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Author Topic: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)  (Read 10558 times)

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #25 on: June 13, 2011, 06:55:22 PM »
Cara awoke to the bright rays of the rising sun shining through the east-facing windows of her bedroom.  Meredith had cleverly chosen the front bedroom for her own, knowing she’d never get to sleep in if her room faced the sunrise.  After several long minutes of frustration, covering her face with her arms and pillows, Cara gave up, stretching and climbing out of bed far earlier than she needed to be.

The night before, over a delicious dinner of pasta and fresh vegetables, Cara got to meet Dr. McKnight face to face for the first time.  He was a really friendly fellow, with a thick white beard and a thinning head of hair to match.  It had been several years since he’d had an assistant as young as Cara, and for most of the dinner he had quizzed her on various bits of history and lore of the area.  It was all in fun, and by the end of dinner she felt confident she’d actually be helpful during her stay in Scotland.

Dr. McKnight had given her a loose itinerary of the next three months, highlighting several locations he planned to visit as well as the vast amount of cataloguing he had fallen behind on.  That would be one of Cara’s principle responsibilities, and once the professor excused himself, she got right into it, setting up the system she would use for the remainder of her stay.  It kept her up far later than she planned, but the hours passed quickly and it kept her mind occupied from other thoughts - particularly those of a certain dark-haired scotsman.

With a touch of apprehension, Cara glanced at her phone.  No calls.  She chewed her lip, wondering if that was a good or bad sign.  She considered calling Gregory again, but realized it was ungodly early - and if he was up, he was probably at work.  Instead, she grabbed a quick shower, dressed for the unseasonably warm day, and made her way down to the kitchen to snag tea and a muffin.

After a while, the professor joined her in the kitchen, handing over a guidebook for the area, which included both fairly up-to-date information as well as more detailed history of the region.  By the time Meredith made her way grumpily into the kitchen, half the morning was gone and Cara was more than halfway through the book.

“Morning!” Cara said brightly, smiling at the groggy woman.  “Care for some tea?”

Meredith gave her a dark look.  “I hurt everywhere. I feel like I ran a marathon.  I want coffee, and half a bottle of tylenol.”  Clearly, not a morning person.  After digging through the pantry and cabinets for several long minutes, Meredith cursed.  “No coffee left.  Damn.” She sighed.  “I’ll be right back - unless you want to take a ride?”

Cara was engrossed in her book.  “No thanks!” She answered.  “I want to finish this up today, I have a feeling I’ll be quizzed at dinner.”
Meredith shrugged and stomped out the door.  When she walked back in about twenty minutes later, she looked significantly cheerier, and had a wicked gleam in her eye.

“Oh Cara...” Meredith began, in a sing-song - “Guess who I saw in the village?  Your little Highlander Romeo...”

Cara sat up, closing the book. A pink blush spread across the apples of her cheeks.  “You saw him?  In town?  Did he say anything...?”

“Nah.” Came Meredith’s response.  “I was in the car, didn’t bother stopping.”  Her eyes watched as Cara reached for her phone.  “Oh no you don’t!” Meredith yelled, reaching out and snatching the phone.  “Don’t you dare call him

Cara’s green eyes grew wide, and her mouth hung open. “What do you mean... he asked me to call him...”

Meredith cut her off.  “No freakin’ way.  Rule number one - if you want a guy to stay interested, you gotta make him work for it.  That means,  No exceptions.”  She pushed her thick blonde hair back over her shoulders and grinned over her coffee cup. “Trust me on this one.  Give it a little time.  Gairloch’s tiny, and everyone knows Gordon owns this place.  Make him come to you.”  She nodded, eminently pleased with her sage advice.

Cara could only stare at the woman in confusion.  Don’t call, even if he asked?  It seemed silly, but Meredith was older and surely knew what she was talking about. "Alright then, if you say so..." Although, this would save her from her nerves, every time she went to call him.

"Trust me, Cara. I saw the way he was looking at you. He'll call."

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #26 on: June 13, 2011, 10:48:04 PM »
Gregory was seated comfortably on his bench. He was starting to get hungry and was contemplating where to grab a quick bite when something caught his eye. The van he had seen Cara leave in yesterday was driving down the street right in front of him. He was jerked away from his food contemplations as he scanned the cab quickly as it passed. All he saw was the blonde haired woman that had picked her up yesterday, Meredith, he thought her name was.

Instinctively, Gregory reached for his phone. He had it flipped open and was about to press the call button when he had an epiphany. He smiled to himself and snapped his phone shut again. He nearly lept off the bench and glanced in the direction the van had gone. He watched the vehicle turn a corner and disappear before he moved.

Suddenly Gregory had much more to do. He ran to the blacksmith and placed his order for a custom made Sgain Dubh dagger. He paid the smith for the order and quickly made his way out. doing his best to tame his hair as he went. Soon enough his long strides brought him to the florist. He wasn't sure exactly what he should get so he explained his dilemma to the kindly woman.

She smiled and clasped her hands together, simply beaming at Gregory. "Such a kind, thoughtful young lad ye are, Gregory." she said as she set to work creating a bouquet for him. "Thank ye Aila. I knew ye would know what to do." Gregory replied, blushing a bit at the kindly old woman's reaction.

Soon she had presented Gregory with a bouquet of Fire and Ice Roses, Tulips, and Daffodils. Decorated with Heather and Baby's Breath. Gregory reached for his wallet but Aila set her hand on his arm. "Gregory, this be a special bouquet. I be giving it to ye as a gift lad." He smiled thankfully at the old woman but asked anyway. "Aila, are ye sure, I'm more than happy to pay ye for it, ye did too much for me to not charge." She smiled and shook her head. "If I can help ye win a woman's heart lad, that is enough payment for me." She said placing the bouquet in his hands and shooing him out there door. Following him until he was once more making his way up the street toward professor McKnight's manor. "Good luck Gregory."she called, still positively beaming as she called after him, waving goodbye.

Gregory turned and waved again to Aila as he walked up the road. His long, energetic strides soon bringing him to stand at the front door. He nervously ran his hand through his hair, once more trying to straighten it some. Hands sweaty and shaking, he rang the doorbell. This was it, there was no turning back now, no matter how nervous he was.
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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #27 on: June 14, 2011, 10:59:33 AM »
Cara was still sitting in the kitchen, the reluctant recipient of Meredith's unsolicited relationship advice, when the doorbell rang. Both women froze, eyes locked on each other's for a long beat. Then, with a clamor that sounded more like a pub brawl than morning tea, they both sprang towards the narrow hallway leading to the front of the house.  

"I'll get the door!"

"No way, I got this-"

They jockeyed for position down the length of the hall. Cara had the advantage of height, being a couple of inches taller than Meredith, but the older woman had already been standing in the doorway and had a headstart. As they burst out of the hallway at nearly the same time, it became apparent through the window who was waiting on the other side of the door.

Cara skidded to a stop. "Oh my god, it's Gregory!"

The look Meredith shot her was all but dripping with I told you so. She shooed Cara back into the hall. "Go, fix your hair or something. You're a mess. I'll get the door."

Cara stumbled back into the hall, ducking into the powder room there to make herself presentable. Checking the mirror, she didn't think she looked that bad, although she wished she could stop blushing so much. A quick splash of cool water did nothing to alleviate the redness, and Cara resigned herself to the curse of her normally pale skin. It would fade when she calmed down some, although that was not likely to happen anytime soon.

Taking a few steps back, she checked the rest of her reflection. She had on a simple, pale blue cotton shirt, nothing too tight or revealing, and a well-worn, comfortably faded pair of jeans. Her strawberry blonde hair was loose, but far neater than the tangled, wind-swept mess it had been the day before. She frowned - she didn't look like a mess.

Meredith. What was taking so long, anyway?

As Cara turned back into the hall, Meredith pulled open the door just enough to slip through, shutting it firmly behind her.

Standing at the foot of the stone steps was the tall, dark-haired dockworker from the day before. He was holding an amazing bouquet of flowers in his hands. Ten points for Braveheart, she thought. Meredith smiled and waved politely at him as she walked over to where he was standing.

"Morning, Casanova. You're here for Cara, huh? I'll get her in sec."

Her sneakers crunched on the gravel drive as she stopped in front of Gregory, crossing her arms and trying to look intimidating. It was not especially effective considering the difference in their respective heights, but Meredith was originally from New York City, so at the very least she knew how to sound intimidating.

"First," she began, glaring up at him, "You and me are gonna have a little talk." Inside, she was dying, trying desperately to keep from laughing. Gregory was tall but was also pretty young. He really didn't look like he needed a lecture on how to treat a young lady, but Meredith wasn't about to stop now.

"She's sixteen, Romeo. And I'm responsible for her. So if you had any wild thoughts running through that head of yours, I suggest you tame them, like, now. She's here to learn, and work. What you guys do in her free time is none of my business," she gave him a glare "to a point. But if you start turning into a huge distraction, we're gonna have a problem, you and me."

Meredith stepped in close to Gregory then, lowering her voice. "And finally? I'm really good with a shovel, and I know all kinds of hidden places out there." She gestured with her head, out to the northeast, and the vast emptiness of the Highlands. "You hurt her, or break her heart... They'll never find you."

From the house came the sound of the door opening. Meredith turned, stepping away from Gregory and grinning at Cara. "Took you long enough. We were just having a chat, right?" Meredith looked over at Gregory, punctuating their one-sided conversation with a final, stealthy glare.

As she walked back to the house, she winked at Cara. "You two should go around back to the garden. It's pretty nice, you'll have some privacy."

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #28 on: June 14, 2011, 12:35:29 PM »
Gregory heard a clamor in the house and wondered to himself what was happening but didn't concern himself to much. Perhaps somebody had dropped something, or something had fallen. Either way, he had no idea what was actually going on, nor that it had anything to do with his arrival.

He backed up and ran a hand through his hair once more as Meredith stepped out the door. "Aye." he said quietly. Starting to wonder if coming here was such a good idea. He stepped back a bit as Meredith walked towards him. Gregory looked a bit confused when she said they were going to talk.

Standing there dumbstruck by this onslaught, Gregory simply nodded to Meredith's lecture. For a moment he wanted to just turn around and leave, thinking perhaps this was a bad idea. But the thought of Cara inside held him firm where he was. Before long he understood that Meredith was simply trying to protect Cara, it was at that moment that he finally calmed down. He couldn't help but chuckle a bit when she threatened him with knowing hiding places in the highlands. Though he understood the message she was trying to convey, He had grown up playing in those hills and doubted anyone knew them better than he did.

"I assure ye Ma'am I've no ill intentions, and I don't intend to become a distraction either." He said calmly and quietly when he finally got a chance to speak, not commenting on anything else. He heard the door open and looked up to see the sunlight hit Cara as she stepped outside.

Automatically he walked up to her and handed her the flowers. "These are for ye." he said quietly with a bit of a shy smile. "I wanted to invite ye to lunch." he said after Meredith had mentioned the garden. "If ye are able to. If not some time in the garden would be nice too." he added as Meredith headed towards the house, leaving Gregory and Cara alone on the front step.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #29 on: June 14, 2011, 03:08:09 PM »
"Oh, jeez, Gregory, you didn't have to do that..." Cara began, taking the flowers from him. "I've never gotten flowers before - they're beautiful." She hid her face in the bouquet for a moment, biting her lip, completely embarrassed. She lifted her green eyes up to his from behind the flowers and smiled. "Thank you."

She backed up to the front door, keeping her eyes on Gregory. "I'm going to put these in water, and then lunch sounds great. Just a minute..." Cara dashed inside, handing the flowers to Meredith and tucking her wallet and phone in her pocket. "He's taking me to lunch! That's alright, right?"

Meredith nodded. "Just stick close to town for now, and check in later if you're going to miss dinner too. Back by 10. No exceptions." She grinned at the girl - young woman. "Use your head, call if you need anything."  Cara nodded, waved, and tore back out to the front of the house where she'd left Gregory waiting.

She rushed down the steps before her nerves had a chance to kick in again. "Sorry I didn't call," Cara began, brushing her hair back as she tilted her face up to his. "I started to, really.  Last night." She bit at the end of her thumbnail and winced. "But then I panicked and hung up. Silly, I know." Of course, now she felt silly about it, now that Gregory had come by personally to see her, and brought flowers, and asked her to lunch. It hadn't seemed as silly last night, or even earlier that morning.

She smiled up at Gregory. "So, uh, where are we going for lunch?"

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #30 on: June 14, 2011, 03:38:49 PM »
"They're not nearly as beautiful as the one receiving them." he said almost inaudibly. as she hid behind the bouquet. "Ye are very welcome." He said with a smile as she looked up at him. Gregory waited patiently out front while Cara ran inside. He was glad now that he had decided to come by after all. Despite being accosted by Meredith, which he dismissed as being protective, almost a mother figure to Cara while she was here. He understood and didn't worry. Cara was obviously as happy to see him as he was to see her.

Gregory dismissed her apology with a wave of his hand. "It's alright really. I honestly expected ye to be busy anyway." He said with a reassuring smile. He didn't mention that he'd thought of almost nothing but her the entire day after she had gone.

"Ye tell me what ye would like to eat and we can find a place from there" He said with a smile as he bent his arm at the elbow and held it out to her. "May I?" He asked politely, offering to escort her down the street.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #31 on: June 14, 2011, 04:50:10 PM »
Cara slipped her arm through Gregory's with a nod. "You absolutely may," she replied, "But as the new girl in town, I'm afraid I must insist you decide on lunch. And I expect a bit of a tour, while we're at it."

She wasn't trying to be difficult. She really had no idea what to expect from the small village, especially as it compared to the city she lived in back home. The last thing Cara wanted was to make Gregory feel bad, or ask for something that wasn't available anywhere within a three hour drive. Besides, leaving it to him gave him a chance to show off his hometown.

As they walked away from the house and towards Gairloch, Cara was quiet and contemplative. So far everything had gone better than she could have wished for, and it was only her first full day!

"I can't believe you came by to see me, and with flowers, no less!" She laughed, and gave Gregory's arm a light squeeze. "If you're not careful, Gregory McClellan, you'll end up spoiling me, and then what will you do?"

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #32 on: June 14, 2011, 08:46:10 PM »
Gregory smiled contentedly as he walked into town again with Cara on his arm "Aye then, I know a place that serves Irish food as well. Ye may find something ye are comfortable with. And ye needn't worry, I'll not ask ye to try Haggis." He said with a chuckle as he led her down the main road and into town.

"And what would make ye think I wouldn't come to see ye?" he asked, once more trying to look upset with her and failing miserably. Laughing before she would even start to get the impression he was truly upset. He made no comment about spoiling her. He only smiled warmly at her, his gray eyes dancing.

He showed her a few shops along the way, pointing out the florist. Aila was waving at him as they walked past. Though he didn't think she was interested, though she had surprised him before, he pointed out the blacksmith as well as the tailor. "There is more to see, but maybe we can do that later." He said as he led her into a quaint little cafe on a side street.

They were brought to a small table that was fairly separated from the rest of them. He pulled Cara's chair out for her before seating himself. "Order whatever ye like." He said before she could even ask. He had no intention of limiting any spending today. He had little else to spend his money on anyway and worked enough to splurge when he wanted to.
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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #33 on: June 15, 2011, 07:20:35 AM »
Professor McKnight’s home was only a short walk from the main road running through Gairloch, and in only a few minutes they were walking down a road lined with shops. Gregory’s running commentary made Cara smile - as much as she enjoyed the tour, she was enjoying the sound of his voice more.  As they passed the florist, she felt a pang of regret. Now she wished she’d brought the with her.  Cara hoped the smile and wave she gave the woman in front of the shop would be thanks enough.

When Gregory asked her why she thought he wouldn’t come see her, Cara fell silent for a moment. Now, of course, it was obvious how unfounded her concerns had been, but last night, once all of the excitement of the day had died down...

“Oh, I don’t know.” Cara began. She shrugged. “Yesterday was a bit of an overwhelming day. Once things had calmed down, and we finished unpacking my trunk,” she gave him a rueful grin, “it all seemed so - not real. Like a dream, not the kind of thing that happens to me.” She looked back up at him. “I’m glad I was wrong.”

Gregory had led them to a small cafe, just off the main road. She grinned, blushing again, as he held her chair for her when she sat down. Cara looked over the menu as he took his seat and realized she was barely hungry - and even if she was, the nervous flutters in her belly would make it almost impossible to eat.  Still, Gregory was taking great pains to take her out for a nice lunch, and she didn’t want to be difficult.

“I think I’m going to have a salad, actually.” She looked at him over the top of the menu.  Guys always seemed irritated when the girls ordered salads, but it was all Cara could thought she could manage to eat at the moment.  “And some sparkling water.  With lemon.”  She put the menu down and folded her hands in her lap, so he wouldn’t see just how nervous she was.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #34 on: June 15, 2011, 08:18:10 AM »
He couldn't help but chuckle to himself a bit when Cara simply ordered a salad. He didn't really mind, but found it a bit amusing. "Not very hungry then are ye?" he asked with a grin as he perused his own menu. "I'll have the roast venison." He told the waitress when she arrived to take their orders. He handed the woman his menu while Cara placed her order.

Once they were alone Gregory gazed at Cara across the table, losing himself in the emerald seas of her eyes for a moment. "I want to thank ye for joining me today Cara. I really enjoy your company." he said quietly while he gazed at her.

He wanted to reach across the table and take her hand, but refrained himself from doing so and simply smiled at Cara. "So, tell me a but more about yourself." he said after a few moments. "Ye gave me quite a vague description yesterday." He said with a sly smile as he recalled her telling him she got into just enough trouble to have fun. "I'd like to know what it is ye consider fun." He finished. 

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #35 on: June 16, 2011, 05:53:21 AM »
Cara sighed. She hated talking about herself. It was really quite a boring subject, but she knew Gregory wouldn't let her off that easily - and it would give her something else to focus on besides the way he was looking at her across the table.

"Sorry about the salad - I had a muffin for breakfast earlier." That sounded ridiculous, even to herself. "It was a really big muffin," she went on, using her hands to indicate something the size of a grapefruit, then a large melon - both absurdly large for a muffin. She grinned at Gregory - "And don't even ask about the blueberries..." She leaned across the table, whispering theatrically, "I've never seen anything like 'em in all my life!"

Her nerves were a mess. Cara wasn't especially adept at handling herself when she was nervous, and if she didn't relax soon she was going to humiliate herself in front of the most amazing man she'd ever met.

She sat back in her chair, taking a breath and calming herself. "What do I do for fun, then? Hmm. I may have made myself out to be a bit more exciting than is accurate." Cara shrugged, catching Gregory's eyes with her own. "I live near the city centre, so there's always something going on. Music, performers, things like that." She grinned then, mirroring the sly smile he had given her earlier. "We used to sneak into the 16 and up films at the cinema, but I don't have to do that anymore..." Another shrug. "I'm afraid I'm not really one for mischief or rebellion."

"Mostly we just hang out, my girlfriends and I. Sometimes a few of the boys join us, but usually not. They're not really into the girl talk." She rolled her eyes. "Can't imagine why not..."

Surprisingly, Cara was finding herself relaxing the longer they sat there talking.  "I go to a private school in Galway. It's a good school, really tough though. I didn't usually have a lot of free time once all my studying was done." She traced a finger idly along the dark grain of the tabletop, peering across the table every so often to check if Gregory was completely bored yet.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #36 on: June 16, 2011, 09:10:38 AM »
Gregory nodded when she explained she had eaten. But struggled to keep from bursting into roaring laughter as she described this muffin to him. "You'll have to tell me where to find those." He said fighting through chuckles to speak. "A muffin like that would be a good breakfast for someone like me." he said still chuckling as he spoke.

He listened intently as she told him a bit more about herself. He smiled while she spoke, wanting to learn as much about this girl as he could. She didn't seem to think anything she did was that interesting, he felt differently though. It may not have been anything exciting or interesting to anyone else, but Gregory felt it important to know as much about her as possible. The more he knew, the better idea he would have on what type of person she was.

"Well getting into too much mischief is overrated." He agreed with a grin, not mentioning he'd gotten into his share over the years with his friends. He chuckled to himself a bit as he thought of some of the things he'd done as a kid but quickly brought his attentions back where they belonged.

"Well I certainly hope ye can find the time to enjoy this island as much as ye do your home." he replied in a welcoming tone. "Ye've obviously worked hard and deserve some time to do that. I'd be happy to take ye around sometime if ye have the free time." He offered as the waitress brought their meals to them.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #37 on: June 16, 2011, 05:40:00 PM »
The salad set before her was enough to feed them both, and looked as if it had been grown fresh from a garden behind the cafe. Likewise, Gregory's venison looked and smelled delicious, although how he could eat like that before noon, Cara could not begin to guess. Of course, she also could not lift a nearly 70-kilo trunk and carry it around. That sort of activity probably built up a healthy appetite.

"If you don't mind," She replied, segregating the cherry tomatoes from the rest of her salad with her fork. "I'd love to see more of the area. And I don't think free time will be a problem. Seems the Professor likes being back for the weekend whenever possible." Once all the tomatoes were corralled to the edge of the plate, Cara carefully mixed the rest of the salad. "We're heading out on Monday, actually. Not too far, just outside Ullapool for a few days. And close enough to the town so we don't have to camp."

Cara stabbed at the salad. "I've not actually ever camped overnight, so..." She looked over at Gregory sheepishly. "I'm not sure how much I'm going to enjoy that part of things. I don't mind hiking and digging in dirt and mud, but bugs? Ugh." She made a terrible face, shaking her head.

"Enough about me though. I want to hear about you." She looked across the table with no small amount of suspicion. "How do you know mischief is overrated? What dark secrets hide behind that charming smile?" Cara waved her fork at Gregory. "Come on then, I can't do all the talking."  She took a big bite of the salad, savoring the crunchiness of the fresh vegetables and forcing him to talk.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #38 on: June 18, 2011, 02:31:38 PM »
Gregory thanks the server when their food was brought to them. He wanted to simply devour the roast. Minding his manners though he took his time. He looked at Cara as she spoke. "Of course, I would be more than happy to show ye around whenever we can." He replied in earnest. He truly did want to spend as much time with her as he could, but then something Meredith told him rang in his head. "Ye should focus more on the reason ye came though. I don't want ye to miss out on such an experience on my account." He finished. He tone was still jovial and honest. He really didn't want Cara to miss anything. And he did have work to think of, as well as his training.

He chuckled a bit when she mentioned camping and the bugs, but before he could reply she had already redirected the conversation. He choked a bit on the water he had just taken a drink of due to laughing aloud. "I'm not sure i should tell ye, but ok fair is fair." He said his face reddening a little. "When i was younger, my friends and I had a tendency to chase the cattle and sheep, usually two at a time at the most, just to watch them run through town." He said, shaking his head at the thought. "We wrestled as boys do and often wound up hurting each other without meaning to, spent much time on the coast, climbing along the rocks and poking at the animals in the tide pools. Driftwood fires on the beach where we would more often then not behave like madmen." He couldn't help but smile a bit as he spoke "Aye, I was a bit of a demon child but i try to behave myself now." he said still laughing a little.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #39 on: June 18, 2011, 05:52:13 PM »
Cara all but forgot her salad as she listened to Gregory's recollections of his wild childhood. Watching the red blush creep across his face made her feel much better about her own anxiety over their unexpected lunch date. When he had finished talking, Cara gave him a reassuring smile. "Aw, now that doesn't sound all that bad, really. Bonfires on the beach - sounds like a lot of fun. And as far as the rest," She shrugged. "Sounds about normal for boys. Although, the sheep and cattle might not agree."

For a few minutes Cara was silent, returning to her salad. She really wasn't very hungry, but she also wasn't about to let those delectable tomatoes go to waste. She popped one in her mouth, chewing slowly and savoring it. When she finished, she grinned. "Best salad I've had all day."

"Please don't worry about taking me from my responsibilities, Gregory. If you only knew what I went through to get my parents to agree to this..." Her voice trailed off as she rolled her eyes and shook her head. "This is really important to me. I'm very lucky Professor McKnight was willing to take on a student like me. I've already started on some of the organizing I'll be responsible for." Impulsively, she reached out, squeezing Gregory's hand where it was resting on the table across from her. "I won't get in any trouble, promise."

Realizing what she'd done, Cara pulled her hand back, lowering her face to her embarassment. "Um, and from what you said yesterday, it sounds like you have a lot of things going on as well." She did not look up again, hiding behind her pale red hair and chasing down another plump tomato with her fork.

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Re: The Beginning (Eranil and Martee)
« Reply #40 on: June 20, 2011, 12:21:55 AM »
"Aye, I suppose some would say i was a normal young boy" He agreed. "But I also got into my share of trouble, but we'll not discuss that now, the livestock set precedent enough to incriminate me." He said with a grin.

He simply smiled at Her comment about the salad. He couldn't take credit for it but was glad he had chosen this cafe to eat. His heart skipped a beat when she took his hand form across the table. For a moment his head was swimming as she spoke. He heard her clearly but it took a while for the words to register with him. Finally he came back to earth with the slightest shake of his head. "Cara, I would be an honor and a pleasure for me to show ye the village." He said softly.

When she pulled her hand away he paused for a moment before reaching across the table and placing his hand on hers. His massive hand nearly engulfed hers. "As long as ye are sure, then I'm more than willing." he said still barely speaking above a whisper.

He finished the last few bites of his lunch before he spoke again. "For ye lass, I can easily make time. " He said with a smile. I've some vacation time from work, and it's fairly easy for me to get a day off when i need it. Though sometimes they grumble about heavy loads." He grinned, his eyes sparkling a little as he reached for his wallet and paid the server.

"Shall we then?" He asked once more offering his arm to Cara. "The main things I concern myself with at this time of year are the Highland games, which i told ye about already. And my Da's events. I don't believe I told ye, but he wrestles. Marty "The Butcher" McClellen" Maybe ye've heard of him." He explained. he was getting a bit long winded now, but spoke on. "i help him quite a bit in and out of the ring, I've also wrestled with him a couple of times. I plan to get into it further sometime." He finished confiding in her one of his greatest passions as they strolled along.

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Cara bit her lip and smiled when she felt Gregory’s hand slide over hers. It was a simple, sweet gesture, but it made her heart pound.  The salad was forgotten, and she could barely hear what he was saying.  All of her thoughts focused on the heavy warmth of his hand on top of her own.  She nodded absently at him, completely oblivious to what it was she was agreeing to. 

The blissful spell was broken when Gregory moved to pay their check and get up from the table.  Once again he offered his arm, and Cara was glad to take it as he led them out onto the street.  She was thoroughly enjoying their walk back through the village when Gregory mentioned his father, or more specifically, his father’s occupation and apparent nickname.  She stopped short, her mouth hanging open in disbelief.

“Oh, no, you can’t be serious...” She began, looking up at him. “The Butcher?  Really, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of him. Are you pulling my leg?”  She was shaking her head.  Surely Gregory was joking.  Here she was, walking down the road on a gorgeous day, on the arm of the sweetest, most gentle and thoughtful man she’d ever had the pleasure of meeting... and he’s talking about fighting with people... for fun.

Looking up into those grey eyes, she could tell - he wasn’t kidding at all.  Without thinking, Cara slipped into one of her mother’s favorite expressions.“Och! A amaidí! You’re serious?!”

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Gregory looked down and smiled at Cara softly."Aye I am quite serious. Ye know it's choreographed don't ye? Everyone get along far better than you would think." He explained as they walked along a trail that led down towards the beach.

"Though injuries happen, they aren't as frequent as you would think. People work together quite well, respecting that they are all making a living out of it. It's not as barbaric as it looks on television, I promise ye that." He continued, trying to calm her seemingly rattled nerves as they strode across the beach together now. "my Da' isn't nearly as vicious as his name makes him sound I assure ye, in fact he's quite the teddy bear as my Ma says." Gregory chuckled a but as they walked across the sand.

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Stupid girl, she thought to herself.  Of course it's not real. She hadn't actually known that, though - it wasn't as if watching wrestling was the normal thing for her to do.  She shook her head, more than a little chagrined at her outburst.  "I didn't know that, actually.  Um, but that's good to know..."  Cara smiled. "Although, I'm not sure the idea that you could get hurt sits too well with me." Realizing what she just said, she tried to backpedal a little, stumbling over her words.

"I mean, I don't want to see anyone get hurt.  Not just you.  Of course, not you either...!" She was making a fool of herself again, and decided that changing the subject was probably the best idea.

They were walking down a beach not unlike some of the beaches close to her home.  The sun was shining off the water, making Cara squint against the glare, but the breeze coming in off the sea had the wonderful tang of salt on it.  The wind caught her hair, sending it across her face, and she had to stop walking for a moment to pull it back under control.

"It's really quite beautiful, Gregory.  Thank you for bringing me down here."  She had to turn and face him when she spoke so the wind wouldn't drown out her voice.  Instead of just slipping her arm back through his, Cara slid her hand into Gregory's, slipping her fingers between his.

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Gregory simply chuckled as she tried to explain herself. "I thank ye for your concern but as I said injuries are rare. Besides I'm a resilient fellow." He said beating his chest jokingly a bit before rapping his head playfully a bit. "Not much to hurt upstairs either." He said with a smile before he turned back to her. "Cara, I promise ye, people are rarely injured and it's even less often that it's anything besides a few bumps and bruises."

When she stopped and looked around he gazed down at her. Cara's hand slipped into his he smiled to himself and felt his soul dancing within him. He squeezed he hand gently. "This isn't what i wanted to show ye though. Follow me."

He took her hand and led her to what appeared to be a cliff soaring upwards to block them from walking any further. Gregory led her inland a bit before turning towards the cliff again. He found a passageway in the rock and led Cara through it carefully.

Once they had emerged from the stone passageway they were greeted by a beautiful little cove. A small waterfall ran from the rocks to fall into a small lagoon before heading out into the ocean. Trees and shrubs grew all around. Sunlight shone in the cove as though it were something out of a movie. Birds could be heard singing in the trees. Tide pools dotted the area, brimming with ocean life. "This is where I wanted to bring ye." He said as he looked at her awaiting her reaction. "I found this area some time ago. it's quite a special place to me and I wanted to share it with ye."

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She was surprised that this wasn’t their destination - the beach really was beautiful, and seemed like the perfect place to relax after lunch. However, when Gregory led her by the hand away from the beach, Cara didn’t hesitate to follow. She was a little concerned as they approached the cliff face - she wasn’t wearing the right shoes for climbing - but the concern evaporated as he led them confidently through a narrow path that led down to...

A cove

Cara’s mouth fell open and she gasped in awe at the sight before them.  This was nothing at all like the beaches back home. It didn’t look real at first. “This is amazing, the most amazing place I’ve ever seen...” For a moment she could only stare at the small lagoon, the waterfall - it was magical.  

She couldn’t help herself.  Turning to Gregory, Cara smiled up at him - before kicking off her shoes and rolling up the hem of her jeans. "I'll race you!" She said to him with a wicked grin, before dashing down to the water’s edge.

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Gregory laughed and kicked of his shoes as well before chasing after Cara as she dashed towards the lagoon. "I may be big, but that doesn't make me slow!" He called from behind her as he closed the distance between them. Soon he had closed the gap completely and scooped her up around the waist as he came up behind her. He spun around holding her in his arms, smiling and laughing the entire time.

He stopped at the edge of the water and gently set her down, absently keeping his arm around her waist as he looked at her. "I'm glad ye like it Cara, It's the second most beautiful thing on this island right now." He said his smokey gray eyes gazing softly into her emerald orbs.

"This is a wonderful place to find abalone as well." He pointed out as he spotted a few and pointed them out to her. "I often find myself coming down here just to enjoy the quiet solitude of it all though. But I'm happy to share it with ye." He told her with a smile that said clearly he was happy to be sharing this moment with her.

He could tell he was falling for her already but he didn't want to say anything for fear of inadvertently chasing her off. He wanted this to turn out in the best possible fashion so he chose to not say yet what he felt for her. He simply stood and admired her as they shared in the beauty of the cove.
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She didn't have much of a head start but Cara still shrieked in surprise when Gregory's strong arms caught her around the waist and pulled her up into the air. Her breath caught as he swung her around before setting her down at the water.

Cara slipped her arms around Gregory's waist and smiled back at him. Everything had been so perfect - the kind of day you read about in books or see in a film. All of this attention had her head swimming, as did Gregory's comment then about the island. She knew what he was trying to say, and felt her face redden in response.

She pulled her eyes from his, looking down at the sand where the tide lapped onshore at their feet. Her toes dug into the sand, which felt warm despite the cool ocean water that kept flooding up. "Ah, Meredith would be so flattered to hear what you thought of her," Cara teased, peeking back up at Gregory as she did so.

"Thank you so much for this, Gregory, for sharing this place with me." Cara leaned her head against his chest, going up on her toes and pulling her arms up around his neck in a quick embrace.

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Gregory smiled and returned her embrace wholeheartedly. Still he held his hand around her waist. "Meredith? She may be in someone's top five beautiful things on the island, but ye top my list by far, Cara." He said with a soft smile as he absently brushed some of her pale red hair from her face.

"Beauty like this simply begs to be shared. I was simply looking for the right person, someone who would appreciate it as much as I do, and it seems I've found her." He said as he gently squeezed Cara around her waist again, pulling her a little closer.

Without warning, He peeled off his shirt and jumped into the lagoon splashing water everywhere. "Ye coming for a swim then?" he asked when he had resurfaced. Keeping his tone as level and seriously inquisitive as he possibly could as he fought back laughter.

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Cara felt Gregory’s arms tighten around her and her heart started to pound in anticipation. She was insanely nervous and giddy at the same time, absolutely certain he was about to kiss her.  She looked up at him… And he suddenly backed away, grinning like a mad man as he pulled off his shirt and dove into the water. “Wait- don’t!” She started to say, throwing her hands up in a futile attempt to block the ensuing deluge.

Cara was just able to turn away from the worst of the splash, but there was still a fair amount of cold seawater that drenched her side, back, hair. She dashed back on to the beach, out of the surf and far enough away that she wouldn’t be hit with any other rogue waves.  She was laughing, surprised and amused that Gregory would dive into the water half-dressed. As he resurfaced she crossed her arms across her chest and fixed him with steely glare, softened somewhat by the half-smile tugging at one corner of her lips.

“I can’t believe you did that!” She called to him.  “You could have warned me you know!”  She craned her neck back over one shoulder, making it obvious that despite her dry front, she hadn’t escaped some soaking.  At least it hadn’t been her front – the thin shirt she wore would be more see-through than not if it had gotten wet. “And, no, I certainly won’t be swimming in that freezing water! I’m not dressed for it-“ Not that he was, but it was different for guys, wasn’t it?

Here Cara paused, uncrossing her arms and rubbing at the back of her neck with one hand self-consciously.  She walked over to a tide pool and sat down on one of the larger boulders surrounding it, watching Gregory in the deeper surf.

“Anyway,” She yelled out to him, “I can’t swim.”