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The boarding school for wannabe whores...

Started by @nthony, June 10, 2011, 11:28:30 AM

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I've been toying with the idea of getting a small group together for an idea:

The main premis being that I'm a Headteacher who runs a boarding school for wannabe prostitues. The girls are sent by their unsuspecting parents thinking the school is a top-grade private instition. What the students find out however is that the core curriculmn is all about sex! Classes in bondage, blowjobs, anal, handjobs and sexual positions are what makes the 9-3:30 study, with the students being asked to submit extra assignments infront of the student body at the front of the class. Entry is by interview conducted by the Headmaster, where he checks out the girls assets, and ensures that while they are long from the finished article, they have the required potential to succeed in their studies.

Looking for two to four women to play the students, and I'll be playing the headmaster/teachers. PM me if interested.

Many thanks



Arrgh!!.... Lucky you, this pirate would have loved to have been the anal teacher...
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anne sophie


Anyone else want to join in Anne Sophie and I on this one?
Thread so far is here if you'd like a read.


This sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

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Pm me wth a character idea if you are interested. :)


i am interested, would you like me to pm you with a picture as well as personality description?


What form should character ideas take? Description, physical stats, a picture...?


Totally jealous. Very cool simple idea- would you mind if I stole it sometime in the future when this ones long done? XD


I'm taking it the girls are under eighteen?


I'm pretty sure no one is allowed to be under 18 on these boards, MSC--that keeps away the gross pedos.


I agree, I don't do pedo, that's why I asked.

In any case it looks like he only wants female partners.


MCsc- It is 18+  don't know why you presumed. 'School' has many age tiers and is often associsated more with Colleges and Universities in some countries.