The seductress ( M for F)

Started by seducer12, June 14, 2011, 05:11:33 PM

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This idea just popped into my mind. It is between a married college professor and a young female student.


Mr. John Hopkins - He has always wanted to be a teacher. He has a doctorate in English literature and teaches it at NYU. He is 40 years old. At 5'11'', aristocratic features and a lean body he is not an unattractive man. He has been married for 15 years to a girl he met in college. He is not extravagant, happy to live life by the rules. He lives a contented life with his wife. everything is just about good. The sex is normal. Nothing extraordinary.

Sophia Ross - a girl from a poor family, she has come to New York to study at NYU. She is a vixen. Beautiful, sexy, with a sharp intellect and even sharper curves. She is a beauty and she knows it and uses it to her advantage. She also has a dominant side in her. She takes a liking to Mr. Hopkins whose class she attends.

The plot

Sophia takes a liking to Mr. Hopkins. She seduces him and slowly as any man would he falls for her. Having made him fall in love with her, she uses him. For money, priveleges in class and grades. In the bedroom she is his mistress, making him submit to various humiliations. He enjoys this and he becomes addicted to her, risking his marriage, his money and his reputation to please her.

Any thoughts on plot variations are welcome. I see the female character being utterly devious, evil and manipulative. How the plot eventually develops can also be discussed. PM me if you are interested. :)

Gail Warning

Hi Seducer.

I like the sound of this. Do you have an ultimate conclusion to the story in mind, or will it be just a matter of seeing where things lead?



Have sent you a PM regarding the plot. :)