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April 17, 2021, 04:11:33 am

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Author Topic: Dreams from the Darkest of Nights - [Iressi's Cravings; M seeking F]  (Read 953 times)

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Offline Cosmic LatteTopic starter

Hello everyone, I been sorta absent from this site on and off over the years, but now I am looking for some new stories to do on here. I rarely post everyday lest I get a story that I really enjoy. More often than not I post maybe twice a week sometimes three times, sometimes once. These are just some idea's that I have been sorta kicking around in my head. All of these are free-form stories for the most part though if I find somebody that really presents a good idea for a system game then I might be willing. Even though I might mention a system I am not going to be using it for the most part.

Generally I play dominate characters, however for the right partner I might sub. Generally speaking with these sorts of stories I will be playing one main character with minor characters as well. Most of the time I tend to drive the plot along though I enjoy cooperative story/world creation as well :). Just all depends on what my partner wants in the story, I am pretty laid back most of the time. If their is a type of story, or fetish you are looking for fulfil please don't hesitate to ask.

I enjoy romantic relationships, even if they are corrupted or perverted (in fact sometimes I like those more) more than purely violent ones. Generally I get bored with just hurting somebody over, and over again just as a warning. I almost never do Canon characters in a setting, I rarely can do them justice.

You can post in this thread if you wish, PM me, or message me. Generally PMing is the best way to get a hold of me. I am looking for at most 3 to 4 games on here, a am trying to not overdue it if at all possible. I will update this as I come up with new idea's.

A Game of Thrones Redux
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I started reading the Game of Thrones book so that I have a better understanding of what is going on in the new HBO series. This would be the most complex of my idea's I think. Like I said I don't really enjoy playing canon characters so instead I think I would take the powerful families keeping the last names the same (so Lannister, Stark, Umbar, Etcetera) but designing a whole new cast of people with those names. There are a lot of things that we could do in this setting, but this story would more than likely involve the main characters becoming embroiled in the politics of the realm. Maybe with a character becoming the next ruler of the realm, or creating a puppet to rule in his or her stead. This is very open at the moment so a lot of talking will need to be done to settle on the specifics of the game.

Now I am not a expert of the lore behind this setting, I have only read to the second book so if you are a expert I suppose forgive any ignorance I might have :). 

Wine, Song, and Death [Vampire the Masquerade/Dark Ages]
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The year is 1197 in Languedoc (Southern France) a place that is both part of and separate from the Kingdom of France. This world of knights, peasants, and lords is your home. You were either born here, or travelled to the large cities in Languedoc. Along with the nobles, and the Catholic Church (and the Cathar heresy) there is another power group that exists here hidden under the surface. Languedoc is also the place were you die, killed by a undead creature known to mortals as a Vampire. However you not only died to this creature, but through this Embrace you were brought back as one of the unliving as well. Now you stalk the nights, fighting a terrible demon inside of you that the Cainites (what Vampires call themselves) call the Beast, the urge that drives you to drink blood, and threatens your very soul.

This will be a sandbox like game set in the large towns, and cities in Languedoc as you try to establish yourself in your new role. Knowledge of medieval history, or of Vampire the Masquerade isn't needed, but is helpful. I don't mind giving a crash course on it. Also if you know the World of Darkness well and want to play something other than a Vampire that is fine as well be it a Changeling, Werewolf, Mage, Ghouls, Etcetera.

However I do not know the other creatures as well as I know Vampire, so it might take some adjustment for me. Maybe even some help.

Like Father Like Daughter [Fantasy/Incest]
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This one is a more perverse story than the other two I have written thus far, at least as far as having perversion from the get go. There are two idea's to this one but I looped them together because the idea's are somewhat similar to one another. As far as the world that this would be set in I am thinking about using a setting that I have been working on and off for a few years now that is called Dorestel. If interested I can give more details later.

1. The first idea is a father is a adventurer, wanderer, bard, or something along those lines. He left behind a daughter somewhere, and ends up finding her again. Furthermore she has grown up to be a beautiful young woman. He either forces her or tries to get her to come along with him to join him on adventures. Incest abounds depending on the character he is teamed up with. It might start out being non-con even though I wouldn't want to stay like that forever.

2. Similar to the other idea, father has a daughter that for one reason or another ends up being separated from him. The father in this case is a noble, and ends up becoming somewhat possessive of his daughter once returned/found/ect. He keeps her in his home turning her into a pet that suits his needs, or for a twist maybe he does marry her off like he is supposed to, but keeps the incestuous relationship going either with or without the husbands knowledge.

Here are a few other settings, and general idea's that I enjoy. I don't expect to get any stories from these, but they give a good idea of the sort of stuff I enjoy. If you have any idea's for any of these please don't hesitate to ask. I would really enjoy a Battlestar Galatica RP, either before or after the Fall. As I said though I am pretty laid back so I am open to most things so feel free to PM me with idea's.

Sci-Fi: Battlestar Galatica (Reimagined), Star Trek, Star Wars, Fallout, X-Com, Cyberpunk (In general)
Fantasy: Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Greyhawk, Wheel of Time, Drow, and many others.
Other: Steampunk, Legend of the Fire Rings, Historical (17th and 18th centuries, World War I, Medieval, Etcetera)
Inception (Movie): I really loved this movie, a cyberpunk setting with large corporations that use Extractors to gain information about things. Lots of fun could be done with this, even something like finding out that a person has a romantic crush about you.