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Author Topic: The bloody feud (A dragon anthro and vampire roleplay) (interest check)  (Read 903 times)

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Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

Long ago, at the height of the empire, before the rise of humans, the king of all vampires went for a hunt. He was after the blood of the lycan, a creature almost extenct by that time. Instead, he caught the scent of something better, the blood so intoxicating he couldn't help but seek it out.
He found a woman, pale and injured, crimson liquid draining from several deep wounds. She lay on the ground, shivering, a pair of pure white wings lay limp on either side of her. She was beautiful, and her blood was so inticing, he drained her on the spot.
The woman happened to be the princess of an unknown race known as dragons, and her death was what caused a war that has lasted for thousands of years, so ferce that by the time humans came along both sides were too few in number to fight their rise to power.
Now, in mountans and forests far from any city or town, the battle rages on.

I've wanted to do this rp for a while now, so I'm hoping I get a good number of people. Some info to keep in mind: 'Dragons' are almost human in appearance, save for a set of wings and retractable claws instead of nails. And please, no sparkling vampires. Here is a list of the five types of character you can chose from.

Fire dragon(male only)
Wing color: Blood red
Strengths: Control over fire and abitity to withstand very high temputures. They are said to be able to be submerged in lava, but this has never been proven.
weakness: Grow weak in cold climates.

Ice dragon(female only)
Wing color: Light blue
Strengths: Able to control water and ice, and can withstand freezing conditions.
Weakness: They cannot survive anywhere hot, and can dehidrate easily if it's not cool enough.

Light dragon
Wing color: Pure white
Strengths: They can make the aria around them glow so bright no other creature can see, and fly off while everything else is distracted. Their eyes can also withstand a lot of light. Looking into the sun to them is like gazing into the moon for humans.
Weakness: At night, they are basically blind. Their eyes can't pick up any dim lights at all.

Shadow dragon
Wing color: Raven black
Strengths: They can move without a sound, using darkness to mask both the noise they make and their own bodies . They can also see in the blackest of rooms.
Weakness: They cannot hide if there are no shadows, and their eyes are sencitive to light. Even a burning blaze can temperarily blind then.

Strengths: Strong and fast, these creatures grow better the older they get. They draw power from the blood they consume, and they have a large number of weapons at their disposal. They can see fairly in the dark, though not as well as a shadow dragon. Good scence of hearing and smell.
Weakness: The sun burns them If they don't feed enough they grow weak. Unlike dragons, they can't fly. Also, dragon blood is intoxicating to them, if they arn't carful they can lose themselfs in the scent, and be killed while distracted.

Now, there can be vampire/dragon hybreds, however you can not start out as one. You'd have to be a dragon and befriend a vampire to do that. As no one knows what a hybred is like, I'll leave it up to whoever does this first. However, keep in mind a friendship won't come easy, as both sides have fought the other for thousands of years.
There are only a few rules.
No powerplaying.
No killing off other characters unless it is agreed upon by the both of you.
No perfect 'unbeatable' characters.
Sex is alowed and encouraged, but is not the whole point of the story.
And of corse, have fun. ^^

Please fill out this form if you're interested in this rp.

Vampire or dragon: (if dragon, please specify which kind)
Apearence: (either a good discription or a picture, whichever works for you. Oh, and don't worry, if you play a dragon and can't find a pic of someone with the correct wings/wing color, you can just say what they have next to the picture)
Orentation: (Straight, bi, gay or other)
Characters ons and offs:
Your ons and offs:
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I'm interested. Will work on a character later on, or possibly, tomorrow.

Offline bubby

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Interested possibly. Is a dragon ONLY allowed their human shape, or are they able to change to dragon?

Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

For this rp, they're only alowed a human form.
However, if you're interested in a group rp with characters that can actually turn into dragons, I'd be happy to start a seperate thread for it.
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