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Author Topic: [Ex] Searching For Male Doctors - We want your cock.  (Read 1271 times)

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[Ex] Searching For Male Doctors - We want your cock.
« on: June 07, 2011, 09:21:26 PM »
(Disclaimer) This is a slave training RP with extreme methods for those who want to continue reading this.

From the Desk of the Co-Director Dr. Alena Mon'Lector:

Memo to prospective staff,
Rosanam Sanitarium strives to rehabilitate the mentally ill. Our institution is currently looking for well-suited doctors to staff the institute and help our patients achieve stability and be able to function in normal society. You must be willing to follow orders and be able to make decisions that suit the needs of the patient. A professional attitude in the work place and competence are key.

To apply to be a part of our family, please provide the following information:

Appearance (real pictures only. Also add any other descriptions of your character you would like):
Ons: (for your character as well as for you)
Medical history or resume for character:
Write a post regarding how your character joined Rosanam:

At current our family includes these members at current:

Co-Director Dr. Alexander Radovich (Swordsman18)
Co-Director Dr. Alena Mon'Lector (Hahvoc the Hatter)
Dr. Simone Blackwood (Marguerite)
Timothy "Tim" Parkinson (Kevben)

Piper (Koi) Patient #6
Aishling Macabre (Hahvoc The Hatter) Patient #11
Cynthia Peregris (AndyZ) Patient #1
Miyuki Yoshimura (Kytn) Patient #3
Geoffrey (Cliffheath) Patient #7
Max (Ryven)Patient #4
Yuna Aikawa (minerva7790) Patient #12
Stella Havers (darkangel76) Patient #9

In our lovely facility we have special programs that have short rehabilitation times for characters that are not long term (One Shots). Also there are patients present in our facility who came here as mere visitors but after close observation by our talented staff have been deemed insane and been moved into our lovely halls for a stay.

   Dr. Alena Mon'Lector

By the way, a patient does not necessarily have to be insane. He or she can just be a regular person that was "admitted" to the facility due to observation of the staff.

As a note, doctors can be submissive or Dominant, as can patients based on a person's preference.

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Ramblings of Madness (OOC Thread)
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Offline Tarin

Re: [Ex] Searching For Male Doctors - We want your cock.
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2011, 03:09:11 PM »
I got Cock! At least I think I have, not so sure at this time anymore (not to mention the state of mind). But here I apply and try my very best!

Name: Anton (nickname Adonis) Peleus

His right nipple is pierced, has a silver ring; one that is taped off whenever now at work, after a light accident where a patient almost ripped it out.
Sexuality: It has tits? Then he likes it~!
Gender: Male
Ons: Degration, dirty talk, humiliation, restraining, anal, clean rimming(receiving), breast and nipple play, nails, toys(give and receive), light-medium pain (in any way, giving), scratching (give and take), spanking, drug play, light blood play, ...and whatever else that might become fun~
Offs: Scat
He seems to be a rather normal man nearing his 30th, mostly calm spoken, friendly and outgoing, charming when not at his job. When he works with a patient that changes, he becomes strikt and firm, that soft tone of voice becomming harsh if it's needed. After all, -he- knows what is best for the patient, he went through medical school and passed the exams to work with such people. It's only for the best of them! People tell him that he is volatile, but it has never been medicaly proven, specialy when working with patients.
Born in Greece he grew up in wealth, some would call him a spoiled brat actually, the way his parents were doctors and earning a lot that he of course could make full use of. It was in that early childhood that he developed a rather snappish attitude to things not going his way. In school he was popular, who didn't want to be the rich one's friend?
The later years, growing up and being send to university calmed his temper a bit, it didn't help none the less that he grew into a charming young man that still got most of what he wanted, specialy the opposite sex simply flew to him. He had the choice, he picked every week another one and enjoyed the life of being young.
Graduading university with a diploma in Psychology and Pharmacy. Both things that were expected by his parents and things that never had been his own choice. Something patients might get to feel later on.
He always had been doing sports, from childhood on. With teenage and adulthood he kept in shape, learning that a good and healthy body helped along with his natural charms. At last with his first work with violent patient he learned that his workouts surely helps as well to restrain a patient.
Medical history or resume for character:
Received a Master's Degree from the University of Athens in Psychology and Pharmacology.
Received his Doctorate in Psychiatry from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Write a post regarding how your character joined Rosanam:
He is always eager to broaden his horizon and heard of Rosanam and since it's his duty to help those that can't help themself anymore and seeing it as a logical next step in furthering his education and work experience he applied there.

He looked over that looming building a leather jacket over his t-shirt in grey colour that hinted at the muscles below. A pair of dark slacks, shiny shoes completed the semi profesional look he had. The light breeze played with his long hair that reached just to his shoulderbades, while brown eyes scanned over the facility. It was certainly larger than the last one, a fact that brought a smile to his lips. Yes, this was the next great step. Calm and collected he strode forward, the gravel sounding, crunshing below his heels, the tall man of 1,93m approaching along the small path. The sky overheads only added to the strange athmosphere and he had to chuckle to himself, shaking his head as he thought that this place certainly reminded him about a horror movie or two. Surely in this facility there wouldn't be as much blood or zombies tho.
The leather satchel lightly bobbing against his leg, containing all the copies needed for this interview that he had. They had a spot free, so why not try? There was nothing bad in his records, actually all places he had worked on before gave him best grades and revisions (The right word? Kinda writing this as I am falling asleep). He was sure that whatever he might be lacking in education he might make due with his charm and that coy lil smile of his. He knew the director was female, of course that trademark smile of his would work!
Up the stairs, fingers allready tracing along the hard wooden railing that lead him to the office...allready taking note of the halls, the people he passed...all of them were greeted with a wide smile and a nod...heading towards that one door with the plate besides it: 'Director'. His long fingers curled into a fist...raised and knocked. 'Here goes nothing' he thought and brought up that killer smile of his that helped him so far through his live.

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Re: [Ex] Searching For Male Doctors - We want your cock.
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2011, 04:45:31 PM »
I like your character, move him into the records department and post in the OOC to let people know you are there and you are golden.



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Re: [Ex] Searching For Male Doctors - We want your cock.
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2011, 06:54:11 AM »
Name: Akribos McGoven
Age: 34

Akribos stands a sizable 6'8" and might not have looked the most toned man, but he is rather heavy in his stocky frame. Having a scar across his right ribs from a patient two years prior who broke through the restraints and slashed his torso open with a scalpel. Akribos, commonly referred to as Akri by those who know him, disarmed the patient and then had them put into solitary. Akribos was never charged since no connection was made, but the patient was found crying and bleeding from wounds to her face and undetermined sexual abuse. Akribos was on leave from work for the stitches the entire time although he keeps it hidden keeping his own souvenirs to himself. 

Degrees from Harvard in both Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology. Graduating near the top of his class in both and also graduating at the age of 25 with his fast learning intellect. Driving forward best in the conditioning sides of both fields even if his ideas seemed rather forceful and somewhat radical. The Doctors above him had to agree that the methods produced results where many others had failed.

Sexuality: Heterosexual


Ons: Dominant women, breaking dominant women, submissive women, bondage, toys, anal (giving), oral (both), vaginal (giving), rough sex, noncon, Mind fucking, facials (giving), mind games, use of drugs for restraints, group sex, public, slave training, conditioning, break wills.

Offs: Scat, a weak mind, and hospital rules.

Akribos is a large man in general and obviously enjoys the part. Using his physical size to gain leverage over many patients. Breaking them down and building them back up with respect and a condition of slavery to those who are above them.

Though he was not just a brute in a lab coat, he just preferred the strong hands on approach of conditioning over the patient and calculating mind games. He was bright, but his attention was far to obsessive that he could only focus breaking into a patients mind to pull them out of their psychosis to be broken again. He loved it all, and found the human mind to be a puzzle that was far to complicated to map, but why not give it a try? 

Born and raised in South Boston as a Steel workers son, Akribos was a smart child who became a giant. Standing 6' tall at the age of 14 he grew to size and scared most of the kids in his neighborhood, though he attracted most to call him Akri, which stood for master. Most believed him when he broke the jaw of a man who called his father a drunk steel worker. The man was his teacher. After that he was shipped into a boarding school with a military background.

Akribos adapted well to it and took to being the middle man, the cadet staff sergeant who handled the hard cases. Through blunt force or sheer fear control. He bettered his mind and gained a free ride to Harvard under a Psychology scholarship and graduated well early for his Doctorate. Working in the worst of criminal asylums, he broke most of the considered insane into a somewhat sane enough to understand their crimes at least. He conditioned for hours at a time, even days if he would need to, he would not stop till progress was made, taking pots of coffee in with him and a carton of cigarettes.

Moving through the ranks he became the strongest middle management Therapist in the criminal psych wards. It wasn't long before his tactics though caught too many eyes and after he was assaulted it took another year before Akribos was sick of the constant questions of his mental health and his conditioning sessions. It was time to move on, and Akribos had found the perfect place to expand his work, Rosanam Sanitarium seemed like just that place.

Resume for character:
Doctorate of Behavioral Psychology
Doctorate of Cognitive Psychology
Six years in Criminal psych wards of South Boston.

Write a post regarding how your character joined Rosanam:
The days of getting the totally helpless into a semi conscious state long enough to understand reason, he had heard about the place. It was the location that only the truly brave would ever undergo if they chose to work in their long term section. It was Akribos' new playground as far as he was concerned. He had written a letter or two requesting the short or long term therapy, focusing on his strong conditioning program for the criminally insane, and the countless hours he dedicated to his craft.

Once the approval letter came back for him to be interviewed he smiled from ear to ear and walked over to counter top where he had dropped his mail in his small one bedroom apartment. He might have been a large man, but he lived light and saved most everything he made. The trip to the Rosanam Sanitarium was long but he would make it in a few hours. He grabbed some sleep in the night as he was called in for the interview for the next morning.

Waking up slowly he hoped in the shower, shaving his head clean and his face as well. He dressed in a dark blue collar shirt and black pants and coat, no tie to speak of. He hated them, patients with any kind of salt to them would use them to strangle a doctor if he pushed the wrong buttons. Slipping on his leather shined shoes and loaded into his care enough clothes for two weeks and pulled out some cash for the drive as he left in the dark morning hours.

The drive was long and Akribos downed a pack of cigarettes as he put on his aviator sunglasses with the rising sun. Following the directions given he pulled the filed into his lap as his black Dodge challenger pulled into the parking area of the enormous structure, it looked like a damn castle. It was like some damn crazy mid evil hell hole for the church.

It truly was grim Akribos had to give them that, but it worked well he figured. Glaring at the mass of the entrance he walked through the front doors. Smirking at the odd clouds creeping over, but he left his shades on and walked in carrying the file with his left hand as he walked quickly through the area, following the directions from a orderly he walked up the stairs towards the Directors office, hoping she would be in at this hour, but who knew.

This was uncharted territory here, seeing that no doubt she would be busy, Akribos stood outside in the hallway and paced slowly, waiting for the door with the director plaque on it, the wait would be short he hoped, he was already anxious to see what rules would be removed.