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Author Topic: Requests and Plots inside! (FxF, FxM)  (Read 1148 times)

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Offline CraziedTopic starter

Requests and Plots inside! (FxF, FxM)
« on: June 14, 2011, 01:59:24 AM »
[you], please read this before reading anything else! I am only open to roleplaying a certain plot. Obiviously the plot I want is located at the end of this post. If this plot interests you let me know! Because this plot is a serious craving I will not be choosing partners on a first come first served basis. So I would recommend checking out the plot first to see if it interests you before wasting your time and reading the rest of this post.

I finally decided to post my own request thread instead of searching through thousands of other threads. So first off I do have standards so if you don't meet these standards then please don't waste my time by asking to roleplay, it won't happen. Oh and I only do MxF, FxF, and FutaxF (I won't be playing the futa). Also I am submissive with aggressive tendencies, so don't expect me to just dominate. However I do have a little experience with being dominate but I can only play a Dom character if I'm in the mood for it.


1.Literacy: Now I don't believe that I am seriously strict about how literate my partner is, I just ask that you can form sentences and use good grammar. I understand that typos happen, and honestly if I can understand what you're saying we're good. Now that doesn't mean you can use l33t speak and expect me to be okay with it.

2.Respect: Do understand that I have a life. There will be days when I can be on for hours but don't expect that to happen often. I can, however, promise that I will respond at least twice a day. So be respectful and patient and I will do the same.

3.Length: I tend to match paragraphs, at the least I will post a paragraph. With that being said I don't do one liners at all. There needs to be something for me to work off of. At the most I will do 3-4 paragraphs, but I tend to shy away from the longer posts since some people think that they are scary.

4.PMs: Are preferred, but I can do forums and possibly email. Due to the circumstances I CANNOT play over IM's, sorry.

If you have made it this far then CONGRATUATIONS! Thank you [you] for reading this far!

Things That I Like:
    Long-term roleplays

For a complete list of likes and dislikes you can click here. I'm still working on my likes and dislikes seeing that I am trying new things here and there.


Anything in bold is my role if there is nothing in bold then I don't really care. 

Craving Scale
1*= Only if you can seriously convince me with a good plot.
2*= Maybe…
3*= Sure why not.
4*= Yes!
5*= When do we start?

So [you] if you find something you like or a plot that you already had in mind don't be afraid to shoot me a PM!


Best FriendxBest Friend's younger sister****
BossxEmployee (or maid)*****

Plots: Their not really fully fleshed out. When you contact me we can tweak it as much as we would like. (Will be updated from time to time)

An unrequited love: In a high school setting you have your typical teenage popular girls. Other students can tell you that there are two girls that come to mind when they think of the popular crowd. These two girls haven't always hated each other. They once were best friends, practically inseparable until one girl developed a crush on the other. Rejected by her best friend she decided that if she couldn't no one else could.
Sub option: The two girls are forced to spend time together after a huge fight, by a counselor.****

A night to forget: A college student went out partying with her friends to celebrate before their first day of college. After hopping from bar to bar she ends up having a one night stand with a older man or woman. Leaving before they even wake up she leaves, gathering her clothes and what's left of her pride. Making it to class on time she starts to wish that she had stayed in her dorm when she meets her new professor for the second time.

It's nothing personal: As a personal live in assistant, I have been there for you for years. Falling in love with you earlier on I kept it a secret the best I could. With you being a big shot and such you never really paid much attention to me anyway. So it was easy for you to overlook my feelings and opinions on the women or groupies you brought back to your bed.

(New Plot!): Okay so before I describe this plot for some reason I imagined this plot being played with my character being human and your character being a vampire; and I'm talking like a burn in the sun vamp...not Twilight...more like True Blood.

If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

Elle had it all, at least it felt that way a loving family, friends and anything she ever wanted. She loved her family dearly and would do anything for them. After returning from a short vacation with a friend she found her family brutally murdered, for what reason she didn't know. Maybe her father was in debt to a local mob or it was a hit put on by a opposing candidate that was running against him. However that didn't matter to her, all that mattered now was avenging their deaths. Leaving behind everything she knows she follows the clues left behind by the murderer to capture them herself seeing the local police had done nothing to help.

[you], hoped you found something you liked if not thanks for checking out my request thread anyway.
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Offline CraziedTopic starter

Re: Requests and Plots inside! (FxF, FxM)
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2011, 11:43:56 AM »
Added plot: It's nothing personal
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Offline Visna

Re: Requests and Plots inside! (FxF, FxM)
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2011, 01:15:01 PM »
Is A Night to Forget available?

Offline CraziedTopic starter

Re: Requests and Plots inside! (FxF, FxM)
« Reply #3 on: June 15, 2011, 04:03:14 PM »
A night to forget is still available.
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Offline CraziedTopic starter

Re: Requests and Plots inside! (FxF, FxM)
« Reply #4 on: July 15, 2011, 12:40:28 AM »
Updated: Added another plot.

Offline Nim

Re: Requests and Plots inside! (FxF, FxM)
« Reply #5 on: July 15, 2011, 03:13:30 AM »
If you have made it this far then CONGRATUATIONS! Thank you Nim for reading this far!

I am not certain how I feel about this sentence since my chosen name on E is Nim.  But I am interested in playing "An unrequited love"

I would be willing to play either part.  The part of the one who put her best foot forward and tried to be more than just friends or the part of the one who rejected the idea of being more than just friends.  Sounds like it could be a very interesting role play.

Offline Garreth

Re: Requests and Plots inside! (FxF, FxM)
« Reply #6 on: July 15, 2011, 09:20:43 AM »
She's using the [ you ] tag in her post. That is always replaced by the name of the person reading it. That's why it says Nim for you, and Garreth for me.

Offline CraziedTopic starter

Re: Requests and Plots inside! (FxF, FxM)
« Reply #7 on: August 03, 2011, 11:11:48 PM »