Hell in Space [NC][EX]

Started by elfguy, June 05, 2011, 12:29:22 AM

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Hell in Space

On a remote planet, somewhere in the darkest corner of space, a world exist unknown to most. There, strange creatures live. Some of them were born there, others came to prove their worth to Seshavesta, also known as The Dark Lady, the powerful ruler of the world of Abyss. There, a constant flow of victims arrive from all corners of the known galaxy. Those who do know of this world, mostly politicians and shady businessmen, know of it for just one reason, because they have troublesome characters on their worlds, and they want to get rid of them. Because on Abyss, anyone who comes here, never leaves.

The planet itself is very much like a mad scientist's laboratory, mixed with Hell itself. The creatures that live there, everything from humans to hideous monsters, all under the rule of Seshavesta, live to do evil, and to dominate the victims that are constantly brought to them. Each Dominators, as they are called, have their own particular style and kinks, and they apply any torture, sexual act or horrific experiment on their victims. The planet is large and there's everything needed to satisfy all desires. Lava pools, tall mountains with sharp peeks, buildings constructed for the sole purpose of housing torture and pain equipment. In a way, Abyss can be seen as both Heaven and Hell. For the Dominators, it's paradise. For the victims however, it's Hell.

So for this RP I was thinking of a Hell type scenario, but not limited to just demons and humans. You can create any character you want, within reason of course. As a Dominator, you can be a simple human who has a twisted mind, or you can be a giant monster with tentacles. As a victim, you'll be either a human or human like alien. Hopefully, we'll then have a playground for all kind of fun EX and NC events to take place!

I'll play The Dark Lady which is the boss of the place, and enforces the only rule which is Dominators cannot attack each others and must only dominate victims. She also is the one who makes the deals with off-worlders to bring victims on Abyss.

Note that assuming this idea takes off I won't make pairings, it will be first come first served in the IC, and having several Dominators gang up on a victim or having multiple victims grouping up together is not only allowed but encouraged.

Character sheet





Equipment: (Victims are typically not searched, so that Dominators can deal with them however they see fit)



Special powers: (Dominators only. This could be things like extreme strength, agility, fire breathing, retractable claws... but nothing that would be too much like magic. Optional)


IC: https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=109361.0
OOC: https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=109362.0



Appearance: (see image in 1st post)

Name: Seshavesta

Gender: F

Age: 8361 years

Equipment: Skimpy armor made of metal and cloth as shown in the picture. She also keeps various toys in a small cave in a hidden spot on the planet.

Personality: The Dark Lady has a very varied personality. She can be ruthless when the need arises, but usually she prefers to be sarcastic and deceiving. She will try to seduce her target, or bring false hope to them, before crushing them. She enjoys both giving and receiving pain and pleasure, and believes Abyss will be a perfect world when the two emotions will be in a balanced amount. She has a very voracious sexual appetite.

Bio: Seshavesta was born to Abyss, along with 7 others of her kind. The planet was still primitive and could barely support life. Early on, she had to adapt and learn to be strong. She killed all 7 of her brothers and sisters, and then her parents, ending up being the last of her kind. Soon after, a ship crashed on the planet with a dozen survivors. She enslaved them all and played with them for many years, until they all died under her torture. Now knowing the pleasure that pain can bring, she used their ship communicators to make contact with other worlds, and slowly started building the perfect torture planet.

Now, she had hundreds of Dominators under her control, and manages constant flows of victims. She often gets hands on into the torture of victims and loves to take one for her own.

Special powers: She can fly. She can command the only other native species to the planet, Abyss Worms, which are around 5 meters long and can throw paralyzing poison.

Offs: Death, Losing limbs, Futa/herma


Sounds interesting.  Though would you allow someone to play both a victim and dominator?


Name: Jennifer Goldwright

Gender: Female

Age: 25

A finely tailored suit.
A briefcase with various papers.
A pistol.

Personality: A professional, blunt, woman with a heart of gold.  She is very reserved, and always does her best to hide her emotions.


Jennifer was a rising detective in a multi-system police force.  She was responsible for a dozen high profile arrests, bringing down everything from corrupt governors to criminal kingpins.  She received commendation after commendation, and quickly rose through the ranks.  Unfortunately, she decided to pursue the wrong case.

To throw her off the scent, a corrupt superior assigned Jennifer to track down a criminal who had been exiled to the Abyss, knowing full well she would never return. 

Offs: Scat, Mutilation


Sure I don't see a problem with playing multiple characters.


this definatly sounds fun :D

Character sheet
Name: Abraxis

Appearance:Ebon skin that is more of a carapace than flesh, his cock is incapeable of softening he stands about 7 feet tall, with a cock nearly as long as the average womans forearm and just as thick.




Equipment:none just his sharp claws and wings and armored bodies

Personality:Pain and fear feed and arouse this despiciable mosnter and he enjoys feeding

Bio: An evil demon who has for countless centuries taken pleasure in the degredation humiliation fear and pain of humanoid women, he abducts them and brings them to the abyss for his pleasure fucking them, ruining them, then casting them aside after he's done

Special powers: (Dominators only. This could be things like extreme strength, agility, fire breathing, retractable claws... but nothing that would be too much like magic. Optional) super strength and stamina, flight, armored body, and razor sharp claws

Offs: having sex with things with a cock, he will use his claws to remove them :P

Foxy DeVille

You said only Dominators have powers but would something like this be acceptable?


Name: Sakkaja

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Equipment: None.

Personality: Sakkaja is normally upbeat and innocent, taking great pleasure in soaring through the air. On Abyss she has become quite terrified and willing to do almost anything to ensure her survival and safety.

Bio: Sakkaja comes from Windhaven, a idyllic planet of winged humanoids possessing a low level of technology. Seeing such angelic beings was irresistible for the demonic Dominators. They picked out one lovely young specimen and had her transported to Abyss or the purpose of being hunted down. 

Special powers: Like all her people, Sakkaja has natural wings and keen vision, making her as swift and sharpsighted as any Terran bird.

Offs: Scat.


I guess the ability to fly wouldn't be too much for a victim so that would be fine.

Zaer Darkwail

Dominator Character sheet

Appearance: A 9 feet tall monstrosity with three cocks (two in groin and third able detach long tentacle tail with phallic tip) which are armored with cyborg plates.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: 7th Legion (or plain Legion)

Gender: Male

Age: ??? (not sure himself, but likely almost as old as Seshavesta)

Equipment: He has bionic cyborg armor layer, special adjustable bionic demonic cyborg eyes and he uses varied high tech demonic alien equipment to track down prey in Abyss and capture and subdue them. He prefers carry his victims to his laboratory where he can perform full scaled tests on his subjects and make modifications to them.

Personality: A cold detached invindual at first but he can grow fond to some his projects and creations, even if his subjects would despise and hate him, he would not take it personally. He is analytical, curious and experimental. Highly rational.

Bio: 7th Legion is practically creation from Seshavesta experimental project to create bio mechanical Dominators and wardens to her planet. She used dead demon corpses and body parts with high technology used to bring them to life. However she faced numerous failures and set backs, also once 7th Legion was alive, sane and somewhat functional and powerful she gave up from the project. As she had long while pressed experiments to prove she could succeed but the high failure rating to pull off a successful demonic cyborg was quite small for her liking. After creation 7th Legion followed centuries his creator, worked as soldier and warden to her facility but she as reward released him from service. Baffled for while he then set up laboratory where he started continue research work what Seshavesta gave up.

Special powers: Besides his numerous cyborg implants which gives him one grade higher strength, speed and reflexes compared to other demons and also flight ability with his wings (which can be rocket boosted and unlike most demons he can survive in space and travel even in space less than light speed) he has ability to channel natural energy source in Abyss; felfire. A mixture of gas, atoms and heat which naturally occurs time to time. He can use felfire (a green fire) to create explosions, shoot projectiles or form barriers and walls. However his ability does not work outside Abyss. Demons overall can be seriously hurt by felfire (which functions like acid but in form of steamy flame). Besides this he is immune to pain (he can shutdown his pain sensors) and he is incredible tough to kill (so far as Seshavesta said she aimed for immortal and unkillable cyborg, but likely some flaw which allows 7th Legion killed but she has not revealed that secret for 7th Legion). He can be damaged to point where he is unconscious long while his body self-repairs itself and restarts.

Offs: Check link in signature but shortly; no necrophilia, no M/M nor toilet stuff


Impressive! Altho I have to say all that fire power seems a bit wasted. This will be mostly about dominating the victims, not really going out to war, but it's fine as long as you understand this.

Zaer Darkwail

Aye, I know his fire power is bit wasted but there can be other purposes. Example form wall of green fire to snare victim inside cage made from felfire or guide her specific direction. So it can work as intimidation tool in the chase ;).


Interesting concept. I'll make sure to make a character (a victim).


Just a question: Are victims expendable? Will they ever die?

Zaer Darkwail

Yeah, it just came up as usual stuff in sci-fi the cyborg is one common elements. So I thinked make somesort a demon cyborg which has no idea who he was before he died (as cyborg tech 'resurrected' him but with no memory who he is). One mystery which I leave elfguy to use. One favorite idea was that 7th Legion is actually one Seshavesta's siblings which dead bodies she reanimated for her project. But consider it is elfguy's char so I left his past quite open in that regard.

Anyways my guy will besides torment provide also transformation stuff, he has tech perform varied surgeries, place implants and make human/demon hybrids, human/cyborg hybrids or most extreme; human/cyborg/demon hybrid. As his goal is to able master the bio demonic cyborg creation, as so far he is the only one (or sane one at least) in the Abyss.

I think victims can be if the writer/player of victim so wants that there will be snuff ending to char's career. But otherwise respect ons/offs and most do not like char killed off (so need agreed before hand).



Name:Kendra Storm

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Equipment: A bag containing  a tape recorder, a notebook and pen, A press badge, and a bottle of mace.

Personality:-Kendra is quite and reflective. She likes to take notice of everything that is going on in an area, and values finding the truth objectively above anything else. She dose have a bit of an anger problem, but its rare for Kendra to get mad at anything.

Bio: When Kendra is a teenager, She witnessed her brother getting shot at a local store during a robbery.. The town refused to believe there was a crime problem. She dedicated herself since then to exposing corruption wherever she went. She got a degree in journalism, and soon worked her way up to head reporter in the city newspaper. She had won awards for exposing the corruption of the mayor, and a few other city officials. One day she got an anonymous phone call about investigating a new lead. It was a story she never should have picked up because it lead her to the Abyss

Off- I have no offs that I'm aware of.


Victims do not die unless the player wishes for it. Someone is free to make multiple victims and have them die if they want.

Looking good so far! I'll leave recruitment open for another day or so then we should hopefully have enough to start.


Lynn Fae

Model: Lynn McCrossin
Role: Victim
Name: Lynn Fae
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight (but forced lesbianism welcome)
Offs: Sex with animals, teasing, pleasuring, forced orgasms, tentacle sex
Personality: Strong-willed, impatient, controlling, quick-temper, doer more than thinker
Bio: After beginning as a wrestler, Lynn became a second-zone star of the BDSM industry. She has acted in many shows and X-movies where she has been bound or chained in countless spectacular ways. One of her best successes was an escape artist show where she was seen to free herself from various restraints such as ropes, chains, handcuffs, straight-jackets, cages, boxes. As she entered her thirties, finding good contracts became harder and she began to accept more hardcore short-term roles to pay the bills.

She had met a younger artist, Jessica, which she had become (platonic) friend with. She mentored her, gave her advices and tips to succeed in the career. Unfortunately, that friend was not sincere. Once she had extracted all Lynn's information, she stole her her most interesting contracts.

Lynn, now reduced to play second roles in hardcore porn movies, got furious when she learned the extent of her false-friend's treason. One evening when she had drunk a little too much, she made a life-breaking move. She went to Jessica's apartment, stormed in and kidnapped her. She brought her to an abandoned factory and whipped the traitor's with such force and violence that the girl died soon after. Her screams had alerted neighbourhood though and soon policemen arrived. She killed one of them and badly wounded another in the operation.

She was condemned to 527 years of imprisonment. More violence in the prison, as well as countless attempt to escape, brought her to be sent to the Abyss, from where nobody ever escaped.

Equipment: An orange convict set of clothes: orange, knee-long pants, orange T-shirt with the number 666-69 stencilled in black, front and back. No panties, no bra, no shoes.

Appearance: See picture
Height: 5'1 1/2"
Weight: 130 - 135 Lbs.
Biceps: 14.5"
Quads: 23.5"
Shoe size : 5


Doesn't extreme non-con and constant torture at the hands of powerful and quite ruthless Dominants sort of imply that victims will sometimes die, or that the risk of death is clearly present? Seems to me that if it's a world of torture and you can never escape, there has to be risk of death or it would become very unreal, or the game would lose dynamism because you reach a limit where you sort of can't go further without getting into a range where there's risk of death. I mean suspension of disbelief would become a very hard thing. With some kinds of torture. such as fire torture or strangling, death is something that can obviously happen.

Then of course at any point when the risk that the victim will be killed is getting close, it could be a precondition that the victim player involved will agree freely that their character may be killed.

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Zaer Darkwail

Well, the torture/death applies to 90% of the rest prisoner population. But we are talking about NPC's which will be tortured in sexual fashion and in general being expection from general rules of the environment. The abyssal death rendering tortures do happen in background but deaths occuring from PC's chars are decision based. Meaning chars can or cannot die (or are not killed or able survive somehow torture alive).


Of course victims die all the time in the world, just like torture is really up to the Dominators, but people have to follow player's Offs. You can't kill another player's character without permission.

Zaer Darkwail

Aye, elfguy put it better than I did. When I said by 'decision' I meant 'by player's decision'. Not by dominator's decision.


Name: Flappy
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Role: Victim
Appearance: An athletic, slender body, with noticeable muscles running under the skin as she moves. She must have been a runner in her former life. Long curly auburn hair cascading down to the middle of her back. She is the failed result of some transplantation experiment that was supposed to give her the ability to fly with bat wings. Something went wrong however. He breasts got much bigger, whilst the wings were not large enough to lift her (now heavier) weight.

Bio: She used to be an athlete. She has done a lot of running, mainly hurdling and steeplechase. She never was a top-ranking gymnast but managed to win a few regional championships. Linked to her good looks, it allowed her to make a living as an advertisement model.

She signed for a medical experiment without reading the little characters. When the experiment failed, she was dumped by the multinational company and sent to Abyss to ensure the Media would never learn about this kind of research.

Special powers: By flapping them furiously, she can increase the length and height of her leaps though. And she can also slow and control her falls so that she does not fear jumping from any height. Since her transformation, her skin has taken a slight copper shade. She has no other visible transformation, although she can now hear better and see in the dark.

Personality: She has always been a free, rebellious mind. Since her kidnapping, she has been even more so. She is entirely focused on escaping and running away. She is strong-willed but a bit naive. She is heterosexual, although as she has not much sexual experience, it might only be a lack of knowledge.

Offs: Sex with animals, teasing, pleasuring, forced orgasms, tentacle sex.


As for my characters, I would agree that they can die, but I would prefer it to happen slowly, excruciatingly slowly... and at the condition that I can post a new character once one has died, to keep the fun flowing.


Right now I'm counting 3 Dominators and 5 victims. So we'd need another Dominator or two to keep the balance close.


Okay, thanks for those clear answers. I'm not into driving a character all the way to death myself but there have been RPs I've been in (on other sites) where it's begun to run out of steam once the victim characters have landed in a position where they have no real option of resisting if they wanted to survive - and where their masters/captors had no affection for them so they were essentially expendable.

Good girl but bad  -- Proud sister of the amazing, blackberry-sweet Violet Girl

Sometimes bound and cuntrolled, sometimes free and easy 

"I'm a pretty good cook, I'm sitting on my groceries.
Come up to my kitchen, I'll show you my best recipes"


I don't mind my victim dying (though not quickly, would be boring), though would want to be able to replace her as well.  May be fun to play a rotating cast. 

I can add a dominator as well to boost numbers, will do so after I think on it a bit.  (probably a golem/demon type)