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Author Topic: Alternate Potter Verse RP (involves different char's/storyline)  (Read 709 times)

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Offline XanatosTopic starter

Of bit of clarification if needed; this will take place in the Harry Potter universe, but will not be following cannon, nor will it involve cannon characters. Sorry for any who wanted that.

The story, for now, is not wholly defined as I would like to talk it over with a partner (or two at max; if interest permits), so that more details can come forth from brain storming. Below, however, is a basic outline. The outline is (mostly) what I would like to revolve the story around, but details in between are up for grabs, as well as revisions to the plot if really good. I'm always up for something better or something in addition to. Brainstorming can be a powerful process, and I would love to do that with someone to bring this story alive.

Plot Basics

The story will revolve around, initially, people being kidnapped. At some point, this sparks a conflict between several prominent wizarding families. Without sense, nor any way to stop it, the houses end up in a war that even the Ministries of magic have trouble stopping (I imagine this RP taking place in at least two or more countries [Britain, America, possibly Germany]). This conflict happens because one of the families daughters or sons is kidnapped and the blame begins falling, which leads to bickering, and so forth.

The women and men, are tortured, as well as sexually, and then transfigured or otherwise transformed into creatures I imagine like Succubi/Incubi; having many similarities. They are sexually broken first, not for the gratuitousness, but because it weakens their resolve to resist the transformation and instills in them an unbidden sexual desire which the transformer(s) want for the victims once transformed. Once transformed, they have an avarice desire for sex and seek out victims. If they cannot have sex, they go mad, perhaps die. They can magically drain the life of victims, through the sex act and or through prolonged kissing. I would like to name them, Succulin/Inculin, a play on the Succubus/Incubus name because they aren't truly demons and because I think it would be overdone to just call them Succubi/Incubi. As for how they look, I haven't decided. I think looking mostly Human, or close to it would be better or it would be harder to get in bed with victims.

I think travel between countries could be fun, especially to explore the different countries view on things. The magical cultures of any country, other than Britain, would have to be invented since little information is available. This suits me well, though, I love creation.

The house war, could prove quite fun as well. It would be a different kind of fighting. Not just country versus country. It would involve more stealth, as many of the houses would probably be trying to stay under ministry magic, while some might openly defy it because they know the ministry is to weak to resist. One might never know who is an ally of a house, and thus suspense and suspicion might be strong.

Time period, I am thinking is the seventies (1970). Though, I suppose, since this is an alternate story that it can be set in modern times. I can easily use that just as well.

My Partner's Role: Due to confusion from an interested person, I am clarifying this, as I did not realize how unclear I had left this. I would like my partner to assume the role of a normal witch or wizard, not a transformed victim. I intend for the victims to be NPC's only, as it will make the plot drastically different and harder to move along if a player is a victim. This doesn't mean that my partner can't NPC one, but it does mean the focus of the plot will not be on what happens to a victim. The focus will be on the PC's. I hope this clears up this part. If there is anymore confusion, please inform me, thanks. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Ideas: I would love ideas. The more the better. This story has the potential to be good. Do, however, keep in mind that not all ideas will be used. I expect many of my own to be abandoned, and do expect many of your own to be abandoned too. Not every idea is worthwhile, so instead of lingering, we have to forge ahead. I do, though, often times come up with meldings/compromises if I really want an idea(s) to work. So keep that in mind too.

Character Growth: I want this to be a major theme. The three characters I am playing were emerging in of themselves so well when my last game died, so I want to give them a chance to continue growing. As for my partners characters, I would love to see the same thing. Please be conscious of this fact when creating a character. Put some depth to him or her, so they can grow in the story, instead of remaining the same (which isn't necessarily terrible, but it does become stale if not played superbly well).

Sexual Content: There will be plenty of it, but I would like it interspersed and not to overwhelm the story. The plot and characters take precedent. Having said that, the plot will have a somewhat sexually theme to it, but to keep that itself from knocking the writing into a sexual fugue, I will be employing vague/hinting sexual comments/fast forwards/fade to black/etc every so often to say it happened without actually giving much if any detail. Fear not, however, it will happen and appetites can and will be sated for those who want sex of a magical kind. After all, my three characters each have their love of sex -winks-.
-Note: As I cannot and will not play submissive males, unless otherwise requested to be included, I will gloss over any males being broken in this RP. I can play them as their transformed selves, but I just don't like playing submissive males. Although, if I or my partner(s) can come up with a sly way for me or themselves to play one, I'm game. I don't want to limit this for anyone else, but the limit does apply for me as an Off, with above exception.

Multiple Characters: I will be playing multiple characters, and any NPC's my partner(s) don't play or feel they can't play. I am perfectly fine with my partner(s) playing multiple characters as well, with one stipulation; I would please as any potential partner to be able to play multiple. Some people just aren't good enough. It takes skill to weave more than one character around each other. I can do it pretty well, so long as the characters meld, which my three do in this case. So feel free, as long as any potentials feel confident that they can do it as well.

Lastly: Please read my Ons/Off's before committing to this. We have to be compatible for this to work. However, I might... be willing to relent if our characters never interact sexually, but that also means I can't/won't control NPC's with any of my partner(s) characters. It would be best if we just meld, at least enough, to have some things in common.

Also, more importantly, I would like players willing to commit and be up to writing at least as good as me, though by no means being perfect. I am far from perfect and am willing to look past mistakes and such. Don't be afraid to ask or show me examples, etc. I mainly am looking for skill in writing and the ability to really make a character feel real.

Please also be willing to post at least once a day or every other day. I usually can post more than once a day, given I am not away from the house. I don't expect the same from my partner(s), but it is very welcomed. I would like to see the story to the end. That means commitment. Hopefully by putting your own ideas into this, it might help bring that commitment.

My Characters

I can provide my character information upon request. I need to get around to creating an alternate sheet for each one, as their original sheets will not suffice.

Misc: If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

Please PM Me if interested. Best way to get a hold of me.
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Re: Alternate Potter Verse RP (involves different char's/storyline)
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Added to the top, that it would be best to PM me. Easiest way to get a hold of me.