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Author Topic: MxM Plots (NonCon, Incest)  (Read 446 times)

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Offline AithinTheElfTopic starter

MxM Plots (NonCon, Incest)
« on: June 08, 2011, 10:44:53 PM »
 I will usually play the submissive character, though I don't mind making my character less submissive and a bit more equal.  Any ideas from you, I'm open! (Some plots vary in severity of NonCon. Violence, ect.)

NonCon Plots

Prince x Servant Boy

Prince is in his early twenties, Servant late teens (younger if you please).  Servant is dressing the Prince one day, and finally looses his temper due to continuous snobby remarks and teasing.  Tired of being a bully, the boy starts a physical fight with the Prince.  Said Prince also loses his temper when he realizes Servant is serious and isn't stopping.  Prince throws him to the ground and.....NonCon!

Handsome Uncle x Adopted Boy

When 16 year old Ryoto's wealthy, bad news adopted father finally ends up in prison, he is sent to live with Daidoji Kiro, his adopted uncle in his small Tokyo apartment.  Kiro is a tall, handsome man in his late or mid twenties, divorced from his wife.  Though Ryoto is in highschool, the boy's attitude, size and personality are those of someone much younger.  What starts as a few pats and glances on the car ride to school turns into much more, as Kiro realizes he's falling love.  But just because Ryoto is innocent doesn't mean Kiro is a pedophile, right...?  A little sexual encouragement never hurt anyone. ( This may be changed to Adopted Boy x Stepbrother if preferred.)

Incest Plots

Twin x Twin

Ryoto and Keanu are twins living with their older brother in Japan.  They are black haired and blue eyed, adored by their friends and teachers.  However, no one expected what was going behind the closed door of their shared room.  (Sort of a take on Kaoru and Hikaru from Ouron Host Club)  Twins are around 16/17 years old.
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Offline Hiru Harada

Re: In a NonCon mood/ MxM!
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2011, 07:18:54 PM »
If you are in the mood for non-con, I may have a couple ideas that you just might be interested in:

Rich Kid x Outcast:

Jaic Yamamoto(the rich kid), is your normal, casually indifferent popular kid who gets attention because of his parent's money and his good looks. Only, his life at home isn't so normal. He is an only child, sharing a dark secret with his divorced father, Hiro. Hiro Yamamoto divorced his wife for being unfaithful to him with several other men. However, after him and his son Jaic moved in together, Hiro found his sanity slipping drastically, and eventually turned aggressive toward Jaic. Many times, Hiro would beat his son senselessly for no reason at all, sometimes even leading to forced sex. This, and the loss of his mother, not to mention his fear of reaching out to someone for help, gradually whittles away at Jaic's sanity. Sooner or later, he's going to snap.

Shinji Hikari(the outcast), was adopted by Asuka Hikari when he was six. She found him homeless on the street one chilly Fall afternoon, and she immediately took him to file a missing person's report. However, having no trace of bloodlines and apparently no family, the woman took the boy in and named him, giving him her family's name and enrolling him in school. The woman had no children of her own, and had never been married, but she made a good life for the both of them. Hiro grew up as a normal boy, although he was quieter than the quietest of children, always keeping to himself. He would speak in front of the class when it was required, but any other time he remained silent. As he got older, he surpassed his peers academically, but his adopted mother was unable to afford more advanced materials, so he advanced at the same pace as everyone else. Although he's never had feelings for anyone, he is often considered "cute" or "do-able" by his fellow classmates, despite his distant, spacey, and sometimes creepy demeanor. Even when he is approached directly, he says nothing. It would take a very persistent person, one who seemed aggressively generous, just to scratch the surface of his hard outer shell.

- For this one, I would prefer to play Shinji, who would be the submissive one, but I can be Jaic if you'd prefer to be instead. I have one other idea, if you're interested:

Wanderer x Popular Kid:

Hiru Harada(the wanderer) is a nobody, an invisible entity who escapes all traces of family or friends. When he was alive, he was less than an outcast to his peers. He was a foreigner in a foreign world, without a mother or father. He was adopted at a young age, but soon expelled for violence toward other students, and even teachers. He was deemed unsuitable for public schooling and mentally unstable, therefore he was entered into counseling – which taught him to lie and play “good boy” for those who would call themselves his “superiors.” He was also enrolled in public schooling, and more extensive searching was done into his background. It was once discovered that he shared the exact same DNA with another individual who lived in another country. He was eventually let back into public schools years later, but soon again removed for violence toward peers and teachers alike. Twice removed, twice enrolled in home schooling, he studied feverishly with nothing better to do with his time. At the age of seventeen, he was nearing his graduation, having exceeded academic expectations. His mother was looking forward to him moving on and hopefully living a normal life. However, one day, despite everything she had done for him, he simply disappeared one rainy day without a word of “goodbye.” Not even a hint that he was going to leave. To this day, no one knows where he is, or if he’s even still alive…

Daiki Matsumoto(Popular Kid) is a very energetic boy, always playing and laughing, often disregarding his own responsibilities. However, he would do anything to help someone in need, and is often going out of his way to uplift someone who is quiet or appears depressed or distant. Still, he makes it through his schooling by the skin of his teeth. After his parents left when he was twelve, his older brother, Hajime Matsumoto, was the only person who would give him a home. This was because of his orientation. He was disowned by his parents, and then shortly after he moved in with his brother, Hajime was disowned for helping him. Still, Hajime is constantly pushing Daiki to do better in school. Despite those of Daiki's friends who have supported him in his decisions, Hajime is responsible for the greater part of his brother’s climb to graduation. It won’t be long until he is able to start a life of his own. If only he can stop partying every night and staying out late, he might be able to build a stable, normal life for himself. That is, unless something were to happen to him…

- For this, I'd like to be Hiru, who would be the dominant one, as I understand you gravitate toward submissive characters.

Let me know if you'd like to try either one of these, or if you'd rather do one of yours. If you like, you can drop me a message since I'll probably see it faster. Hope to hear from you soon. :-)