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Author Topic: Wanted: One abusive female… (or several)  (Read 1305 times)

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Offline ArchangelTopic starter

Wanted: One abusive female… (or several)
« on: August 22, 2007, 06:47:13 AM »
I’ve found that in many of the games that I’ve played I tended to take on a more ‘upper-handed’ kind of role. I’m wondering if there is a female or females willing to change things around and take more of a controlling/dominating role. Keeping in mind, my characters tend to not give up without a fight!!!

Here are a few ideas I have, and these are very basic. I’m quite flexible and would be willing to entertain any other ideas someone else might have. Oh, and I much prefer free-form games.

1-(fantasy) Paladin in Hell- A Paladin is lured to hell by a demonic entity who seeks to trap him, corrupt him and turn him into her slave/pawn in Hellish politics…

2-(fantasy) Where am I? - A talented D&D type rogue breaks into a powerful Wizard’s tower and is about to steal the largest gemstone he has ever seen… Unfortunately he missed that last magical trap which triggers a “Teleport Without Awareness” spell. The spell effect is to teleport him to random location very far away to a land he knows nothing about… Turns out, he ends up in a jungle control by an Amazonian clan who has not seen a male for over a decade. They try to capture him and turn him into the clan’s slave/servant…

3-(modern) The Tables Have Turned- A famous rock star lives a luxurious life of booze, drugs and women, taking groupies to his private suites every night, where he gets them drunk and high, before he takes total advantage of them, performing ‘perverse’ sexual acts upon them, then he dumps them off the next morning. One (or several) of these women decide to get back at him, they drug him… The next morning he wakes up chained with no memory of the previous night. Now the tables have turned as the woman (or women) begin to perform ‘perverse’ sexual acts and abuse on him…

4-(futuristic) Corporate Angels- In a world where large corporation make laws and rule, a lone special force soldier is behind enemy line performing acts of sabotage against a low-morals corporation. As he sneaks from one site to another little does he know the Corporation has sent a crack team of super soldiers out to get him. The kicker: these super soldiers are bio-engineered, beautiful females and they remain somewhat experimental. They have superior strenght, agility and endurance. They begin to hunt the spec force trooper in hopes of capturing him, then interrogate him, only to realize they enjoy inflicting pain and they are prone to extreme emotional outbursts… (kind of like real women  ;D)

5-(sci-fi) This can’t be Good!- A lone smuggler, while fleeing from a Confederate Cruiser has his scout ship heavily damaged as he moves to light speed. He reverts to real space in an unknown system far in deep space. The system he’s in has only one habitable planet and he needs to land to make repairs before he can jump away. The planet in question is inhabited by a somewhat primitive alien race whose females are the dominant sex, men are no more than weak slaves, used for the females’ amusement and to perform domestic duties. Upon the seeing the strong human male, the queen decides she wants him as her own pet, and sends her personal guard to capture him. This alien race can be as exotic as the player wants…

These ideas are very basic and flexible. I was thinking one on one, but if multiple people want to play I have no problems with that. I’m not looking for a fast pace game, though I’m not oppose to one, one post a day, or every other day is more than adequate. I’m also not necessarily looking to play out all these scenarios, but if there’s multiple interest would be willing to start a couple of them.

Anyway, enough babbling, let me know if anyone is interested…
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Offline Sethite

Re: Wanted: One abusive female… (or several)
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2007, 06:56:44 AM »
This third idea seems interesting. If there won't be more eager girls to play it, we could take it for one on one.
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Offline ArchangelTopic starter

Re: Wanted: One abusive female… (or several)
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2007, 07:50:01 AM »
Sounds great !!! We'll give it a few hours and if there's no other bites we can discuss it further !!! :D

Offline Sethite

Re: Wanted: One abusive female… (or several)
« Reply #3 on: August 22, 2007, 08:07:36 AM »
Ok, send me pm when you'll be ready and please add your on/off, I'd like know what kind of torment I have to prepare for you.