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Author Topic: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)  (Read 10822 times)

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #50 on: June 24, 2011, 04:04:23 PM »
"Where would the fun have been in that?" he laughed back at her as he treaded water a few feet from her. "Besides it's not as cold as ye think." He explained as he made his way out of the surf and onto shore. "Ye'll learn to expect the unexpected if ye spend enough time with me, Cara. He called back, still smiling as she made her way over to one of the boulders that dotted the cove.

He made his way towards her, scooping up his shirt as he walked past it. Using his shirt to dry his face he sat down next to her, still dripping wet. "I suppose that's something we'll have to remedy than isn't it?" He asked with a smile when she said he couldn't swim.

He toweled of his upper body as best he could with his shirt as he sat with her in the mid day sunlight. He felt as if he could spend not only the rest of the day, but the rest of his life right here with her and be perfectly content. He offered Cara his shirt to towel herself off a little. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to soak ye that bad. It's not much, but this will help with the worst of it." He apologized as he held out his t shirt. 

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #51 on: June 25, 2011, 07:15:47 AM »
Cara leaned back on her elbows, a wry grin twisting her lips as she watched Gregory make his way out of the surf and up onto the beach towards her.  The water plastered his hair to his head and neck, and ran in heavy rivulets down his body, leaving a trail of beaded, wet sand behind him.  She didn’t bother hiding the fact that she was staring at him, in fact, she even raised a hand to shade her eyes, the better to see him as he approached.

Wet denim, she thought. Was there any worse feeling in the world? Cara shook her head and laughed as Gregory sat down. Better him than her.

“I sure hope you didn’t have anything important in your pockets.”

She shook her head when he offered his shirt.  “No thank you, it’s really not that bad.” Cara gave a pointed glance to his soaked jeans before looking back up at Gregory’s face. “A little while in the sun should do it, unless you’re in a hurry to get back...”

At that, Cara rearranged herself on the rocks, lying on her front so the sun could dry the back of her clothing.  She could just reach down into the tide pool below the rocks, trailing her fingers in the water. Making herself comfortable.  In no hurry at all to go anywhere.

“I have to tell you, Gregory - everything about you so far has been unexpected.  I’m not sure you’ll be able to surprise me much more after today. Although, if you could teach me to swim after everyone else I know failed, I’ll be positively shocked

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #52 on: June 27, 2011, 04:13:53 PM »
Gregory reached into his pockets and retrieved his now dripping wet phone. "Aye that can't be good for it." he chuckled. "Looks like I'm buying a new phone later." he said as he sat next to Cara. He laid out his shirt and took the battery out of his phone, placing all the pieces on his shirt in an effort to dry it out. Hopefully that will work for now." he said more to himself.

He laid himself out on the boulder next to her and turned and smiled. "Cara, not only am I not in a hurry, I would just as soon stop time in this moment and be perfectly happy." He said as he gently placed a hand on her back as he laid next to her.

"I'll do everything I know to teach ye to swim." he said as he lightly rubbed her back "Maybe we'll go to Loch Ness sometime and ye can swim with Nessie after I teach ye." He joked, chuckling a little as he said it. Gregory brushed his wet hair from his face and smiled to himself, still gently rubbing Cara's back as they lay on the smooth boulders together.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #53 on: June 28, 2011, 11:24:39 AM »
Oh no, came the thought, as Cara watched Gregory pull the dripping phone from his pocket.  She shook her head, surprised and amused at the decidedly level reaction to his own error.  While it appeared he may hold out some hope for salvaging the thing, Cara was pretty sure the phone was a goner.  That rules out calling him for a while…

The phone, however, was quickly forgotten as Gregory arranged himself next to her and began to run his hand up and down her back.  The first touch sent a shiver up her spine, but gradually the sensation began to relax her, lying in the warm sunshine.  Cara folded her arms under her chin and laid her head upon them, closing her eyes and thoroughly enjoying his attention.  Her response to him was hardly a response at all, just an agreeable, murmured Mmmhmm when he mentioned stopping the clock and staying just like this.

As he mentioned the Loch Ness monster, however, she had to grin, sparkling green eyes peering over at him in amusement.  “Oh, you’re not helping yourself, or me, saying things like that”  Cara laughed, turning to her side to face him. She reached out, running a few fingers through his wet hair before resting her hand on his cheek.  “You’re lucky you’re so charming, Gregory McClellen, because I’m beginning to see that wild streak you mentioned.”

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #54 on: June 29, 2011, 08:20:39 AM »
"Nessie is harmless." He replied with a grin shaking his head. "Nah, I'm only kidding, i don't even think I'm ready for that, from what I hear that water is dreadfully cold and deep. It would be fun to try sometime though." he added, still chuckling. "I know a few places to take ye to teach ye how to swim. Some small lochs and rivers and such." He reassured her, his hand still now resting at the small of her back.

Gregory put his free hand over Cara's as she held a hand on his cheek and smiled at her. "Cara, my dear, ye've not seen anything yet." He said with a smile his own gray orbs twinkling a little as the two of them locked eyes. "I am glad ye think me charming though. It means I've been doing something right this whole time." He chuckled and gently pulled Cara a little closer to him, kissing her lightly on the cheek.

Gregory once again lost himself in the emerald green seas of Cara's eyes. "I have to admit, I never thought I would be as happy I went to work as I was yesterday." He said softly, his eyes still locked on her.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #55 on: June 30, 2011, 12:25:40 PM »
She almost laughed when he told her, no, more like, warned her, that she hadn’t seen anything yet.  Almost. But the mood changed suddenly, as Gregory pulled her close, pressing a kiss to her cheek. Oh yes, he was definitely doing something right she thought, as the soft warmth of his lips on her face caused her to blush furiously.  It wasn’t from embarrassment, though, and Cara loved the way he made her feel.

When she brought her eyes back up to his, she smiled, sweeping her thumb along his cheek lightly.  “I’m glad you were there too – and not only because you helped me with my luggage.” Her grin widened – “but that was definitely a big help!”

Cara leaned forward, pressing her forehead against Gregory’s, not kissing him – just, touching her face to his. Her eyes were closed and a smile was affixed to her lips. For several long moments sge stayed that way, holding his face to hers.

Her voice was very soft when she finally spoke.

“I think you may end up being my favorite part of this trip, Gregory.”

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #56 on: July 01, 2011, 10:45:01 PM »
"I guess not being the brightest guy in the world but being able to lift heavy things is good for something." Gregory chuckled when she commented about his helping her with the trunk. He savored the feeling of the soft, supple skin of her hand on his face for a moment before she pulled him close and pressed their foreheads together.

For a moment Gregory said nothing when she spoke. "I know I'm certainly glad to have met ye, Cara." he said softly as they sat together. "I've never been so happy to spend time with someone as I am to simply be around ye." He added, wanting to hold her close to him but unable to due to the way they were positioned on the boulder.

Shifting to sit sideways he pulled Cara close enough that she could rest her head on his shoulder if she chose to he smiled down to her. His smokey gray eyes gleaming at her. "I've a confession to make Cara. He started softly as he looked down at her. "I think I've fallen for ye, nay, I know I've fallen for ye." He said with a smile as he held her close. Content to sit where they were and watch the surf break on the shore as long as he was with her.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #57 on: July 02, 2011, 02:01:12 PM »
Cara frowned, just a little, when Gregory commented that he wasn't the brightest. She didn't like to hear anyone talk about themselves that way, and certainly not him. She remained silent for the moment, however, rubbing his cheek, and resting her head on his shoulder when he shifted around.

His words surprised her, although she tried hard to not show it. They'd known each other less than a day, was it possible to already care so much about another person? But everytime she looked up, and stared into his beautiful grey eyes, the lityle skip in heart told her it was definitely possible, because she felt the same way.

As lovely as it was to lie there with him, in silent repose, Cara wasn't entirely satisfied. She wasn't especially bold normally, and wasn't trying to be now - but having his face so close, and having such sweet sentiments spoken to her - it was really more than any girl could be expected to take, now wasn't it?

She smiled shyly up at him, moving her hand down to cup along his jaw.

"In that case, I hope you don't mind me doing this..."

Cara tilted her chin, pulling his face to hers and pressing her lips against his in a kiss.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #58 on: July 02, 2011, 10:56:55 PM »
Gregory was about to speak when Cara's lips met his. He closed his eyes and returned her kiss, holding her close to him. He was in absolute bliss. The taste of her lips upon his was incredible. It was at that moment he knew he wanted nothing more than to be with her. Nothing else seemed to matter while their lips touched, everything else was gone except for the two of them.

Slowly, Gregory pulled himself away from her and smiled at her. There was a new air about him now, as if something had changed within that short time span that they had been locked together. "I was about to say I wouldn't mind anything ye did." He started "Now I have to refine that and say not only do I not mind, but I encourage ye to do that as often as possible" He said with a grin as he brushed a few stray hairs from her face gently.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #59 on: July 03, 2011, 08:57:06 PM »
Emboldened as she was by his words, Cara was still quite nervous as she pulled him into that first kiss.  Her heart pounded as their lips met, but the worries quickly dissolved as Gregory returned it in earnest, his lips melting into hers as if made for each others.  It ended all too soon, however, as he pulled away, gently - only to ask for more.

She grinned and gave a nervous laugh. “I think you’ve given me all the encouragement I need, but I don’t know if I should go spoiling you just yet."  They were empty words, however, and she could not help but slide her arms around his shoulders, pulling him back down into another kiss - just as sweet, but less hesitant and more insistent.  She kept him there longer as her fingers slid through his hair, breaking the kiss only when she was ready to.

“That will have to do you for now, I think,” she teased, rubbing her nose against his.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #60 on: July 03, 2011, 10:58:43 PM »
Gregory wrapped his arms around her as she pulled him close again. Whatever words he had been about to say were forgotten. This time he knew what was coming and readily met Cara's lips with his own. The taste of her lips, sweet and succulent on his own. He breathed deeply through his nose as he held her close.

Only when she pulled her lips from his did Gregory open his eyes. He smiled at her as she spoke. "I suppose I can live with that for now." he said with a chuckle as he looked out across the ocean. "It looks like we're going to be getting rained on soon." he said as he pointed to the heavy gray clouds that were still out to sea. "I can't tell how far it is, but we have two choices." He started as he got down from the boulder they had been sitting on and helped Cara before grabbing his shirt and the pieces to his phone. "We can either go to the cave behind that waterfall and try to wait it out, or we can start to make our way back to town and see if we can stay dry. I'll take ye all the way back to the professor's if that's what ye want though." He said as they started walking away from the shore and through the cove, Gregory waiting for Cara's decision.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #61 on: July 03, 2011, 11:23:44 PM »
Cara looked out at the storm clouds building across the water and frowned.  And everything had been so perfect, she thought, more than a little disappointed.  She sighed as Gregory helped her down onto the sand and thought for a minute.

“Hmm.” The cave sounded... interesting, certainly - but there was no telling how long it would rain, and she was sure Gregory hadn’t come prepared for dealing with a dark cave.  Climbing behind a waterfall also promised the prospect of getting soaked again - something she wasn’t especially interested in doing at the moment.  She also wasn’t in a rush to leave Gregory, but at the same time, she did have a responsibility to Professor McKnight, something that had slipped her mind entirely in the last half hour.

There was a a regretful smile on her face as she turned to him.  “I hate to say it, but it’d probably be best if we made our way back to the professor’s.  I don’t want to get stuck somewhere in a downpour, as much as I’ve enjoyed the day with you.” She slipped her hand into Gregory’s and let him lead the way out of the cove.

“Besides, I’ve taken up enough of your time.  Don’t you have training to do?”  She squeezed his hand and grinned.  “I can’t have some other brawny fellow besting you if I’m going to be cheering your name, now can I?”

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #62 on: July 03, 2011, 11:37:49 PM »
"Aye then, off we go." He replied as he slipped an arm around the small of her back. When they reached the stone tunnel, Gregory once again hoisted her up onto the rocks and helped her through, following close behind. He hopped down behind her and they continued their walk up the trail and back to the village.

"Aye ye are right again, I should do some training. I'll have to see if we get a good Scottish rain and it comes straight down rather than a slant before I decide though." He agreed to her comment about his training. As much as he didn't want to be leaving Cara's side any time soon, he knew they both had things to do. Though his were not nearly so important as hers. At least not to him anyway, she was the one that was here for school and had a job to do for a rather well known archaeologist. Gregory lived on the island and had all the time he needed to do his things. He was sure Cara wouldn't listen to a word of that argument though.

He held his arm at the small of her back, keeping her as close as he could while they walked up the path and through the village. Gregory pulled away from her only for a moment to pull is shirt, still damp with sea water, over his head and back on. A split second after his shirt was back on he had his arm around Cara. Using his free hand, Gregory brushed his hair out of his face and tucked his braid behind his ear, only to have it fall again moments later.

Gregory watched ahead of them as they walked, knowing his time with Cara today was now almost over. The professor's manor growing closer with every step. It seemed they would beat the rain though. Gregory saw the clouds still building over the sea, though they didn't seem to carry any threat of a dangerous storm.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #63 on: July 04, 2011, 07:09:50 PM »
Cara shot Gregory a look - “Oh, now surely a little rain won’t stop you from training, now will it?  A tough fellow like yourself?  You’re already drenched, aren’t you?” She smiled then, to soften the edge of her teasing.  Being stuck out in the rain was never any fun, not as far as she was concerned.  And while she wasn’t entirely clear on what kind of training he had to do, it probably wasn’t the sort of thing you wanted to do in a downpour.  Regardless, she couldn’t help but poke fun at his earlier impulsive decision, and current damp situation.

As they approached the village, she noticed he tried to make himself look a little less disheveled and appreciated the effort.  Not that she minded the way he had looked, shirtless and wet - not at all. All the same, better no one they passed got the wrong idea about their innocent afternoon.  Curiosity got the best of her then, and she reached up to tug gently at the braid he wore, just like she had wanted to the day before.

“I like it,” She began with wink. “What do you wear it for?  You don’t see many fellows walking around with a braid in their hair.”

The clouds were still gathering, but not as quickly as before.  Deciding there’d be no harm in lingering a little longer, Cara deliberately slowed her pace. With his phone drenched, this may be the last chance they had to talk for a while, and she wanted it to last.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #64 on: July 10, 2011, 12:05:43 AM »
Gregory jerked and started a bit when Cara tugged on his braid. He had been keeping an eye on the storm for a moment. He slowed his pace to match hers and smiled softly. "It goes back to the Fianna warriors, along with many other ancient Scottish warrior tribes. A single braid on the side of the head is one of many symbols of being a warrior. I really only wear it around the time of the Highland games. Kind of a way to delve a bit deeper into our heritage. I don't consider myself a warrior like they were, and certainly nowhere near the level of the Fianna, but I would defend my family, my friends, and my land to my last breath if the need arose."

He shrugged a bit after his explanation before continuing. "As for my training, It would be a bit harder to lift and throw a caber if it's soaked and slick with rain, same for the stones." He chuckled before giving her a bit of a squeeze. "It doesn't matter how strong you are if you can't hold something that big." He smiled as he stated this a bit matter of factly.   

He continued to match her greatly slowed pace as they strolled through the village. "Don't worry about my phone by the way." He started, almost as if he was trying to reassure her. "I'll be getting it replaced either today or tomorrow. And I'll be keeping the same number so you won't have top worry about that either." He looked down at Cara and simply smiled as they walked

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #65 on: July 11, 2011, 10:06:35 AM »
The hedges that edged the McKnight property had come into view up ahead, and Cara knew from the day before that in just a moment the house itself would be visible.  The sky beyond was still a bright blue, but the wind blowing at their backs and tangling her strawberry tresses promised stormy conditions shortly.

Cara returned Gregory’s squeeze, tightening her arm around his waist. “I wasn’t worried about the phone – I’m sure you would have found another way to get in touch. You’re certainly resourceful enough, tracking me down as you did.”  She knew it couldn’t have been very hard, considering how much they had talked the day before – but he’d gone through the trouble all the same, and that meant a lot.

It didn’t matter how slow they walked – every step brought them inexorably closer to the end of their spontaneous date.  Knowing Meredith would probably be around, Cara stopped well before they could be seen from the house, stepping in front of Gregory and taking both of his hands in her own. She found it hard to meet his eyes, but she did, forcing herself into a reluctant smile.

“I want to thank you again, Gregory.  For all of it – the flowers, and lunch, and taking me to that cove… I’ve never had such an amazing day, and I can’t thank you enough. It was all very unexpected, but I’m very glad you went to all the trouble. Even if you had to sacrifice your phone to do it.” The smile on her face became genuine as a quick laugh escaped her lips.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #66 on: July 14, 2011, 09:04:07 PM »
Gregory's strides became smaller and smaller as they slowed their pace. He ignored the wind blowing through his hair as he walked with Cara. "I don't have to be very resourceful when everyone in the village knows where Professor McKnight stays." He chuckled as Cara moved in front of him.

He stopped when Cara moved herself to stand in front of him wither her back to the manor property. Knowing their time together for the day was almost at a close he forced a smile as well. Though he knew their time together had to end sooner or later, he didn't want it to.

Gregory closed his hands around hers and his smile became more genuine as she spoke. "It was no trouble, and my great pleasure to take ye around today, Cara. Well worth the sacrifice too." His smile grew wider now as he grinned at her. He took one hand from hers and brushed her hair from her face before leaning forward and lightly kissing her on the lips.

"I can't wait to see ye again either." He pulled away slowly and moved to her side again. "I suppose though, we should be getting ye back. I'll walk ye up to the house." He said reluctantly as he started them once more walking slowly back to the McKnight manor.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #67 on: July 16, 2011, 10:13:39 PM »
That light kiss sent Cara's heart soaring, the perfect end to a perfect day. She knew her cheeks were red when they parted, but the heat in her face was no match for the burning in the center of her chest. Still, she felt unaccountably shy when he said he wanted to see her again, and kept her eyes focused on the ground before her as they approached the house.

At the door Cara turned, finally looking up at Gregory. "I'm sure you're going to be busy the next few days, but call me when you can? We'll be heading out in a few days, but I don't think we'll be gone too long." She reached a hand up to his cheek. "I'll talk to you soon."

With one last, small smile, Cara slipped into the house.

Meredith was in the kitchen, and called out when she heard the door shut. "Cara? That you?"

Cara made her way back to the kitchen, fighting the mad grin that threatened to overwhelm her face. "Yes, it's me. I'm back." She replied, somewhat unnecessarily as she entered the kitchen. The sight of the flowers Gregory had brought her, arranged artfully in a vase on the windowsill, brought a fresh surge of joy through her.

There was a pot of something bubbling away on the stovetop - it smelled amazing as Meredith stirred. "So..." she asked, shooting Cara a wicked grin. "How was your date?"

Cara chewed her lip a moment, both to hide her untameable smile, and to collect her thoughts. She'd didn't want to start gushing like some silly, lovestruck girl-

"Sweet Mary, it was amazing!" She shrieked. Her eyes were wide, dancing, as she looked over at Meredith. "He's the sweetest - I don't even know what to compare him to! We had lunch, and walked down to the beach." She gasped - "And a cove, tucked away there, it was the most beautiful place I've ever seen!"

Meredith turned back to her pot, trying not to laugh at Cara's display, rolling her eyes as the younger girl went on and on... "So I guess you'll be seeing Romeo again at some point?"

"I hope so!" Cara shot back. "We'll have to see when. He has work, and training, and of course I have my responsibilities here..." She fell silent for a moment, running through everything Gregory had talked about in her mind. "You want to hear the oddest thing? He said his father's The Butcher. Isn't that mad?"

"Well, not really," Meredith answered. "I mean, people eat meat, and I know I'm not about to cut up a cow. I don't remember there being a butcher in Gairloch, though..."

Cara cut her off. "No, no - not a butcher. THE Butcher." She made a face, wrinkling her nose in distaste. "He's some kind of wrestler-" The spoon Meredith had been holding suddenly clattered to the floor, making Cara jump.

"Oh my god, are you serious?!" Meredith was yelling, whirling around to face Cara. "His father is Marty McClellan? Marty the Butcher? And he lives here in Gairloch?"

Cara was dumbfounded. Meredith didn't sound scandalized or skeptical - she sounded like a fan. "Uh, well, I would think so - I haven't met him or anything. I don't know where he lives." She shrugged. "Gregory only mentioned his father was a pro wrestler, and that he helped sometimes - it's something he wants to get into himself one day."

Meredith was on the verge of hysteria. "I can't believe it! Gordon's going to flip - he watches the matches too! Oh wow..." Her eyes were wide as she crossed the kitchen towards Cara. "Do you think he'd give me an autograph? Oh, no, wait - do you think I could meet him?" Her hand shot out, grabbing Cara's wrist. "We should have them over for dinner!"

"Uh.." Cara had no idea what to say. Autographs? Dinner with Gregory's parents? Just the idea made her stomach flip nervously. "So," she lifted an eyebrow in question, a smile turning up the corner of her mouth, "I take it that seeing Gregory again won't be a problem?"

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #68 on: July 26, 2011, 11:41:07 PM »
Gregory walked up to the Manor with Cara, his arm still around her waist. "I hope ye have fun and make some incredible finds. And of course I'll call ye as soon as I can." He said, his eyes twinkling as he spoke to her. "I can always make time for as beautiful a girl as ye Cara, always." He finished as she started to open the door.

He watched her disappear behind the door before he started walking backwards down the path and waving, though he was certain she couldn't see him, Gregory couldn't help himself. Once he was about halfway down the path, Gregory finally turned and strolled the rest of the way from the manor property, his heart soaring as he walked.

Once off the property, Gregory decided to make sure he got at least some form of training in and broke into a jog. He went off the main roads and ran through the the highland country until he got home. He pushed open the door and stepped inside. "I'm home." He called out as he headed into the main room where his parents were sitting. "Did ye have a good time dear? His mother asked him as he ambled into the room. "Aye ma, thank ye, I was with that girl I told ye about yesterday, She's amazing, brilliant too, she's here from Galway studying under Professor McKnight." He started, "An Irish Lass ye say?" His mother teased. "At this rate the McClellans will have more Irish blood than Scottish." She said with a giggle. She was Irish too after all. His father just turned to look at the two of them and laughed heartily. "Aye, ye couldn't have found a nice Scottish girl could ye Gregory lad?" He teased. Gregory just laughed as his cheeks reddened at his parents playful teasing.

"do ye need any help at the match tonight Da" Gregory asked, partly to change the subject and also because he would have to get ready if Marty needed him. "No lad, ye are free tonight to do as ye please." Marty told him. Gregory nodded and left the room smiling at them. "I need to run back to town, I got my phone wet." He said as he headed out the door.

Running cross country again, Gregory came to the cell phone store and bought a replacement without any trouble. He'd put a bit of a dent in his bank account today, but it was worth it. He generally spent very little on himself anyway. Seeing that the storm had seemed to skirt around them. Gregory headed to his training grounds for a good workout.

A couple of hours later he strolled back home and walked inside quietly. "I'm off to bed, went and did some training for the games after I got my phone." He said to his parents as they were headed out the door. "They waved goodbye to him and got into the car and drove away. Gregory headed upstairs and drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

It was The morning of the Highland games. Gregory was up early eating a hearty breakfast and preparing himself. He hoped to hit his spot in the woods and get a little more practice in before he had to be to the game field. As he ate, Gregory found his mind drifting towards Cara, The last time he had spoke to her had been to tell her when the games were. They both had had very little free time lately, He been busy with work and training and she'd been back and forth with the Professor a lot the past week or so.

Gregory went to his room and dressed for the games. He wrapped his clan kilt around himself. His clan colors of forest green, red, and white making a wonderful plaid pattern around his legs. he pulled his shirt and socks on, finished dressing and headed for the woods. Only having time for a couple of caber tosses and rock throws in, Gregory then hurried off to the game field to register. He then just milled around, talking with a few of the other entrants as he kept an eye out for Cara. Some spectators had already arrived and he was wondering when she would arrive.
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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #69 on: July 29, 2011, 11:18:14 AM »
For the tenth time in as many minutes, Cara glanced at her watch with concern. Her leg bounced with nervous energy as she watched the rolling landscape pass by - too slowly, for her. The Highland Games were being held today down by Gairloch, but Cara had been up near Ullapool with Gordon and Meredith. She had been resigned to missing the event, and had been mulling over how to break the news to Gregory, but Meredith had surprised her.

"No pouty faces, Sunshine. Gordon's okay with us heading back for the day - he has some paperwork to file with the town anyway," had come Meredith's unanticipated solution.  Cara hadn't even asked - her priority was the work she was doing for Gordon, obviously. But Meredith had intervened, and managed to snag them they day, and Cara certainly wasn't going to complain.

Well, not too much, anyway. "You're certain we'll make it on time? Because there's a lot of traffic..." Cara gave an uncertain look at the traffic in front of them.

"Pfft." Meredith tossed her head indignantly. "We'll be fine. Don't you worry that pretty little red head of yours. We have time. And if I catch you looking at that watch again I am tossing it out the window for the sheep." Meredith was fairly confident they'd get there in time - although probably not with much time to spare. That was too bad - she was really hoping Gregory's dad - The Butcher!! - would be there. She'd totally bribed Gordon with the promise of an autograph to get this day trip approved, although he hadn't given her a hard time about it.

They did make it, although with precious little time to spare. Cara had assumed finding Gregory would be easy, hard to lose a tall guy wearing a kilt in a crowd... Of course that only worked when the crowd wasn't made up of tall guys in kilts. Eventually she'd given up, dragging Meredith away from some especially friendly Scotsmen in order to find seats.  The stands were very full, but eventually the found a couple of seats near the top, where Cara could get the best vantage point.

She groaned, frustrated. Worry creased her brow as she shielded her eyes and searched the field for a familar figure. "You need to help to help me find Gregory, Meredith. I wanted to wish him luck..."

Meredith was scanning the crowds, but much more distractedly than Cara. "There's a hundred fine-looking Scotsmen in kilts down there, and you want me to look for the only one I can't flirt with?" She sighed, blocked the sun with her hand, and pointed toward the end of the field. "There he is. You better hurry."

Cara took the steps two at a time and ran for the end of the field.

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Gregory spotted Cara bounding down the steps from the stands and departed from the competitors he had been chatting with. He made his way quickly to the edge of the game field at the same time as she did. "Glad to see ye made it." He said with a smile as they approached each other. A silver dragon twist hung from his war braid today and glinted in the sunlight. "Are Gordan and Meredith with ye too? My Ma and Da should be here soon, maybe ye can all sit together. Da' isn't competing this year." He added with a bit of a chuckle. Gregory bent down to Cara and gently kissed her on the cheek. "Looks like I have to win now." He laughed as he looked into her eyes.

"All entrants report to the weight for height event in five minutes. A voice boomed over the PA system as Gregory's parents arrived. Marty was built much like Gregory save for being a bit shorter and having broader shoulders, His mother, Kelly was a slim woman that stood to about Gregory's lower chest with platinum blonde hair. "Sorry dear, looks like I have to go". He said before lightly kissing her lips. Hi Ma, Hi Da!" He called as they walked to the edge of the field. Marty walked to Gregory and clapped him on the shoulder, Kelly reached out and hugged him tightly. "Good luck lad." They said to him as he smiled and headed towards the event. After all the entrants had registered, a bar was placed about five meters above their heads on poles and they took turns throwing a 56 pound weight over it to advance.

Gregory's first throw cleared the bar with more than enough room to spare. An impressive throw, it looked as though it would have cleared the bar at least twice and half again if not more. Even some of his competition couldn't help but stare in awe as Gregory, who was the youngest entrant, cleared the bar with ease.

Gregory continued to clear the bar easily with each attempt as it was moved up to just over 6 meters. Before his throw, Gregory looked up and gauged where he would need to stand. He took a couple of steps forward and heaved the weight, it once again cleared the bar cleanly, though the amount of space between weight and bar was slowly shrinking he was still clearing it with more space than the three remaining entrants.

The competition continued, each entrant clearing his next height until the bar hit an even seven meters. Gregory watched as the first three men hit the bar with their throw. If he could clear the bar just one more time, he would take the event. Gregory once again looked at the bar, gauged where he would stand, took a step forward and readied himself. Taking a moment he looked into the stands and found Cara, He wasn't sure if she could see his face but he looked as directly into her eyes as he could from where he stood. Hefting the weight a couple of times, Gregory made sure he had a solid grip on it.

Gregory squatted down a little and shot upward like a spring. He heaved the weight up and backwards over his head. Turning around Gregory took a couple steps back to watch his throw. The weight sailed upwards arcing back. He watched as the weight seemed to move in slow motion it sailed up and back towards the bar. It turned out to not only clear the bar, but it seemed to be his best throw of the event as it looked to clear by a full meter more. Gregory pumped his fist a little as he watched the weight go over the bar and come crashing back to the ground with a heavy thud.
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She wasn't sure she'd make it to Gregory in time, but he'd apparently seen her coming, and met Cara at the edge of the field. She slowed as she approached him - he was wearing a kilt; it made her grin to see him dressed that way. "Of course I made it, I told you I'd come, didn't I?" She didn't bother mentioning what a close thing it had been, and risk a lecture. Cara was just happy to see him again after going so many days not. She barely had time to explain that only Meredith was with her, when Gregory's parents arrived and he was called to the field.

He left her blushing furiously when he kissed her full on the lips in front of his parents. She waved good-bye and wished him luck as he went to join the other contestants, leaving her standing there shyly with the rest of the McClellans. For a moment she stood there, awkwardly, looking over at Gregory's mother and father.

"We have some seats over at the top of the stands," she offered, avoiding any eye contact. His mother and father seemed nice enough, and 'The Butcher' didn't seem the least bit scary, at least, not as a wrestler. As the parents of the young man she was head over heels for, however, they were both intimidating, regardless of how friendly and warm they appeared. She led them silently back to where Meredith waited, who of course gawked shamelessly at Mr. McClellan. Mercifully, and not a little surprisingly, she kept quiet for the time being, saving Cara from further embarrassment.

Luckily the event was starting, and all eyes were on the contestants. Gregory's father appeared to be well-acquainted with most of the contestants, and kept up a running commentary throughout to his wife. Meredith was content to watch all the contestants, murmuring her appreciation for the strong men tossing the weight up over the bar. Cara, however, had eyes only for Gregory, and held her breath in anticipation each time he took his mark.  By the time he had advanced to the final round, all of her inhibitions about being near his parents were gone, and as the weight sailed clear of the bar, she was on her feet cheering before anyone else.

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Kelly smiled warmly at Cara. "You must be the young lass Gregory's so enthralled with." She said warmly to Cara. "I'm Kelly, and this is my husband, Marty." She said introducing the two of them. "Hello, Lass." Marty added with a smile. It seemed pretty clear that Kelly was the more outgoing of the two of them. While Marty was friendly enough, he seemed rather soft spoken.

"Thank you, Cara, We'd be happy to join you." She said as her and Marty followed her up the stairs and sat beside her and Meredith. Marty smiled warmly at Meredith and waved as he saw her staring at him. He and Kelly were used to that kind of reaction. Though it wasn't common any more, with Marty's fame as a wrestler. He used to be mobbed regularly by fans. Now it seemed almost everyone in the village knew him and didn't give a second thought to his fame.

As the games started Marty finally spoke and nearly non stop with his commentary. "Now Mackenzie there, that lad is strong as a bull." he said about the broad shouldered contestant that led off the event. "Marty, dear, I know these people just as well as you do, if you want to run commentary, perhaps Cara and her friend would appreciate it." She said as the two of them switched seats so Marty was next to Cara . "I competed with most of those lads' fathers." He told Cara as the watched the entrants clear the bar easily early on. "You see Walker there? That lad won't last long here. Distance is his game." As Marty said this, they watched the man named Walker barely clear the lowest setting of the bar. "Wait for the hammer throw, that's his event." Marty said.

Marty's commentary continued throughout the even and he was right nearly every time. The times he didn't call the throw right he was almost prophetic as what he said seemed to happen on the next throw. Gregory's final throw came up. "The lad won't have a problem with it, he's been training for over a year, he's ready." He said The words no sooner escaped his lips than he and Cara, along with everyone else in the stands watched the weight sail clear of the bar. Before Marty could react he started in surprise as Cara was on her feet cheering before anyone else.

As his throw cleared the bar, Gregory turned around and saw Cara leap to her feet. He waved to her in that brief moment before the rest of the crowd started to cheer. He was glad she seemed to be enjoying herself even with his father sitting next to her.

Next was the Caber toss. Gregory Fairly dominated, every throw seemed to go nearly perfect for him. The caber would sail end over end beautifully and land pointing almost perfectly straight in front of him. With his accuracy the event was over in a matter of only six rounds. With two events under his belt early, Gregory was very pleased with the results of his training.

The Hammer throw came next, Walker was up first. Gregory watched as the young man whirled the hammer around his head and heaved it. The hammer arced beautifully and seemed to sail endlessly through the air. "I told ye distance was his game." Marty said to Cara with a grin as he nudged her gently. Gregory took his place in the throwing circle after clapping Walker on the shoulder in congratulation of his throw. Gregory dug his feet into the ground and whirled the hammer around his head and heaved it. The arc was there as the hammer sailed through the air. Everyone could tell it was going to be close. Gregory's throw ended up landing less than half a meter shy of Walker's. The two of them stood next to each other and chatted as they watched the rest of the throws from the side. Only one other entrant came within a reasonable distance of them. The three of them advanced to the finals. The third man threw first, his throw landed close to the same distance as his first. Gregory's second throw sailed through the air for a full 63 meters. Gregory nodded and shook hands with Walker as he took his place in the circle. Walker heaved his hammer and everyone watched as it sailed through the air. The throw landed at 65 meters, easily beating Gregory's throw. As Walker left the circle, Gregory nodded his head and shook his hand again.

The games continued on, Gregory took the weight throw, barely beating Walker, He lost the stone put and the Sheaf toss, two more distance events, placing second to Walker. Then came the Maide Leisg. Two men sat with the soles of their feet pressed against one another. They would then each pull on a stick between then in a type of tug of war. The man that lifted the other off the ground was declared the winner. Gregory and Walker both dominated all of their opponents. The two were placed together in the finals. Gregory's grip slipped as the whistle was blown and Walker got the upper hand early. Gregory recovered though, regaining his grip and slowing pulling Walker back towards him. Finally with on final pull on the stick, Gregory pulled Walker cleanly off the ground and nearly to his feet.

As Gregory was declared the winner of the event and the champion of the games for the year he rose to his feet and shook Walker's hand. He pulled the man close and they patted each other on the back. They had been neck and neck throughout the games and both knew it could have gone either way. Gregory raised both of their arms as they stood on the field among the cheers from the crowd.   

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It was awkward sitting between Gregory's parents, although they were both very kind and friendly. Cara tried not the think about what he might have told them, although more than once she found Mrs. McClellan glancing at her and smiling. Each time she blushed bright red and fixed her eyes back on the field, although watching Gregory so openly only made her blush harder. Eventually, however, Cara found herself entirely wrapped up in the events, and stopped worrying about his parents.

Mr. McClellan in particular was a wonderful emcee offering a colorful running commentary that was pretty accurate and mostly unbiased. Gregory had a good showing in all the events, even if he didn't always win, but considering the size of some of the contestants, Cara wasn't surprised. For her part, Meredith was an equal opportunity cheerleader, absolutely shameless in rooting for every strapping, kilted man who took to the field. Cara would have been mortified if it wasn't so hilarious. More than once her rousing cheers for some odd unknown or another had the crowds around them taking up the call as well. It was very surreal but a lot of fun.

They all cheered equally when Gregory finally took the games. His father was especially proud, leaning around to everyone around them to proudly proclaim, "Tha's my lad, there!" He mentioned it to Cara twice, and she could only laugh and nod. She hung back a little once the stands started to clear, to let Gregory's parents get to the field first. It seemed like a big family moment, and she didn't want to interfere or get in the way. She looked for Meredith, but the woman had alteady disappeared, off to ease one of the losing contestant's bruised ego with a healthy dose of flirting.

She wasn't really sure what to do with herself, so Cara stayed at the bleachers, a few rows up from the field, hugging her knees and waiting for things to calm down. She knew Gregory was probably overwhelmed and exciting - and he had every reason to be proud of his accomplishment, but she could wait to congratulate him.

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Gregory swelled with pride as all the spectators in the stands started to cheer for him. He congratulated Walker one last time and clapped him on the back before making his way to the edge of the field to find his parents and Cara. Along the way he shook hands with other fans that had come down to the field as well as the other contestants he came across.

When he found his parents just making the field, his mother reached him and wrapped him in a warm embrace his father clapped him on the shoulder. "That's the way, boyo!" Marty exlcaimed as he congratulated his son. Gregory smiled and blushed a bit as he hugged his mother and father. His eyes scanned the field for a moment, searching for Cara. He spotted Meredith first, talking to one of the other entrants. Hius eyes then moved to the stands where he found Cara sitting by herself.

Easing himself from his mother's grip, Gregory took his leave from his parents and made his way up the stands towards Cara. "Thanks again for coming, ye were a big boost for me today." He said with a smile as he placed one strong hand gently on her shoulder. "Why don't ye come down to the field? There's supposed to be a bit of a party later to celebrate the games. I'd love to have ye join me." He offered as he held a hand out to help her up.