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Author Topic: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Excursionist!]  (Read 3236 times)

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Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

End Game


A World Changed:

This wasn’t how it was supposed to end. There have been several prophecies: Revelations, Fatima, Planet X, Armageddon…I could go on; but no one would have thought that not one of those theories would happen the way they said it would—the old apostles, prophets, scientists and geniuses of their time. They were all wrong.

It all began January 1, 2012; every country was celebrating the birth of a new year, the birth of the final year of light. When the morning arrived, there was no sun only a bloody moon that lit the world in red. Everything was slipping slowly into silence. People began to disappear and creatures, monsters, began to appear. I was a cop at the time, and we kept receiving numerous calls at the station about murders, deaths, people being eaten, torn apart and maimed—kidnappings and abductions. There were so many calls ringing off the hook, we didn’t know what to do. You won’t believe what happened…they had taken over.

They were the villains and creatures of every horror story and movie ever created and brought to existence. It was as though every dark thing we imagined had become real. There were vampires, werewolves, demons, imps, dragons, boogie men, ghosts and monsters. They overran the planet tiny and colossal—some in wild packs and swarms. The entire human race was at war for what lasted for only a month. The armies, navies, and air forces of the world tried to resist them but nothing worked. Fighter jets were tossed out of the sky by devils and dragons, and destroyers and air craft carriers were sunk by giant serpents and krakens. Again, nothing worked. Well, almost nothing worked. We discovered that the old silver, holy water, wolfs bane, etc. All worked. But I’ll get to that later.

The world has now become a base of operations for the damned. Humans have become livestock, slave labor, pleasure, anything you can think of we were now at the bottom of the food chain, and at the bottom of society. We had no rights. We were like roaches wondering the streets, and waiting to be stomped on. A race of three trillion people had shrunk to 426,000. The bloodshed, carnage, and damage that were dealt to our existence devastated and shattered the hopes of several of us, but not all of us were ready to go down so easily.

The World Now:

Year 2022…

The world now continues much like it did before except the Sinners (as we've grown to call all the evil beings that have taken control) own the cities, and all the fine things we once had. The humans are broken into several categories: 1) those trying to exist in the ghettos, 2) those living in hiding, 3) those enslaved, 4) livestock, and of course, 5) the traitors. The Sinners won’t eliminate us all for they relish the world we've built: our luxuries and wonders. We have become pets and our minds are used to continue our sciences to find ways to better benefit their existence. Life goes on, people are born, used, and killed. There are some who have even become something less human.

The Resistance:

This is where we come in. I haven’t come up with a name for our base of operations, but people tend to call us Salvation. We are the resistance. We are the men and women who have discovered how to wound these devils, see what others can’t see, and do what others can’t do. We use magic, alchemy, and any form of technology old and new. People think we are insane because our enemy is nearly the entire world and we choose to fight them. However, we’re always getting new members. We save them and even purge them of The Taint. I feel we have a chance because evil is unable to cooperate with evil. The Sinners are unable to form a force that would crush us. They are all selfish and only worried about themselves. You see our hope now.
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Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Human Classifications:

The Tainted: are humans that are slowly being corrupted by the palpable evil that overwhelms the entire earth. This evil known simply as Taint is like a disease that will gradually change the appearance of a human so that their form slowly becomes more demonic or grotesque. It gives humans super human qualities, but the more those qualities are used, the quicker the Taint moves in to poison their minds, turning them into a rabid lunatic or turn them into a complete Sinner. A tainted human will realize they’re creeping closer to becoming a Sinner if they develop a fascination for human blood and meat. They will develop a morbid personality and insensitive behavior. A tainted human can only be saved by the healing powers of a blessed one. Some humans are power hungry and enjoy what the taint does for them. Those humans are often lost and difficult to save. There are incidents where a tainted human will develop homeostasis, where their condition won't worsen or get better. As long as they stay sane, and choose to fight for humanity, Salvation will always accept these mutants.

The Blessed: are humans that have been influenced by angels. The Blessed give off spectacular characteristics such as a dim glow surrounding them when evil is near and even small gifts such as: healing, seeing invisible Sinners and the weak spots of Sinners, bless weaponry that can be used against Sinners, and exorcise/repel evil spirits and demons. The lightest touch from a blessed human can ignite a Sinner in flames. How a human becomes a blessed one is an amazing and rare occurrence. There are few humans who can acquire such a miracle. Virgins are the most common and those with a pure heart. An angel will become attracted to the human’s self-less nature and reach out and touch him or her. Though becoming a blessed one is a wonderful thing, a blessed one can easily lose their blessing. If they are deceived by Sinners and fall for their temptation, a blessed one can easily become tainted.

Humans: We are pretty self-explanatory, however, we aren't as useless or weak as most choose to believe. Thanks to research and technology, we have invented devices powered both by energy and magic. So don't underestimate us, we're fighting this war too, you know.

The Prophet: There is only one prophet in existence and he currently is the leader of Salavation. The prophet is a human blessed by God and is the only being capable of seeing angels. He is thought to be able to lead the resistance in the right direction and that his every decision is mandated by God. The prophet is sometimes capable of seeing into the future briefly, but just like God, his powers work in mysterious ways, but basically, he’s just a plain-old human.

Sinner Classifications:

Ghouls: are humans that have betrayed the human race by joining the Sinners. They are given the brand of 666, extraordinary powers, and one wish that always comes with consequences. Ghouls, once a ghoul, are no longer human. They can sometimes appear human but there is always something disfiguring or grotesque about them. They may have an extra face growing out of their back or a second body budding from their stomach. They may have a mouth on their bellies or wide jaws. Ghouls vary in shape and size and are unable to see the monsters they have become. They are blinded by the grandeur the Sinners have given them and can only be freed through their demise.

Anklebiters: This name is given to the tiny and lesser Sinners. They are small in size often about the height of a pencil. They resemble imps, and if one is seen, chances are there are hundreds more. They never travel alone and like a swarm of locusts, their whole goal is to eat anything and everything living. They can even eat each other as they travel like a thick wave and emit playful giggles. A good flame thrower is the best solution for dealing with these minions. One always knows when a swarm of Anklebiters are around - just listen for the giggles.

Specters: are evil spirits that if seen, more than likely, there’s a devil nearby. Specters' main purpose is to imbue terrifying or longing illusions into a human’s mind to lower their sense of will. They then can possess a weak-spirited human and lead them to the devil they hang around. Specters are the servants of devils, and when they’re nearby, the vicinity becomes freezing. A mob of specters can give off enough taint to turn an entire block into a tundra. They aren’t always around devils for some devils have learned that Specters only bring them unwanted attention.

Dragons: are exactly that—giant beasts not always reptilian or dinosaur in appearance. They can vary in size and are classified by levels 1-10. The levels are determined by the crown-like growths found on their skulls. The weakest dragon bears only one crown, while the strongest dragon and largest threat has ten. No one has ever seen dragons with crowns higher than five, but they supposedly exist.

Leprechauns: are exactly that—short, lesser humans that are often found around rich places. Majority of them actually are the new bourgeois. They inhabit casinos, yacht parties, grand hotels, etc. They have long pointy ears and noses, and are obsessed with gold. Their obsession can also be their undoing. Iron is their weakness.

[This is just a basic classification list. There are numerous other creatures such as vampires, trolls, demons, etc. They’re pretty much self-explanatory and we can make more threats as we go.]
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Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Salvation – Job List:

[Salvation is a huge, underground faction. There are many jobs players can choose--jobs both off base and on. Certain jobs have limitations that are marked by numbers within parenthesis. Some jobs are infinite. Whatever job you choose, I hope you have fun and perform the job to your best and creative ability.]


Seers (2)

Exorcists (2)

Medics (1/2)
James Lee (cypridophobia)

Healers (∞)
Seth Andrews (omfgSarah)

Infantry (∞)
Fenrick Storms (Dracoat)
Megan Gravois (ivygrowth) (1)
(I will be allowing only one sniper and one demolitions expert. This number may change depending on how many people we get. Foot soldiers are infinite.)

Guardians (∞)

Engineers (2)

Scientists (2)

Excursionists (∞)
Redrick Schuhart (TheHangedMan)

Pilots (∞)

[More jobs can be added as players make suggestions. However, if the GM rejects your suggestion, then No is No. The limitations on certain jobs may be altered depending on the size of the RP.]

Salvation Job Description:

Leader: Already explained. This is The Prophet's role.

Seers: A position given to a Blessed One who has the ability to see Sinners that cannot be seen by the naked eye and who can identify the weaknesses of the enemy. Seers like all teammates are flexible when it comes to certain jobs such as also assisting infantry. A Seer is a necessity for any team that chooses to leave base.

Exorcists: A position given to a Blessed One who has the ability to repel evil spirits (such as specters) and free humans under demonic possession. If a human becomes possessed, only an exorcist can save him or her. No other Blessed One can. Exorcists are effective for fighting off specters and also possess the ability to bless weaponry to make them effective against Sinners.

Medics: A Blessed One that can reside outside or inside combat. He or she has the ability to heal wounds and relieve a human being from taint. They also make effective soldiers.

Healers: These are Blessed Ones who work within HQ. They can be found in the Infirmary, trying to save the lives of soldiers harmed in battle. They are kept out of combat.

Infantry: is comprised of any Salvation member who wants to go front lines and get the job done as quick and with as few casualties as possible.

Guardians: are comprised of any Salvation member given the position to defend. They stay with the Humvee during missions and are present around HQ. They function the same way the infantry does except they're defensive.

Engineers: These members of Salvation specialize in hacking, programming, and repair. If something is damaged and needs to be repaired that is the job of the Engineers. If something no longer functions, it's the Engineers' job to get it to work. The Engineers possess elements of infantry. Depending on the mission, they can be present on the front lines just like any other soldier.

Scientists: These members of Salvation specialize in science, research, alchemy, and the arcane arts. They create the weapons, devices, and transportation used by the organization as well as create runes that grant the members special abilities. They create the wards that protect members from taint, but let's just summarize this. They create everything! A player must be very creative to play this role because there may be incidents where they'll have to come up with something new.

Excursionists: These are soldiers whose job is to search for new supplies, food, and whatever else is useful to the organization. Their job is often very dangerous because they aren't always accompanied by the infantry. They must elect whoever is available to join their team.

Pilots: Pretty self-explanatory. In the case of a dragon attack, these guys are the warriors that take it down.

[All positions except for Healers and Scientists specialize in infantry. When a mission doesn't look like your job is requested, then you are free to join the mission as infantry.]

Profile Layout

Code: [Select]
[b]Hair Color[/b]:
[b]Eye Color[/b]:
[b]Cup Size[/b]:
[b]Basic Appearance[/b]:



Profile Description

[If you see an asterisk next to it, it’s optional and doesn’t have to be filled out.]

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Nickname: Are there any nicknames your character possess? *
Codename: Different from nickname, the name people refer to you usually on operations and for radio communication.
Age: How old?
Gender: Male or Female? No futa.
Race: Blessed, Human, or Tainted.
Type: If your character is a human, then delete this. If you are a Blessed One, you must choose one: Seer, Healer (this also is the generalization for Medic), or Exorcist. If you are a Tainted One, you must choose one: Mutant or Savable (one that can be purged of The Taint).
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Cup Size: For females.
Complexion: Skin color.
Physique: Solid, thin, hour-glass, fat, etc.
Basic Appearance: What does your character look like in a nutshell. Also, if there are any other details about your character such as scars, tattoos, accessories, hair style, or streaks in hair - you explain in detail here.

Occupation: Any listed in the job list besides Prophet. If you are infantry, you need to list specifically what job under infantry you are: sniper, demolition, or foot soldier.
Personality: Personality in a nutshell.
Likes: *
Dislikes: *
Talents: Does your character have some skills? Speak different languages, dance, acrobatics, martial arts, cook, hack, etc?
Background: You would explain here what your character was doing before the apocalypse. Or, if they were born after it, then...yeah. You can also explain how they came across salvation. Were they a pet, slave, etc. before and were saved? You are also welcome to play a victim that needs to be saved. You just need to let the GM know. *

Weaponry: The weapons your character can have are modern and can have modifications/customizations. You will be limited to 1 primary weapon, 1 secondary weapon, and three support such as grenades, C4, etc. At the beginning of the RP, everyone will start with normal weapons found today. If you want something fancy, then seek out the player who plays the Scientist and make a request.
Gear: What your character carries. The items can be edible, personal, support (ammo), or miscellaneous.
Powers: All characters can only have one power that is granted to them by 1 Rune. If they would like to change the power in the future, then they must seek out the player who plays the Scientist and make a request to have your rune changed.
Abilities: This is for The Tainted players. Being a tainted, you are granted certain enhancements that make you superhuman. You can only select 3 mutant abilities that are either physical or mental.

[Things you’ll automatically have are an earpiece to keep in communication with everyone else.]
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Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

How We Roll:

Chapter One: Meat Farm

Okay, so this mission is not going to be very long. This is only a chapter of End Game. There will be more chapters to come and with every new chapter, certain jobs that weren't used in the previous chapter may become necessary in the next. However, the character you make for this chapter, you can choose to keep for the next chapter or if you don’t like him or her, and how he or she performed, you can ditch the profile (or kill him or her off) and make another one when chapter two comes. As for now, here is how this chapter will go.

Salvation will be storming a human farm. You will see some really sick shit, but that’s the point of this RP. It’s a dark fantasy/horror. You won’t see any sparkling vampires or any sugar-plum fairies. You will see pure, hardcore demons and monsters the way they are supposed to be. I will be playing the Prophet. In that way, I can guide us through Chapter One. I will also be playing the ghoul that runs the farm. My words to everyone else, get ready for some serious action.

Any who, for those players whose job may not prove necessary in Chapter One, there will be a thread for Salvation HQ. You can choose to RP there or join the Excursionists on their side missions. Excursionists perform missions separate from the infantry. They are usually raiding grocery stores, malls, finding vehicles and stealing gasoline, their job is all about ensuring the organization's survival. Because the strength of the organization isn't there with them to protect them, there are times they run into great peril. Excursionists can always request help from base, and a rescue unit comprised of whoever isn't involved in the main mission, can go to assist them.

I will leave the planning of the side missions up to the excursionists. Remember, as Excursionists, you can recruit other players that you think you'll need on your trip.

Terms to Know in this Chapter:

Gruel: It is the food of the Sinners. Not even Sinners eat this stuff unless they’re a spawn of Gluttony. If any human eats this food, they won’t be able to stop. Even the slightest drop or speck on someone’s lips, if consumed, they won’t be able to stop. This is what the Sinners feed to the humans on the farm to make them nice and plump for the slaughter house.


1.   OOC will remain in the OOC thread. That is what the OOC is made for so please do not post OOC bubbles in the IC. If you’re going somewhere or are trying to talk to someone specifically, PM them or use the OOC thread. Thanks.
2.   Do not post pictures in the IC thread. I never saw the point in that. We can always go see who your character is. Please don’t post pictures in the IC thread. If you really want to post a picture, post it in the OOC. Also, I notice some people like to post pictures in the IC thread because they feel it helps them convey what they are describing better. Usually people who post pictures in the IC thread, post ridiculously enormous pics. If you are a writer, then conveying the mental image you're trying to present in your writing won't be difficult. A mental image is more effective than an actual image because the reader's opinion creates what you're trying to describe. If you are reliant on pictures, then use this RP to learn how to not be reliant on them and to practice bettering description and detail in your writing.
3.   Do not auto-hit another player’s character. There is a correct way to attack the character of another player and that is to write the action as an intention. Meaning it hasn’t happened yet, but depending on the other players response, it can happen. Example: Bob swings his fist at Jay’s jaw. In that statement, the action was never confirmed to have happened. The intention is just there. In the case of two characters running into conflict, I recommend they discuss how the fight will occur in the OOC to eliminate any drama.
4.   What I say goes. I try to be as fair as possible, if you’re trying to ask a favor of me that I say “No” to, then please respect that it’s no. Do not argue with me. No is no.
5.   Interaction. Do not join this RP if you do not plan on interacting with another player. I will not allow tea parties. Tea parties are when two players constantly post to one another and ignore everyone else. This RP kind of makes interaction very impossible. I don’t see why a tea party would start up when your characters are all working together. If your characters are separated from the group, then this is fine. I’m sure you know what I mean by tea parties anyway, so I’m not going to drawl this explanation on.
6. Respect each other’s O/Os. I recommend players keep in contact with anyone they are interacting with. Always make sure that what you are doing doesn’t offend another player. If there is a problem in the RP that you wish to tell me, the GM, you are welcome to PM if you think it may affect your continuation with this RP.
7. Do not control another player’s character. Always give the other player a chance to respond. If you feel impatient, then go do something else. Take a break. There is no hurry.
8. Post at least 200 words. This isn’t a lot. I just do not like one-lining. So please try and meet the 200 words minimum.
9. Communication. This is what makes RPs last a long time. If you disappear please be courteous to let us know in the OOC. I can make adjustments to the RP this way. If you quit, then please say you’re leaving. But once you quit, please refrain from talking in the OOC. Once you are gone, you are gone. The OOC is for players involved in this storyline.
10. RP Speed I expect people to post once a day or at least 2 to 3 times a week. I understand everyone is busy. I'm busy at times. I want this RP to move at a comfortable speed. If a player hasn't posted for 4 days straight, without informing the Rpers of his or her negligence, then skip him or her.
11. No Futanari Self-explanatory.
12. Grammar It sounds so simple but you'll be surprised how many people don't use it. If English isn't your primary/native language, then you're fine. I'll let this rule pass on you. But for those whose native/primary language is English, I may deny your application to this RP if your grammar needs improvement. So please proof-read your posts before posting them. Use M-word, spell check, or something.
13. No infinite ammo. No one has infinite ammo so be sure to “realistically” label how much rounds your character is carrying in a single magazine and how many magazines he or she is carrying. We want people to run out of ammo in the RP. It creates drama.
14. NO Hybrids. If you choose a Blessed One, then you are role playing a Blessed One. Unless he or she gets tainted, then can he or she lose their purity and be reverted to a Tainted One. But there is no, I'm a human, tainted, prophet, blessed one, hybrid with god-awesome powers. If anyone tries to say that in their profile, I'm just going to ask you to get out.
15. Have fun. Please write enough so that we can appreciate your character. I am very lenient with this RP, but please don’t give me a reason to be strict. Use spell check, read over your posts, and don’t post for the hell of it. If no one has posted yet, then don’t just post to post because it makes you feel accomplished. That is clutter. Do not clutter up the RP. At the end of the day, when people get out of classes or off work, they want to come online and find something worth reading. Just go find something to do until someone posts a reply.

Approved Players

Redrick Schuhart - (Tainted/Mutant) - TheHangedMan
Fenrick Storms - (Human/Infantry) - Dracoat
Megan Gravois - (Human/Sniper) - ivygrowth
James Lee - (Blessed/Medic) - cypridophobia
Seth Andrews - (Blessed/Healer) - omfgSarah


This is where questions asked by players that weren’t answered in the above explanation will be answered.


This is where I will write any clarifications if something seems confusing.

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Re: End Game [Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
« Reply #4 on: June 13, 2011, 09:09:14 PM »
Name: Redrick Schuhart
Nickname(s): Red
Codename: Fly Guy
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Tainted
Type: Mutant
Height: 5'8
Weight: 220 lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Orange
Complexion: White with slightly orange tinge
Cup Size: N/A
Physique: Athletic
Basic Appearance: Red's taint is obvious to those who see him, in the form of wings on his back. In total, he has a seven and a half foot wingspan, with the wings being a very dark red in color, and leathery. Beyond this, he has a slightly orange tinge to his skin. Beyond that, he is a fairly 'average' looking guy. He has thick, powerful legs, lightly muscled arms, and small stomach. His orange eyes have a dull, glazed look to them at all times. A large number of scars can be found on his body.

Occupation: Excursionist
Personality: Tends to be socially shy and withdrawn; often confused and shows a lack of understanding of even fundamental social interaction. On many levels, Redrick is socially and emotionally retarded due to the... life, if you can call it that, that he's had up until being rescued. However, this being said, he is an autodidact.   Because of some of the things he's seen and been through, he's become hardened to some degree to extreme forms of violence and often does not understand why others can be affected by the things that don't even make him flinch. Known to have uncharacteristic bouts of excited happiness that borders on mania. Medical staff may view him as suffering from some symptoms of bipolar disorder. 
Likes: Pain (Masochism developed as a coping mechanism), food, soda.
Dislikes: The sound of knives being sharpened, quick movement, starvation, being bound/restrained.
Talents:  Skilled in flying (physically flying; not flying aircraft), Speaks and understands a small amount of some demonic languages, torture ('reverse engineering' what's been done to him).
Background: He was only thirteen when the end of the world came; still young and innocent, and still developing. Under normal circumstances, he might have become a fairly typical teenager and adult. But instead, he wound up being a 'toy' for one particular demon.

Red was not sure what her name was, nor much of her appearance; these things were often kept secret from him, for what reasons he does not know, though he does speculate it was some sort of power game.

The creature in question fed off of pain, and found the youth's pain easy to draw out and delightful to her palate.  An extended amount of time in the "care" of this foul creature is what has caused Redrick to become Tainted; or perhaps it was some of the downright ghastly things he was forced to eat at times.

When he was 22, the creature that had been tormenting him went off and disappeared, abandoning her toy; perhaps she was killed by Salvation or another. He doesn't know. What he does know is that some people scavving around for goods found him, and took pity on him. They brought him back to Salvation.

Due to some quirk, his Taint is not able to be cleansed. However, since he has been removed from the vicinity of the Sinner that "owned" him, it seems to have stopped developing.

Weaponry: A sawed off double barrel  shotgun serves as his primary weapon, though he prefers not to use it. At all times he carries an additional 20 shells with him for it. His backup weapon is a genuine leather whip, 36 inches long; he has a moderate amount of skill with it, both as a weapon and for utility purposes. For support items, he has a smoke grenade, a flash grenade, and a traditional fragmentation grenade.
Gear: He wears thick, padded leather clothing (biker armor, essentially) that has been modified to allow him to still utilize his wings. Other items include a simple lighter, and a large backpack that, due to his wings, he has to carry by hand. He typically wears dark sunglasses to protect his eyes during the daytime/around base.
Powers: N/A
Flight: Because of the wings that have forced their way out of his back, he is capable of flight. This is a tiresome activity, even when the wind is working with him.  He can fly for about an hour before tiring, and with a maximum load of 75 pounds; carrying any more then that severely reduces his flight time and speed. During that hour of flight, he can travel about 10 miles.
Night-sight: he is capable of seeing well in low light conditions, and even in no-light conditions (however, in the case of no-light, his vision becomes black and white). This ability allows him to see up to sixty feet away. His eyes are  sensitive to lights greater than 80 watts, a downside to this power.
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Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

TheHangedMan: The only thing I see wrong about this profile was my fault. I thought I had added "Abilities" beneath powers, but I didn't, so I fixed it. Here's an explanation of Powers and Abilities. The Abilities section belongs to The Tainted.

Powers: All characters can only have one power that is granted to them by 1 Rune. If they would like to change the power in the future, then they must seek out the player who plays the Scientist and make a request to have your rune changed.
Abilities: This is for The Tainted players. Being a tainted, you are granted certain enhancements that make you superhuman. You can only select 3 mutant abilities that are either physical or mental.

Your character is very cool, and if he hadn't already been with Salvation, his background story may have been cool to RP. If they found him on a mission. But, I'm sure that his mysterious mistress could be used as something in the future. Perhaps they find her in one of the missions, and he has to confront his past?

Any who, if you make those small changes (Abilities and Powers), you're good to go.

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Thank you.  :-) And depending on if people want to play it, I'd actually like the idea of playing out his being saved and recruited. I have no problems with tweaking that last bit of his history. 

Do as you wish with the mistress; I intentionally left her fate vague so that you had something to work with if you choose to.

Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Well, we'll see how many more people decide to be Excursionists. They may be doing that RP. They can come across your character on one of their trips.

Two more questions: 1) Is the third ability going to be something he'll unlock eventually in the game?

2) Is your character a Mutant or a Tainted who can be purged of The Taint and reverted back to Human?

I think I'm glad you posted so soon because I'm seeing all these new additions I need to make to the profile skeleton. I need to add for "Type:" Mutant and Savable. That way it lets me know these things.

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I was  going to leave the third ability blank, and have it just be 'wasted potential' of a sort, though if you think it would be fitting, he may develop a third power down the road.

Can you be a bit more precise in what separates the Tainted from Mutants?

Also glad to help, even if indirectly. I really, really like this idea, Deception, and I think it has a lot of potential.

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It can be wasted potential. I was just curious. But if you ever want to use that slot later, at least you know it's there.

As for the difference, I wrote it on the skeleton so as not to confuse people: "Mutant" or "Savable." Most Tainted beings are savable, meaning a Blessed One can purge The Taint from them and revert them back to the human they once were. But on rare occasions, one who is Tainted can adapt to it. Their body will develop a symbiosis and thus mutate to the point that they don't become a demon and they can't be reverted back to a human either. Instead, they stay in the state The Taint left them in. That is a mutant (it's still a Tainted just a special kind). You would list either Mutant or Savable in Type.

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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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Groovy. He's a mutant, then. I also edited my sheet to reflect that change.

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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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Put it where "Type" is listed in your profile. That's where it would go.

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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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Done. Sorry about that.

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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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Great. Approved. I'm a little OCD lol when it comes to small things like that.

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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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I don't blame you, I'm much the same way, haha. Consistency in sheets is nice.

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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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Name: Fenrick Storms
Codename: Silver
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Gray
Complexion: Light Tan
Physique: Solid
Basic Appearance:Hair closely cropped, with an almost eternal 5 O'Clock shadow on his face. A large scar crosses over his left cheek and gives him a smirking visage. His eyes always seem tired. His body, thick with muscle, and his short stature made an unusually large demon think he was a leprechaun once.
Occupation: Infantry
Personality:  Fenrick adopts a steely calm when outside of sanctuary. His temperment serves to keep everyone level-headed, whether in a fight to the death or not. For those that know him, the permanent smirk on his face suits his usually jovial attitude. For those that don't know him,  they usually find him a bit standoffish, mainly due to his hesitant nature when talking to anyone unknown. His only qualm in life is "Why couldn't it have been a blue moon?"
Likes:Poetry, Trying to spot angels, and silver
Dislikes:Werewolves, Silence, and Unknown Giggling
Talents: Simple Metallurgy, Excellent Close-Combat, Stalking Targets, and Traps
Background: Fenrick grew up in the harsh times of an economic slag that America had entered into. Money was tight and jobs were hard to come by. His also being a fresh high school grad didn't help his resume much when it came down to finding any jobs. So doing what seemed the best option, he joined the military.

The year 2012 rolled around as had every year. Just finishing basic and trained to be a combat engineer, he was prepared for whatever the world could throw at him. What he wasn't prepared for was an apocalyptical explosion of creatures straight from the bible and fiction stories. Of course the military" had it under control", for about 2 days, then it was survival for yourself.

For three years he survived as the world grew more hostile. 2015, June 27, was the day he was attacked by the werewolf. Panic set in as he realized that his conventional weapons had little effect. He managed to kill the beast with some silver cutlery he found in the ruins of a nearby house. He earned his scar from one of the beasts claws. He only stayed in the house long enough to melt all the silver down into new bullets for his weapons.

2017. A Salvation patrol happens across one of his deserted camps and sends out an excursionist to find him. Two days later he is with that same patrol, already adopted with the codename "Silver" due to his fondness of having everything on him laced with silver. He returns to Salvation with the patrol and has been there ever since.
Weaponry:Silver Deagle with an extended mag. Holds 20 shots. 2 extra mags. Military issue M-9. Modded to fire silver bullets. Holds 12 shots. 2 extra mags. 9inch silver knife. 2 Tear Gas Grenades and 2 Flash Grenades.
Gear: Small rucksack. Contents, Cords, Roll of Tape, Small hand mirror, Two self contained meals, and a quart of blessed water. Small blanket strapped on the bottom. Ammo in the pockets. Knife and grenades connectd to a chest harness. Vest made of fine silver ringmail. A compact Multi-band radio.
Power: Proximity alert. Similar to the sensory blessed humans, but alot less powerful. Used mainly as a detector for any Sinners coming from the rear or overhead out to 15 feet. Can also detect invisible sinners within 2 feet.

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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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Whew that took quite a while to type out on my phone. Lol, hopefully my computer comes in soon. So go or no-go?

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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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A quick draft, let me know if the concept is okay.

Name: Megan Gravois
Nickname(s): Blink
Codename: Thunder
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Complexion: White, Pale
Cup Size: C
Physique: Slim
Basic Appearance: Megan is an attractive woman with muscular legs and strong arms.  Despite having been through hell, she somehow managed to come out still looking like a regular woman.  Her hair falls to the middle of her back, and is usually confined in a braid, her teeth are in good condition and surprisingly white.  She has a small tattoo of a maple leaf on the right cheek of her ass, and a scar on both sides of her left palm that is from a knife being stabbed through it. 

Occupation: Infantry, Sniper
Personality:  Cold and calm, but caring and protective of her friends and comrades.
Likes: Dogs, the smell of the sea, good dental care
Dislikes: Lizards, the dryness of the desert
Talents: The ability to enter an almost zen-like trance to focus.  Long distance jogging.  Speaks French.
Megan was born to a French Canadian family, and raised in a prosperous suburb of Montreal.  Her childhood and teenager years were unremarkable, with her doing decent but not great in school, and always placing just out of the medals in athletic competitions.  At the age of eighteen she joined the Canadian Army. 

Megan had just finished bootcamp when the world fell apart.  The squad she had been assigned to was out on exercises in the wilderness of northern Canada when the blood moon rose and strange creatures began to appear.  Her squad pushed hard to reach the nearest town, only to find it already occupied by the Sinners. 

They hid, slowly being picked off one by one as the years dragged by.  They attempted to fortify a building, only to be overrun.  They attempted to hide in a cave, only to find it had been claimed by something far worse.  Each time, people died but Megan escaped by the smallest margin.  They moved south, hoping that perhaps the US military had managed to provide a safe zone.  In the end, they found themselves cornered in the ruins of a small town.

Salvation arrived at the last minute, too late to save any but Megan herself.  She was still on a roof, the gun she had taken from a sniper in her hands but out of ammunition, waiting to die.  Only the lack of ammunition had saved her, the silence keeping the Sinners from noticing her as they feasted on her comrades in the building below.

M82 (if allowed), M1911, 3 Flashbangs
Gear: MRE, Silver Cross, Camelbak, 20 rounds for the M82 (2 magazines), 21 rounds for the M1911 (3 magazines), Knife
Power: Nightvision. Megan can switch between night and regular vision, unfortunately, a side effect is that her night vision is useless in even moderate light, and her regular vision useless at night. 
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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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Dracoat: For typing all that out on a mobile phone, that is very impressive lol. I also must quote a few things from your profile that made me smile yet "giggle" on the inside.

1) "'Why couldn't it have been a blue moon?'"

2) "Unknown Giggling"

3) "Of course the military 'had it under control,' for about 2 days...

Your character is great. I don't see anything wrong and other players feel free to correct me if I overlook something. I'm not perfect. But I approve it.

ivygrowth: The concept looks good. To explain Power, the Power is a rune. You are granted 1 rune that gives your character a physical or mental ability. So it can be improved strength, speed, telekinesis, telepathy, etc. You only get one. When you finish the profile, let me know.

Everyone: You are welcome to use photos if you find any that match what you envision.

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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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Name: James Lee
Nickname(s): James
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Blessed
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Sky blue
Complexion:Pale, porcelain-esque, but bright
Cup Size: 32 B
Physique: Skinny, but not frail. She has muscle when she needs it.
Basic Appearance:

Occupation: Medic
Personality: She's cool and collected, calm and level headed. It takes a lot to push her off the edge. She deals with things pretty rationally and logically.
Likes: Cigarette (when she can find them), quiet, and cold water.
Dislikes: Disorganization, frantic running around, extreme heat.
Talents: James can cook, speak Russian, and sing a little.
Background: James was born to two normal parents in a small town. She lived a quiet, simple life. She helped her mom in the kitchen, she went to school and got good grades. When the sun went away, James' family ran into hiding. Soon after, her parents were killed by Sinners. Orphaned, James roamed the land alone, looking for food, shelter, and safety. She came across an angel in her searching, who deemed her worthy of blessing. Since then she has ran into Salvation and began healing in the field and occasionally at the HQ.

Weaponry: James carries a small .38 snub nose(6 rounds, she doesn't carry any extra ammo at HQ, but on the field, she usually has a box full, give or take a few) on her leg and a police issue Glock 22(15 round clip, she carries one in the gun, one with the holster) on her hip. A small knife is usually in her pocket as well.
Gear: She is usually wearing a white, patched up doctors coat when in HQ, but out in the field, she is usually in general military clothing with a bullet proof vest, carrying a small pack with food, ammo, and water. She wears a silver cross around her neck at all times.
Powers: Telepathy

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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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I updated it and will look for a picture, let me know what you think.

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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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ivygrowth: Looks good. Approved.

cypridophobia: Can you put your pic in a spoiler since it's huge? Do you have photobucket or something you can use to size it down a bit?

Besides that, to clarify, Healers (and I mean Healers not Medics) don't go on the field. They don't even go with the Excursionists. They stay within HQ. So your RP turf will be the HQ thread. If you want to have the opportunity to go on the field, then I recommend being a medic. Since I allow 2 medics total in this RP, you can choose to have your character stay at base and the other medic player will go (to the main mission). She can help in the infirmary or if the Excursionists need a medic in their team, she can go with them.

Were you hoping to have your character participate in missions (including the Excursionist side missions)?
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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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Yes. Approved.

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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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I know I shouldn't, because I'm getting dangerously full up on games, but I'm thinking about joining this.

Question: who runs the excursionist missions? Are they guided by GM, run by excursionists themselves, or what?

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Re: End Game [EX: Post Apoc/Horror/Dark Fan - Recruitment Thread - Open!]
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I made an edit to Red, adding Likes and Dislikes, changed his knife to a whip, and made a slight tweak of his personality.