M Seeking F (Sub/Switch) for Sci-Fi idea (could be Exotic)

Started by Tashkin390, June 05, 2011, 12:58:53 PM

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Idea is this

Earth has been overworked, stripped bare of all of its materials. People have fled the Earth, leaving it now as a barren, gray rock with their machinery still installed all over it. Some looked for other planets to terraform and inhabit. Others looked for planets to strip bare of their resources. This brought about a conflict between two new groups. The Treasurers, and the Philosophers. With this conflict came heated discussions, then fights, then skirmishes and then finally an intergalactic war. This war has continued for hundreds of years, and has never ended. Several alien races have joined up with both sides. However, there is a new discovery made by the Philosophers that may just be the key to ending this bloody, destructive war.

My character for this is here. The rest of the plot will be figured out as me and said partner go along.

Name: Rykon Lazgrid

Age: 21

Race: Human

Description: Stands at 6 ft. 1 in., has short blond hair that he always has spiked. He has a sturdy build and a light tan to his skin. He has blue eyes, a rather small nose, lips that naturally curve into a slight smile. Has a scar running across his left hand from a knife that was stabbed into it and dragged along to the wrist. He has two burn scars from plasma shots on his chest.

Personality: A very nice person at heart, but on the outside he has forced himself to be a rough man who takes no prisoners during a fight. Recently being put into the military, he has had a rough time, making him hardened towards possible relationships and friendships. However, outside of combat, he is a totally different person, socializing with women, helping people with their problems, and being overall friendly.

Send me a PM when you can and please take a look at my On's and Off's. Thank you! My posting period is quite rapid, usually many posts per day unless I become bed-ridden with illness, injury, or I have to leave on vacation or something.
https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=108690.0 These are just my basic ons and offs, for people who are interested. :P