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Author Topic: Dark Side of the Senshi  (Read 948 times)

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Offline Cynical SidheTopic starter

Dark Side of the Senshi
« on: June 14, 2005, 01:55:57 AM »
The Dark Side of the Senshi:  A fiction based Sailormoon RP

The Dark Senshi:

A beautiful white castle loomed upon the hauntingly peaceful, illuminated landscape.  It was the age of the Moon Kingdom, an era that was about peace and prosperity.  Yet, just as any such a time, it wasn't all as it seemed. Dark forces loomed in the shadows, eagerly waiting to lash out - and pre-arranged marriages were the law for royalty.  Two kingdoms would strike a bargain, and their children would be the bargaining chips in such a deal. 

There were two children born to each kingdom.  An older sibling, usually male, and a younger female one.  Each were bargained to a kingdom to be wed, in order to unite the royals.  The Princess of the Moon Kingdom, had been arranged to the Prince of Earth.  Luckily for them, they had fallen in love immediately.  Others weren't so lucky.  Still, this was the way it had worked in the era, and it had to be excepted.  The punishment for crimes to the laws, were exile.  Despite some secret trysts, the law upheld.  Some were banished, others accepted their arranged marriages. 

Yet, those that even accepted the marriages, became 'guilty' of something.  The shadows began to encroach on the royals, twisting their minds enough to make each of them believe the princes guilty of some crime.  Having such a soft heart, Queen Serenity sent them to Earth, to be reborn into a new life there.  Prince Endymion was the only one spared from such a fate.

That was when Metallia struck with full force.  With the princes out of the picture, it was easier to strike at such a force.  All except Endymion, who was killed in the great battle, trying to protect the Moon Kingdom. 

With her last strength, Queen Serenity sent the souls of those who had perished to Earth...

The Sailor Senshi:

Years have passed since their last battle.  The last time the Senshi were together, was a month ago.  The old group reformed for a short time, for a very special wedding.  Usagi and Mamoru had finally wed, inviting all of their old friends.  Though, they had drifted apart.  Some had stayed in contact, while others hadn't.  The girls had grown into women since the days of their teenage years of fighting evil.  It all seemed like a dream to them, or for some, a bad nightmare.  Things had been quiet for some time.  No evil forces lurking, no one to save.  They had been given their wish.  They were finally normal people, living normal human lives.  Yet, even wishes only last for so long...


This is a freeform based Sailormoon roleplay, set in a time frame of the modern future. 

It has been a few years since the girls fought, and the Inner Senshi are in their early twenties.  Before Crystal Tokyo, and the reign of Neo Queen Serenity.  In this time, the girls have blossomed into women, and have been living regular lives with 'regular' jobs.  Some have stayed in contact, others have drifted.

Sound interesting?  Currently looking for players for the Senshi, as well as the Dark Senshi.  More information will be posted in the game, Dark Side of the Senshi, once it is opened up in the Erotic Freeform boards.
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Offline Cynical SidheTopic starter

Re: Dark Side of the Senshi
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2005, 03:25:28 AM »
Alright, the board is open and ready for people to join.  Please take a look at Dark Side of the Senshi under Exotic Freeform.  There are many positions available.

And not to fret, you can start roleplaying right away once you send in a character profile, and get it okayed.  I won't be waiting on other players, so those who want to participate can begin right away.  When new players join, they'll just jump into the story.