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Author Topic: Interest Check: Gantz RP  (Read 1749 times)

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Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Interest Check: Gantz RP
« on: June 05, 2011, 03:27:59 pm »
I am putting this up while the idea is still fresh in my head. Recently I have begun to reread Gantz, as I got up to 280 something a year or two ago  stopped reading and had to reread to remember, and as I was reading a idea for an RP popped into my head. The RP centers around a group of people that must play the twisted game that Gantz has setup, like in the manga. Each player in the game can have one active character at a time, playing through their short life in the game. Some will last longer then others, but if your character dies you simply make a new one and join the action again. I would be using a light stat system so it remained fare as with the level of combat there would be freeform might not work. Also the more missions you live through the better stuff you can get, the more skills you can earn, get more points, and even get out if you decide.

Now I am still reading through some thing and sorting out some of my ideas and will have more information later, but does this idea sound interesting.

Note for those you don't know the manga that is fine to as I am using only a bit of the world setting and making an AU (alternative universe). Though if you are interested you can search on a manga site or type in Google "Gantz".

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2011, 03:55:53 pm »
As stated in the post above this was a rough idea at first that I was still working through. Well since then I have put some more effort into creating and refining exactly it is I want to do with this game, which is why I am updating the interest thread. There is another reason why I am updating this and that is I have gotten a few PMs about running this game and figured that there was a large enough interest for this to move forward and see how many people would be willing to play. This game is of course very adult in nature and may contain the following content: Death, Rape, Gore, Mutilation, Monsters, Vore, and other extreme content. Now most of the Gore, Death, and Mutilation won't be sexual, but the manga that this game is based on has a lot of it in every mission. There are very few missions in the manga were no one has died or been horrible injured by the end. Please keep these things in mind while applying and deciding whether this is the game for you.

What I am looking for
Okay now that you have read the little information on the background and thoughts that went into this game I would like to tell you what it is I am looking for, before going into the game information. I am looking for dedicated players that can post around every other day to every two days at least. If you can't commit to this then don't apply I hate when people apply to a game play for a week and then leave without warning I know I have done it in the past, but I try my best not to and hate to do it to others. This type of behavior can kill a game very quickly, the same as over posting can kill a game very quickly. The game has to move fast enough to be interesting and keep people posting, but slow enough so other don't feel left behind and excluded from the game. I am looking for players that realize this and can commit to a game just as I am committing to be the games GM.

Players have to be okay with their characters dying as it might happen a lot, though you could be one of the rare characters that makes it all the way. With that said when a character does die the player can always choose to create a new character and have them chosen by Gantz, but the point of this game is to try and stay alive not send waves of mooks to their death so players have to try and keep their guys alive.

I am looking for players that are both unfamiliar with the setting and those that are. Players that are familiar with the setting please forget any knowledge of it so you can act like a true gantz noob and not do things that your character wouldn't do. I don't need a new person just summoned by gantz to know to put on the suit and grab guns, taking it seriously, without having been told or really thinking about it at all. Remember before you get summoned to the room for the first time you are just a normal person who knows nothing about the world you are about to enter.

I don't expect people to write novels for posts, but I would like at least a paragraph from everyone when they post. That means at least 5 complete sentences that are readable and easy to understand. Nothing is worse then going away for a day and coming back to 3 pages of one liners that could have been 2 posts of one or two paragraphs. It is annoying to read through and a little disheartening to try and write too as a player and as a GM, in my opinion. I am not a grammar Nazi, but I do expect your English to be understandable and not require me or others to read it a few times to understand what it is you are saying.

That sums up the basics of what I am looking for and expecting out of the players, now it is time to talk about the game.

The year is 2011 C.E., modern day, and the place is Chicago, IL located in the United States of America it is a day and place like any other. Sure it has crime, shootings, gangs, and other problems, but nothing that isn't shared by any other city on the planet. Of course everyone likes to think they know everything about the city they live in, or rather that nothing could happen below the radar for to long without someone noticing or reporting it. Though that is just an idea, an illusion, that we think to ourselves to keep ourselves safe from the dangers that are out there and are waiting for us in the night. No one wants to think that the dinosaurs in the museums could come to life, that crucifixes could leap to life and hunt down humans that pray to them, that all those fairytales we were told as kids could be true in the most horrifying ways, or that the dead can be copied and brought back to life to play some sort of sick game for points.

Well guess what they are all true, though you would never know it because if the people who knew tried to tell you then a small bomb in there head would exploded. These people obey a black orb, that they call Gantz, that has resurrected them from the dead to participate in some strange and sick game of life and death. They fight for their lives, killing inhuman monsters and beasts that they never knew existed right under their noises. These warriors dressed in black are invisible on their missions, phased into a different spectrum, and fight for their lives are ours, though they don't know it. They in fact know very little about what exactly is going on, all they know is one day they died and were summoned to a small apartment room where all the doors were locked and a black ball lay in front of them. They do this on the whim of the Gantz to resist or disobey him is to forfeit your life and die, but if you chose to play you can earn points and maybe your freedom.

This is where you come in, you are the most recent member of the Chicago branch of Gantz, as you have recently died in an unforeseen and unexpected accident. How you died isn't important, whether it be suicide or shooting, what is important is that you died, or at least you did die and now you are alive. You have been given a second chance, depending on how you look at it, to live and all it costs is you fighting for your life. You have no idea what is going on or what to do, or even the bomb that is now in your head, all you see is a few other people in a room with you as morning exercise music begins to play and a message appears on the ball.

Your Liv3s Hav3 3nd3d.

How You Us3 Your N3w Liv3s Is 3ntir3ly Up To M3.

That's Th3 Tho3ry, Anyways.

Welcome to Gantz, welcome to the fight for your lives and ours.

Character Sheet
Age: (16+, sorry no little kids even though there are in the Manga.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Tattoos and Piercings:
likes / dislikes:
Job: (What your character does for a living)
How you died:
History: (I would like at least 1 or 2 paragraph for this, though more is always welcome)
Personality: (I would like at least 1 or 2 paragraph for this, though more is always welcome)
Important People in Your Life: (I write this, because I would like a list of people that if they get affected your character would be influenced to do certain things or give up something. Such as loved ones, friends, or other important people. This can be secret or later public as it becomes obvious, but either way I need to know.)
Appearance: (this can either be a picture, written down, or a combo of both)
Stats: Capped at 8 to start and no lower then 2 to start, you get 21 points to spread between them. You can also take points out of humanity to add to other stats.
Body -
Mind -
Reflexes -
Perception -
Humanity - 6/10

Here is a list of the standard Gantz equipment and what you will have access to till someone gets 100 points or find more.
Link to Gantz Wiki:
Gantz Suit

This suit increases the users abilities to beyond what a human could ever hope to achieve. It allows a normal human to jump 30ft into the air and hit the ground safely, lets people lift cars and throw them, and they can take bullets and blows to the body that would kill a man and not even get a bruise. For the mechanics of the suit in game I am saying all stats are doubled while wearing it and so long as it remains active. Certain derived stats don't change such as HP, Sanity, and Willpower, instead in the case of HP you get an addition health meter which is the health of the suit. The health of the suit is take your normal HP and triple it, this only works against blunt attacks, ballistics, and other similar attacks. Acid, lasers, and certain blades ignore this additional health bar and damage you directly. Taking enough sanity damage or damage to your willpower will also cause the suit to take damage and eventually break.

Controller/RadarNeeds to be Discovered

Allows the players to see the area the can move around in, the location of targets, and shift to different spectrum and become invisible.


A small pistol that has two triggers on them which do different things, what they do is for you to find out. It is used for short range to mid range fights and has different power settings.


Has two triggers and is very similar to the X-Pistol just larger, more powerful, and more accurate.


Has two triggers and a built in net, this is a nonlethal gun and only sends creatures not blast them into bits.

Gantz SwordNeeds to be Discovered

This sword can be extended to over 30 ft at will. It is sharper then any blade created by man and can cut through steel, concrete, and almost anything as if it were butter.

Gantz BikeNeeds to be Discovered

the only bike you can bring on a mission. Can carry one other person, is quick, and very easy to handle.

below is a description of what each stat does and a general ranking for them.

Body - This is used to determine how much health your character has, how long your character can run for, how strong your character is, and any other physical stat.
0 - Dead
1 - Crippled
2 - Handicapped
3 - Below Average
4 - Average Human
5 - Above Average
6 - Athlete
7 - Professional Athlete
8 - Olympian Athlete
9 - Inhuman Strength
10 - Beast

Derived Stats for Body
HP = Body x 3
Stamina (how long you can do actives without rest, without penalty) = Body x 4 hours
Strength = Body (used to calculate physical damage)
Speed = Body x 3 mph (running speed)

Mind - determines how much mental trauma you can take before breaking down, how smart your character is, how mental quick he is, and how good he is at solving problems
0 - Brain Dead
1 - Barely There
2 - Mentally Handicapped
3 - Below Average
4 - Average
5 - Above Average
6 - Smart
7 - Gifted
8 - Genius
9 - Unimaginable Intelligence
10 - Wisdom of the Ages

Derived Stats for Mind
Sanity = mind x 2
Mental Fatigue (how long you can function under mental strain without rest or recovery) = mind x 4 hours
Intelligence = mind (used to calculate special attack/mental damage)

Perception - How well your character can shoot, attack, spot, and over all fight and notice things.
0 - Blind
1 - Needs Eye Surgery
2 - Glasses
3 - Below Average
4 - Average
5 - Above Average
6 - Perfect Vision
7 - Eyes Like a Hawk
8 - Able to Read "made in china" at the Bottom of the Eye Exam Chart
9 - Can See a Fly on Hill From a Mile Away
10 - Can See Everything

Derived stats for Perception
ranged combat bonus = perception
Spot bonus = perception x 1.5 (round down)
Melee combat bonus = perception x 1.25 (round down when below .5 round up at .75)

Reflexes - How good your character is at dodging, hiding, and reacting to surprise situations
0 - Bump on a Log
1 - Sitting Duck
2 - Butter Fingers
3 - Below Average
4 - Average
5 - Above Average
6 - Quick
7 - Agile
8 - Lighting Fast
9 - Gone in a Blink of an Eye
10 - Can Dodge Bullets

Derived stats for Reflexes
Sneaking = reflexes x 1.5 (round down)
Ranged dodge = reflexes
Melee defense = reflexes x 1.25 (round down when below .5 round up at .75)
Initiative = (reflexes + perception) / 2 (rounded down)

Humanity - how human your character is, how much they think or act like a human. Determines their thoughts and urges, easier to withstand the urges and keep your sanity with higher humanity.

-1 and below - Inhuman, a beast
0 - Alien
1 - Psychopath
2 - Deranged
3 - Scum
4 - Thief
5 - Below Average Individual
6 - Average Human
7 - Above Average Individual
8 - Nice Guy
9 - Do Gooder
10 - Saintly

Derived stats for Humanity
Willpower = Humanity

OOC Knowledge
This is a just a few last reminders and notes to you as players. Remember if your character dies and you are not revived then your new character has no memory of who or what is going on, so don't make references to things your character wouldn't know about. When you get a 100 points there are 3 choices you can make 1) revive someone, 2) go free, or 3) get a more powerful weapon. Lastly I will be making all the rolls for people and keeping track of stats, hp, and that sort of thing so all you have to worry about is what your character is doing. I will tell you if you are hit, how much damage you take, how much HP you have left, and whos turn it is when combat starts all you have to do is write and figure things out creatively, as your posting will give you bonuses to your rolls. A note onto this when posting, post the intent of your actions and character I will determine whether it can happen or not.

1)No God moding

2)Respect the GM's decisions and if there is an assistant GM respect his/hers as well.

3)Keep OOC in the OOC character forum, don't put it in the IC forum.

4)All rolls must be posted at the bottom of your post in orange text.

5)When your character talks use quotations as well as colors to help other players know when you are taking, thinking, or just describing.

6)If you have a problem talk it out, we are all adults and should act like them. Try to work it out amongst yourselves first if it doesn't work then ask a GM and we will help you to work out the problem.

7)Don't responded for another character in your post. As in if you are attacking someone don't say you cut them, but instead you aim to do it and give them a chance to dodge or react. After it is no fun to have your character die without you doing anything about it.

8)Now since this is a long term game, at least I hope, posts will be subject to change but I would like to have at least some activity every week.

1.A note onto this is that I know some people get intimidated by leaving and coming back and then having like 3 pages or more of text to read through, and most of the time I see that they are just a series of one liners. Or because they are in a quick conversation by themselves. Now I have no problem with this, but if there is another character near by or who might be able to effect your actions don't just write them out and skip them. This means give them a chance to respond, now if they don't within a couple of days or some reasonable time then go ahead.

9)if you are going to be gone please post that you will be so we are not hold up on waiting for you.

10)Writing standards - my own writing is not the best and I make errors and typos, so I don't expect you to have prefect grammar and English, I do expect that you have an understanding of English enough as to make it so that everyone can understand what you are typing without much trouble. this means that your English is coherent and at least decent with passable punctuation, capitalization and grammar. The Spellchecker is your friend, so use it often. I understand that we all make mistakes and some typos are ok, so don't sweat it to much.

11)I don't like one liners, some times they have uses, but they should be avoided. This is because it hard for the next person to come up with something from just a sentence. So keep to at least a paragraph and more is always welcome.

12)Be active

13)If a player doesn't post for a long amount of time, a GM reserves the right to post in their place.

14)if and when your character dies don't complain and whine, it is part due to the rolls and part due to your own actions. When your character dies you can still remain in the game, all you have to do is make another one.

15)These rules are subject to change with the approval of the GMs
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Offline kckolbe

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2011, 06:14:00 pm »
I am not active enough to participate in this game, but hats off to you for a very simple and logical homebrew.  I would love to see this game in action to see how it works out.  By the way, did you come up with this or was it taken from a site? 

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2011, 06:39:39 pm »
Thanks and sorry you can't join in, if you ever have the time though feel free to join up. Well this game is based on a Manga which I read online and aside from the Gantz wiki it is all something I came up with. The system is a simple template style that I came up with for other games and just change and reuse depending on what I need. It does take inspiration from more complex system and other simple systems I have seen used in the past, but those were just tool and this system is something I created out of those. Most likely there are others that have come up with something similar or close to the type of system I use, but I have more fun creating one and modding it rather then just using someones elses created system.

Offline Sarah Morgan

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2011, 09:16:18 pm »
This sounds like an interesting game, and hopefully you can get some more interest other than just me!  I don't know anything about the manga, so I hope you'll accept a total newbie into the game, and won't mind tweaking my character sheet if I mess something up.  I've never played a system game before, and have no idea how to use the dice roller on here, or even where to find it, but I'm willing to learn, if rolls are necessary.  Also, as I'm visually impaired, I'm not exactly sure how to make my text colored, unless you do it the same way you'd make someting in bold or italic font, by putting the color in brackets when you want it to start, and then putting a slash before the color again in brackets to end it.  I'll get a character together and send it to you in a PM, in case some of the stats need tweaking, and hopefully I'm not the only one who's interested in this.

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #5 on: July 28, 2011, 11:34:12 pm »
I don't mind people who are unfamiliar with the material at all, in someways it is better as they don't know what is coming next. I am always more then willing to help people create characters and tweak them so we both get what we want out of the game, having fun. Right now I was planning on having most of the dice rolling done by me, that way you can focus on playing and writing while I do the background numbers. If I get enough people saying they want to roll I might change that, but it doesn't make much difference as the roll is only part of it your stats and posts are the other, more important, part of it.

Though you won't be required to roll yourself, most likely, here is the link to the dice roller so you know where it is for future reference.

As for coloring your text here is where the option is.
1)Look on the row of icons where the bold symbol, italic, underline, and strike mark are. On that same line there are three pull down boxes font face, font size, and lastly change color
2)Click on the change color pull down and select the color you want
3)Something like this should appear [+color=black][/color] (only without the + I placed near the front to make it show)
4)Then type your text like you would do when typing in bold and you know have colored text

I hope both of those helped and glad to have your interest and can't wait to see your character.

Offline Flash Gorden

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #6 on: July 29, 2011, 02:07:42 am »
Hrm. I read through a lot of gantz last summer, and I totally might be up for this RP. Just have to come up with a good idea, first. Also, what's your opinion on guys playing girls and girls playing guys?

Offline Wintercat

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #7 on: July 29, 2011, 07:57:49 am »
Could be interesting. I haven't read Gantz manga, but I have seen the anime adaptation. Although there's a fairly long while since then too.

If we lose a character on a job, are we 'out' or are we possibly given a chance to create a new character as another person (character) gets drawn down into the game?

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #8 on: July 29, 2011, 09:59:40 am »
@Flash Gorden: Glad to see you are interested, and I have no problem with guys playing girls or girls playing guys. To me if they can play the character well that is all that matters as in my opinion when you choose a character you are a writer first, which means you can be whatever you want.

@Wintercat: I was planning on letting people make new characters when or if their old ones died, so that the player could still be part of the game. I say that somewhere in my long post.

Offline iridum248

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #9 on: July 29, 2011, 09:50:27 pm »
I'm certainly interested in this. What would be the content of possible encounters? -_^

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #10 on: July 29, 2011, 10:05:24 pm »
Do you mean what type of monsters or what will be happening to the players?

If you mean monsters then there will be a wide range from beasts, tentacle monsters, living statues, aliens, and a lot more that I will come up with.

As for what will happen to you, like I said before almost anything that happened to the people in the manga can happen to you and most likely will. As for how far that will go it depends on the players limits and what they want and how badly they want their character to be felt up, taken, or killed.

Offline iridum248

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #11 on: July 29, 2011, 11:05:58 pm »
Sounds good to me. I'd probably be playing a- Rather naughty- thrillseeker girl. Let's see what happens when she tries to make it with a monster...Or perhaps cooler heads will prevail. Might be fun to try.

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #12 on: July 29, 2011, 11:19:36 pm »
That is fine, though I would suggest for survivals sake you aim for the humans in the group more then monsters. I will be playing this sort of like the manga which for those of you who have read it know how bad it can be. This will be a dark game, there will be some light elements, but the theme is dark like the manga and anime.

Offline Malediction

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #13 on: July 30, 2011, 06:37:50 am »
I rather enjoyed the Gantz manga. Count me in.

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #14 on: July 30, 2011, 05:06:39 pm »
Okay that now totals about 5 people who have expressed interest in this game. If people work on their CS and submit them then we can start the first mission and we can always have people join later if they want, as it is really easy to get new people in the game. I do have a few questions for you guys in terms of the direction that you want me to take with the game, as I found some things lout in a small test run of it.

1) Do you want the game to be have on the gore, as it is in the manga, or a lighter type of RP?
-I was planning on keeping it true to the manga which means quite a bit of gore and violence, most of it would not be sexual in nature. These are aliens you are fighting and they are out to kill you in anyway they can think of. Though if people want a lighter version of this I can turn it down.

2) How much sex do you want in the game and who will it mainly be aimed at, other players of aliens?
-I was going to focus on story and mainly leave sex to a minor roll in this game as this is more of a fight for a survival then sex adventure. Of course in the manga love does show up and there are people that love other players, which I would prefer, and a few select individual that go after monsters or rather anything, which would like to keep to as little as possible. I don't mind some I just don't want the game to be about sex when it is about story and surviving in a dark game for their lives and humanities. I can modify this some, but the main focus of this game will always be story.

3) Should deaths be quick or drawn out?
-As in do you want the deaths when they happen to be quick and something like you are just decapitated, or do you want something more?

Please if you are interested in the take some time to read through those questions and answer them, so I have a better idea of what you want. 

Offline Malediction

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #15 on: July 30, 2011, 05:50:08 pm »
1 - Gantz is gory and violent by it's nature. I would rather it stay just as visceral. As there are few ways to gently murder a person or alien.

2 – I can take it or leave it. Desperation sex in the face of probable imminent death could be interesting should it naturally occur.

3 – Both. It should depend on injuries sustained and the way the alien behaves.

Offline Sarah Morgan

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #16 on: August 01, 2011, 02:50:53 am »
I don't mind things being gory, myself.  If that's how the original was, then I say keep it as close to the original as possible.  There's no way I can see it for myself, but now I wish I could, because the whole concept sounds interesting, and it would be fun to see the original.

I'd rather focus on the story too, although I don't mind sex cropping up if the situation is right, but I'm not going to have my character do anything sexual, just for the sake of doing it.

Like someone else said, I think whether the deaths are detailed or quick depends on what kind of monster we're fighting, but I'd be fine with either method, whatever would best suit the monster and its style.

Offline Flash Gorden

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #17 on: August 02, 2011, 01:53:15 pm »
I don't mind a bit of gore. It's Gantzy.

I wouldn't mind having sex pop every once in awhile.

As for the whole death thing, well, goes along with the gore. Some deaths are more drawn out than others. It's Gantzy.

Offline kitakaze

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #18 on: August 03, 2011, 04:12:59 pm »
I'll almost certainly throw my hat in for this! I am a big Gantz fan, but I promise to noob my character down a bit eheh. I'll get. A character together later tonight and pm you.

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #19 on: August 03, 2011, 07:20:12 pm »
@ kitakaze: Glad to have another person interested in this game and who knows about the manga, or anime. I would as that you also take your time and look over the 3 questions I asked above and answer them when you submit your character sheet.

@ Everyone: Thank you for looking over the questions and answering them, they were helpful to me. I would like to start the game, but before I can do that I need for you to submit your character sheets so I can look over them and approve them. Once that is done we can start the game, so I encourage you to complete your character sheets.

Offline Sarah Morgan

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #20 on: August 05, 2011, 03:35:56 am »
I'll be working on this later on today, after I do some catching up on posts that I owe some solo writers, as well as get some sleep.  I've had a rough last few days that have wreaked havoc on my writing mood, but I'm doing some better now.  I'll work on this ASAP though and send it to you through PM, just in case I screw it up, with not knowing what I'm doing!  :P

Offline CrazyIvanTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #21 on: August 08, 2011, 01:59:59 pm »
Okay that is fine, I just kinda of want to start the game and begin moving forward and the next big step is to create and review characters.

Offline kitakaze

Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #22 on: August 11, 2011, 07:31:40 am »
Asher Zimmerman
Age: 22
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 156lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Tattoo: "Faith will prevail" in Hebrew on left shoulder.
Gender: M

Likes: baking, dogs, hiking.
Dislikes: Meat, birds, loud people.

Job: Student, works at a bakery.
Death: Accidentally knocked over a railing at the mall, he fell head-first four stories.

Asher was born in Long Island, NY and moved to Chicago when he was in the 3rd grade. He is someone who prefers to keep his head down and stay out of trouble as much as possible.

He enjoys baking, and even got himself an aprenticeship with the owner of a local bakery and pastry shop. He likes trying new things and goes hiking with his two Border Collies, Eli and Miri at least every month.

Asher is a cheerful individual who enjoys meeting people and spending time with friends. He hates getting involved in arguments and often plays the part of peace-keeper or arbiter with his friends.

Despite his easygoing demeanour, Asher does have very strong opinions of what is right and wrong. He places a high value on human life and rights, but not to the point of being naieve.

Important people: his family, his dogs, to an extent most people are important to him.

Body - 5
Mind - 4
Reflex - 5
Perception - 6
Humanity - 7

HP: 15
Sanity: 8
Sta 20 hrs
Mental Fatigue: 16 hrs
Spd: 15 mph

Spot: 9
Combat: 7
Sneak: 7
Defense: 6
Initiative: 5


1. Excessive, over the top, you know. Maybe not at the level of the manga, but damn close.

2. I like sex with most things, but here i wouldn't push it too much.

3. It depends. I mean, on a critical failure roll you might see a head go flying in one hit yeah. Overall i prefer more intricate scenes though.

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Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #23 on: August 12, 2011, 06:18:07 am »
I would love to play this, but I'll need to belay my entry time about a week- I'm leaving on vacation. I'll leave a CS here, and if you're still looking for new players when I get back, I'll be all ready to jump in.  ::)
Name: Peter Murdock
Age: 31
Height: 5'11
Weight:120 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Ashy Blond
Tattoos and Piercings: None.
Gender: Male
Likes: Women, a good game of cards, cigarettes.
Dislikes: Politicians, pious men and punks.
Job: Criminal Investigations, Homicide.
How you died: Took two deer slugs to the chest.

 Peter Murdock began life with the death of his mother, due to inefficient doctor's practice in the early seventies and a mild birth anomaly. His father, Arthur Murdock- a  procrastinating artist and relentless man who never forgave the boy for taking his wife and very soul- was an absentee figur at best. Peter was left to the role-models he met on the streets- the hippies, the homeless, the go-getters and peddlers. He saw his city at it's worst sooner than anyone really should, and the images- the prostitutes, the nearly-dead,  empty husks; and his neighbor, Clara Dumont, who's father prostituted her mother and later in life, his daughter- left a scar on his mind that ached with fervor. He spent 7 years of his only shortly lived life obsessing over the hero-like figures he never had in his childhood- the more real, the more inspiring.
 Obsession turned to compulsion. He applied for an advanced course in high school to attend classes in police academy. Guidance counseling, work-out regimen, study. Peter's social life all but vanished. He grew increasingly distant and independent of his father as his training progressed. His twenty-first birthday, Arthur Murdock vanished- even after an extended investigation and missing persons report. Peter hardly cared. He'd grown aloof over the years. His distance granted him vantage from where he could see the world around him with a clinical eye; his unwavering demeanor only faltering once, and only once- when he beat and killed his old neighbor Mr. Dumont. Charges dropped due to the alleged self-defense, his salary and his father's meager life insurance kept him afloat in the same building he murdered a man in; he eventually found a smaller place in the same district as his station at the age of 26.
 Murdock had worked the homicide desk for 4 years when an attempt to take down a suspect ended his life. Clara continues to work as a prostitute, and his last partner- Ferra McKinley, has since taken over all his cases.
 Many people found Peter to be incredibly distant in life; he was blunt and concise, but never seemed to look right at you- he would always stare past. Some people call him robotic. Those who know Murdock beyond this facade realizes just how deep his cynicism and paranoia runs- but this barely scratches the surface of his problems. Above all, he has a personal demon against liars and con-men, and those who would cause suffering for profit. His determination runs deeper still, though Clara once asked if it ran as deep as his hate for "scumbags like her and her dad,"- he never answered the question. Unfortunately he holds himself above the law, and to those he brings down justice- he becomes the law personified, and he has very little mercy.
 He remains relatively collected in almost any situation though, and his keen intellect and excellent poker face has made him something of a cards enthusiast in the small downtime he allows himself. He took up smoking late in his career as stress and red-tape began to emaciate his body.
Important People in Your Life: Clara Dumont, Ferra McKinley.

Appearance: Emaciated by stress and bad eating habits and standing at an unimpressive 5'11"- most women in heels were in fact taller than him- Murdock is a thin, lanky man with a harsh, stout face, matted in small wrinkles and fine stubble. His cheeks are sunken in under his sharp cheekbones, and his nose has a slight crook in it. His eyes are dark and narrowed almonds that belie a hidden intelligence and keen eye for observation. His frame is wired with thin, slightly atrophied muscle.

Body - 3
Mind - 7
Reflexes - 5
Perception - 7
Humanity - 5/10

HP- 9
Stamina- 12
Strength- 3
Speed- 9 mph (running)

Sanity- 14
Mental Fatigue- 28
Intelligence- 7

Sneaking- 7
Ranged Dodge- 5
Melee Defense- 6
Initiative- 6

Ranged Combat Bonus- 7
Spot Bonus- 10
Melee Combat Bonus- 9

 As for your questions, I'm fine with anything that goes. Also, I...
Have no idea what to put in equipment. Gantz things I imagine but I'll follow kitakaze's example this once.

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Re: Interest Check: Gantz RP
« Reply #24 on: August 12, 2011, 09:19:17 pm »
@KitaKaze: Your character looks great and is approved.

@Nom De Plume: That delay is fine and it should be easy to get you in the game at that time. As for equipment that part is going to be filled in later, once you start going on missions and know what you usually bring and for things from the 100 point menu. As for your character it looks great and is approved.

@Everyone: That is two characters done, one that will have wait to be entered into the game, a few more and we can start the games.