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Author Topic: Seeking rp partners of either sex  (Read 1555 times)

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Seeking rp partners of either sex
« on: June 10, 2011, 07:47:31 am »
I am interested in getting involved in roleplays on a one on one basis, or in larger or smaller groups.  I'll play either male or female characters of a variety of sexual persuasions, and I'm happy with partners not playing their own gender.  I have a few ideas which could mostly go in many directions - adult, non-adult, one on on or group, human or exotic.  If you're interested pm me or reply here and we can thrash the details out.

Character/ plot suggestions (my character the first one, the second one open).  All can be one on one or group, unless specified otherwise.  Your characters can be male or female unless otherwise specified.

Fantasy setting
1: Escaped slave (F) turned pirate  +  fellow buccaneer(s), naval officer or slave  hunter .  Our characters could be crew on the same ship, or rivals, or your mission might be to rid the seas of pirates, or your character could be hunting mine for the bounty as a pirate or as a slave.  Non-human races like elves, dwarves, etc, okay in this one. Spoken for by Shengami.
2: Druid (F) with an affinity for owls + fellow adventurers of any species or type.  General fantasy adventures in any setting.
3: Half-elven or elven thief or rogue (M or F) + fellow adventurers or law officer in pursuit .  We might meet and adventure together, or your character might be looking for mine in connection with some offence, or you might be trying to reform them…
4: Dark elf sorceress (F) + fellow adventurers.  Would enjoy finding a partner in crime to play with here, but fellow-travellers trying to reign in or exploit my character are fine.  My character would be in exile from her own people for unspecified offences.  Warning, this one will be very definitely adults only (not just for sexual material - she is not going to be a good girl in any way).   Provisionally spoken for
5: Fox or Leopard Spirit (F) + Buddhist/ Taoist pilgrim (M, F, or other).  If you know Monkey you know the kind of setting, an oriental fantasy land full of monsters, demons and magic.  Your character (who does not have to be human) is on a spiritual or heroic quest.  Mine is just an unattached, mischievous spirit who takes a fancy to them or possibly just wants to annoy.  Light-hearted fantasy fun, and decidedly furry.  One on One. 

Horror themed
1: Vampire nun (clan Lasombra for those familiar with old school White Wolf Masquerade) with ambitions and genuine piety + vampire/ demon/ hunter  seeking to subvert her faith or ally her to their cause.  Dark age era, or early medieval.  One on one.
2: Fraudulent medium unaware of their genuine ability (M or F)  + occult investigators/ cultists/ law officers.  You might be seeking to recruit my character for a secret force fighting the forces of evil, or investigating them for fraud offences, or looking to draw them into a cult of evil.  Modern day or Victorian/ Edwardian, or even swinging sixties.  Cthulhu Mythos elements very likely to appear.  Spoken for by Grovercjuk for one on one.
3: Monkish exorcist and witch finder (M) + pagan, werewolf, vampire, cultist, gipsy, witch, ambitious cleric.  Dark Age setting or medieval.  My character is not exceptionally strong in faith but knows his job and is happy to do it; yours might be on the receiving end of his suspicions or seeking to use him as a personal weapon against rivals, or trying to show him the error of his ways, or just looking to punish him for killing someone you loved.
4: Shapechanging (werewolf or were-cat, possibly even raven or fox) gunslinger (M or F) + other shape changer of same or different kind, vampire, hunter, human with no knowledge of shapeshifters (perhaps a sheriff or bounty hunter, or perhaps a preacher or saloon keeper).  All kinds of possibilities for a story (or stories) in a frontier setting (northern, western, southern, not picky).  Spoken for by DarkRose15
5: Asylum inmate (F) + Alienist (M).  Possibly in a modern but darkly gothic setting, possibly in historical (circa 30s or 40s) period, could also be in alternate reality world.  I would be a mental patient who has been committed by her husband or father because of her disturbing and skewed twist on reality and her unacceptable sexual behaviour.  Your character is the doctor trying to cure her and to resist his own dark sexual  desires.   But her fantasies seem to  be becoming reality...  One on One only, and extreme. Spoken for by Yulen.
6:Feline shapeshifter (F) + human (M or F).  Your character is a loner, vulnerable, victimised, a misfit in a world in which they have no friends and no home.  Their only affection comes from a black feral cat which tags along with them, feeding from scraps.  Until the night when the gang attack and the small cat becomes a huge black panther that savages the attackers.  Later it morphs again into a mute girl, before again becoming a cat.  What does your character do - run away?  try to kill it?  Report it to the authorities, or sell the story to the papers?  One on one

Science fiction themed
1: Steampunk scientist/adventurer (M or F) + alien beings, fellow adventurers, rivals from other nations, competitors.  If you’re familiar with Space 1889 you’ll have some idea of the setting I have in mind; if not, perhaps First Men in the Moon, Steamboy or John Carter of Mars will give you a frame of reference (or even the Disney Atlantis movie - you could be an Atlantean).  My character could be exploring a new realm via an invention of theirs, be it a steam-powered spaceship or submarine; or could have been kidnapped or deceived by villainous persons, or be on a mission for Her Majesty, or abducted by aliens.  Yours might be the abductors, or fellow captives or explorers, or rivals looking to claim new lands for their own sovereign, or spies; lots of possibilities.
2: Warhammer Dark Heresy inquisition agent, scum or possibly psychic (M or F) + other agent of the inquisition, or chaos cultist, or rogue trader, or law officer.  We could be investigating suspected heresy together, or my character might be under suspicion, or indeed yours might be, or mine might be travelling on your trader ship to a mission.
3: On an Earth of the future, some countries tolerate the mutant humans (not necessarily super-powered, just different) while others persecute them.  In a totalitarian regime which kills all mutants except for a handful they enslave, anti-mutant patrols operate like the inquisition crossed with the SS.  Large armoured patrol vehicles carry squads of AMP troops to police the outlying regions and exterminate all mutants.  My character would be the officer in command of one such patrol, the ambitious Lt Ladelneier (who hides a secret - her certificate of purity was procured fraudulently by her parents, since her father is a mutant); yours a crew member (or members), fellow officer or grunt, engineer or Inquisitor. 
4: In an alternate world, society is strictly divided between free people and slaves.  Only a person with two freeborn parents who acknowledge them is counted as free; so illegitimate children and those cast off by parents are sold to whoever wants them, and are at the owner's whim.  Firstborn free people are expected to follow the same career as one or other parent,  and their siblings remain within the same career area.  My character would be a freeborn, following his or her mother's career as a forensic scientist, until they are abruptly cast off as a young adult by the man they have believed to be their father; he has learned that the mother was unfaithful to him and they are not his child.  Your character would be the buyer - possibly the natural father, learning that they have a child after all and wanting them to follow his own military career path, or perhaps having darker ideas in mind.   One on One only.

Historical setting
1: Escaped slave turned pirate (F) + buccaneer, naval officer or slave hunter (M).  Much same ideas as for the 1st fantasy suggestion, only no non-humans and in a real world setting - 18th century Caribbean, is a possibility, or Mediterranean in the Roman era, or South China seas in Victorian times maybe.    Spoken for by The Clown Prince
2: Eastern city lady journalist + gunslinger, sheriff, trader, trapper, mountain man, native America, doctor, parson, saloon keeper, bar girl - pretty much any character of the period.  1890s, Wild west town or perhaps Canadian or Mexican borderlands.  My character is the newly arrived fish out of water trying to make a new life in the new country; yours might be a seasoned local, looking to make life easier or harder for mine, seeking to befriend or exploit or drive away. 
3:  Dollybird cabaret chanteuse + secret agent (any side), detective, international master criminal, political activist.  Sixties setting, preferably Europe but with possibility of travel further afield.  My character would be a singer trying to make a career and a lot of money, fairly bright but a bit too self-centred to always get what’s going on, who stumbles into something secret - a heist, a kidnapping of a political target or for ransom for money, espionage, evidence of a clandestine organisation, plans for sabotaging  nuclear bases, murder.  Yours might be involved in or responsible for it, or investigating or combating it., and the singer could be very useful to you or very dangerous to you if left loose. Provisionally spoken for

Modern setting
1: Female blackmail victim + blackmailer.  She has a secret she thought only she knew but which is shared by an unknown other.  But the blackmailer does not want money; they want control.  They subject the victim to increasingly disturbing and sexual ordeals, but always through the medium of a mobile phone or computer. 

I do warn you that I can't always get online every day, but I hope it will never be more than a couple of days before you get a reply.

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Re: Seeking rp partners of either sex
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2011, 04:35:36 pm »
Added some new ideas for rps.

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Re: Seeking rp partners of either sex
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2011, 09:38:09 am »
Added new science fiction idea.

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Re: Seeking rp partners of either sex
« Reply #3 on: September 22, 2011, 01:38:04 pm »
Dark elf sorceress fantasy (number 4) returned to stock.

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Re: Seeking rp partners of either sex
« Reply #4 on: September 23, 2011, 08:48:22 am »
A couple of rps provisionally off the list - fantasies 4 and 5, and my one modern.

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Re: Seeking rp partners of either sex
« Reply #5 on: October 29, 2011, 02:42:37 pm »
A few changes to what is and is not available, and a new horror rp added.

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Re: Seeking rp partners of either sex
« Reply #6 on: November 12, 2011, 05:33:27 pm »
Sorry to be a party pooper, but I’m afraid I’m not going to be taking on any new roleplays for a while, at least not until one of those I have running now is finished; this week I’ve been offered a chance to work on a book and script project which may actually lead to a major improvement in my finances (and who knows, at least a bit of local fame) if it pays off for us.  I can’t go into too much detail, but it is a subject I’ve been saying for years should be written up, and here’s my chance to do it.  I will be coming in to Elliquiy once a week, and hopefully with a bag of posts for the ongoing roleplays (including the pirate fantasy I‘ve been working up characters for, ), but I won’t have time to do more.  I don’t like turning in hasty, make-do writing, I don’t think it’s fair to my partners, so for now consider these on hold.  If you are interested, in any of my rp suggestions I can book them down for you and message you when an opening arises to see if you still want to do them then.