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Fairy Rythm

Started by Alliance, June 14, 2011, 04:41:10 AM

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So this is a straight and clear cut idea.

I wanted to do a "Mahou Shojo + Shonen" RP, it basically means magical girl and guy RP.

It would be like Sailor Moon. But we would have the Pretty Fairy Fairies and the Knight Guardians. The Knight Guardians are the pretty Princess Fairies guardians and partners. They all end
up falling in love with their destined partner. Even if they do not know each other's destinies.


Id love to be apart of this game.


I am interested in this. Is there going to be a central plot line? Is there a negaverse so to speak?


It would be a generic plot:

A long time ago there was a beautiful kingdom called the Diamond of Kingdoms. It was guarded by three beautiful warrior princess's who represented the elements and the beautiful princess born to one day rule
the Diamond Kingdom. Each three warriors were equipped with a knight to protect them and a prince. The Diamond Kingdom was prosperous and peaceful, until the kingdom of Ruby arrived. Ruby attacked the Diamond kingdom
slaughtering everyone or corrupting them with Dark Intense Rubies, these rubies turned these people into horrible monsters. Corrupting their every desire. For centuries, Earth lay silent, but now the Ruby kingdom has slowly gain one Earth and now threatens their existence.
You're just four ordinary guys or girls. One day the girls, buy themselves clothing brooch they think is just a normal brooch. Not realizing the secret power inside of them and how they just signed up to save the human world from the Ruby Kingdom. Collecting dark souls and purifying them through the diamonds. The boy on the other hand, their powers are activated the moment the girls activate theirs. The boys are not always aware of their transformations. One of them may be, he might be the odd ball. But for the most part the boy's  ancestral blood dates back to the Diamond Kingdom, but they do not know

-I will need someone willing to play the Head Princess, the leader of the group

-I will need three princess warriors

-I will need three prince knights

-I will be playing the head Prince, though the Knights don't directly work together. Their main goal is to protect their partner, not work together as fellow Knights. Some situation may call for them to work together,
however it isn't mandatory.


Character Sheet

Name: [What is your character's name]

Princess Name: [What is your Princess name?]

Element: [what is your element]

Age: [How old are you?]

Appearance: [Your normal everyday appearance as a high school girl or boy]

Transformation Appearance: [What does your princess look like?]

Partner: [Which Knight is your partner. Head Knight and Head Princess go together. But depending on the Element you choose, you can choose your partner. I do not want Fire Knight with the Fire Princess.
They should be separate elements of different natures]

Personality: [How do you behave? Likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc.]

History: [What is your character's background.]

Transformation Theme: [What's the song that plays when you transform into the princess]