The Pleasure Castle (M seeking F, maybe 2) [Can be exotic]

Started by Tashkin390, June 08, 2011, 09:41:33 PM

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The idea is this. There is a castle with many rooms, each one devoted to sexual pleasure for the persons inside while still keeping certain things intact. There is a ballroom, meant for erotic dances, there are bedrooms filled with many machines and devices of pleasure, there is a basement for bondage (something I've wanted to try a light version of), there is a load of things. Come right in and PM me with questions or other details you want to add in and we'll figure this out.

Clothing is entirely optional. Preferable for me would be no clothing. ^_^; These are just my basic ons and offs, for people who are interested. :P


In fear, I ran this way and that, the tastes of blood and chocolate in my mouth.

My yes please and not so much. ;)
And if you'd ever like to know why I was away for awhile