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May 27, 2018, 07:58:47 PM

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Author Topic: Mysterious Resort (Trying to start an open group roleplay)  (Read 573 times)

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Mysterious Resort (Trying to start an open group roleplay)
« on: June 08, 2011, 03:12:25 AM »
This is an idea that came to me due to a dream I had the morning of June 7th, 2011. In it, there were people invited to this resort and transformed for various reasons that seemed to be unexplained. In it, I was turned into a teenage girl from a 20-something male and forced to go to some sort of classes that seemed to be there to teach various others in my same situation what they needed to know as new women. I was unable to leave either, as leaving was considered sort of taboo, as people who tried to leave were either killed on the extreme end, or simply brain-washed. In this same dream, while in an attempt to escape, I came across a very strange room. This room seemed to have had someone living in it previously, apparently a male as well as there were various signs of such. There most obvious sign that someone was living there was a bed, a desk with various things strewn upon it and various toy cars scattered all over. This 'bedroom' of sorts was only part of the room, and was on a platform of which hovered over something (regretfully that part was lost to be upon waking, only these certain things I remembered). I then proceeded picking up a couple of the toy cars (regular Hot Wheels/Matchbox size) and sticking them into pockets in the pants I had on (distinctively remembering the refusal to wear a skirt), along with one larger model-size car that I recognized as a Ferrari. Upon sticking them in my pocket, despite the obvious bulges they formed with my new hips, I suddenly felt a vibration. Reaching into a pocket I found a phone, which had three new text messages. This part really threw me for a loop here as I was unsure how I still apparently had my phone (or a very close look-alike) and the text messages were stranger. They mentioned that I had received three new cars into my own personal garage, strange no? Apparently this facility/location was as large as a city and I was in some sort of cheat/debug room that unlocked whatever I might touch or pocket for this matter. Regretfully however I'm not sure how large it actually was as shortly after seeing those text messages is where I either woke up or simply forgot the rest.))

However for this roleplay the reason people come to this 'resort' can be open: whether it be a form of revenge from someone else who sent you there, or perhaps just a simple experiment; you could even play someone who works here as a teacher (and if you have any other ideas feel free to ask me and we'll see how we can fit it in here). I want to go ahead and make this an entire hidden city resort, as if in a parallel dimension where people can get to it. However once they do, they never seem to see the outside ever again for whatever reason that may come to me later. I want all forms of TF to be introduced here, and if anything is to become adult I'm sure the character should be over 18 to protect from anything being seen as pedophilia (as per site rules and such). As for the cheat/debug room, I might put that in here, as a hidden location, but you will have to check with me first though as it can easily lead to god-moding, as I plan to use it as far as what happened to me in dream (as far as I can remember). Personally, I will be playing myself from my dream, and may or may not pick up a character of higher standing that might control of part of the island (like the school).

I would like this to be done as a group roleplay, with the option of non-consensual or consensual. Also with any forms of species or characters and for it to be quite open in that matter.

I wouldn't know the first thing about having to start the roleplay thread however so if anyone is interested let me know and I'll see if I can get this started.