28:29 PM

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The United States have war. The states have broken apart and become a mass of petty, squabbling city states. The powers been turned off and unities aren't running anymore. Food is scarce and people are fighting for the scraps that remain. Everyone suffers, except the soldiers. Their the city states defenses, their offense and their survival. Those soldiers are given the best that can be offered.

Of course, there is a price. The soldiers must go out and die. They must fight other soldiers for territory, kill farmers for their food and wrest precious gasoline from rovers.

One city state, The United Republic of Texas, has grown large and powerful. They control most of the south of the United States and have started drilling for oil. While the going is slow, they have been able to put a few Abrams back into service. They've produced stockpiles of ammunition and now...their ready for another invasion. 

Mississippi has suffered heavy losses. They also have an ammunition factory that will-with some repairs- produce.
So, an Abrams tank and an army of infantry are released in invasion.

Gorillas attack the army and retreat quickly. Their light forces have no chance against the tank, they'll have to disable it. As the tank rolls down the road, leading the army to victory, it stops. It's spotted a figure on the road. It's covered in blood and moving slightly, clearly in pain and trying to crawl away.

It's a woman, a woman who's been beaten and left with a broken leg. She'll die if left out here...