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Author Topic: War of the Athos [Recruitment Thread - Now Accepting!]  (Read 11306 times)

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War of the Athos [Recruitment Thread - Now Accepting!]
« on: June 10, 2011, 11:09:56 PM »
War of the Athos

GM Note: Let me begin by saying right away that this role play will have adult and sexual themes, but this is not a "smut" role play. I expect all players who choose to join this RP to be joining for the storyline and not to have their characters have sex and leave. If that is your intention, then please look the other way.

This RP idea is based on the anime Seikon no Qwaser. You do not have to have seen it in order to participate in this RP because the story and plot of this RP is all you need to know and they are written below. Also, this RP doesn’t intend to follow the anime exactly. It is doing its own thing.

The Setting

The story takes place on fantasy earth. The genre for this game is modern fantasy (with tendencies to go slightly futuristic with the technology), and the technology level is just like our own with the exception of small embellishments and customizations that can occur in game.

The RP takes place in a fictional city because fictional cities are easier to play around in when it comes to the imagination. The city will be known as Jericho City (see the allusion? Good). I will be making a thread for this and it will have listed basic places in the city, but players will be free to create places in the city as they invent them in game.

The Story: The Run-Down

The deity in this RP is a goddess named Kolydi. She resides in a temple in the heavens known as the Mirror Sanctuary to scripture, and it is there where she gives birth to the humans that reside on earth. She is iconically pictured to be a woman with full breasts, long, oaken hair, and who wears a white, lengthy veil that hides her eyes. She is always nude and portrayed to have a pregnant belly that cradles creation.

On earth, there is a secret organization known as The Athos. The Athos contains several training facilities known as Academies all over the world. It is in these academies where special men and women are trained to protect the goddess. These men and women are known as Knights and Marias. They are sought out by agents of the Athos to protect them from falling under the influence of the 12 Adepts.

Knights are humans that bear a special ability bestowed upon them by the goddess on birth. Knights can be men or women, but all women in this RP are special whether they realize it or not. Because the goddess created women in her likeness, within the bosom of every mature female is a holy essence called Soma. Alongside the knights, women loyal to the faith are trained to be supporting fighters called Marias. The Knights orally suck the soma from the breasts of Marias to amplify their powers and to recover from crippling wounds. Soma can be taken from any woman, but high concentrations are found in Marias or other special women.

In the RP, The Athos is responsible for informing the Heads of the Academies of the Knight’s and Maria’s next mission. Not much will be known of The Athos itself, but the church of The Athos that is within Jericho City is called St. Gabriel’s Academy.

In the past, there have been branches of The Athos who have conducted harmful experiments on Knights they managed to find. Some of these Knights have become rogue and created a dangerous faction known as The 12 Adepts. This is where our story begins.


The 12 Adepts is a grudge-holding faction whose sole purpose is to uncover the keys (relics) that supposedly can open the doors of the Mirror Sanctuary. There are four keys total hidden around the world, including a painting that a High Maria known as Teresa had painted whilst engrossed in a vision. The painting is known as the Stagnum Dea, and it depicts where the doors of the Mirror Sanctuary are. The Adepts hope to uncover these artifacts so that they can enter the sanctuary and kill the goddess so that she can no longer produce anymore knights. They believe that humans can exist without a goddess and that by destroying her, they set themselves free from fate.

Players will have the option to join the side that protects the goddess or choose the side of the 12 adepts. Whatever side you choose, I hope you have fun developing your characters and this story as a whole. If the side of good becomes more popular than the bad side, then I may ask those few who joined the 12 Adepts to switch over and that the enemy just be NPCed by volunteers already approved in the game.
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Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2011, 11:10:34 PM »
Playable Characters: Options

The Knights

No longer accepting Level 2 Knights for either side.

As explained above, knights can be male or female. However, female knights just like normal women have soma as well. Knights, regardless of gender, can suck the soma of any woman, preferably their Marias in order to get the energy they need. If a knight isn’t careful, he or she can drain a woman of all her holy essence and thus submit her to a pleasurable death. They should only take what they need and what their bodies can handle.

The powers of the knights are basically manipulation of an element—and I mean an actual element that can be found on the periodic table. Using these powers, they can create weapons. In some cases, a knight can combine his element with another to form a compound. Such as if a hydrogen user fought with an oxygen user, their attacks can clash to form H2O. Or if a Chlorine user sends his abilities into a puddle of water, then Chlorine and H2O can combine to create Hydrochloric acid.

Knight players can choose only one element, and once that element is taken, it is taken. No one else can use it. Also, once you choose an element, be sure to do some research on how many compounds can come from it, so if in a battle, your character can prove to be formidable.

There are three levels a Knight can reach with their abilities. Some elements may not permit a knight to ascend in level, but there exists three total.

Level 1: The User: This is the knight’s basic ability to manipulate their element. They can only draw this element from the environment around them. If it doesn’t commonly exist around them, then tough luck, but what some knights choose to do is to wear their element as an accessory or carry it around for immediate access. Examples for how a knight would use level one abilities are:

Example #1) Iron User chooses to grab a chain fence and draws the iron from the chain fence to create a sword (or the weapon he or she specializes in).

Example #2) Iron User after drawing iron from a railing, manipulates the iron into iron darts and launches them at the enemy.

Example #3) There is no iron within the vicinity, but Iron User is wearing a necklace made from iron. Iron User manipulates her necklace to use as a weapon or projectile.

Level 2: The Atomist: This is an intermediate level a knight can achieve where he or she is capable of manipulating the molecules that comprise their element. This ability is what allows a knight to make compounds. They can merge their element with another to create a new element that they can use. The downside is that another element has to be within the area (or they carry it around for easy access). Some elements can be drawn from a knight’s own body.

Example #1) Iron User is bleeding and thus draws properties of iron from his blood to create a bloody weapon.

Understand, if your character does choose to draw properties from his or her body, then they will need to find a way to replenish what was lost in order to stay healthy.

Level 3: Transcender This level is an advanced level and can’t be reached by all knights. Only certain elements permit certain knights to reach this level and those elements are usually the ones that compose the human body and the environment.

The highest level permitted at the start of the RP is level 2. To have an Atomist, your character must be a veteran agent of The Athos or The 12 Adepts. Thus, he or she is already familiar with Soma, Maria, the goals of The Athos/12 Adepts, etc. They are experienced fighters and have expert knowledge of their element. If this does not sound like the kind of character you’d more than likely make or want to start out with, then begin at level 1.

Rogue Knights Players who choose to be Rogue Knights will not have access to Marias. Only Knights of The Athos have easy access to Marias, so you may have to kidnap a Maria or go after the special normal humans with concentrated Soma. Understand though that whatever actions you have your character choose can have consequences in game (such as pursuit).


As explained above, all female characters in this RP are special. They all bear Soma in their breasts no matter how small or big their breasts are. It says that a woman’s mood can affect the potency of their Soma. Women who are in love will produce a high concentration of Soma. Usually, women with a special and natural high concentration of holy essence, regardless of emotions, are put into training to become Marias. If their Soma continues to improve, then a Maria can ascend to the level of High Maria. There have been very rare cases of a woman naturally bearing the Soma of a High Maria. Women who bear such essence are in danger of being captured by Rogue Knights and must be found and placed under strict protection.


Only women can become Marias. These are warriors who fight alongside the knights and offer their Soma to knights in emergencies. They don’t hold any special powers, but they can be dangerous in an old-school fashion such as being a hand-to-hand or weapons expert. Marias are hunted by Rogue Knights, so it is up to the Knight to protect his or her Maria. The breast sizes of Marias do not determine the concentration of Soma they produce. Players who choose to be Marias must inform the GM in their profiles whether they plan to be a natural-born Maria (possessing a natural high concentration of Soma ie. Potential Maria) or a High Maria. I will only permit one player to be a High Maria at the start of the game. However, later in the game, one of the Maria players can be allowed to develop into a High Maria, so two total.

High Maria

A High Maria contains the most desirable Soma. Her Soma is very powerful and addicting that if a Knight is to indulge too much, the effects of her Soma can grotesquely warp the Knight’s body into that of an out of control freak of nature (there is no going back once this happens and your character will be sentenced to death). A High Maria is born naturally with this elite concentration of Soma. She must be protected from those who will abuse her power. I will only permit one player to be a High Maria (with the exception of what I stated above) and that’ll be first-come, first-serve unless the player wishes to hand over her position to another player. (Warning: I can’t guarantee that this role will be fun since she’ll be caught in a tug-o-war and heavily protected all the time, but if you think you can make it fun for yourself, then go ahead.)

Normal Humans

If you choose to be a normal human (and remember women aren’t normal in this RP because they all bear Soma), then you can be the friends of the Knights or Rogue Knights and assist them in the old-fashioned way. The Soma of non-Marias will be average, and it may not assist the Knights as much, but it’s better than nothing right?

You are permitted to begin the RP as a normal human such as being a Knight who hasn’t discovered his or her powers or being a Maria who doesn’t know of the potency of her Soma. If you plan to go this path, then your character knows nothing about Soma, Marias or Knights. He or she is an average, ignorant, human being while the world goes through its peril behind his or her back. If they discover their powers in-game, then the first time they use the manipulation technique will drain them. Only a Knight or a Maria will be able to tell them about Soma and how they can regain their energy. Otherwise, if no Knight or Maria is around, then your character may be passed out for a few hours (or a whole day) to regenerate the energy they lost.

Later in the RP (if there is a later), there will be an incident concerning relics called “Circuits.” But I won’t go into that now since there’s already been so much to cover.
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Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2011, 11:11:20 PM »
Profile Format

Code: [Select]
[b]Alias[/b]: (for veteran knights of The Athos and the 12 Adepts - a title your character is known as)
[b]Gender[/b]: (Male players must play males, and female players must play females—no futa)
[b]Race[/b]: (Knight, Maria, Human, Rogue Knight, Potential Knight, Potential Maria, High Maria)
[b]Element[/b]: (for knights only – choose one element from the periodic table)
[b]Weapon[/b]: (if you’re a knight, then you put the weapon your element becomes, if you control a gas, then put N/A unless you can think of something creative, if not a knight, then put w/e weapon you want. However, if you’re a normal human, then I don’t expect normal humans to be “packin’”. I will be checking this over)
[b]Level[/b]: (for knights only 1 or 2)
[b]Cup Size[/b]: (for females only)
[b]Basic Description[/b]: (written description)
[b]Visual[/b]: (photo if you want)
[b]Talents[/b]: (this includes hobbies – cooking, dancing, singing, etc.)
[b]Major[/b]: (For those attending Jericho University)
[b]Grade Year[/b]: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
[b]Background[/b]: (the background can be basic. This isn’t really a must if you can’t come up with something right away. The background can include what your character is currently doing or whatever you want really that explains more about your character)

Feel free to add any other information to this basic layout. I want you to love your character, be excited, and go crazy with your idea. I am pretty active, so you won't have to wait too long for me to skim your profile for approval. At the moment, I am not putting a character or gender limit. I want to see how many people are actually interested in this idea first. However, if you know 100% that you'll be participating in this RP, feel free to reply to this recruitment thread with the element you want (in the case you are choosing to play a Knight of the Athos or Rogue Knight). Elements and the High Maria are first-come, first-serve, so be sure to reserve them.

How the RP Will Begin

For those players starting off already as Knights or Marias, whether Level 1 or Level 2, your life begins in St. Gabriel’s Academy. Your character can have come from any country in the world. They can be European, South American, African, Asian, etc. The Academy will resemble a church, but imagine Xavier’s School for the Gifted. I will create a thread for all play that goes on in the academy. As well, it will list all the floors and facilities within.

The Knight’s and Maria’s first mission will be to pose as transfer students to Jericho University. All other players, Potentials, Normal Humans, and Rogues will also begin at this school (this school will also have a thread). Both the Athos Knights and Rogue Knights will be undercover seeking out Potentials or even the High Maria.

For those Knights who don’t have a Maria and are looking forward to having their Knight find their Maria (thus their Maria being a Potential one), then in the case that they find their Maria in game, those knights will be required to live with their Maria in their house, apartment, etc. so that she is always in his or her presence. So yes, free-loading. Their Maria can then be taken to The Academy for training.

I will be revealing missions throughout the RP. Players of The Athos may learn about it from the Head of the Academy and Rogue Players will learn about it from one of the Rogue Players who I will PM. I will be giving The Rogue players their own secret hideout so they will have a place to hang when not at school. To start us off, the first clue that all players know except for the Normal Humans, is that the Stagnum Dea is rumored to be hidden somewhere on the grounds of the university.


1.   No Smuttin’. As I said above, this is not a smut RP, so if that is all you were hoping to get, then this isn’t the game for you. This game is for players who enjoy a balanced level of storyline and sexual play.
2.   Males must play Male Characters and Females must play Female Characters. I am sorry, but I have had several incidents in the past where I had too many male players playing women, and I didn’t want anymore female characters, so I had to stop accepting females and those female players who wanted to be females were out of luck. So please, stick to your gender. If you’re a liege, then choose whatever you want.
3.   OOC will remain in the OOC thread. That is what the OOC is made for so please do not post OOC bubbles in the IC. If you’re going somewhere or are trying to talk to someone specifically, PM them or use the OOC thread. Thanks.
4.   Do not post pictures in the IC thread. I never saw the point in that. We can always go see who your character is. Please don’t post pictures in the IC thread. You can easily post them in the OOC thread. Also, I notice some people like to post pictures in the IC thread because they feel it helps them convey what they are describing better. Usually people who post pictures in the IC thread, post ridiculously enormous pics. If you are a writer, then conveying the mental image you're trying to present in your writing won't be difficult. A mental image is more effective than an actual image because the reader's opinion creates what you're trying to describe. If you are reliant on pictures, then use this RP to learn how to not be reliant on them and to practice bettering description and detail in your writing.
5.   Do not auto-hit another player’s character. There is a correct way to attack the character of another player and that is to write the action as an intention. Meaning it hasn’t happened yet, but depending on the other player’s response, it can happen. Example: Bob swings his fist at Jay’s jaw. In that statement, the action was never confirmed to have happened. The intention is just there. In the case of two characters running into conflict, I recommend they discuss how the fight will occur in the OOC to eliminate any drama.
6.   What I say goes. I try to be as fair as possible, if you’re trying to ask a favor of me that I say “No” to, then please respect that it’s no. Do not argue with me. No is no.
7.   Interaction. Do not join this RP if you do not plan on interacting with another player. I will not allow tea parties. Tea parties are when two players constantly post to one another and ignore everyone else. This RP kind of makes interaction very impossible. I don’t see why a tea party would start up when your characters are all working together. If your characters are separated from the group, then this is fine. I’m sure you know what I mean by tea parties anyway, so I’m not going to drawl this explanation on.
8.   Respect each other’s O/Os. I recommend players keep in contact with anyone they are interacting with. Always make sure that what you are doing doesn’t offend another player. If there is a problem in the RP that you wish to tell me, the GM, you are welcome to PM if you think it may affect your continuation with this RP.
9.   Do not control another player’s character. Always give the other player a chance to respond. If you feel impatient, then go do something else. Take a break. There is no hurry.
10.   Post at least 200 words. This isn’t a lot. I just do not like one-lining. So please try and meet the 200 words minimum. I will be making sure everyone’s post meets this. It is easy to see when someone’s post is below 200 words.
11.   Communication. This is what makes RPs last a long time. If you disappear please be courteous to let us know in the OOC. I can make adjustments to the RP this way. If you quit, then please say you’re leaving. But once you quit, please refrain from talking in the OOC. Once you are gone, you are gone. The OOC is for players involved in this storyline.
12.   RP Speed I expect people to post once a day or at least 2 to 3 times a week. I understand everyone is busy. I'm busy at times. I want this RP to move at a comfortable speed. If a player hasn't posted for 4 days straight, without informing the Rpers of his or her negligence then skip him or her. If you can’t skip them, then you have every right to NPC them in what you think they would logically do in such a situation. However, when it comes to sexual situations, you are not permitted to NPC them.
13.   No Futanari Self-explanatory.
14.   Your characters must be 18+. I will not allow your characters to be younger than 18. Understand, if your character is 18, they won't be permitted to drink. Jericho City is a fictional city, but it's fictional within the United States.
15.   Have fun. Please write enough so that we can appreciate your character. I am very lenient with this RP, but please don’t give me a reason to be strict. Use spell check, read over your posts, and don’t post for the hell of it. If no one has posted yet, then don’t just post to post because it makes you feel accomplished. That is clutter. Do not clutter up the RP. At the end of the day, when people get out of classes or off work, they want to come online and find something worth reading. Just go find something to do until someone posts a reply.

Approved Players

Sarah Kayumi - (Maria) - Joslyn
Asine Dusk - (Rogue Knight) - Curium User - JDrew Spider
Misty Carnes - (Potential Maria) - Nazora
Alexander Wainwright - (Athos Knight) - Carbon User - Iksander
Markus Helgarson - (Rogue Knight) - Phosphorus User - Revenent
Jason Raines - (Athos Knight) - Hydrogen User - Starlequin
Dean Bishop - (Potential Knight) - Oxygen User - Dark Deception


Character Thread


St. Gabriel's Academy

Jericho University

The Ivory Fortress

Dean's Apartment


This is where questions asked by players that weren’t answered in the above explanation will be answered.


This is where I will write any clarifications if something seems confusing.
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Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2011, 07:52:44 AM »
This looks pretty interesting and I wouldn't mind joining, if that's alright. I was thinking about playing a level 1 phosphorus user, probably Knights of Athos, though I'm still thinking about it. He'll have the advantage of being able to use incendiary and smokescreen attacks with white phosphorus, but obviously it's not the most stable element and he won't find it naturally in the environment.

If this is alright, do you want profiles posted here for your approval, or PMed? Either way, I'll try to get one in later after I'm done dealing with this hangover.

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Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
« Reply #4 on: June 11, 2011, 02:53:00 PM »
Yeah, go ahead and post it here. What I do is I wait until I get about 5 approved profiles, and then I'll make a character thread where you guys can post your profiles up. Thank you for taking the time to read the RP. I know it's pretty long.

Offline Joslyn

Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
« Reply #5 on: June 11, 2011, 03:41:44 PM »
I'm very interested in this one--it's nice to see a detailed setting with lots of potential for intrigue and well-written characters. Here is my character idea, please let me know what you think:


Name: Sarah Kayumi
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Maria
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Japanese
Weapon: 9mm pistol
Height: 5’4
Weight: 105 lbs.
Cup Size: 32B

Basic Description: Sarah is an attractive young woman of Japanese ancestry. She has pale skin, long hair, and a petite form. While she is not muscular, she is fit and exercises regularly.

Sarah tends to dress in a cutesy way so that those who do not know her are less likely to guess what she is. If she suspects she may be going into a dangerous situation, she will wear clothes that allow her to hide medical supplies and her pistol on her person.

Personality: Sarah is intellectually curious, compassionate, and motivated. She is generally personable, though can come off as shy in some situations. While she has been affected by tragedy, she is not obsessed over it and does not consider revenge to be a worthwhile pursuit.

She is confident in her abilities, but aware that she is still inexperienced. Sarah is devoted to the goddess, though a bit too skeptical and free-spirited to be considered pious in the traditional sense.


Paramedic: Trained for two years for EMT-P certification.
Firearms: Trained by The Athos. Sarah is highly competent with her pistol.
Athos CQC : Close Quarters Combat training. Sarah is hindered here by her lack of raw strength, but she does have quickness and sharp reflexes. She usually has a knife hidden on her person.
Exotic Dancing: Sarah spent a couple weeks working as a stripper, partially out of curiosity but also in case she needs to pretend to be one.
Interests: Science, philosophy, theology, chess.

Background: Sarah Kayumi was born and raised in the suburbs outside Jericho City. She was successful and well-liked as student, though never fit in completely due to her “geeky” interests. Her parents Mark and Keiko were both born in the US, so Sarah is completely assimilated to American culture.

When Sarah was fourteen, her parents were killed when they got caught in the crossfire between a rogue knight and an operative working for The Athos. Because she had no living relatives willing to care for her, The Athos took her in. It was soon discovered that she had a high concentration of Soma and she began training as a Maria.

Though she is still inexperienced, Sarah is highly skilled and ready to act as a combat medic or in other roles The Athos might put her in.

Other: Sarah is bisexual and has submissive tendencies, though nothing extreme. I’m open to doing an NC scene if it should come up.
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Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
« Reply #6 on: June 11, 2011, 03:49:06 PM »
Your profile is wonderful *cries* You are approved. I will add you to the approved section. As for now, just sit back, and we'll see if we get anymore players.

Offline JDrew Spider

Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
« Reply #7 on: June 11, 2011, 04:18:44 PM »
Consider me interested. Profile will be coming up soon!

Offline Starlequin

Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
« Reply #8 on: June 11, 2011, 04:26:56 PM »
I think I'd like to get in on this as well. I've been looking forward to trying my hand at a Dark Deception game, and this one looks pretty sweet. I should have a profile ready this evening or tonight, if that's alright.

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Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
« Reply #9 on: June 11, 2011, 04:27:57 PM »
Sure. Welcome aboard folks.  :P

Offline Nazora

Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
« Reply #10 on: June 11, 2011, 05:13:59 PM »
I'm going to submit a profile as well. I have a few questions though, and I may write up another character and play that instead if Dark needs a certain group to fill out more.

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Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
« Reply #11 on: June 11, 2011, 05:16:08 PM »
We'll see. If you have any questions feel free to ask them. I'll add them to Q&A if they weren't answered up top.

Offline JDrew Spider

Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
« Reply #12 on: June 11, 2011, 05:36:38 PM »

Name: Monee' Teressa St. Croix
Alias: Asine Dusk
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Rogue Knight
Nationality: Brazilian
Ethnicity: African and Hispanic
Element: Curium
Weapon: Hard ,dense, silvery white cutting blades.
Level: 2
Height: 5'7
Cup Size: 34C
Basic Description: She has scarification tattoo of the symbol of the 12 Adepts on her right shoulder( she did it herself). Her complexion is usually radiant and glowing when in perfect health and good mood and it works just the opposite if in a bad mood. Her eyes usually glow when she activates her powers.
Personality: Her mood can vary depending on the situation presented to her. She's usually quite the laid back type. Asine always pays attention to detail and instructions which makes her an excellent student. She's very liberal in her thinking and usually shows a 'devil-may0 care- attitude in serious situations. Asine does believe in getting the job done and doing a good job. She has a good sense of humor even though if you crack a joke she may ruin it by thinking about it to technically. Born for leadership as she raised under the sign of leo she can be very generous and won't hesitate to voice her opinion.
Likes: Art and Chemistry-all kinds of Chemistry. Free will and all that comes with it.
Dislikes There aren't to many things she dislike besides the lack of free-will and free thinking she believes to have overwhelmed the population.
Talents: Painting, drawing, making chemicals
Major:  Art
Grade Year: Junior
Background: Much of her past is unknown will be revealed throughout the story. Currently as a 12 Adept she has made it her priority to find the Stagnum Dea.

Interesting: Curium is a silvery metallic synthetic radioactive transuranic element. Since it isn't a natural element she relies on her supporters to produce the element for her.  Once produced she can control and manipulate it to her whim. It was on accident that she discovered the ability and if it weren't for it's radioactivity may be easily mistaken as a rare earth metal. She is completely immune to her own radioactive powers and cannot effect anyone in near proximity unless they were to be cut by one of her blades or even scratch of her nails, anything that breaks skin. However she has yet to discover all the properties and abilities that her element can do.

Beliefs: She feels that if the Goddess is destroyed than human beings can truly be free to pursuit their true desires. This type of methodology she shares as one of the 12 Adepts. Also the question that possibly because her element is synthetic that she truly feels she has no tie to the Goddess in any way and with the destruction of such an entity everyone will realize that the presence of a Goddess was never necessary.

(might add or change later depending on the approval comments.)
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Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
« Reply #13 on: June 11, 2011, 05:50:28 PM »
Approved. I'm also going to add a section to the top because I forgot to write it. But I will say it here for you all.

The 12 Adepts and those trained by the Athos all possess what makes this RP realistic fantasy and the embellished aspects. Those are the slightly superhuman capabilities such as what you see in martial arts film with them being able to leap incredibly high/leap down from a high platform and not break one's legs upon landing, they can take a blow that sends them through a brick wall and not be as harmed as someone would be in reality (they'd probably be either dead or have severe fractures and bone breaking lol). So let's just say you're allowed to exaggerate in this RP. Swift movement, back flipping, defying gravity, etc. I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about.

Offline JDrew Spider

Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
« Reply #14 on: June 11, 2011, 05:59:22 PM »
Oh, like in Final Fantasy..


Offline Iksander

Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
« Reply #15 on: June 11, 2011, 06:07:27 PM »
I'm really digging the concept here.  I'll try and get a profile up this weekend for your perusal.

Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
« Reply #16 on: June 11, 2011, 06:08:53 PM »
Awesome.  Welcome aboard.  ;D

Offline Starlequin

Re: Genesis [Recruitment Thread - Information is Up - Now Accepting!]
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Ok, quick questions concerning elemental manipulation.

First, can knights with gaseous elements (e.g. hydrogen) use their element to create or simulate wind manipulation powers, such as gusts or gales,  or thinning / thickening the atmosphere surrounding a target to enhance or impede speed, breathing or motion?

And second, can knights alter the temperature or physical state of their element (e.g. freezing oxygen to produce solid or liquid states), or are they  limited to whatever form they have in the field?

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Okay, so I had to go back and watch the episode where there was a battle with an Oxygen user. The oxygen user's element was always in a gas form though he could control the oxygens in the air to create powerful gusts and he could condense the gas into a concussive orb. He could not, however, change the physical state of his element. It was always a gas. He used it to rust the Iron User's iron weapons and he could steal the breath from a victim to make them suffocate. By no means could he change his element into a liquid or solid, it was always a gas.

The Hydrogen user worked the same way except she created explosions with her ability and she is seen always wearing a gas mask because apparently her own ability is deadly to her (but you don't have to have your char wear one if it doesn't affect him).

The gas users didn't exactly have weapons since their elements existed in the air, so they fought like wind elementals (except the hydrogen who kept blowing shit up). Chlorine user's element also stayed a gas.

If you were to change the physical state of your element, you'd have to do it by conventional means (chemistry/lab). But knights cannot change the physical state of their elements.

I will, however, grant an exception to those characters whose element is a natural solid. Because the Iron User in the show was able to melt down his element into whatever weapon he needed, I will grant solid users that opportunity if it wasn't already obvious enough.

I will also mention that the "environment" can dictate the state of your element. For example, in the show there was a Mercury user and her element was always a liquid. She could condense the liquid into a solid, but because mercury has a very low melting point, it always melted back into a liquid.

Knights can only manipulate what's in their environment or if they carry their element on them.

I will not permit gas users the ability to thicken the air in the atmosphere to impede the enemies movement without it draining them heavily because I'm sure their enemy won't be standing there letting it happen.

I hope this answers your question. I'll try to find a way to condense this so I can put it into Q&A and Clarifications.

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Name: Misty Carnes

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Potential Maria.

Weapon: None

Level: 0

Height: 5’4

Weight: 117

Cup size: 32B

Basic Description:  Misty Carnes is a lithe red head with petite features. She can usually be found shopping and often wears designer clothes. Her skin is pale and smooth, all the freckles she had at a young age long gone. Her hair is red with a golden shimmer and falls in waves over her shoulders while curling at the ends. Sometimes she wears overalls and a green shirt when trying to relive her tomboy days

Personality: Misty is a bit vivacious and tomboyish. She is not shy about talking to boys but it is rarely anything flirtatious. Life doesn’t bother her too much but she’s rarely had any problems. If it involves cleaning up after herself or others she is very lazy, but if it involves outdoor activities she is the opposite. She tends to be emotional, sometimes she pouts, and actually will become very animated in her speech if she is nervous, angry, or upset.

Likes: Wooded Areas, Biking, Running, Working Out, Hiking, Fishing, Camping, Shopping, Clothes, and doing whatever she feels like doing at the moment.

Dislikes: Cleaning, Cooking, Chores, Work, Being in cramped spaces.

Talents: Misty excels at shopping, she can shop for other people and fit them with clothes that match their size without bothering to measure them. She is very agile and superb tree climber. She is a quick thinker and well educated as her family paid for a higher education. She finds it easy to talk to people and make friends.

Background: Misty grew up in an upper middle class family. They paid for a private education and want her to further her prospects at a decent school despite her wish to delay higher education and enjoy life for now. She’s always been a bit of a tomboy and still is at heart. Her life has been good, nothing bad or tragic has ever really happened to her. At the moment she is taking a sabbatical from education to study and travel
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She's either a Potential Maria or a Normal Human not both.

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I have a quick question about elemental use.  From the looks of things, all of the powers are literal in nature, but I was wondering if metaphoric implications could also apply.  I was going back and forth between carbon and xenon.  Carbon has obvious advantages, but I have always had a strange affection for the noble gases.  That said, the scarcity and non-reactivity of the noble gases wouldn't seem to make them very effective tools.  I was wondering, though, if the non-reactive nature of xenon could be taken as a metaphoric sort of thing, and grant protection of various sorts.

On the other hand, I have absolutely no problem sticking with carbon.

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lol I read a little on Xenon, and I have to say it's pretty useless o_o (unless he wants to light up lamps or something). There was a character in the show who was in the 12 Adepts and he was picked on because he had element control of Roentgenium--therefore picked on and made the maid of the organization because they considered him useless. I don't recommend choosing an element that doesn't have much use. There are tons of useful elements you can pick on the table.

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She's either a Potential Maria or a Normal Human not both.

Then potential Maria.

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Approved. Adding you.