I probably shouldn't be looking for more games, but...

Started by indarkestknight, August 23, 2007, 05:55:32 PM

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Honestly, I'm feeling antsy. A lot of things interest me... ninja, supers (DC, Marvel, Homebrew...), fantasy, futa, furries, Pokegirls, beastiality, tentacles (the list goes on)... I can do system (primarily d20, but I have a couple 2nd ed Exalted books, too) or non system, GM or Player, male, female, herm. No particular ideas running around in my mind at the moment, simply because, well, there are so many things that I'd like to do or try. However, what I can do to narrow the field is to say that I'm not really interested in a "real world" scenario right now...

Sorry this is so vauge and all over the place. >_<Edit:

Well, I've given some time to mull this all over, and I've settled on a few ideas, though I certainly have more (As a reminder, these ideas are all one-on-ones, and they're in no particular order):

1. Brightest Day, Darkest Night (Superhero, DC): I don't know precisely what it is, but the revealed nature of the Star Sapphires and the Sinestro Corps power rings intrigues me. Looking to explore, perhaps, a dark hero within the Sinestro Corps, or an anti-hero, or, likewise, the idea of a Star Sapphire. Interested in GMing or playing.

2. Titans Tomorrow (Superhero, DC): Not necessarily the current Titans as villains, but just what they'd be like in the future. Open to using ex-members, like Bombshell, Starfire, or Zatara, for example, as well. Would be interested in GMing or playing.

3. Some combination of 1 and 2, as the current Titans team has a member or an ex-member modelled off of every major hero in DC except, well, GL. Would be interested in GMing or playing.

4. Naruto (Ninja): Probably a generation or two after the current one, as I'm not as fond of using canon characters with this series. Lots of room for kink in this one, between Transformation Jutsu, fishnets, and crazy bloodline limits. Would be interested in GMing or playing

5. Pokegirls: Along the lines of the game, going to the gyms and trying to become a Master Tamer, likely with a plot by an antagonist or antagonist organization being involved. Either Tamer or Pokegirl is okay for the player. Would be interested in GMing or playing.

6. Generic Heroine Capture and Molestation/Rape (DC, Marvel, Homebrew, or other): Not terribly unique, but there you have it. Also, one I haven't tried is supervillainess being broken by other villains/villainesses, so, that's a possibility to, depending on plot. Would be interested in GMing or playing.

7. MC 3? (superhero, Marvel): Along the lines of Titans Tomorrow, only using the Young Avengers, the New X-men, and the Runaways.

8. Epic Level Vampire (D&D): A character I once played long ago, an aasimar necromancer (whose grandfather was a Fallen Angel and the Archdevil of lust), was in the course of the game, turned into a vampire by a vampire god from a different prime (Sucks to be him, doesn't it?). Now in the employ of Graz'zt, he seeks a cure for his affliction (which, seemingly, can only be brought about by the destruction of his Sire, which, quite frankly, he knows he hasn't, and likely never will, the power to destroy.) and information that will allow Graz'zt to defeat Orcus (who killed his love), and the Shadow (Prime evil of yet another Prime world... We called it battle of the cosmos for a reason, with several people bringing in characters from their homebrew worlds...), who now has the soul of that love of his. In the course of his research, his vampire nature and the constant presence of Graz'zt's Abyssal court have begun to corrupt him... Can be restored and redeemed? Or only by falling deeper into darkness can he attain vengeance and the power he requires? Statted (Level 39 vampire aasimar... yeah, right) or Unstatted. Only interested in being the player for this one.

Okay, I think that's enough for now, though I've got a few other ideas running about in my head. In most of these, at least the first 7, futa, tentacles, beastiality, etc, may be present, depending on the wishes of the other player.



Gave it some thought and threw up about 8 ideas. I have some more floating around, and I'm open to others, but, as always, actually having ideas up tends to help... I hope...

Josh the Aspie


Well, though my last couple attempts at this really haven't gotten off the ground, generally speaking, yes, though normally the players and I agree that during an actual battle, whether sexual or not, with another Pokegirl, the Tamer's player will also take control of his own Pokegirl for the duration of the battle. However, during Taming sessions and outside of fights, generally, yes, I'd be perfectly okay with GMing and playing the Pokegirl, though even the above point is negotiable.

Josh the Aspie

The trainer takes control due to the pokegirl being so solidly under his command?

I can see how playing the pokegirl, or the trainer, alone, or either with the NPCs might be awkward. But how well does the shifting of characters normally work?

Also, typically a harem develops. Would that be the case in this game?


I don't imagine the shift to be too awkward. The main concern is that while a Tamer may reference an attack, the fact is that without the ability to give variety to the type of attack (i,e, where the vine whip hits, jumping around to set up for an extreme speed, etc), I imagine battling would, quite simply, get boring for a Tamer alone, while, if the player were a sigle pokegirl, it wouldn't work well for the harem system, which, yes, I am in favor of.

Josh the Aspie

Mmmm. Good points, all. :P So you'd be willing to play a harem?

Also, what about when two members of the harem battle eachother in some form or another. Each player plays one?


Most certainly, I would be.

Presumably, yes.

Would you like to discuss the composition of the harem via PM?